Saturday Night Live

Season 18 Episode 13

Luke Perry/Mick Jagger

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 06, 1993 on NBC



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    • Operaman: (gays in military image on-screen) Lifto ban-oh limpa wrista/ Pentagon es mucho piss-dah/ Watchah da backkah/ Watchah da crotchie/ Itssah Sergeant Liberace!!! (Hilliary Clinton) Hillary! La advisor/ Hillary! Aggressivah/ Hillary! Power trip-ah/ El presidente es pusso whip-ah!!! (Super Bowl 27) Buffalo destroyedo/ El choke-oh third yearo/ Operaman devastateo/ Lose-oh mucho dinero!!! (Al Gore dancing) Gore-oh, no more-oh/ Stoppah/ You scar-ah da bambinos!!! (Harry Connick Jr.) You unnah arrestah/ You unnah arrestah/ Areo porto no sweet/ You pack-ah dah heat/ You unnah arrestah!!! (Prince Charles) 970-Charles-Oh/ Heavy breatho/ Get it on-ah/ En Camillah's pantalones/ Senor Chucko es tampona!!! Das all datsa de endah/ Operaman/ Bye-bye...

    • Keith: Mick, you ignorant slut. All the time, all the time your liberal crap-trap... (begins mumbling incoherently, finishes and leans back in chair)
      Mick: That wasn't English, Keith you know.

    • Kevin: And a recent study indicates that cellular phone users may be more likely to develop brain tumors. The problem has gotten very little public attention however, since most people don't care if people who use cellular phones die.

    • Russell Tate: (uttered repeatedly) Sassy!

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    • "You unnah arresta..."

      Operaman sings out news of Harry Connick Jr.'s arrest to the tune of his song "It Had to Be You".