Saturday Night Live

Season 30 Episode 6

Luke Wilson/U2

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 20, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the "Debbie Downer" sketch, Rachel Dratch almost breaks character when the turkey "walks" away from the table.

    • On "The Falconer", Luke Wilson has a hard time trying to get his dog to come back to him, resulting in ad-libbing to stall for time, a brief shot of a stagehand leading the dog back on the set, and Luke heavily reading from his cue cards.

  • Quotes

    • Tina Fey: American Airlines has begun offering passengers on-demand movies. Unfortunately, they no longer offer flights.

    • Amy Poehler: President Bush nominated Condoleezza Rice as his new Secretary of State this week, saying that she would be 'America's face to the world.' While Cheney will remain the finger. When asked why he chose Rice to replace Colin Powell, the President responded, "Well, once you go black..."

    • Amy Poehler: During his acceptance speech at the American Music Awards, OutKast's Big Boi paid tribute to former Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard. And that's this week's "Story That Won't Make Sense To My Mom."

    • Tina Fey: This week, penny collector Gene Sukie went to the bank and cashed in 10,000 pounds of pennies he had collected over 34 years, which were worth over $14,000. And, of course, I was in line behind him.

    • Diana Ross: Are you tonight feeling good tonight? I'm so excited to be co-hosting the American Trainwreck Awards. Me too, Diana.

  • Notes

    • Sketches/segments not shown in the 60 minute version: the Arnold Schwartzeneggar segment on Weekend Update, U2's performance of "Sometimes You Can't Make It Own Your Own," "TV Funhouse," "The Restaurant," and "Coolest Teacher at Benton Township High School." This episode adds the "Woomba" commercial from Robert DeNiro/Destiny's Child.

    • The TV Funhouse for this episode (George W. Bush's Homocranial Machine) was in the dress rehearsal for the Kate Winslet/Eminem and Liam Neeson/Modest Mouse episodes.

    • After NBC cut to commercial, U2 performed two more songs, "All Because Of You" and then for a second performance of "Vertigo.. Bono announced to the crowd, "This is more for us than it is for you!" The cameras stayed rolling for the whole time so it seems possible that this footage will surface one day.

      Also, some inaccurate sources stated that the fourth song was "Pride (In the Name of Love)," as both that song and "All Because Of You" start with the same chord.

    • One of the SNL bumpers for this episode shows Luke Wilson with a black eye holding up a mug shot plaque that reads "Saturday Night Live--11 20 04"

    • This is the 5th time in SNL history that the musical guest had at least three performances, the last time being Justin Timberlake in October 2003.

    • U2 closes the show with a third musical performance instead of the typical ending and apparently going on to a fourth (Bono is heard saying "One more! One more!" and a few guitar chords are heard over the Brodway Video logo) before NBC cuts away.

    • Dress rehearsal sketches cut from this episode: a repeat of the "Short and Curlies" commercial from the Queen Latifah episode of this season, a commercial for Mexican spice that turns its eater into a Mexican stereotype, two "Bear City" short films (new ones, not repeats from the Jude Law/Ashlee Simpson episode), a sketch where Arnold Schwarzenegger (Darrell Hammond) talks about the Constitution, a "Regis and Kelly" sketch, and a short film called "Britney", centered around Britney Spears shopping barefoot at a drugstore.

    • "The American Trainwreck Awards" sketch marks Rob Riggle's first celebrity impersonation on the show: Tobey Keith.

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