Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 15

Margot Kidder/The Chieftains

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 17, 1979 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's…John Belushi! Sketches include "WGN Radio Live at Doyle's Tavern," "The Navy," "Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute," "St. Mickey's Knights of Columbus," "Superhero Party," "The Franken and Davis Show," "Men's Problems," and "The Mr. Bill Show" (film). The Chieftains perform "If I Had Maggie In The Woods" and "Morning Dew."moreless

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  • Roger you roundly

    "Superman" star Margot Kidder hosts and Irish folksmen The Chieftains perform

    Cold Open- WGN Radio- On St. Patrick's Day, Dick Lanky (Bill) broadcasts live from a Irish pub on the Northside of Chicago waiting for the ghost of Richard J. Daley to appear only for union leader Jimmy Hoffa (Belushi) to show instead. I think I made my thoughts about this sketch in the Rick Nelson episode known. Monologue- Margot concerned about the crew on St. Patrick's Day goes backstage to find director Dave Wilson drunk out of his mind, Lorne Michaels being interviewed, and general unconcern from anyone else. Cut to fake ad (no, they really did)

    Navy Adventure- Mundane activities make the Navy an exciting career path. Funny

    Fred Garvin – a woman (Margot) while on a business trip is visited at her hotel by an older, brutish man (Aykroyd) claiming to be a male prostitute. This great legendary sketch was a one time only thing. Although one can wondered what the exploration of this sketch would've been. Keeping in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, legendary Irish folksmen 'The Chieftains' perform a jolly "Maggie in the Wood"

    St. Mickey's Knights of Columbus- The organization holds another meeting this time on St. Patrick's Day; featuring awards, guest speech against Irish poverty that brings down the jolly spirit, and a traditional Irish song that only the Baptist borned boxer (Garrett) knows; Another good edition in these series of sketches, unfortunately, this would be the last.

    Weekend Update- Bill leaves his watch at Jane's place; Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) discusses St. Patrick's Day, its origins and the various saints; Bill sings Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein; Aykroyd and Jane discuss shacking during a Point/Counterpoint. Another fine edition

    Super Hero Party- At a party, various Super Heroes gather along with their significant others, meanwhile, Lois Lane (Margot) waits for Clark Kent (Bill) to arrive, who happens to be her Significant Other, Superman; A dramatic piece with a few silly moments throughout but mostly great.

    Franken & Davis- Franken is upset that Frankenberry cereal has stolen his likeness; Pity thy Neighbor- a telethon tries to help a homeless man (Davis), but fails miserably for lack of calls and donations. These guys always make these sketches work and this was no exception.

    Men's Problems- A companion piece to the talk show, "Women's Problems", a panel of women discuss their problems with men and take questions from the audience. Well, I didn't like Women's Problems either, so….

    The Chieftains perform an instrumental folk tune called "Morning Dew"

    Mr. Bill Hides (film) – The claymation man continues be injured, this time by a bowling ball. I never get tired of these. Decent overall show. 6.5/10moreless
Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder


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The Chieftains

The Chieftains


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Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

himself (Drunk)

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Brian Doyle-Murray

Brian Doyle-Murray

Paramedic in Control Room

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James Downey

James Downey

Margot Kidder Fan

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • During the "Superhero Party" sketch, we see heroes from DC and Marvel Comics, all famous in their own right even though they are from different universes.

    • The Superman chronology is totally messed up in the "Superhero Party" sketch. Lana Lang was Clark Kent's sweetheart in Smallville, so she knew that he would become Superman. Yet, at the party, Lana is quoted in saying "Has anyone noticed how you never see Clark Kent and The Flash at the same time?" Is she being sarcastic, or do the writers of this sketch not know jack about Superman?

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Fred Garvin: Well, ma'am, you see, when a VP like yourself comes to Milain to do business, it's customary for the company to send a gal up to the room, compliments of Great Lakes Feed & Grain. And, well.. since you're a gal, the company sent me - Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute.

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