Saturday Night Live

Season 14 Episode 15

Mary Tyler Moore/Elvis Costello

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 25, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

THE 61ST ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS: Presenter calls out the winners of "best frightened crowd." (Hartman(1 and VO), Lovitz, Nealon)

MONOLOGUE: Mary Tyler Moore is a bit skiddish hosting after hearing about the word, penis, being uttered several times months ago. (Moore)

THE DAN QUAYLE SHOW: The Dick Van Dyke Show-variant centers around some jokes that Dan Quayle can say to lighten the mood at his speech. (Moore, Carvey, Dunn, Lovitz, Nealon(VO), Tom Davis, Jeff Renaudo)

CUSTOMS OFFICE: Motherly customs officer convinces travelers to confess in their smuggling. (Moore, Carvey, Franken, Hartman, Lovitz, Nealon, Stiller)

"VERONICA": (Costello)

SWEENEY SISTERS THREE: Third sister joins in Liz and Candy Sweeney's medley in a hotel lobby. (Moore, Dunn, Hooks, Andy Murphy, Marc Shaiman)

ROBOT REPAIR: Robot repairman loses his patience with producers misleading show titles. (Hartman, Lovitz)

LADY RHEMINGTON: Very hairy Mary Tyler Moore uses leg shaver to get rid of the stubble. (Moore, Hartman(VO))

REQUIEM FOR DEATH: Tough female gangster uses crying to get a fighter to go down. (Moore, Hartman, Lovitz, Stiller)

BROADWAY STORY: An attempt to destroy the opening night show. (Brown, Carvey, Dunn, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Miller, Myers, Nealon)

WAYNE'S WORLD: Math teacher tries to act cool on Wayne Campbell's show. (Moore, Carvey, Hartman(1 and VO), Hooks, Myers)