Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 19

Maureen Stapleton/Linda Ronstadt, Phoebe Snow

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 19, 1979 on NBC

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  • I clean up, okay.

    Fresh off her Supporting Actress Oscar nod for the film "Interiors", Maureen Stapleton hosts; Linda Rondstadt and Phoebe Snow perform.

    Cold Open- Telepsychic Ray- Once again, Ray (Aykroyd) continues to offer up bad, made up psychic advice to gullible people. For a second time around, this was a great sketch. Monologue- Maureen thanks everyone and how she is upset she get enough tickets for her family. Not much to see here.

    Essex House- what turns starts off as a couple (Bill, Laraine) who have had enough of Idi Amin slumming it at their apartment segues into an ad for the Essex House hotel. Clever twist Linda Rondstadt and Phoebe Snow soul-shout their way through the Rudy Clark classic "Shoop Shoop Song (It's in his Kiss)"

    Roach Brothel- A new product lures roaches away from homes by way of insect brothel. Neat idea and funny dialogue

    Mom's Birthday- A mother (Maureen) and daughter (Gilda) argue over various nit-picky details before going out to dinner. A great dramatic piece with heart felt moments.

    Weekend Update- Don Pardo announces an Islamic assassin will be flown luxury class to Mecca; in a Point-Counterpoint, Jane and Aykroyd discuss the pros and cons of nuclear power; Belushi does commentary on Skylab space station falling back to earth. Another great edition

    Nick the Lounge Singer- Nick Wings (Bill) entertains guests at the Transeastern Airline VIP lounge. Great per usual with these sketches

    Black Perspective- A Ukrainian couple (Jane, Belushi) and a Guatemalan maid (Gilda) discuss their struggle being illegal immigrants and their unusual set-up to get US citizenship, with host (Garrett). A slightly difference take on the usual set-up but still good.

    Veterans of Foreign Hairdos – Frightened vacationers (Laraine, Gilda, Bill, Belushi, Maureen, Garrett) are attacked and given unprovoked hairdos. Dolly Parton (Jane) offers advice on what to do is such a case. Delirious and the sight gags are funny as well. Mary's Candle- The dying mall showcases yet another victim of decreasing sales, a chocolates store and its owner (Maureen) who offers to keep puppies during the Puppy Land going-out-of-business party. Another great edition from this serial story line

    Vaudeville Bill (film) – The insufferable claymation man showcases movie of his grandfather getting injured in silent film. Nice affects on the film, a slightly different theme, but this is probably the weakest of these films.

    An over strong show. 7/10