Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 1

Megan Fox/U2

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • All's Well That Ends Well... Sort Of

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic Emeritus

    When I first started writing reviews for this site in the Summer of 2003, Saturday Night Live was in a much different shape than it is now. The show was still reeling from the departure of all-time great Will Ferrell, and sketches would often be dominated by the shaky professionalism of Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz. Year 28 was not without its moments, but you never got the sense that there was any type of leadership in the cast, no connecting presence that brought everything together. Year 29, my first full season of writing reviews, was bogged with similar issues. By that point, the producers were trying to mix things up, most notably by having musicians host; where Justin Timberlake paid off in spades, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Snoop Dogg were in retrospect curious misfires.

    Fast forward to 2009. The sacred comedy institution is back on an upswing, dishing out pointed topical satire while regaining its critical buzz and Emmy mojo. A fresh generation of stars, led by Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg, has ushered in a new dynamic to SNL that made people quickly forgot how tired the post-Ferrell years really were. That 18-year-old goofball is now a 25-year-old man, and after analyzing SNL's slow return to glory one live broadcast at a time, it's time for me to step down. As much as I'd love to keep doing this, I just don't have the time anymore. I have a life outside of this web site, and something had to give. I bear no resemblance to the boy I was 6 ½ years ago in the same way is no mirror image of the old TV Tome.

    Nevertheless, I owe you all one last review in the traditional sense. If my first review ever was a season finale, why not make my last review a season premiere? Though I will critique next Thursday's prime time special, it'll be a quick, four-paragraph review of what is essentially a bite-size taste of your favorite show. This week's host is Megan Fox, the very attractive albeit somewhat wooden movie actress best known for her role in the "Transformers" series. The musical guest is U2, the ageless Irish rock legends who previously tore the roof off this dump in Seasons 26 and 30.

    And now, one more sketch-by-sketch analysis for the road:

    COLD OPENING: Live on C-SPAN, Libyan despot Mohumar Kaddafi (FA) takes the blame for his long, rambling, anti-American speech at the United Nations this week. Apparently, everything that led up to the speech was pure Murphy's Law; he had jetlag from the six-hour time difference, he travels with a giant tent that nobody would let him pitch, he couldn't get a hotel room in the swamps of New Jersey, he was distracted by the in-flight movie, and so on and so forth. It's lightweight but it works; he doesn't apologize for the message yet he expresses regret for how it was executed. If this sketch was performed 25 years ago, when Kaddafi still had a morsel of clout, I doubt it ever would've made it to air.

    OPENING CREDITS: The party backdrop of the past three seasons is eschewed for a breezy wander through the city, a la Season 29's intro. Two nitpicks, though: first off, didn't Don Pardo retire? Secondly, I thought Darrell was coming back…

    MONOLOGUE: Megan takes the time to address the barrage of Photoshopped nude photos of her that keep popping up online. Oddly enough, she's convinced that she posed for all of them, no matter how shoddy the pic might be. One pervert (BM) even convinces Meg to autograph his own chop job, a sight gag that's hard to explain here.

    "Bladdivon": In the proud tradition of "Urigrow," an ad parody that spends more time analyzing the joy of urination than most of us would like to know. At least the execution is discreet; Bladdivon is a pill that remedies Shy Bladder Syndrome, or the tendency to hold it in during an awkward social situation. Jason is on smug autopilot as the spokesman, though Will and Fred's facial expressions are damn near priceless.

    "Flight Attendants": While flying to Hawaii, two aloof stewardesses (KW, Fox) treat an emergency landing in the ocean like a minor inconvenience. I can't complain about the goofy banter between Kristen and Megan, or the stunned reactions of Andy and Abby's passengers/straight men, but it felt like this sketch was missing something. Maybe they could've shown actual turbulence? It's not too expensive to find decent hydraulics nowadays.

    "Russian Brides": An American (WF) with lowered standards is torn between two potential loves: a stunning beauty (Fox) and an ugly sociopath (FA). The gag is that something like this would be a no-brainer, but the heroin-addicted butterface is ten dollars cheaper than the virginal vixen. Apparently, not having a real ending for the sketch is considered a major twist.

    DIGITAL SHORT: The setup is oddly familiar: a kind, awkward man (WF) is having a rooftop dinner with a woman so attractive (Fox) that he probably doesn't deserve her. From there, it gets pretty weird; turns out the simpleton is a SWAT commander who blew off a drug bust to be here, and that he raises –and kills- lambs for meat and profit. This went right over my head.

    "Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets": Self-proclaimed lovemaking expert Wilson (KT) drops by to promote his latest DVD, in which he continues to bounce around in his underwear down in the basement. He even hires a hooker (Fox) via an ad in the Penny Saver to emphasize that love is for two people, and not just a fat old man in his jockey shorts. Nothing new is brought to the table, though this might make good filler on Kenan's Best-of DVD a couple years down the road.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: "Breathe" is a haunting, spacey number enhanced by The Edge's fuzzbox guitar and a giant, static-addled TV screen in the background.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Kaddafi is the Jon Gosselin of the Middle East? Zing! In what might've been Seth's strongest solo effort yet, the cocky nor'easter had a hit-to-miss ratio of maybe 4:1. Even the guest commentaries connected; Jean K. Jean (KT) was not as excruciating as usual in poking of the G20 Summit, and Judy Grimes' (KW) latest on-screen case of the jitters was enhanced by a hastily-made chart.

    "Live Lounge": A send-up of those ubiquitous late night TV ads, featuring the hot girl (Fox) with the cordless phone and torn jeans forcing herself to pretend it's 2009. She gives the usual list of people that could be calling up a singles hotline –affable young singles looking for a match- before explaining who really calls (masturbators, pranksters, clueless foreigners). An easy target, but too right on the money to easily dismiss.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: The balled "Moment of Surrender" is paint-by-numbers U2, a song that puts all four members of the band in a position and that they're quite accustomed to. Could somebody tell Bono to stop name-dropping the show? We're all aware of the fact that we're not watching "Metal Mania" on VH1 Classic.

    "Biker Chick Chat": A talk show parody about the hard-livin' broads you'd normally find at roadhouses, trailer parks, and methadone clinics. At long last, Jenny Slate makes her first sketch appearance with dialogue, and… she drops the F-bomb! How auspicious is that? Though watching Megan play a biker slut on the mend was amusing, three minutes of actual plot was spread to its breaking point. The nucleus for a memorable recurring sketch is there, profanity or not, but I never got the sense that this was a final draft.

    DIGITAL SHORT: After a date, Andy is mystified by Megan's roommate (BM), a bathrobe-clad slacker in an Optimus Prime mask. Drawers-dropping and the inevitable mistaken-identity wackiness ensues. This was by far the stronger of tonight's two filmed pieces, if only because it dared to take Megan's public persona to a whole new tangent; would you ever assume that she was a vapid, clueless starlet with good looks and nothing between the ears?

    "Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready": The title says it all: one of the hottest women in Hollywood makes small talk with a clueless Midwestern Mom (KW). I wouldn't mind seeing Wiigy playing more maternal types, though I can hope that next time they'll give her better material to work with.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: During the goodnights, Bono and a glowing red periscope-microscope thingy entrance the audience to the tune of "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)."

    As many of us expected, Megan played the same character in nearly every sketch; her unsuccessful stab at playing a stewardess with a vaguely Kentuckian accent was her only reach of the evening. Regardless of whether you've heard their new album or not, U2 was a somewhat mystifying musical guest. I expected the same theatrics that made their first two appearances so memorable, not Bono rapping next to an overzealous fog machine. It was an uneven broadcast, on par with most of the recent season premieres (Michael Phelps notwithstanding), yet there was more that I liked than disliked.

    On that note, I can't begin to describe what an honor it has been to share my thoughts with you on SNL, one sketch at a time, for the past 6 ½ years. Of course, this is by no means goodbye; I will continue to blog about SNL, edit and maintain the episode guide, and moderate the fan forum right here at Thank you for reading and commenting, and I certainly hope you give the other resident critics here the same appreciation that you've given me. Goodnight, everybody!

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in the 60-Minute Edit… If We Ever See One Again: the first Digital Short, "Moment of Surrender," "Biker Chick Chat," and "Your Mom Talks To Megan Fox."

    This Thursday: Weekend Update Thursday #6… or #3 for the season, but hey, who's counting?

    Next Week: Ryan Reynolds of "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" fame hosts with musical guest Lady Gaga.

    Questions or comments for Stu? Feel free to send him a PM or e-mail Stu at
  • Holy FROG!!

    Megan Fox from Transformers and Jennifers Body was the Host for the 1st show of the shows 35th season. Can She Act? You decide:

    UN Assembly
    I Didn't get it and found it kinda boring. Sorry, Fred isn't my favorite cast member.

    Megan Fox's Monologue
    The joke was pretty good and I give her credit for making fun of herself unlike some hosts.

    I Guess People like Urine Jokes?

    Scary Flight
    A Joke without a Punch Line

    Russian Brides
    Frog Fred Armisen and Will Forte. Will, You showed the world you can be stupid and drag a 30 second sketch to 5-6 minutes.

    The Date
    Look at my Russian Brides Review and take out Fred Armisen

    Burning Up the Bedsheets

    Jean K Jean & Judy Grimes
    Yawn x 2

    Live Lounge
    Pretty Funny

    Biker Chick Chat
    Jenny Slate Said the F Word. Big Deal.

    Megan's Roommate
    ANOTHER Pointless Digital Short.

    Your Mom talks to Megan Fox while you get Ready
    UNFUNNY But I Blame Kristen and the Writers
  • Man, some of these skits were just flat out awful.. And next week doesn't hold much promise either.

    Megan Fox did better than I thought.. a little better, but for the most part, these skits were just bad. I liked the monologue though.. nothing over the top and seeing U2 photoshopped over naked bodies was worth a laugh, and Bladdivan made me laugh too, but after that...

    It felt like there was barely anything to laugh at.. even the Digital Shorts, which are usually strong, weren't as good as usual. Megan's Roommate was definitely, hands down, better than The Date, but they both were sort of weak.

    In between was a bunch of mediocre skit with only a few laughs.. the whole Monk ordeal in the plane skit was good, but to be honest, there was nothing worth remembering. I didn't mind U2's performance, but this isn't a music show.. it's a comedy sketch show and this wasn't the best premiere at all.
  • Terrible, just terrible

    Wow, that was terrible. Seth is finally delivering the jokes on the News but the entire show was just hard to watch, I thank whoever invented the DVR because I could skip the terrible U2 crap and most of those "too long" sketches. The Grady thing was funny and some of the second Digital Short was funny but this entire show was dreadful. What happened with the Digital shorts anyway? They used to be silly but these were long and boring. Megan Fox is really pretty but she has no comedic talent and she seems quite vapid in this show. SNL could go away if they don't prepare a better show.
  • Hit or miss.

    Saturday Night Live,
    Megan Fox/U2, - SNL kicks off its 35 on air with host Megan Fox and with musical guest U2. Fox isnt known for being a "good actress" so hearing that she is hosting but surprise somebody. Keep an open mind and you might like what she does with this episode. U2 is always a good musical guest, with Bono always doing something they werent planning. (Stars are out of 5 *****)

    The cold opening has Fred as Moammar Gadhafi, an African leader who came over to speak at the G20 summit thing meeting in PA. The real guy i know talked for a long time at the real meeting, so i guess the target of the sketch was him going over the place with his rambling that went nowhere not even into his tent. I was on the fence with this one, it was funny in some parts but fell flat on others. I'd skip this sketch, it's has more bad parts than good. I give this * star, because Fred gets his second opening by himself.

    Montage: The show gets a new intro, the last time they had a new one was in year 32. Changed is good i like the bright colors and the sence that the cast actually is taking some part of New York. Surprise being no Darrell, the first time in 15 years i can say he is not in the cast. Pardo is still here, after he said he was retiring for good this time, i guess he changed his mind. But he didnt kill Nasim's name.

    Monologue: Fox talks about nude pictures of herself on the internet. "Thinking" everything on the web is true she "belives" the pics are real. Bobby comes on the stage for her to sign a pic of her as nude horse. Overall i liked this monologue, it was short and to the point of what Fox wanted to get across and funny. I give it *** Bladdivan: A commerical parody about a pill that makes a guy pee when he gets nervous to pee. Making you pee without control and not caring that your peeing. Some funny bits but this felt like this commerical had been done already. I give this a **.

    Flight Attendants sketch: Wiig and Fox act as attendants on a flight, making the passengers nervous while the ramble on about crashing into the ocean and a name. This sketch was actually funny, it's worth a watch. It was nice to see that Fox could play of Wiig's character. I give this ***1/2

    Russian Mail Order Bride: A sketch where a guy (Forte) goes to Russia to buy a wife. The pretty one (Fox, did you see that coming? and the ugly one: Fred who happens to be $10 cheaper) The sketch drags on Forte not knowing who to pick. I'd skip this one, even though Fred as the ugly one is funny. I give this a *1/2

    SNL Digital Short 1: Forte and Fox go on a date. That's mostly it but as it turns out he is a swat leader who was supposed to do a drug bust but gave it up to go on a date with Fox but to pass her plea for marriage. I'd watch this one it's a hit or miss depending on how you see the humor. I give a **

    Grady Wilson´s Put the Fire Back in your Marriage Techniques: Kenan brings back his character that actually killed in a episode last season. This time he does the same thing with the only change is that Fox is his partner in crime. I hate to say this but this was actually funny. I'd watch this, i give this a ***1/2

    U2 comes on and sings a song i have never heard of or will ever listen to. I was planning on seeing I'll go crazy... but i was let down will this dull performence. 1/2 for atleast showing up.

    Weekend Update: The strong part of the show, was more or less a let down. Seth did good but it was Wiig and Kenan that brought it way down with there annoying characters that were funny the first time but not since. Atleast Wiig tried to changed it up with a travel advice...just kidding. **

    Live Lounge: A live chat phone service hosted by Fox but be warned you wont get her. This has been down before, in the Paris Hilton episode. But since that episode was so bad i guess the writers didnt plan that anybody would notice. However this was still funny and worth a watch. **1/2

    U2 performs another dull song.

    Biker Chick Chat: One of new girls gets a sketch that is put on her shoulders to carry. However the sketch starts to die after Slate throws out F)ck and Fox cant help since a bike fell on her. This sketch fell flat and was carried by and only by Wiig. I give this a * but i'd watch and make the sketch a game of trying to find the f word. Friggin doesnt count.

    SNL Digital Short 2: This time around Fox invited over to her place to watch a movie. Andy finds out that Optimus Prime is her "room mate". The short was better than the first but it was still an out there sketch. I give it a **1/2, if you want to watch be warned.

    Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready: Wiig places a mother who talks to Megan Fox while her daughter get's ready. That's it. *, pass this. Goodnights: Megan thanks the cast and crew for allowing her to host while Slate holds on to Seth. Then U2 starts up there third song with a flying red micro phone for Bono to fly on. :?

    I gave this episode a 7.0 because there was some good in this episode. You just have to search for it. I dont plan to see Megan to host again she didnt seem to want to break out of that "i can act i am just not going to show it" mood. U2 was the biggest upset of the night. The new girls where put to the side as a remind of Mike and Casey, Slate gave us a reason to remember her by, Nasim not so much. Overall Wiig turned out to be the one to carry this show like she usually does.

    Next week is another thursday show and on saturday is Ryan Reynolds / Lady Gaga. Make sure to disinfect your tv after saturday's show.
  • Like so many sports franchises that get off to a perennially bad start, SNL seems destined to repeat the "bad opener" curse.

    Gadhafi cold open - A very boring start to the new season. A long drawn-out speech by Armisen as Gadhafi poking fun at his long drawn-out speech to the UN. Why not do something different? Heckle him. Anything would be better than this intolerable start to the 2009-10 season. Too bad, because the "You Lie" sketch from the first Weekend Update Thursday was fantastic so it isn't like the creative juices are completely dried up. Grade: D-

    Megan Monologue - Since when did SNL start featuring people whose only claim to fame is getting naked? Come to think of it, Pamela Anderson DID host back in 1997 so there is a precedent. The monologue only served to clarify that Ms. Fox has not done anything more than provide ad revenue for Google. Grade: C-

    Bladdivan commercial - I guess the writer of the "Urigro" commercial returned to his happy space: urination humor. I used to think urination was really funny too, when I was about 8. This one wasn't too bad as far as potty humor goes. The highlight is easily Fred horning his way into an occupied urinal. Grade: C+ Scairline - What was the point of this? No jokes, no setup, no tension, no resolution. A character sketch I suppose. Too bad the characters were pathetically one-dimensional and incapable of evoking even the meekest of laughs. A MadTv lost sketch. Grade: F

    Russian Mail Order Bride - The swan and the ugly duckling. A tired concept if there ever was one. In order to really work, the sketch would need to add something new to this well-worn formula. The ugly duckling is not only unattractive, but uninteresting and boorish. Unfortunately, the only "twist" is that the ugly duckling represents a price reduction of 0.02% which somehow makes Forte's selection impossibly difficult. A one-note sketch that wears thin rather quickly. Grade: C-

    Date Digital Short - A fairly long DS without a good payoff. A creepy guy rebukes Ms. Fox's offer for marriage? Maybe he's gay or maybe he's looking for something more than good looks. Who knows and who cares? Grade: D

    Grady Wilson's Fire in the Bed Sheets - Finally some honest-to-goodness laughs. True, this was done before, but it remains Kenan's best character and can enliven even the flatest of episodes. Grade: A-

    Weekend Update - The jokes were not nearly as good as on Thursday's show and neither were either of the guests: Jean K. Jean and Judy Grimes. It looks like they used up all of the good stuff for Thursday and left the so-so stuff for Saturday's show. Perhaps WU should be shortened at least while the Thursday show airs in order to minimize the negative impacts of cannibalization. Jean K and Judy were the same as always and neither was particularly good. At least Nicholas Fehn didn't reappear. Grade: C+

    Live Lounge - Remember the geek sex chat line sketch when Paris Hilton hosted? That one pretty much did all you can do with this type of sketch. Live Lounge was a very poor imitation of the far superior earlier sketch. Are the writers even trying anymore? Grade: C-

    Biker Chick Chat - The talk show format has been done to death on SNL. Now that our favorite Bronx Beat (snicker) has been relegated to the trash heap, it's time to roll out a new one. This time featuring biker ladies who use the word frickin' as adjective for virtually everything (And from what I've heard, they sometimes even use the full-on F word, although they got edited out of my MST edition.). As a character sketch, this fails miserably just like the aforementioned Bronx Beat and the nearly-as-bad Cougar Den. There is no secret to character sketches. Create funny and memorable characters. Aykroyd, Murphy, and Myers were three of the best to ever toss their hats into this ring. Maybe the ladies should watch those old tapes in the archives to see what made their characters click. This one was pretty much dead on arrival. Grade: D

    Transformers - A digital short in all but name. Now that the Lonely Island has gained such a loyal following, it might be time for them to move on. Their material has gone from great to pathetic. Grade: D

    Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready - A very boring and unfunny sketch. Megan must have absolutely NO sense of humor if she actually selected this sketches. Either that or she was presented with the worst crap they could think of to make her look even worse than she is. In a way, this sketch mined a similar vein as those classic Marilyn Suzanne Miller slice-of-life sketches which were often loaded with a familiar poignancy. Unlike those sketches, I deleted this one from my neural hard drive seconds after viewing. Grade: D
  • "Dude, you gotta get outta here"

    Transformers star Megan Fox hosts, Rock legends U2 perform two tracks from their latest album and a classic from Achtung Baby, and a new cast member makes a flub that will unfortunately be talked about on most entertainment shows for the rest of the week.

    Cold Open- At the UN, Moammar Gadhafi (Fred) returns the following day to address his rambling speech, but continues to ramble anyhow - jet lag, his tent turned away by New Jersey, speech on loose leaf paper, in-flight movie- "Taken", and his computer breaks down. This would've been better if it had been cut down by two or three minutes.

    Montage- I'm loving the new opening sequence with the cast, montage music and the new 35th anniversary season logo. Also, Darrell is officially gone after 14 years of comedic/impression service.

    Monologue- Megan addresses the various obviously shopped nude pictures of her on the internet and takes time to sign a man's (Bobby) picture. I really enjoyed this and the U2 photoshop.

    Bladdivan- The drug that causes frequent involuntary urination. Sadly, I assume the person behind 2007's Urigro also created this.

    Flight Attendants- During a flight, cheerful flight attendants (Kristin, Megan) continuously inform panicked passengers of bad news. I think this worked on paper, but the pay off wasn't too good.

    Russian Bride- While in Moscow, a man (Will) must choose between the more attractive bride (Megan) and the mannish, unattractive, and cheaper one (Fred). Oh boy, this really should not have gone past read through.

    Digital Short I- a man (Will) has a date with woman (Megan), things are going okay, there is a proposal and the man breaks it off. I enjoyed this and it had a length as well.

    Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets - The filthy old man (Kenan) from last years Ben Affleck episode returns with more lovemaking demonstrations, this time with a little help from a partner (Megan). I liked last years segment with Grady and enjoyed this as well. I think mostly because how bizarre the sexual move names and then the demonstrations are.

    U2 performs the snarling sing/speak of "Breathe". Bono quickly steps off the main musical guest stage into the red spotlights that is sort of neat.

    Weekend Update- French comic Jean K. Jean tells more jokes about French culture and France at the G20 summit; Judy Grimes (Kristin) is still nervous but at least tried to talk about travel trends. Jean K. Jean, I'm growing fond of. Judy, while this slightly better than previous editions... oh what the hell, she's starting to grow on me too. Decent Update.

    Live Lounge- In a spoof local adult chat-line ads, a spokesman (Megan) showcases the wide ranging people you can talk to on the chat line from sane (Abby) to insane (Kristin) to David Duchovny. This was great, funny stuff all around. I also enjoyed the quick terms of agreement by the announcer at the end.

    U2 performs the keyboard heavy "Moment of Surrender". While I'm not a huge U2 fan, I may have to pick this album up. I enjoyed both songs performed from NLOH.

    Biker Chit Chat with Dawn - biker chicks (Jenny, Megan, Kristin) chat with dialogue punctuated by the euphemism "frickin". Now on to the interesting part, new cast member Jenny Slate slips and says "and I f*** loved you for that" to the gasp of a few audience members and her fellow cast mates in the sketch, puffs like a blowfish and tries to move on like a trooper. Downside, this will probably never appear again (although that could be an upside as well), Upside, she's now apart of an exclusive club of people on the show who've dropped the f-bomb (although that could be a downside as well).

    Transformers (Digital Short II)- while at his date's (Megan) apartment, a man (Andy) notices that her Transformer outfitted roommate (Bobby) and the roommate's friend (Brian Austin Green) only transform into nudity. Strangely bizarre sometimes works with these Digital Shorts, and this was no exception; at least they did get their Transformers reference out of the way.

    Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready- Megan is annoyed by the long-windness of a laundry-folding mom (Kristin) while waiting for a friend. Nice way to end the show.

    Megan and the cast waves goodnight from home base, then she announces U2 for the third time

    U2 perform a portion of their song "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)", from their 1991 album Achtung Baby complete with Bono swinging from some suspended apparatus, before the live feed cuts out. I might have to revisit that album.

    So closes the 35th season opener, like my most season premieres, this one was all over the place. Some things worked IMO (both digital shorts, Grady Wilson, Live Lounge, Mom talks to Megan), others didn't (Biker Chit Chat, Bladdivan, Russian Brides, Flight Attendants) and others just needed to be trimmed a bit to work (Gadhafi at the UN). As for Ms. Fox, she was a sufficient host and not as bad as thought.

  • Jenny Slate, I'm really happy for you. I'll let you finish, but Charles Rocket had one of the best F-bomb slips of all time!

    Yes, elephant in the room. But, I have to pretend that I'm writing this before the show. So here I go:

    SNL's premiering tonight, and I'm excited to see how this season will progress. A big thing I noticed was that apparently, Darrell isn't coming back for the 90-minute shows, which is fine, and even though he shall be missed, it was time. I've already really had my opening words in my review for the first Weekend Update Thursday a few weeks ago.

    Tonight's host is Megan Fox, and yes, many are worried that she's going to be pretty bad, but I have an open mind. The musical guest is U2, which I'm very excited for, since they have a history of being one of the most epic musical guests ever on SNL.

    Gadafi Message: We open with Fred doing an impression of Gadafi. The sketch was alright, but the translations just made the delivery a little bit slower than usual. There were still some chuckles here and there.

    Opening Montage: Yes! We finally have a new one! Thank god! All and all, everyone is looking good.

    Monologue: This was alright, and Bobby's part was pretty funny.

    Bladdivan: Talk about a slow commercial parody. They could have done more with this concept, but it was just slow and long-winded. Then again, many of SNL's recent years have had slow commercial parodies.

    Flight Attendants: "WHAT!?! A Kristen Wiig sketch?! How could we?!" Guys, this sketch wasn't that bad. We have to be open minded. Yes, Kristen is known for just stupid characters, but this was, even though slow, fine.

    Russian Mail Order Bride: This was, once again, a beat up concept. Fred in drag. And he's ugly. There were a few laughs here and there, but, so far, this is an underwhelming premiere, to say the least.

    SWAT Team Date: Oh, our first digital short of the season. It was alright, but, once again, long winded!

    Grady Wilson's Fire in the Bed Sheets: I'm actually going to say this was a funny sketch. Yes, it's recurring, but it was funny the first time, and it's still pretty funny.

    Musical Performance: I have no idea what song U2 performed for their first set. I'm not going to lie. It was energizing, but, not as good as their 2004 round.

    Weekend Update: The jokes were pretty good tonight, but, boy, those commentaries. Both recurring? What is this?! Jean K. Jean was actually decent and average, but, Kristen Wiig's Judy Grimes was just the same.

    Live Lounge: This was actually our first funny sketch of the night that was all and all very good. I was loving those labels. My only complaint was the awkward beginning with Megan saying how she was not in a different decade and stuff. No audience response to that at all.

    Musical Performance: U2 rushed down "Moment of Surrender" which was okay, I guess.

    Biker Chit Chat: Oh yes... here we go. Before I get to the actual incident, I just want to say, if it weren't for the distraction, and you didn't have your attention divided, you would have realized this was a pretty bad sketch. Not much humor at all. But, anyways, Jenny was the 4th cast member to say the F-Bomb on SNL. I hope there won't be any penalization on her, but let's remember, this was her FIRST sketch that she talked/starred in.

    Transformers: This was definitely a Lonely Island digital short. It was alright, but, it was middling, like the rest of the show.

    Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready: I actually liked this sketch. The concept was really cute, and, if they are willing to do more with it next time, this would be a funny recurring 10-to-1 sketch.

    Goodnights/Musical Performance: Yes, there is Jenny being hugged by Seth. And, yes, there is U2 performing "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)". And, yes, there is the end of the show.

    First things first: this was such a rusty season premiere. This wasn't as bad as last year's premiere, but, man, what was this? Megan Fox surprised me, and was actually good in pretty much everything she did, so that doesn't explain it.

    Here's another thing: I read an article how Lorne was saying how worried he is about this season. Well, here's an idea: Instead of trying to clean house, motivate the writers. Motivate the cast. And, also in that article, Lorne said that they try to stay away from recurring characters from the season's past at the beginning of the current season as much as possible. Really? You could have fooled me. We had Judy Grimes, Grady Wilson, and Jean K. Jean.

    U2 was not as good as I was expecting. I guess I was expecting the super performances Bono did a few years back, when he was walkin around the studio, and keeping it exciting. And they didn't even perform "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" which was a huge disappointment.

    And, my hope goes to Jenny Slate. I'm sure she'll be back for the rest of the season, but, man, she must be petrified. I say we never do that biker's chit chat for two reasons: 1) It's risky. As proven by Jenny. 2) It was not a funny sketch at all to begin with.

    Okay, so, yes, this episode was slightly below average, and, I'm not really worried about the rest of this season. I said the exact same thing last year too. And, last year turned out fine.

    Thursday is the last out of the [first] 3 Weekend Update Thursdays.

    Next week: Ryan Reynolds hosts with Lady GaGa.
  • Not funny at all. At least it made history.

    "Saturday Night Live" Season 35, Episode 1

    Cold Opening: Gadhafi Speech- C

    Monolouge: Megan Fox- C

    Commerical Parody: Bladder Medicine- B

    Flight Attendants- C

    Russian Brides- C

    Digital Short: SWAT Commander- B

    Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets- B

    Weekend Update- C

    Live Lounge- D

    Biker Chit Chat- D

    Digital Short: Megan's Roommate- F

    Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready- F

    Overall Show Rating: F

    Music: U2 performed 3 new songs; I think U2 is definitely one of the most overrated bands in rock history.

    The season premiere of "SNL" this season is probably the worst one that I've ever seen. However, there was some history made in tonight's episode as new featured performer Jenny Slate accidentally said the word **** during the Biker Chit Chat sketch; it was her first sketch ever on the show. This is only the fourth time that a cast member uttered the word **** live on "SNL." Paul Shaffer, Charles Rocket and Norm MacDonald were the other cast members to use the word live.

    Live from New York... Fred Armisen

    Best Performance: Keenan Thompson

    Worst Performance: Kristen Wiig

    Best Sketch: Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets

    Worst Sketch: Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready
  • The most appropriately named woman in the world hosts SNL.

    Cold Opening: Really dumb. After last week's Joe Wilson sketch, this is just not a good political/topical open at all.

    Megan Fox: She is already boring the h out of me. This could get ugly fast.

    Flight Attendants: Mildly amusing sketch, with Kristen Wiig surprisingly being pretty funny. The sketch was going along well until the whole discussion about Monk, but as Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, an SNL sketch always starts off strong but really has no ending. Russian Brides: Bill Hader is a pro, as he can play just about any role they give him, but this was stupid. A cheap attempt at recreating the magic of the Chris Farley/Patrick Swayze Chippendale's sketch.

    Digital Short: All that layoff and no song? Weak man. This was really stupid.

    Grady Wilson's Burning up the Bedsheets: Kind of funny, but I like Kenan so I would imagine people that don't wouldn't like this.

    Sex Hotlines: I predicted that Megan Fox hosting would be much like Paris Hilton's episode. And it was as there was a very similar sketch to this when Hilton hosted. A few cheap laughs, but nothing more.

    Weekend Update: Seth had some good jokes, but doing this three times over a nine day period is clearly dividing up the good ones and leaving us with quite a few weak puns every night. Kenan's french comedian was funny as usual, and I actually laughed at Judy Grimes for once. Could this be a turning point for Kristen Wiig as I have enjoyed her performance so far tonight.

    Biker Chick Chat: Forgettable. Or at least I hope I can forget this, but I probably won't be able to.

    Transformers: Did anybody get the vibe that Andy Samberg was acting like Jim Halpert in this sketch? Nobody, oh well. It was kind of funny, I suppose, but I guess you had to actually see the Transformers movies to appreciate it.

    Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready: Again, Kristen Wiig has me laughing. Don't call it a comeback!

    Final Thoughts: Okay show, with a really hit or miss atmosphere. Megan Fox was not horrendous but she clearly was chosen to host more for ratings than actual comedy value. She'll host again somewhere down the line so hopefully she can improve by then by doing some comedies.