Saturday Night Live

Season 17 Episode 1

Michael Jordan/Public Enemy

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 28, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

WAYNE'S WORLD: Wayne and Garth give the best and worst moments for the summer of 1991. (Carvey, Hartman (VO), Myers)

MONOLOGUE: Michael Jordan shows his commercials that were never shown to the viewing public. (Jordan, Sweeney)

SCHMITT'S GAY: Homosexual housesitters drink the beer that turns into a party. (Farley, Hartman (VO), Sandler)

THE FIRST BLACK HARLEM GLOBETROTTER: Magnificent basketball player Sweet River Baines has trouble joining the average Harlem Globetrotters due to his skin color. (Jordan, Carvey, Cleghorne, Franken (VO), Hartman, Myers, Nealon, Sandler, Schneider, Spade, Tim Herlihy, Andy Murphy)

BILL SWERSKI'S SUPER FANS: Chicago superfans fawn over Michael Jordan and invite him to plug his charitable organization. (Jordan, George Wendt, Fallon, Farley, Myers, Smigel)

"CAN'T TRUSS IT": (Enemy)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Jesse Jackson reads a passage from "Green Eggs And Ham" to commemorate the late Dr. Seuss. (Jesse Jackson, Nealon)

DAILY AFFIRMATION: Stuart Smalley tries to figure out if Michael Jordan has any problems. (Jordan, Franken, Hartman(voice)

ZORAIDA & MICHAEL JORDAN: Happily married Michael Jordan is accosted by NBC page Zoraida. (Jordan, Cleghorne)

THE DARK SIDE: Nat X interviews talentless LaToya Jackson and Spike Lee. (Spike Lee, Farley, Hartman (VO), Jackson, Rock)

TALES FROM THE BARBECUE: Pop tells his grandchildren how he fed a hungry U.S. Navy and killed Nazis with his barbecuing skills. (Jordan, Cleghorne, Farley, Hartman, Meadows, Myers, Rock)

"BRING THA NOIZE": A moment of silence before the performance for the late Miles Davis. (Enemy)

MICHAEL'S ELEVATOR FAN: Elevator Fan touts his singing skills to Michael Jordan by crooning "The Star Spangled Banner." (Jordan, Carvey)
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