Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 10

Michael Palin/The Doobie Brothers

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 27, 1979 on NBC

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  • "You stir my manhood"

    Python alumnus Palin appears for his second time as host and Doobie Brothers perform.

    Cold Open- State of the Union '79- An injured Pres. Carter (Aykroyd) announces the union is in good shape, the Super Bowl was the best, but mentions inflation needs to tackled, along with intercut footage of the actual Congress looking on in disgust; great continuation of the joke from the previous year with phrases underneath the congressmen, especially Ted Kennedy.

    Monologue- Michael says he is glad to be back and reads paper with names of cast to constant audience woos, and then tells a story about how he likes wool socks. Good monologue.

    The Nerds and Mr. Brighton- Enid, Todd, and Lisa become the object of affection for lonely Mr. Brighton (Michael); usual funny stuff along with Mr. Brighton's great line repeated throughout.

    What If- Joan Face (Jane) asks a professor (Gilda) and a General (Garrett) about the likelihood of Superman (Aykroyd) fighting for Nazi Germany. As usual with this great sketch, the best part is the scenario sequence – Hitler (Michael) to Jor-El (Belushi) outstanding performances and clever writing abound.

    Doobie Brothers perform their hit "What a Fool Believes"

    Weekend Update- Bill Murray's Celebrity Corner – While being interview, anger-prone Ohio State University coach Woody Hayes (Belushi) slaps his wife (Gilda) around after she beats him in a checkers game; Jocelyn Carter's head is superimposed into pictures with mass murderers; Bill Murray swears in illegal aliens; Chico Escuela presents the various sports news of the week. Another great edition

    Miles Cowperthwaite- In a lost Dicken's novel, an orphan (Michael) finds work as the servant of a drooling, seizure-prone landowner (Aykroyd); sketch of the night. Aykroyd stole the scenes and grossed out the audience in this role.

    Doobie Brothers perform their follow-up single "Takin' It to the Streets" Name the Bats- A bizarre game show features a couple (Gilda, Belushi) locked in a closet and forced to name the bats locked inside with them, the host (Michael) beats on the exit door with a bat; very conceptual, if not odd. Franken and Davis Show – Porno for TV- the communist revolutionaries continue their crusade this time with pornographic back rubs – bad acting, over-the-top moaning, cheesy music; clever + great "terrible" performances.

    Mr. Bill goes to court – The claymation man has to go to court and endures more pain along with his dog and his mother violently injured in cross-examination. I think this is my favorite of these.

    Miscellaneous: During the goodnights, Michael finally gets his wool socks.

    In closing, a fantastic show was had. I don't see a bad sketch anywhere among these. 10/10
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