Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 16

Miley Cyrus/The Strokes

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 05, 2011 on NBC

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  • Intoxication? IntoxiWinning!

    This season has came into it's own so far. The humor has changed its pace slightly, but in a good way. This cast demonstrates as much versatility as we can ask for, and every impression, if casted right, can be filled. After season 35, my check list of things to fix have been at LEAST tampered with. Kristen Wiig has been more subdued this season, though she still is the "star of the show" as people will say, but she is not as over-bearing as she was last season. The other women have came through, and recurring characters are not carbon copies like last year. These new writers are starting to come through with their sketches.

    Our host tonight is Miley Cyrus. Musical guest is The Strokes. The Strokes have been on SNL before, and their music is enjoyable to listen to. Miley Cyrus has been the kind of host that people are expecting to bomb on the show. We'll see tonight how it will go over. I am sure that she would never face-plant, but, whether or not she'll be a good host will be found out from this episode.

    Duh! Winning!: I was wondering if SNL was going to actually go after Charlie Sheen. I mean, this was inevitable after this week of news, but, for some reason, after all the crazy stories we've seen about Charlie Sheen in the past years, SNL has never impersonated him. But, this was a good opening. I was glad to see Abby as Christina Aguilera again, since Nasim's impression wasn't anything impressive, and I laughed when Taran came out as John Galliano. Miley Cyrus as Lohan made me sure that this wasn't the cold opening in dress rehearsal, and I can only assume it was some bad Obama opening or something.

    Monologue: This was a good way to address all the troubles with Miley. Miley actually has a great voice, who knew? I guess Disney does find talent.

    Baby Spanx: I guess it was okay to see this commercial again. It wasn't too memorable the first time, but, it's been half a season since we've seen it, so it's fine.

    Our Time: I laughed at the idea of this sketch. Those two other Black Eyed Peas members always made me laugh, because no one (myself included until this sketch) know their name. The actual sketch was just okay, and there wasn't too much to really give credit about. I laughed at them using Khloe Kardashian, and I also laughed when Miley and Jay came out as Fergie and Will.I.Am for the second time.

    The Essentials: I didn't mind the last time they did this. And I don't mind the idea that they're always going to have a deleted character or segment from a movie with this sketch, but I do mind that they have Fred play the same characters that he has played numerous times before. This time it was the Mexican stereo-type. The sketch itself wasn't awful, but, I wish they would have taken another approach to it, instead of Fred doing one of his few stereotypes.

    Disney Channel Acting School: This was great. First of all, Kenan as Raven Symone was hilarious, but the acting skills are so accurate for Disney shows. I'm glad Miley came to good realization with it.

    Miley Cyrus Show: By this point, I was wondering if they were going to do a sketch. I enjoyed it. Miley as Justin Biebs was pretty funny, and it had some great one-liners, and the "Always Say Always" baby shot was funny. By the way... Bobby retired his character as the drummer? I don't get why he was there in the first place, but why take him out if he's not a character in the sketch?

    Musical Performance: The Strokes performed "Under Cover of Darkness", which is a decent enough song. The guitar parts are my favorite in this song... I also gotta say that that F-Bomb was real smooth.

    Weekend Update: Seth's Update has been on it's own course for about 2 years now. Very seldom do we ever run into a weak Update. It's always a strong segment of the show, but tonight's stood out throughout the whole season. Obviously, the slew of news this week was very good for Update. I also enjoyed the Anthony Crispino commentary just because of Bobby's antics. I was happy to see Jason's Satan back, too, because the lines they slip in are hilarious. Overall, great Update.

    Les Juenes de Paris: This was a sketch I was happy to see back again. It was really awesome, and I give credit to the choreography. I also noticed that, aside from Andy, every cast member in this sketch has been hired no longer before 2008... message? Anyways, great sketch.

    Beastly: I was suprised to see this weird Andy character back, but I laughed at it. The weirder it got the better it was, and I loved the "Rango!" "Beastly.." "Beastly!" line.

    Rock N' Roll and Facial Cream: This was definitely a Kristen sketch. But we have to expect these every once and a while. It wasn't too boring, in fact, I was laughing at the weirdness of this sketch. This, and the Spa one, were so left-field, and so out there, that I laughed.

    Musical Performance: The Strokes perform "Life Is Simple In The Moonlight" which was a good song. I hadn't listened to it before (I'm not sure if it's even released yet).

    Cruise Singer: At first, when I saw Vanessa as an old lady, I thought she was going to be that cruise-goer she did on Update during the Scarlett Johansson show. But, it was starring Miley, and it was kind of funny, at least for a last-live-sketch-of-the-night (I'd say 10-to-one, but there was another taped thing after).

    CBS Dead Shows: This was a good take on all the CBS morbid shows. I take it they put this together this week, by the riff on Two and a Half Men?

    Tonight's show was actually enjoyable. There were more recurring segments/characters than usual, but most of them weren't completely repetitive, and most were enjoyable. Who would have thought Miley would be a good host? As many have said, tonight's show contained a lot of talk shows, or singing sketches, but, if that's what it is, it is what it is. I mean, there was nothing awful. The show was funny throughout here and there, maybe minus the Rock-N-Roll and Essentials sketch, and The Strokes were good.

    Speaking of The Essentials, it's made me realized how much I hope Fred leaves after this May. I feel badly saying that, but, his time's come. He's past his prime on the show, and he should have walked out the door with Will Forte back last summer. But, hopefully he realizes how this should be his last season. If Kenan stays one more season, I won't complain, unless Kenan starts doing really stale characters between now and May. That all being said, Fred isn't a bad cast member by any sorts, but, he's just recycling all the kinds of characters he can do, such as gay stereotypes, (insert nationality here) stereotypes, and so on. I feel like we've seen it all. Plus, I would really like to see Jay's Obama come into play next season.

    Next week, Zach Galifianakis hosts again, with musical guest Jessie Jay.
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