Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 16

Miley Cyrus/The Strokes

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 05, 2011 on NBC

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  • Miley Cyrus is host and The Strokes are the band. Will Miley address the various scandals and snafus that keep her in the tabloids and as the punch line of rude jokes? Will Vanessa Bayer mock Miley to her face? Stay tuned.

    Timely and topical Cold Opening, Duh, Winning! Bill Hader doing a great take on Charlie Sheen hosting a talk show with guests like Christina Aguilera (Abby Elliot), John Galliano (Taran Killam), Gadaffi, (Fred A.), and host Miley Cyrus as Lindsay Lohan. Pop Culture references like John Stamos, Tiger Blood, Gary Busey, Humpty Hump from Digital Underground, and Baby Urine. Though predictable, it was well done and funny. All of the impressions were pretty good. Miley Cyrus as Lilo was pretty cool, huh?

    The monologue with Miley was good, too. She did a song with the hook "I'm sorry that I'm not perfect" that addressed all her various scandals and compared them to Brett Favre, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, etc. Making mountains out of molehills. I think that she showed the world that she wasn't going to take herself or her troubles too seriously, and was ready to make fun of it all. This made me eager to see if Vanessa Bayer would do her Miley impression, and I was not disappointed. Miley herself was a guest and did Justin Beiber. She was scary good, with the facial expressions, and all of Beiber's patented moves. The ending had a knock off of Beiber's Never Say Never in 3D, Miley's Always Say Always in 3D. Baby Spanx was the fake commercial, but it was a repeat. So, a few points deducted for not having new material. There was a sketch with Keenan Thompson & Andy Samberg as Apple D. App. and Taboo, overlooked and neglected members of Black Eyed Peas, called Our Time. Abby Elliot played Chloe Kardashian. There was a mention that Taboo was on the cover of Vaguely Asian Magazine. Jay Pharaoh as Will.I.Am and Miley as Fergie kept interrupting and upstaging them. A sketch about the Disney Channel Acting School poked fun at Miley's Hannah Montana days, with Keenan doing a spot on impression of Raven that was so Raven. Love the "looking through a door" where the three heads pop out and peak one by one. That was so Raven.

    The Strokes played a few songs. They didn't knock me over the head with a two-by-four, but were a pretty good alternative rock band. The singer wore shades for the second song; kind of a dreary art rock ballad called "Life Is Simple In The Moonlight," and looked suitably scruffy. I didn't care for Miley Cyrus as an entertainer on a cruise ship with contempt for her elderly passengers. Maybe I identified more with them than her. Kristen Wiig had a shirt on that had a 24/7 cat parking sign on it. I am this close to being an animal hoarder, so I didn't appreciate that, and neither did my cats, which were parked on me, as they usually are 24/7.

    So, I think it was a pretty cool episode, because Miley made fun of herself, and though she might not be as funny as some hosts who are more professional comedians, she was a good sport, and made a good target for the other cast members. Also, the newer cast members are making their presence known, and a sketch like "Les Jeunes de Paris" makes this point well.