Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 12

Neil Patrick Harris/Taylor Swift

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • They're not gonna phone that oh so regularly dull January episode in tonight!

    As soon as I knew that Neil Patrick Harris was going to be our host this evening, I knew we'd be in for a good episode. But, then I thought, "well, SNL usually goes into a drab form in January episodes", so I was wondering if we'd continue that trend. We left off on a rather off Christmas episode with Hugh Laurie, which I also expected to be good, but did not stand up to par, so, how am I so sure tonight will be good? I'm not. And I'm not especially with Taylor Swift as musical guest. Her songs are sappy, but that's not the only reason I'm not excited for her guesting on tonight's episode: It's also because I heard her perform live on New Years Eve. Eeek. Let's keep a look out on that.

    So, yeah, NPH is our host tonight, with musical guest Taylor Swift. The cast has finally taken a worthy break, unlike how they've been breaking for the past 3 months or so, with 1 week breaks (not even at times) sprinkled through the first half of the season. So, I know the cast will have energy. It's the writing that's the verdict.

    The Rachel Maddow Show: Wow! Abby gets really good screen time! I'm happy to see that! Of course, those pictures of Burris being removed were funny. Also, it was nice to see Jason's Blagojevich back on, and obviously, the audience was happy to see it back on, also.

    Monologue: After quick one liners from hecklers in the audience to NPH about how they 'met' his mother, Mark Wahlberg suddenly enters and tells them to stop. That was a very funny twist that gave me the vibe of the cast saying "we're gonna try this week!".

    Today: Hoda Kotb and that annoying cartoon woman, Kathie Lee Gifford present the fourth hour of Today, and Kathie goes way to far with her little jokes, while she can't take a hit from Hoda. This was pretty funny, but, I've gotta say, why didn't Neil Patrick play that Biggest Loser trainer, Bob, instead of a made up trainer? He looks just like him! Also, maybe this could have been put off until the 3rd commercial sketch, or something.

    Musical Meeting: Broadway is going down with the recession, and all the actors of broadway meet to see what they can do. I thought this was a very entertaining sketch. Darrell's Stomp made me laugh a lot, as did most of the characters. It was interesting to see how Taylor got no applause. I'm not even sure if people recognized her.

    Penelope at Group Counseling: I saw this in the dress promo, and went "oh boy." Penelope was very funny in the Peyton Manning and Molly Shannon episodes, and, if it werent' so rushed, she was kinda funny in the LeBron James episode. But, that Amy Adams sketch was so not funny, so I was wondering what would become of tonight's return. It was actually more of a delight than not. They got a little more creative this time around, and, of course, Liza Minnelli coming out was great.

    Doogie Howser M.D. Theme: It was nice to see a digital short that wasn't aiming for the funny goofy song as much as the entertaining song. This was just as entertaining as the rest of the show has been thus far.

    Musical Performance: Taylor Swift performs "Love Story". She did much better than she was on New Year Eve, but, still, I'm just not a fan of her music.

    Weekend Update with SETH MEYERS: Interesting to see how the theme is the same, just with new pictures. They also shortened the desk a little bit. For his first Update around alone (I mean official, now), he did very well. Charles Barkley was actually tolerable, if not funny! Will Forte has had better Update songs than this one, but it was still entertaining.

    Two First Names: This was actually a really creative idea. All the impressions had me laughing. It was good to see Wiig's Jaime Lee Curtis back, and I loved Michaela's Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

    Air Traffic Control: Two woman are trying to overcome something that happened in a fight, and are talking about solutions. Definetely the dullest sketch of the night, here. Seeing NPH in drag only lasted as fresh and funny for about 3 seconds, and the rest of the sketch was a drag in and of itself. Will Forte did have me laughing at parts, though. Did this remind anybody else of the "Where's My Purse?" captain? Egh.

    Frost/Other People: This was a really good 12:45 piece. It reminded me of the Rainn Wilson sketch, White Possom Scream.
    Musical Performance: Taylor performs "Forever & Always". Not much to say here.

    Burger King Whopper Virgins: Who said this wasn't funny? This was hilarious! I didn't even care if it was a taped segment, it was still a really funny sketch. All three characters were really funny. Bobby Moynihan was HILARIOUS!

    Geese, tonight's show was a delight. The only thing holding me back from giving this an 8.0 were the musical acts and that 12:40 sketch. Has this cast already found it's voice? They seemed to gel so well tonight, I'm just lost at words. I thought, especially with the new girls, it'd be a while until we got everyone evening out, but everyone got to show their strong points tonight. Abby, who has been doing a 1 line a night thing for the past 4 episodes, finally was really prominent tonight. Even Kenan was doing well by me!

    Neil definetely fit in with the cast. Even with his little chuckles, he was still a helpful more than hurting host. Taylor Swift wasn't anything that hurt the show, but nothing that helped the show at all. Even with Neil's good performance, this was definetely a night that goes out to the cast. They did a spectacular job.

    Next Week: Rosario Dawson hosts with musical guest Fleet Foxes. I hope this cast can keep their great work up.
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