Saturday Night Live

Season 22 Episode 12

Neve Campbell/David Bowie

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 08, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

O.J.'S PRESS CONFERENCE: O.J. Simpson does a terrible job of hiding his money and lying about it to reporters. (Gasteyer, Hammond, Kattan, Meadows, Oteri)

MONOLOGUE: Neve Campbell deals with a disturbing phone caller. (Campbell, David Spade, McKinney(VO), Meadows)

CARIBBEAN ESSENCE BATH OIL: (Ferrell, Gasteyer, Morgan, Oteri, Shannon)

JACKPOT: Gameplay is garbled due to host Suel Forrester's mumbling. (Campbell, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond(VO), Kattan, Meadows, Shannon)

THE DELICIOUS DISH: Essay contest winner doesn't have much to say on the show. (Campbell, Gasteyer, McKinney(VO), Shannon)

FUN WITH REAL AUDIO: President Bill Clinton's State of the Union Address is invaded by crotchety Bob Dole, lunatic Ross Perot, and a sensible giant rabbit.

SIDNEY & THE SPARTANS: Craig and Arianna embarrass Sidney during her horror movie party. (Campbell, Breuer, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Kattan, McKinney, Meadows, Oteri, Shannon)

JANET RENO'S DANCE PARTY: Janet Reno yells at her teenage friends about issues in their lives. (Campbell, Breuer, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond, Oteri)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Hollywood Minute: David Spade talks about Cameron Diaz and many other celebrities. (David Spade, MacDonald)


20/20: 20/20 turns into The Purple Rose Of Cairo when Mia Farrow comes out of the television and confronts Woody Allen. (Campbell, David Spade, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond, Oteri, Shannon)

DO YOU WANNA BE WIT ME?: Urban girls check out boys playing basketball. (Campbell, Breuer, Ferrell, Meadows, Morgan, Oteri)

ROLF AT HITLER'S SPEECH: Rolf ponders decisions made by Adolf Hitler to his Gestapo comrades. (Campbell, Breuer, McKinney, Meadows, Quinn, Lorne Michaels)


ADVENTURES OF THE WHITE TRASH DISASTER TRAILER: Trailer home endures natural catastrophes while family strife occurs inside. (Campbell, Breuer, Hammond(VO), Kattan)