Saturday Night Live

Season 7 Episode 1

(no host)/Rod Stewart

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 03, 1981 on NBC

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  • The first episode of year 7 and second of the Ebersol era. New changes were happening. For the 1981-82 season, Mel Brand was brought in as the announcer replacing Don Pardo. There's no one shouting "Live from New York, its Saturday Night." No Monologue.

    Interesting show...

    After the montage and the cast doing the stage pose, it went immediately into the first sketch, Little Richard Simmons Show, good sketch. Murphy plays a parody of Richard Simmons meets Little Richard with excercise and rock & roll. Murphy did a great performance in this sketch. I am not surprised this would be first sketch. He got the audience involved. They should do that more now. After that was a commercial of spoof of horror movies -- "The Clams", clams are on the rampage after women and children. It was funny. Then came "Nuns on the Beach", with Mary Gross and I think, Robin Duke as nuns relaxing on a beach when Duke finds out that Gross isn't a real nun. She became one through a correspondence course. It was a good sketch overall. Next, was "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney", Piscopo's dead on Rooney impression is showcased. This was short and too the point. Good sketch, I;ll say. It was followed by "Prose and Cons" which is a film about convicts who become interested in poetry, it features the first appearance of Murphy's Tyrone Green character.

    Next, Rod Stewart performs two back to back songs-- "Dance With Me" and "Hot Legs" with Tina Turner-- both songs enjoyable, unfortunately this was last rocking moment before his transformation into a Adult Comtemporary balladeer. Turner, of course, 3 years later would be back on the charts with huge success. Then, SNL Newsbreak with Brian Doyle-Murray, Doyle-Murray was not very efficient as an anchor, he flubbed lines left and right. Mary Gross was the co-anchor, she was good as usual. Murphy does a commentary as Raheem Mohammad, speaking on the lack of black actors in serious movies. He offer a few suggestions: Shirley Hemphill and JJ Walker. The segment was a little uneven but had good moments. Next, 'Khaddafi Look' is a commercial fashion spoof using the Libyan dictator as fodder. It was a clever spoof.

    Next the epic sketch of the night, 'Ruth Deals with Rod', is a two-part sketch (12 minutes total) featuring either Christine Ebersole or Robin Duke, I don't know, anybody know? And my favorite cast member of that era, Tim Kazurinsksy. The sketch begins with the two in bed following a one-night stand. Ruth gets a phone call that there has been a death in the family. The running gag in this entire sketch is Ruth forgetting Rod's name. Rod is in love with Ruth, but Ruth realizes it was just a one night stand and nothing more is now focused on trying to prepare for the funeral of her relative. The first part of the sketch ends with Ruth locking Rod out of her apartment as she prepares to attend the funeral. The second part begins with Ruth at the funeral. As she mourns her lost, Rod shows at the funeral home. She speaks with her aunt played by Mary Gross, I thought she was the funniest in this segment. The second part was more serious than the first but it was sufficient.

    Afterward, there was the short film "Andy Warhol TV" with Warhol himself appearing and telling a joke, it was weird. Later after the commercial break was the first of Michael Davis recurring appearance doing his juggler act. It was funny and added a different dimension to the show. Next, the third and final short film in this episode, "Seasons of Love" which is a surreal artsy type segment with Yoko Ono speaking of her love for John Lennon and how she misses him. I like the soft background music for that segment-- lite saxophone playing. Clearly, this wasn't meant to be funny, but I thought it was good nonetheless. Finally, Rod Stewart performs his third song of the show. Before that though, he gets distracted by a conversation and doesn't realize the show is back from commercial. So, the viewer greated by the back of Stewart's head for five seconds. After that, he goes into his eventual hit, "Young Turks".

    Overall, it was an interesting show. It looked like it was step in the right direction after the season that preceded it.
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