Saturday Night Live

Season 30 Episode 11

Paris Hilton/Keane

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 05, 2005 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Rachel Dratch! Sketches include "American Idol," "CheapKids.Net" (three parts), "Versace Ski Trip," "Starkisha and Portia at the Purse Shop," "Exclusive Connections," "The Trump Family," "Merv The Perv," "Rafael Alonzo's I.T.F. Technical Computer Institute," "Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse," "Love, Pittsburgh Style," and "Bear City: Cigarette Shopping" (film.) Keane performs: "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Everybody's Changing."moreless

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In the Barbie's dream house sketch you can see Paris Hilton's real hand holding Barbie's fake arm for several minutes before Amy Poehler's Barbie rips the arm out and beats Paris with it.

    • During the Barbie's Dreamhouse sketch, when "Ken" hands "Barbie" back her arm, you can see Paris Hilton's real arm showing.

    • Donovan McNabb's mother's name is Wilma, not Charlene. This is corrected in later episodes.

    • During the Donatella Versace skit, you can see the shadow of the person who really was skiing (the video is shown on a green screen)

    • Paris kept looking straight ahead as if she was trying to read her next line from the teleprompter. She does this numerous times. The most obvious was during the handbag purchasing sketch.

    • At the end of Merv The Perv, Paris Hilton walked right in front of the camera and Chris Parnell as he was saying "Everybody chung wang tonight!" This is a huge don't in staging as actors are suppose to walk behind the camera.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Tina Fey: An estimated eight million Iraqis voted in Sunday's election, and though the vote counting has yet to be completed, exit polls seem to indicate that the big winner is —wow, I did not expect this— Don Cheadle, for Hotel Rwanda! Congratulations, Don.

  • NOTES (9)

    • The "Pittsburgher in a Bar" sketch could possibly be some kind of inside joke aimed at the Steel City. The premise is a guy from Pittsburgh hitting on a pretty girl in a bar. He mentions Steeler coach Bill Cowher (the night before they lost to the Patriots), and uses the term "jagov" which is orginally a Pittsburgh term. He delivers his lines in an exaggerated Pittsburgh accent as well, flattening out vowels ("Stillers" "dahntawn"). However there is no mention of the sketch taking place there or any reason for it to be a Pittsburgh-themed sketch.

    • Amongst the sketches not shown in the 60 minute version: "Versace Ski Trip", "Expensive Purse", all three "" commercials, "The Trump Family", "ITF Computer Institute" and Keane's perfomance of "Everybody's Changing".

    • The NBC rerun of this episode replaces the last part of the Merv the Perv sketch (where Paris Hilton walks in front of the camera as Parnell says, "Everybody chung wang tonight") with a dress rehearsal version where she doesn't appear.

    • Paris Hilton was not as open to making fun of herself as the writers had hoped, and she turned out to be one of the most difficult hosts in recent memory. She rejected a number of sketches, including one called "Paris Hilton's House of Crabs." Similar to "Al Sharpton's Casa de Sushi," it featured Hilton advertising her own crab restaurant in New Jersey, with the opening line "Hi, I'm Paris Hilton, and I have lots of crabs."

    • When Paris Hilton's head spins around in the Barbie sketch, you can hear someone in the audience go "Eww."

    • Horatio Sanz played Kenan Thompson's role in the monologue during the dress rehearsal.

    • Chris Parnell as Trevor, the Broadway Guy (last seen in the Queen Latifah/Ms. Dynamite episode) was cut from Weekend Update after dress rehearsal.

    • The "Merv the Perv" sketch takes place at the Germantown High School reunion for the class of 1985. In real life, Chris Parnell went to Germantown High School (in Germantown, Tennessee) and graduated in 1985. Coincidentally, this episode aired on Chris Parnell's 38th birthday.

    • During the goodnights, Kenan Thompson can be seen holding up a poster that says "Happy Birthday Parnsy", this episode aired on Chris Parnell's birthday.


    • "Wait until I tell Jem! She'll think it's truly outrageous!"

      This refers back to the popular '80s cartoon, "Jem (and the Holograms)". The quote is a direct reference to the show's end-theme song, that goes, "Jem is truly outrageous / Truly, truly, truly outrageous."