Saturday Night Live

Season 20 Episode 15

Paul Reiser/Annie Lennox

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 18, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

NEWT'S SISTER: Uncomfortable Newt Gingrich meets the press with his lesbian half-sister Candace Gingrich. (Cleghorne, Farley, Franken (VO), McKinney, Meadows (VO), Mohr (VO), Nealon (VO), Shannon (VO))
MONOLOGUE: Paul Reiser performs stand-up and has no answers about relationships for audience members. (Reiser, Shannon, Steven Koren)
WHERE'S SUPERMAN?: Lesser known superheroes are without any strategy for saving the world without Superman. (Reiser, Farley, Kightlinger, MacDonald, McKean, Shannon, Spade)
ROAD TO THE FINAL FOUR: During commercial breaks, sportscasters ponder why they get stuck covering women's college basketball. (Reiser, McKinney, Nealon)
"NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S": (Lennox)
WEEKEND UPDATE: Jeff Foxworthy says "You Might Be A Tornado If..."; babbling idiots fail to give their views on issues within a few seconds. (Farley, MacDonald, Sandler, Spade)
SPARKLEBRITE TOOTHPASTE: Ad executives introduce a controversial interracial kiss in a commercial. (Reiser, Elliott, Farley, Kightlinger, McKean, McKinney, Meadows, Mohr, Nealon, Shannon)
DAILY AFFIRMATION: Stuart Smalley helps deal with an alcoholic cameraman on St. Patrick's Day. (Farley, Franken)(ARCHIVED: Phil Hartman (VO))
ALIENS 4: MAD ABOUT YOU ALIENS: Alien wife and Paul fall in love. (Reiser, McKean (VO), Mohr)
DATING IN THE NINETIES: Stupid panel and audience misunderstand Paul Reiser's admission as to the number of times he's had sex. (Reiser, Elliott, Farley, Kightlinger, MacDonald, Shannon, Spade)
DEEP THOUGHTS: On having sex on a farm. (Jack Handey (VO))
"TRAIN IN VAIN": (Lennox)
ONE BROTHER RESTAURANT: Oddly-named restaurant and menu items confuse patrons. (Reiser, Farley, McKean, McKinney, Mohr, Nealon)
O'CALLAHAN & SON PUB: Irish stereotypes berate customers that order lightweight alcoholic beverages. (Reiser, Elliott, Farley, McKean, Meadows, Mohr, Shannon, Spade)