Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 9

Paul Rudd/Paul McCartney

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • You pass me every day....... what's my name?

    Tonight's host is Paul night. Paul Rudd hosts with musical guest Paul McCartney. This should be a good episode. I'm wondering what songs Paul M. will sing, but whatever he chooses, it'll be a good night.

    A Message From Obama: Nope, no Julian Assange interrupted this time. And I wish he did. The opening to the episode wasn't anything to brag about.

    Monologue: I knew it was going to be inevitable to coincide all the Pauls in attendance of the episode tonight. It was pretty funny when Paul Rudd kept on ranting about all the things people were saying to him. I also loved Paul Brittain's quick walk on, before he realized he made a fool of himself.

    Feline Culinary Creations: So far, this season, I'm really impressed with the number of commercials they've produced. And they are all of good quality. This was no different.

    The Vogelchecks: Ehhh... I had to expect this. Paul Rudd's last episode was the episode that created these characters. I've said this plenty of times before, but, it doesn't get any more ironic when you keep on doing the sketch. The gum swapping was kind of funny though.

    What's My Name?: This was a really funny sketch. I loved the unimportant people who come out, and they completely failed.

    Stumblin: This was a really good digital short. Going to the song "9 to 5" and "Take My Breath Away", Paul and Andy make a hilarious stumbling sequence.

    Website Attacks: I was glad to see Bill's Julian Assange again this week. The list of websites he went down were hilarious. I also loved his drinking tea after he made a stinging joke.

    Sexually Speaking: Bringing back this sketch, yet again, was okay. They change it every time, so it's not too bad.

    Musical Performance: Paul McCartney performs "Jet", which was a great song choice, and a great performance.

    Weekend Update: Update was pretty good tonight. Paul McCartney comin on to play the audio clip was pretty funny. Bill as Stefon was alright, too.

    Holiday Jam: This was a great sketch featuring Jay Pharaoh, and it was good to see him actually perform a character, and not an impression.

    Musical Performance: Paul McCartney performs "Band On The Run", which was an extremely pleasant performance. This is one of my favorite songs by The Wings.

    Broadway Cares: I was surprised to see Mike Underballs and Jeff back. These two haven't appeared for over 3 years, but it was still funny.

    And then the show ended with two more musical performances by Paul McCartney. One of them being a medley of "A Day in the Life" and "Give Peace A Chance". The other performance was "Get Back". Two more great performances.

    The show tonight was a good one. Paul Rudd was a great host, and Paul McCartney was great having on. All the songs he performed were great, and he was great in sketches too.

    Next week is our Christmas episode with host Jeff Bridges and musical guest Eminem (I thought Lil' Wayne too?)
  • To be quite honest, the biggest reason that this episode was the best of the year and one of the few great episodes in recent memory is because the show for once didn't shove Kristen Wiig down our throats.

    Saturday night's (Dec. 11) episode of "Saturday Night Live" hosted by Paul Rudd with musical guest Paul McCartney was the best 'SNL' episode of the season, unfortunately that's not saying a whole lot, as the Jon Hamm episode from earlier in the season is the only other good episode from the season's first half. The comedy was top notch in this episode, but I think the real reason that this episode is the greatest of the season was due to music legend Paul McCartney. It's a breath of fresh air to finally see a good musical guest on 'SNL.' The show has typically average only about one good musical guest per season in the last decade or so (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers were that musical guest last season). 'SNL' in a rare move gave McCartney four music performances (typically artists perform twice) and McCartney thrilled the audience with two Wings classics, "Jet" and "Band on the Run," in his first two appearances. In his third appearance he performed one of the Beatles greatest songs "A Day in the Life" and played a little of John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance" at the end of the performance. At the end of the show during the goodnights, McCartney took the stage once again to perform the Beatles' classic "Get Back."

    Not only did McCartney's four performances make the show great because they bring good old fashioned rock & roll back to 'SNL,' but they also meant less skits during the show, which overall helped the quality of the comedy.

    The show opened with Fred Armisen addressing the nation as President Barack Obama. It seems half of SNL's episodes begin with an address from Obama, and even though Armisen is always solid, none of them ever really stand out in a crowd. Still this cold opening is a lot better than most from this very disappointing season thus far.

    The funniest sketch of the night was Bill Hader's impersonation of Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange, whom Hader has portrayed in two consecutive episodes. Hader's Assange threatens to wreak havoc on big websites for each day he's imprisoned. The funniest of these being when he plans to hijack everyone's Netflix account with season four of "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper."

    Hader was easily the star of the night, also proving to be at his best during Weekend Update with his wacky, effeminate Stefon character that has quickly become a 'SNL' favorite. The funniest thing about this character is watching Hader trying to keep his cool and from laughing throughout the entire thing. It just asserts the fact that he's the most lovable cast member currently on the show. 'SNL' episodes typically do really well when Hader has a lot on his plate for the week. If only they'd use Jason Sudeikis a little more.

    By the way, the one sketch that prominently featured Sudeikis was great as well, as he played a jerk-ish spotlight operator as Rudd tried to perform a bit from "Cabaret." Sudeikis seems to do well as the lovable smart-ass of the cast.

    Another wonderful highlight of the show was the off-beat sketch about the school assembly where the school's principal, played by newcomer Jay Pharoah, keeps interrupting to give important messages. Pharoah's performance in this sketch (along with Hader's Stefon) had me almost in tears from laughing so much. Pharoah has proven to be the best newcomer on the cast this season. Kenan Thompson also had a small hilarious bit in this sketch. Other funny sketches included the kissing Vogelcheck family, which is really only funny because you get to see almost the entire cast graphically make out with each other, as well as an above average performance from Armisen as the crude fill-in host of "Sexually Speaking" and an above average Digital Short from Andy Samberg. To be quite honest, the biggest reason that this episode was the best of the year and one of the few great episodes in recent memory is because the show for once didn't shove Kristen Wiig down our throats. Wiig (along with former cast member Amy Poehler) is likely the worst cast member in the show's illustrious history, but for some reason is overused and actually beloved by many. Wiig barely played a role in this week's show and the quality of the show certainly showed because of it.
  • rudd hosts

    Paul Rudd is your host for the second time. Rudd has been in some noteworthy comedies and some awful romantic ones, but I never found him to be that funny. He's the best part of the Apatow clan in my book (but that's not really saying much) so I tuned in here tonight.

    Rudd tried hard, but the material was just never there, same thing so many other hosts have found when they showed up to NYC this season. Not one truly memorable sketch, and I just found myself scratching my head on a lot of the segments they did put on.

    Average episode here.