Saturday Night Live

Season 2 Episode 8

Paul Simon/George Harrison

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 20, 1976 on NBC

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  • Paul Simon takes on hosting duties and provides the music with a little help from his friend George.

    Paul Simon shows what a good sport he is in this episode when he walks out on stage for his opening monologue. It works on every level. It ends on a perfect note with his rant to Lorne. It cracked me up when I first saw it and it still cracks me up today. What is just as good is the episode's opening where Lorne is chatting with the late George Harrison about the $3000 offer to The Beatles for a reunion. Speaking of George, his performance with Paul is one of the greatest musical performances in the long history of "Saturday Night Live". In fact, it may very well be the best. The second best live performance of "Here Comes the Sun" I have ever seen behind "The Concert for Bangladesh" and an even more excellent performance of "Homeward Bound" to boot. Paul Simon is also terrific in the "Legend of Billy Paul" sketch. Once again Dan Akroyd does his excellent impression of the late Tom Snyder. Everything works in this great episode. Set aside some time to check it out.
  • Paul Simon makes his second hosting appearance, but acts as the musical guest as well this time. He's also brought along George Harrison as a surprise guest and the first Beatle to appear on the show.

    After the MusicMania episode in Year 1, Paul Simon makes his return to Saturday Night, but thankfully this time, it would not be as music-based as the last one. Simon also acts as the musical guest here and not George Harrison as some people believed. Paul was a good friend of Lorne's so him being on the show was a frequent occurrence as he would show up next season as well and even was the musical guest near the end of Year 31. That's really all there is to say.

    Host & Musical Guest: Paul Simon

    Cold Open: Monologue Worries (Simon + Lorne Michaels, George Harrison, and Chevy Chase) (3:18)

    --After Paul spots a panhandling Chevy outside the building, George Harrison is seen arguing with Michaels over the $3000 he should get because of the Beatles offer that was made and then Simon tells Lorne that he's worried about the opening. Good start.

    Monologue: "Still Crazy After All These Years" (Simon + Lorne Michaels) (3:11)

    --Paul comes out in a turkey suit to his dismay and starts to sing "Still Crazy After All These Years", but eventually drops it and again complains to Lorne that he looks like a fool out there. More goodness from Paul and Lorne.

    Commercial: Quarry (Curtin) (1:57)

    --Yes, it's the cereal made from 100% rocks and pebbles with no artificial flavouring!

    Paul Simon sings "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (3:10)

    --Paul delivers one of his goodies and it's also a nice choice for his first song of the night.

    Baba Wawa At Large (Belushi, Radner) (3:03)

    --This time, Baba Wawa (Radner) interviews Henry Kissinger (Belushi) and their speech patterns make this pretty amusing, but it's definitely not one of the best Baba Wawa bits.

    The Twilite Zone (Aykroyd, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner) (4:26)

    --Rod Serling (Aykroyd) lures Betty Martin (Curtin), Sylvia Townsend (Newman), and Rhonda Friedman (Radner) into Room 16 of the Blaine Hotel to meet with a producer to audition for a role. Bizarre, but not really funny.

    Weekend Update with Jane Curtin (also: Garrett Morris and Laraine Newman) (9:08)

    --Starting off by taking her birth control pill, Jane then goes into some funny stuff involving Carter begging for money, the Bermuda Triangle becoming the Bermuda Shorts, and a funny bit on Deep Throat to name a few things. Laraine Newman reports from Mineola, Long Island where one of the citizens, a former Nazi war criminal, is seen as a peaceful person among the other townsfolk. Dr. Garrett Morris then talks about the newest strain of gonnorhea that kills penicillin, which leads to an amusing cartoonish microscopic view of these events. Pretty decent.

    Paul Simon and George Harrison sing "Here Comes the Sun" & "Homeward Bound" (6:05)

    --Simon and Harrison perform one of George's greats and then a great tune by Simon in a duet that must be seen. This is simply heavenly.

    Film: "Crackerbox Palace" (George Harrison, Neil Innes) (4:01)

    --Very fun music video to promote George's new album and it's directed by Eric Idle too, so it has that sort of quirky Monty Python vibe to it as well.

    Billy Paul (Simon, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner) (8:17)

    --"Not the Billy Paul that recorded 'Me and Mrs. Jones'", but the Billy Paul (Simon) that travels to a local ice cream parlour to stop the discriminatory practices by the owner (Aykroyd) and a regular (Belushi). Simon's performance is fun especially when he loses it and gets violent. The "symbolic" ending is funny too.

    Paul Simon sings "Something So Right" (4:19)

    --I'm quite unfamiliar with this tune, but Simon's delivery makes it a good one.

    Tomorrow (Simon, Aykroyd) (4:05)

    --Tom Snyder (Aykroyd) interviews Paul Simon, thinking that he is the trucker and not the singer/songwriter that he actually is. Aykroyd's fun Snyder impression + Paul Simon = funny sketch.

    Film: "This Song" (George Harrison, Ron Wood) (3:45)

    --The second video to promote Harrison's album and it's just as zany and fun as the first. This time, Ron Wood joins Harrison.

    Paul Simon sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

    --Paul croons out an old classic to finish the show on a nice high note.

    Paul Simon and the cast then wave goodnight to all to close out the show.

    Best segment: Tomorrow
    Worst segment: The Twilite Zone

    Host & Musical Guest: Paul Simon - 7.5/10

    Paul Simon's second appearance on the show was a bit better for him on this go-around as he actually appeared in sketches this time and didn't do quite as many songs. He also proved that he can be quite good in sketches even when he's not playing himself like in the Billy Paul sketch. George Harrison was a nice addition as well even though he wasn't the official musical guest. Dan Aykroyd wins the cast award of sorts this week for his portrayals of Rod Serling (even though the sketch wasn't all that) and Tom Snyder in the Tomorrow Show bit. Average episode with more good than bad.

    Rating: 6.5/10