Saturday Night Live

Season 1 Episode 13

Peter Boyle/Al Jarreau, The Shapiro Sisters

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 14, 1976 on NBC
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Live from New York, It's... Chevy Chase!

Sketches include "The Valentine's Day Massacre," "Ambassador Training Institute," "Samurai Divorce Court," "New Dad," "Jason and Sunshine," "The Corrida," "K-Put Price-Is-Rite Stamp Gun," "Pledge of Alligence" (film), "All Pro Wrestling," "Remembering of Things Past", "Dueling Brandos," "A Home Movie" (film), "The Orgy," "Garrett's Valentine," "Speed," and "Homeward Bound" (film).

Al Jarreau performs "We'll Get By" and "Somebody's Watching You"; The Shapiro Sisters "sang" "This Will Be."moreless

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  • The late Peter Boyle celebrates Valentine's Day with The Not Ready for Prime Time Players.

    This episode get started on the right note with the very clever opening sketch and stays on track up until the end. Chevy Chase is once again in top form as the anchor of "Weekend Update." Chase also shows in this episode that "I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not." isn't the only clever introduction he came up with during his short time on the show. Another reason why this episode worked well is because of how well Peter Boyle is used in the various sketches he appears in. It was smart to have him appear as a straight forward guy.moreless
  • The late Peter Boyle hosts this special Valentine's Day episode with musical guest Al Jarreau and special guests the Shapiro Sisters!

    Another holiday-themed episode from the Not Ready For Primetime Players was to take place now with the man who played the monster in "Young Frankenstein", the late Peter Boyle, as the host and a man with quite a singing voice, Al Jarreau, performing as the musical guest. Was this going to be as much of a jumbled mess as the Christmas show?

    Host: Peter Boyle

    Musical Guest: Al Jarreau

    Cold Open: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner)

    --A couple (Aykroyd, Newman) go to a fancy restaurant and the man has his car parked by the attendant (Chase), which quickly turns bloody causing the attendant to flop over and then deliver the opening line like usual. Was too short, but it was a decent open.

    Monologue: Love Song/Affair (Boyle)

    --Peter Boyle opens the show by announcing that it's Valentine's Day and then sings a song for his real-life girlfriend in the audience, but unbeknownst to him she makes out with some guy and walks off with him. Amusing and who knew Boyle had a decent singing voice?

    Commercial: The Corrida (Aykroyd)

    --Ricardo Montalban (Aykroyd) advertises for the beautiful Corrida car made out of only the best cardboard. "As good a car as I am an actor." Hilarious impression.

    Samurai Divorce Court (Boyle, Belushi, Curtin)

    --The Futabas (Belushi, Curtin) apply for a divorce and meet with the judge (Boyle) to figure out who gets which possessions. I love the Samurai sketches for the most part and this one wasn't really an exception as it proved to be rather funny, especially the sexual jokes and then the final moment of the sketch as well.

    The Shapiro Sisters 'sing' "Everlasting Love"

    --Not sure what the appeal of this was. The very young sisters lip-sync to Natalie Cole's classic and dance around to it for a bit. It was really cutesy too.

    Acid Trip (Boyle, Aykroyd, Newman)

    --Jason (Aykroyd) and Chloe (Newman), two stoners, greet their neighbour (Boyle) when he comes over with one of their packages from Columbia. The two then show him slides from their "acid trip." Their narration of the slides was the funniest part, but I really doubt Boyle's character could be that dense given his occupation.

    Al Jarreau sings "We Got By"

    --Boyle says it best when he describes Al as a "Valentine to your ears." Good performance.

    Weekend Update with Chevy Chase (also: Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner)

    --A real good edition of Update with Garrett providing some news on the Winter Olympics but then shifting into a more angry tone, Newman delivering another report from the Blaine Hotel about a snuff film company, and Emily Litella (Radner) delivering one of her editorials, this time on "canker research." The editorials were all good and Chevy also had some fun with the artist's rendering bit that he did fairly often on Update.

    Commercial: K-Put

    --The second repeat of this from the Klein/ABBA, Wainwright episode.

    All-Pro Wrestling (Boyle, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Morris, Radner)

    --The Bees (Boyle, Belushi) face off against the WASPS (Chase, Radner) with the announcer (Aykroyd) calling the action as it transpires. Pretty amusing stuff from Chevy and Gilda as the two WASPS along with Aykroyd doing another great overexcited announcer character.

    Remembrance of Things Past (Aykroyd, Curtin)

    --Jane Curtin interviews a disguised and disgraced former president (Aykroyd), who is quickly revealed to be Richard Nixon by the voice alone. Good impression from Dan, but this was quick and kind of bland.

    Weis Film #6: The Pledge of Allegiance (Morris)

    --Children in school are shown reading the pledge of allegiance, which is then finished off by Rubin Carter (Morris) saying the last line. Don't really know why they felt the need to waste 30 seconds with this.

    Dueling Brandos (Boyle, Belushi)

    --This was just a shameless way to get Boyle and Belushi to do their different Marlon Brando impressions back and forth. I already knew Belushi was a pro, but Peter Boyle really holds his own in that department as well.

    Men Around the House (Boyle, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner)

    --A husband (Boyle) returns home from work only to catch several men around the house, as his wife (Curtin) then explains that they are simply people she's hired to help around the house like "New Janitor in the Fridge!" This starts off just like a woman covering up her affairs, but it ends up getting so ridiculous and funny by the end of the sketch, especially hearing Curtin's hilarious cover-ups.

    A Home Movie

    --I won't ruin the joke here, but suffice to say it was pretty funny and unexpected.

    Garrett's Valentine (Morris, Radner)

    --Garrett gives his twisted Valentine's Day card to Gilda, which includes such lines as "I'd like to molest you up in my room." The two performances here are what makes this short little segment work.

    Al Jarreau sings "Pretty as a Picture"

    --Another good ditty from Jarreau, as his emotional connection to his songs really shows through his performances.

    Weis Film #1: Homeward Bound

    --The first Gary Weis film is repeated by popular demand from the Christmas show and it's still just as well-made as it was then.

    Before we go to the goodnights, Peter quickly points out that his very special friend Patty is in the audience and we get a Patty Hearst look-a-like in handcuffs that takes a bow. Peter Boyle, Al Jarreau, the Shapiro Sisters, and the cast then wave goodnight in another typical ending.

    Best segment: Acid Trip

    Worst segment: Weis Film #6: The Pledge of Allegiance

    Host: Peter Boyle - 7.5/10

    Musical Guest: Al Jarreau - 8/10

    This was your average broadcast of Saturday Night in the first season. I'm not saying average as in every episode was usually around this quality, but that this one definitely represents the early episodes that would not be great, not be terrible, but just settle for good, which is fine. Boyle was a pretty good host and didn't look like he was reading cue cards or anything which is a plus especially with today's standards sometimes. Al Jarreau had a wonderful singing voice and was a terrific musical guest. As for the cast, Aykroyd and Belushi really shined in this one with the Samurai making another great appearance and Aykroyd doing some great material in the "Acid Trip" sketch for one. Good episode.

    Rating: 7/10moreless
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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Garrett Morris: Okay, okay, alright.. [ reads ] "To Gilda, on Valentine's Day. I give this card to thee / To let you know how much you mean to me."
      Gilda Radner: Oh, that's beautiful, Garrett.
      Garrett Morris: "To me, you're a rose, so lovely in bloom / I'd like to molest you, upstairs in my room."
      Gilda Radner: [ offended ] Garrett --
      Garrett Morris: "You'll be my slave, and bow to my whims / As I rub creams and jellies all over your limbs."
      Gilda Radner: Garrett, I think that --
      Garrett Morris: "I'll show you fine lovin', on that you can depend / You'll be begging for mercy, that's how I treat a friend."
      Gilda Radner: Garrett, that's really beautiful.
      Garrett Morris: Yeah, I just wanted to set you straight, you know? Okay? Happy Valentine's Day!

    • Chevy Chase:  Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase, and you - you're nothing.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Peter is the first person from the hit TV show Everybody Loves Raymond to host SNL.

    • By popular demand, the Gary Weis film "Homeward Bound" is repeated from the Bergen/Reeves broadcast from four weeks earlier.

    • The Shapiro Sisters (Helena, Emily and Jenny) are the daughters of Ken Shapiro, who produced, directed, wrote and acted in New York's East Village "Channel One Video" theater for five years (1967-1972). Ken is also an old friend of Chevy Chase's.

    • The 2/2/80 rerun edits the goodnights to remove the Patty Hearst lookalike in the audience. As well, the "Speed" diet pill ad spoof is added to fill time.

    • A clip of "Dueling Brandos" would be repeated when Boyle's Everybody Loves Raymond co-star Ray Romano hosted in Season 24.