Saturday Night Live

Season 30 Episode 2

Queen Latifah

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 09, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

SECOND PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: George W. Bush and John Kerry take questions from voters in the second presidential debate. (Dratch, Forte, Meyers, Parnell, Poehler, Riggle, Rudolph, John Lutz, Paula Pell)

MONOLOGUE: Queen Latifah is interrupted by castmembers who call themselves Scat Cats. (Latifah, Armisen, Forte, Rudolph, Sanz)

SHORT & CURLY: New shampoo helps pubic hair come out nice and curly. (Armisen, Forte, Meyers, Mitchell, Parnell, Riggle)

PRINCE SHOW: Eccentric Prince shyly interviews Patti LaBelle and Sharon Stone. (Latifah, Armisen, Poehler, Rudolph)

EXCEDRIN: Consumer takes new Excedrin for racial tension headaches around the office. (Latifah)

VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Vice president Dick Cheney says that he is rough enough to bring down all terrorism while opponent John Edwards mentions Cheney's lesbian daughter. (Latifah, Forte, Hammond)


WEEKEND UPDATE: Martha Stewart is getting used to life in prison including making friends and being initiated into gangs; Finesse Mitchell says that parents should give their children normal names. (Latifah, Dratch, Fey, Mitchell, Poehler)

BASKETBALL OFFERS: Young basketball player has to make a decision when he is visited by flashy NBA talent agent and hardnosed college coach. (Latifah, Meyers, Mitchell, Riggle, Thompson)

THE X-PRESIDENTS: The Bush administration tricks the X-Presidents into harming monster-like John Kerry, and vengefully summon the ex-X-Presidents.

RODNEY IN HEAVEN: The late Rodney Dangerfield does his stand-up act for St. Peter in front of the Pearly Gates. (Hammond, Sanz)

POLITICAL STARKISHA: Starkisha and friend on opposing sides try to register voters in their neighborhood. (Latifah, Mitchell, Parnell, Poehler, Rudolph, Thompson)

"HARD TIMES": (Latifah)

ZINGER VS. SNAP: David Clinger and arch-nemesis go at it in a best-of-five "Zing/Snap-off." (Latifah, Dratch, Meyers, Parnell)