Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 14

Rainn Wilson/Arcade Fire

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Love, Rainn O’er Me

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” Amateur Critic and Typical Media Stooge

    I’ve noticed an unusual trend as we approach the two-thirds point of the season, an understatement given the unevenness of the past thirteen shows. With two consecutive tolerable broadcasts, it seems that the show might be hitting its creative high point of the season when it normally goes into autopilot between February and May sweeps. Either this is a new trend, or the truncated cast is finally starting to gel with a writing staff that’s been baffling itself all year. Keep a close eye as things develop…

    Tonight’s host is veteran character actor Rainn Wilson, whose performance as the aloof sociopath Dwight Schrute on “The Office” has not only made him a breakout star but also the most offbeat hosting choice of the season so far. The musical guest is Montreal’s very own Arcade Fire, which like Death Cab for Cutie and The Shins before them are an above-average “indie-rock” band on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream. Together, we have the makings of what could be either a very funny show or a big head-scratcher.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Tonight on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Wolf Blitzer (DH) attempts to shift the media’s focus away from Anna Nicole Smith and more towards the pullout of British troops in Iraq, but it ultimately proves futile. Ace reporter Andrew Stuyvesant (Rainn) proves anything but by following an perceptibly false lead on the Smith controversy. The first half of the sketch was stronger than the second half, but a rare sight gag that worked is like gold for me.

    MONOLOGUE: Rainn wants to prove that SNL is nothing like the TV show he stars on, and to great comedic effect he’s dead wrong. Lorne’s channeling of Michael Scott was simply the icing on the cake. This had to have been the funniest monologue in ages- can they keep the momentum going?

    “Danny’s Song”: The answer is yes! Four guys in a bar (Rainn, WF, BH, JS) reminisce to the tune of a certain Loggins & Messina song, which each back-story getting weirder than the next. Even the random “Pulp Fiction”-style ending worked.

    FILM: A barrage of eccentrics (not to mention a talking turkey sandwich, the invisible man, and tonight’s musical guests) are pressed for ideas while a corporate stooge (Rainn) discusses money-saving ideas for the company. Four undeniably funny segments in a row; this must be a fluke.

    “Art Dealers”: If the fine people at Architectural Digest are tapping at your door, you know you’ve got it made. Alas, for the Showners (or is it Skerners?) their torrent of eccentricities will never get them their due respect by the mainstream media. “Peeping Tom”: A perverted witness (Rainn) is detrimental to the investigation of a murder handled by two lesbian police detectives (AP, MR). If the host was attempting to show some versatility here, then it must’ve got lost in this tolerable one-joke sketch.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: The soaring, funereal-sounding organ is the best part of their current single “Intervention,” but it was nice to see that everyone carried their own weight in this particularly amusing live workout.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: What didn’t work? A chat with Judge Larry Seidlin (FA) pretty much went nowhere, and Amy’s Aunt Linda (KW) really had nothing new to say. Seth’s interview with the dainty, Kipling-quoting Prince Harry (AS) was seemingly way too similar to a conversation that Norm Macdonald had with Will Ferrell, and by that I mean a dull setup to an overdone projectile-vomiting gag. On the bright side- no Kenan!

    “Socially Awkward Officemates”: Neil (WF) and Jean (KW) show their new officemate (Rainn) the ropes in their unseen-until-now workplace environment, and after gobs of awkward small talk the conversation devolves into suggestions of sexual deviance, pushing methamphetamines, and murdering the receptionist. For whatever reason, these particular characters are growing on me, though I don’t think there’s much unexploited material to work with after this point.

    “White Possum Scream”: A homage to the off-putting trailer to “Black Snake Moan” finds a drunken blues musician (KT) taking a scantily-clad white man (Rainn) hostage as his sex slave. Interesting idea, but I didn’t laugh at it.

    After this sketch came a ten-minute commercial break, interrupted only by the same old ersatz-jazz intermission music from the house band. What the heck?

    “River Bliss Recording Session”: A new age quintet (Rainn, FA, MR, KT, KW) with an inferiority complex nearly comes to blows while cutting their latest disc. This dreary piece of time filler was salvaged only by the fact that Rainn can play a convincing hippie.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Even though letting the string section have their moment in the sun was a definite plus, I couldn’t help but be baffled by the incoherent jamming of “Keep the Car Running.”

    As it turned out, my theory proved true, and for the first time all season we’ve had three consecutive good shows. Rainn proved to be the strongest first-time host of the season, and I really hope he drops by again; unlike the equally incongruous John C. Reilly, Mr. Wilson demonstrated great flexibility and he refused to let himself be bogged down in the show’s usual autopilot banality. Even though the quality sketches were weighted towards the first half-hour, this was with little doubt a high water mark for Year 32. My only complaint was the musical guest; though it definitely harkens back to the early years of the show, some acts are just too obtuse to be on network television.

    Sketches/segments that will probably be removed in repeats: the Judge Seidlin commentary on WU as well as the entire last half-hour.

    Next week: a repeat of Gyllenhaal/Shins. You've been warned.

    In three weeks: Ex-cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosts for the second time, with musical guest Snow Patrol.

    Contact Stuart at he knows you want to.
  • Ugh, this Iraq stuff is soooooooooo boring! More Anna! ANNA! ANNA! ANNA! ANNA!

    Rainn Wilson finally gets to host! Rainn's character, Dwight, is probably one of my favorite from The Office, and I know he'll exceed as one of the best hosts of the season. Musical guest tonight is Arcade Fire, which is one of my favorite bands. At the time, Arcade Fire was a few weeks away from releasing their new album, "Neon Bible".

    The Situation Room: Interesting to see Darrell take over Wolf, after Chris left last summer. This was a great cold opening. The Anna Nicole Smith part was great. Perhaps the Rainn as the reporter thing could have been trimmed down, but it was an all-around great opener for the show.

    Monologue: This is definitely one of the best monologues SNL has done in recent years. Kristen and Jason were spot on as Pam and Jim, while the Rashida cameo was great, and Kenan's Stanley had me rolling on the floor laughing. But, it went even farther, with Amy as Angela, and Lorne as a spin-off as Michael. If Rashida hadn't been there, Maya would have been great at Karen, and I really thought they should have done Seth as Ryan. But, still, a GREAT monologue.

    Song Memories: This was great. All of the twists were hilarious. The only complaint is how Rainn said "the other guy's pee came out of my nose!", when you know it wasn't pee, but indeed, it was another bodily fluid.

    Digital Short: Business Meeting: This was hilarious! All of the diverse characters were great in this. Arcade Fire appearance was great, too.

    Nunis: Egh. This one joke group of characters got old after their first appearance. I got a chuckle out of the privacy glasses.

    Peeper: This sketch was pretty funny. Jason singing was great. You could tell he sang again in dress, with Rainn flubbing a line: "make him sing again!" The woman on woman thing at the end was kind of pointless, though. I mean, nice, but pointless.

    Musical Performance: Arcade Fire performs "Intervention" which is an awesome song with the organ itself. But, everything else in this song was perfect also. The only complaint was the almost-forced look of Win smashing his guitar at the end.

    Weekend Update: Jokes were great tonight! The Lerry Seidlin judge or whoever, was a really slow commentary, though. As for Aunt Linda, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. The Prince Harry commentary was kind of funny, but the throw-up ending was a little stupid.

    First Day At Work: The Inoverts are hilarious characters. It was good not to see them at a bar, again. I always love the twist they turn into at the end of the sketch.

    White Possum Scream: This was a really screwed up sketch, but it made me laugh a lot when I saw Rainn come out with Kenan leading him.

    River Bliss: A little bit of a one joke sketch, but it's basically the 5 to one sketch. The hate between them was hilarious. Maya always makes great facial expressions.

    Musical Performance: Arcade Fire performs their best song in their new album, "Keep The Car Running". Great, great, great song.

    Awesome show tonight. Rainn was an awesome host, while Arcade Fire was an amazing musical guest. Their live act is what they are. It's a shame how the majority of the American audience who watched this episode probably thought they were crappy, and annoying. But, once again, they're one of my favorite bands, and I'm not being biased. They really did rock the studio down.
  • There were some weak sketches and some underdeveloped sketches. This episode had a great flowing feel to it other than the crappy music and the overly long Weekend Update. So, this is a case where the whole is truly more than the sum of it's parts.

    Cold Open: This opening is already generating a bit of controversy. I don't know why. The coverage on the so-called "news" channels has been far more disrespectful of Anna, especially in light of the fact that they are supposed to be covering news, not the aftermath of a celebrity's downfall. Anyway, the sketch wasn't going much of anywhere until Rainn showed up. After just a few beats, it was pretty obvious that Rainn would make a great SNL cast member. Too bad he is already taken. I enjoyed both of Rainn's segments and thought the disembodied head of Wolf floating around was pretty funny if, for no other reason than Wolf takes himself far too seriously and comes off a bit as a pompous a$$. All in all, a much better opener than another political sketch, but not as hard hitting as it could have been.
    Grade: B+

    Monologue: I thought this was a pretty funny parody of The Office for those of us who watch the show. Both Kristen's "Pam" and Jason's "Jim" were spot on. Kenan, Amy and Lorne left a little to be desired, but the concept was still fun. It sure beat the hel1 out of a song and dance number. So was the part where Rainn stepped through the door pre-filmed? It kind of looked that way.
    Grade: A-

    Memories at a Bar: A simple premise that recalls everything from the Big Chill to old Docker's commercials. For the most part the stories were pretty good. What was great was how convincing the performers were. I loved the little touches like Hader punching Rainn in the arm. The writers need to do more sketches that feature the male cast members together like this. It really works. Of course, the highlight was the "pee through the nose" joke. The buildup was so great that I was laughing my a$$ off by that point and wondering how nihobbs would respond to such a depraved use of his beloved urine jokes in a sketch. The Pulp Fiction ending was pretty cool instead of the usual fade to commercial.
    Grade: A-

    SNL Digital Short-Budget meeting: A simple concept that was OK but could have been fantastic with better suggestions from the participants. "Consolidate marketing" "Cut HR" "Reduce IT" Come on! You can be more creative than that! How about "stop reimbursing employees' breast augmentation surgery" "hire less expensive strippers" and "limit employees to 2 alcoholic beverages per 8 hour day." OK, these aren't great, but you get the picture. There should have been some more outrageous stuff than a talking turkey sandwich and stuffed tiger's head.
    Grade: B-

    Noonis: For me this has always been a borderline sketch. It can be good for a few laughs, but it rarely truly delivers anything of substance. This sketch did not standout from the usual Nooni sketches in any way. The urination hose was kind of funny, but they have made several jokes in these sketches about using the facilities in public. The inability to pronounce names has become a tired joke. Really, this sketch relies on unique props and a strange visit from the housekeeper. Samberg did OK, but Parnell is sorely missed as Tato.
    Grade: C+

    The Peeper: OK, now things are getting very funny. The thought of a guy who cannot even ID somebody in a lineup without turning it into a voyeur show is pretty classic. Rainn really stole the show here with his brilliant and believable performance as a perv. Amy's timing kind of let down the sketch. She kept talking to Sudeikis BEFORE hitting the mic button. The ending seemed forced. Having the two officers kiss was out of context and contrived as nothing more than a way to give Rainn a chance to do some REAL peeping before the sketch ended. Still, it was my favorite of the night.
    Grade: A-

    Weekend Update: Has anyone else notice how LONG Weekend Update has gotten lately? Last night, it was over 14 minutes! Back in Chevy's day, it used to be around 5 minutes. I don't think the expansion with all of the guests has done much to help it. Armisen did a good job as the judge, but I couldn't help but think that nobody will no who in the hel1 that is when it goes into syndication a year from now. Aunt Linda was about the same as usual. Not too funny and kind of annoying. The Academy Awards bit had me recalling the wonderful times when Bill Murray would pick his choice for the Oscar winners. This was nowhere even close to that. Andy was very funny as Prince Harry. I love the rouge on the cheeks. This was my favorite part of WU. Yes, the vomiting bit was childish, but I always fall for this type of humor when it is set up well and when the performers do a good job with it. Andy was great during his puke scenes. Seth could have showed a little more concern or horror rather than just bemusement.
    Grade: C+

    Welcome to the Office: These characters were kind of funny the first time around primarily because it wasn't clear what the punchline was going to be. Now, we know it will be something outrageous after a LONG setup. The payoff was nowhere worth the wait last night and even worse there was no real ending. Kristen muttered something like "That's America" and the applause sign was lit and off to commercial. What the hel1? If you're going to make us wait that long for a joke, then the payoff better be HUGE. Weakest sketch of the night.
    Grade: D+

    White Possum Scream: This was amusing just for the sight of seeing Rainn chained to Kenan while in a half-shirt and white undies. It almost didn't matter what the dialog was with that visual. Not a great sketch, but scores points for being absurd.
    Grade: B-

    New Age Band: I kept thinking of Jack Black this entire sketch and how he would have taken it to the next level with a heavy metal harp jam. Not that Rainn was bad or anything. Some of the jokes were so underdeveloped it was almost painful. Like when Maya insists that her pan flute is in tune and Kenan replies "Really. Then I need to make an appointment with my ear doctor because that hurt my ears." Nice comeback. Sheesh! And yes, I understand that having the band members entirely incapable of delivering a burn is part of the joke, but still. Watching the band jam was probably the best part of this sketch (Armisen's jerky movements). And as weak as they were, they blew the pants off of Arcade Fire.
    Grade: C-
  • "MORE ANNA!"

    This week, TV-superstar, who is also starting to evolve into film, otherwise known as "Dwight K. Shrute" from The Office, Rainn Wilson hosts, and also, my favorite indie-rock group(and band for that matter) Arcade Fire performs. To let you know, I am an avid watcher of The Office, and an extravagant fan of Arcade Fire, ever since Funeral recieved critical praise from everyone. I expected a lot from this episode. Lets see if it lived up to the hype.

    Cold Opening: "The Situation Room": Wolf Blitzer(DH), wants to discuss news on Iraq, not Anna Nicole Smith, but apparently, the news scroller on the bottom of the screen disagreed. Also, a promising news anchor, Andrew Sturdevant(Rainn) reports from the Bahamas to report on a false source.....twice. I could say I saw the Anna piece coming from a mile away, but I still found it quite amusing, and an outstanding start to the show. 9.5/10

    Monologue: Rainn talks about how he likes to come to New York, to actually work and be on a set, only to find Office co-stars Pam Beesly(KW), Jim Halpert(JS), Stanley(KT), Angela(AP), and an appearance by Karen(the actual actress; Rashida Jones), along with Lorne acting like Michael Scott. The appearances were self-explanatory, yet still pleasing. 9/10

    "Daniel`s Song": A group of four guys(JS, BH, WF, Rainn) talk about memories accosiated with "Daniel`s Song", like an "animal" attack, Down syndrome, setting a school on fire, and anonymous sex, with a guy peeing out his nose. Probably the best sketch of the night overall. 10/10

    SNL Digital Short: "Budget Cuts": A boss at headquarters(Rainn), wants to cut a budget in half by the end of the dy, with his random staff, consisting of actual workers, afisherman, an invisible man, and guessed it.........a talking turkey sub.3 things: 1) Extremely, extremely silly, 2) They should`ve put this towards the end of the show to help the struggling second half, 3) I assumed he would hold his employees for weeks because they would refuse, which I actually believe could`ve been a better idea. 6/10

    "Noonies": The Noonies(FA, MR) are back, and are as weird as ever, with two people looking for an interview for an arts magazine(Rainn, KW) I`m actually somewhat comforted to see something from last year, but with the writing staff they have to cope with, it quickly died, and should`ve been cut at dress. This sketch was mainly put in to fill up space. Also, Chris Parnell`s Tato character was replaced by Little Jo(AS) 6/10

    "Peeping Line-Up": Two deputys(AP, MR), bring in a physcdotic kid, who has a peeping problem(Rainn), and asks the lne-ups to do pretend to take a shower. This sketch had a good premise, but got wrecked, with it dangling from Rainn`s expressions and quirks. 6/10

    Musical Performance: The Montreal sextet play a bone-chilling rendition of a song from their highly-anticipated sophmore release Neon Bible, which is called Intervention. This band is just too damn good for this show, probably the best musical performance of the year so far, and it only helped that Win smashed his guitar. 10/10

    Weekend Update: Jokes about withdrawals from Iraq, Presidents Day, Tom Vilsak`s departure, Lent, snow angels, Howard K. Stern, Britney`s shaved head, American Idol tension, a smart dog from China, a Desperate Housewives extension and commentaries from Judge Seidlin(FA) from the Anna courtroom, Amy`s Aunt Linda(KW), and Prince Harry(AS) 7.5/10

    "Boring Co-Workers": The co-workers(WF, KW), are back with a new guy(Rainn), and you get the same old ideas for some foreplay later on. I found this sketch to be quite amusing for this struggling half of the show. 7/10

    "White Possum Scream": At first, I thought it would be like the SNL-Recut Trailer Apocalypto from December, but instead it was a spoof of the trailer starring Rainn as the guy chained up, and Kenan as Samuel Jackson, with Rainn trying to break free. A good idea, but just plain wrong and disgusting. 6.5/10

    " Dysfunctional Band Rehersal": A nature band full of fueds(KW, MR, KT, FA) and their leader(Rainn), struggle to get their composure and music together during a practice seesion in the studio. I knew this was a time-filler, so it stunk altogether. 4/10

    Musical Perfromance: Arcade Fire continue to play, with another song called Keep the Car Running, a mandolin-hurdygurdy-violin enduced anthem, that brings this otherwise magical night to a satisfying and climatic ending. This guys deserve so much more recognition for their work, but after all, they have to be indie......10/10

    Overall: 9.5/10
    Host: 9/10
    MG: 10/10

    Next Week: Enjoy the pain and misery that is the Jake Gyllenhaal/Shins epidemic, which sadly, is on my birthday.

    In Three Weeks: SNL almuni Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes back to host, most likely to save it, with yet another indie-alternative-rock group Snow Patrol.
  • I've seen Fire and I've seen Rainn...

    Another solid effort. It really shows that the right guest (Alex Baldwin, Justin Timberlake) allows the writers the ability to create better characters when you have a performer who is comfortable in a skit show format – the peeping tom witness – This year has been getting much much better as quality is concerned.
  • Horrible....

    This was one of the worst episodes for Saturday Night Live in recent memory !! It seemed to me that the writers put zero effort into the jokes. Was that peeping skit supposed to be funny? I think they knew it sucked because they tried to save it with some disgusting looking girl on girl action. I honestly can not remember a single funny skit or joke, and sadly I can not forget most of the terrible ones. Prince Harry vomiting? Is that the funniest they can come up with when a member of the royal family goes to war? The SNL Digital Short was so lame!! Painfull and kinda sad to watch SNL become so horrible. Zero for effort and I would've given an even lower rating but I love Rainn.
  • Hilarious.

    I love Dwight Schrute from "the Office". He is so much funnier than his British counterpart on the British "the Office". Anywho, i was so excited to see this episode of SNL because it was hosted by Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight Schrute. The monologue was a little corny, since it features some of the SNL cast members as workers in "The Office". If you haven't seen the show, you probably wouldn't have gotten it, but it was good. This episode is definitely one of the better ones in recent years; it was so cool to see the "nuni" skit again!! but there were also some skits i wasn't a fan of, like the first one where 5 guys sit around a table singing and drinking beer and also another skit, where Rainn plays the new guy at an office (hahaha) and he is shown around by two of his coworkers. not funny.
  • This isn't the Office, is it?

    After a week off, SNL starts off with a Cold open devoted to Iraq and Anna Nicole Smith with the rare sighting of the host in the first sketch.

    The monologue was one of the best, if not THE best, this season. The cast members were spot on with their impersonations with the cameo apperance of Rashida Jones as Karen.

    After the trend we have been seeing in the past season, this was one of the better episodes although I really did not care for that of the musical guests.

    While any show with the nunis usually gets a lesser ranking, the rest fo the show went well.
  • Finally Dwight Schrute gets to host SNL.

    Cold Open: Great start. Hammond's Wolf Blitzer was more accurate than Parnell's (and it's not like Chris made him funny, either). Rainn was pretty good as a reporter, but he delivered in this deadpan style than any of the cast members could've also done. Totally didn't need Fred's Larry King in this overlong segment, and other parts could've been shortened as well.

    Monologue: This left an awful taste in my mouth. Yes, it had its moments, and Kristen and Jason had especially good impressions this time around. But didn't anyone else get bad flashbacks to the Apprentice pandering when Donald Trump hosted? Again, those bits were OK, but felt like nothing more than 5-minute promos. Yeah, go NBC...

    Jukebox sketch: Pretty good. The writing could've been sharper, but the deliveries were what made this work.

    Digital Short: Without question the funniest part of the show. Loved the pace of this, and Rainn was perfect as the desperate boss.

    Nuni/Nuni: Oh God, no. It's been a year since they last showed up on a live show, and in that year the writers didn't bother to change anything about it-- except for adding Andy, who was definitely not as funny as Parnell ever was. At least he wasn't as irritating. And Rainn was completely wasted in this role.

    Peeping Tom: A little better. This was basically a one-joke premise, and it didn't help things that Amy forgot to approach the intercom once or twice to speak to the suspects. But Rainn barely managed to hold this together, and I loved the ending.

    "Intervention": That was wonderful, and who'd expect otherwise? Seriously, in almost any other season (Beck had the performance of his life this year), the Arcade Fire would easily be considered the best MG.

    Update: Jokes from Seth and Amy were OK, though they really took a backseat to the guests. Fred was a hoot as Judge Larry Seidlin, getting his most goofy mannerisms down perfectly. And though Kristen's Aunt Linda was another rehashing of her earlier work, and Andy's Prince Harry was shamefully inaccurate, Seth's reactions to both guests were priceless. He had his back turned to Aunt Linda, and during Harry's vomiting spree he gave this awesome stonefaced look of resignation straight into the camera. Hilarious.

    Introverts: I liked this; certainly better than their appearance with Annette Bening. The change of scenery was welcomed, especially with the way Kristen's character still wouldn't let go of her purse. Rainn was good once again.

    White Possum Scream: A bad idea they didn't really hash out at all, this seemed to be performed solely for the sake of making Rainn look silly again. He wasn't funny, Kenan wasn't funny, and I couldn't wait for this to end.

    River Bliss: And this didn't register at all. Some bits of funny instrument playing, some bits of stupid wigs, some bits of unnecessary arguing. Yawn.

    "Keep the Car Running": Almost as good as their first number. New Yorkers are aware that they just finished a stint at Greenwich Village's Judson Memorial Church, so they definitely looked restrained just standing in place. But this wasn't bad by any means.
  • RAINN WILSON=AWESOME HOST! One of the best of this season. Lot of funny moments from this episode.

    For some reason, and I don't know why I was so excited to watch last night because I figured that Rainn Wilson would do a decent job. I was pleastanly suprised when it turned out that it was even better than I thought it would be. Rainn Wilson was great as a host because he fit in well with the cast and delivered some really funny lines, that had me cracking up. The monologue was a GREAT parody of the Office, and really was some great tonuge and cheek.
    The skit where each of the characters recalled memories was hysterical, and the futuristic sketch, which normally I am not a fan of, turned out to be really funny because of Rainn's delivery and the fact that Andy Samberg came out with Cotton Candy hair, everywhere! Weekend Update NEEDS an OVERHAUL THOUGH. Seth Myers is pretty funny, but sometimes his jokes are hit or miss. Amy Poehler, is funny in sketches, but really struggles to have consistent success behind the desk. The sketches later in the show were pretty funny, with Rainn being the new guy in the office, and a parody of Black SNAKE Moan. Overall, Rainn Wilson did a very nice job, and showed that there is hope for SNL, however it all has to do with the guest, because the guest is in almost every sketch and if the guest doesn't work, the show struggles to carry that host. Very Good Episode!
  • Saturday Night Live is getting more and more painful to watch. The bands get worse and the jokes are old and very stale.

    Like the previous reviewer I was looking forward to Dwight from The Office to host this comatose show. With his dry humor, the beginning of the show began strong and witty. Then we get to the forgettable moments like the Nuni's (Coneheads much? Note: Coneheads weren't funny either) and the wacky antics of The Daily Show...oh, I mean the political commentary that tries and sadly fails each and every week. Let me guess what is on the agenda from this weeks meeting. Anna Nicole corpse, The new Judge Eto (sp?) and a Bush joke thrown in to make you think the writers and producers aren't Republican. We then get to the talent of the show, Arcade Fire. Oh boy was I excited! I tried liking Arcade Fire, I WANTED to like their albums. I couldn't swallow this pinup pop mistake, and I wanted to so badly. I wanted a new White Stripes, a new Mates of State even a Neutral Milk Hotel, instead I got a lot of flashy noise with a violinist who played a stream of tune up notes here and there for flair, or was it just only visual? If this was the first season of SNL it would be it's last, we watch this show out of bad habit and I for one will only tune in when a certain guest or music group is involved. Oh, If Drew Barrymore, any Baldwin Bros, or a Lost cast member joins the cast this season or next I will have no choice but to give it 3 thumb downs on my Nielson TiVo, it is already only neutral. My opinions, take it or don't, I don't care. Either does NBC.
  • Strong start, weak finish....

    I really looked forward to tonight's SNL b/c of Rainn Wilson and The Arcade Fire. I thought the opening was one of the funniest ones I've seen in a long time. The CNN ticker was hilarious, I have no idea what "Wolf" was reporting b/c I was laughing so hard about the spoof on the Anna coverage.

    First, the good...I liked Rainn's monologue/skit and the play on the Office, SNL nailed the characters. The old friends reminiscing in the bar was also a funny skit. I also enjoyed the Arcade Fire.

    The bad...the Digital Short was surprisingly weak. The Nuni's should be retired. It's the same play on pronunciation every time, which is fine for recurring characters, but at least write a few extra jokes. The "peeper" and "New Age" band were also really weak.

    Weekend Update was better than usual, which isn't saying much. From what I saw on the news from the Anna court case, the judge on WU was spot on. Like most people from the Bronx or Brooklyn (can't remember which one, but what's the difference?), the judge is a tool. After a really fast start, the show definitely lost steam quickly, which is really disappointing considering they had the actor who plays one of the funniest characters to ever hit TV.