Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 14

Rainn Wilson/Arcade Fire

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • "MORE ANNA!"

    This week, TV-superstar, who is also starting to evolve into film, otherwise known as "Dwight K. Shrute" from The Office, Rainn Wilson hosts, and also, my favorite indie-rock group(and band for that matter) Arcade Fire performs. To let you know, I am an avid watcher of The Office, and an extravagant fan of Arcade Fire, ever since Funeral recieved critical praise from everyone. I expected a lot from this episode. Lets see if it lived up to the hype.

    Cold Opening: "The Situation Room": Wolf Blitzer(DH), wants to discuss news on Iraq, not Anna Nicole Smith, but apparently, the news scroller on the bottom of the screen disagreed. Also, a promising news anchor, Andrew Sturdevant(Rainn) reports from the Bahamas to report on a false source.....twice. I could say I saw the Anna piece coming from a mile away, but I still found it quite amusing, and an outstanding start to the show. 9.5/10

    Monologue: Rainn talks about how he likes to come to New York, to actually work and be on a set, only to find Office co-stars Pam Beesly(KW), Jim Halpert(JS), Stanley(KT), Angela(AP), and an appearance by Karen(the actual actress; Rashida Jones), along with Lorne acting like Michael Scott. The appearances were self-explanatory, yet still pleasing. 9/10

    "Daniel`s Song": A group of four guys(JS, BH, WF, Rainn) talk about memories accosiated with "Daniel`s Song", like an "animal" attack, Down syndrome, setting a school on fire, and anonymous sex, with a guy peeing out his nose. Probably the best sketch of the night overall. 10/10

    SNL Digital Short: "Budget Cuts": A boss at headquarters(Rainn), wants to cut a budget in half by the end of the dy, with his random staff, consisting of actual workers, afisherman, an invisible man, and guessed it.........a talking turkey sub.3 things: 1) Extremely, extremely silly, 2) They should`ve put this towards the end of the show to help the struggling second half, 3) I assumed he would hold his employees for weeks because they would refuse, which I actually believe could`ve been a better idea. 6/10

    "Noonies": The Noonies(FA, MR) are back, and are as weird as ever, with two people looking for an interview for an arts magazine(Rainn, KW) I`m actually somewhat comforted to see something from last year, but with the writing staff they have to cope with, it quickly died, and should`ve been cut at dress. This sketch was mainly put in to fill up space. Also, Chris Parnell`s Tato character was replaced by Little Jo(AS) 6/10

    "Peeping Line-Up": Two deputys(AP, MR), bring in a physcdotic kid, who has a peeping problem(Rainn), and asks the lne-ups to do pretend to take a shower. This sketch had a good premise, but got wrecked, with it dangling from Rainn`s expressions and quirks. 6/10

    Musical Performance: The Montreal sextet play a bone-chilling rendition of a song from their highly-anticipated sophmore release Neon Bible, which is called Intervention. This band is just too damn good for this show, probably the best musical performance of the year so far, and it only helped that Win smashed his guitar. 10/10

    Weekend Update: Jokes about withdrawals from Iraq, Presidents Day, Tom Vilsak`s departure, Lent, snow angels, Howard K. Stern, Britney`s shaved head, American Idol tension, a smart dog from China, a Desperate Housewives extension and commentaries from Judge Seidlin(FA) from the Anna courtroom, Amy`s Aunt Linda(KW), and Prince Harry(AS) 7.5/10

    "Boring Co-Workers": The co-workers(WF, KW), are back with a new guy(Rainn), and you get the same old ideas for some foreplay later on. I found this sketch to be quite amusing for this struggling half of the show. 7/10

    "White Possum Scream": At first, I thought it would be like the SNL-Recut Trailer Apocalypto from December, but instead it was a spoof of the trailer starring Rainn as the guy chained up, and Kenan as Samuel Jackson, with Rainn trying to break free. A good idea, but just plain wrong and disgusting. 6.5/10

    " Dysfunctional Band Rehersal": A nature band full of fueds(KW, MR, KT, FA) and their leader(Rainn), struggle to get their composure and music together during a practice seesion in the studio. I knew this was a time-filler, so it stunk altogether. 4/10

    Musical Perfromance: Arcade Fire continue to play, with another song called Keep the Car Running, a mandolin-hurdygurdy-violin enduced anthem, that brings this otherwise magical night to a satisfying and climatic ending. This guys deserve so much more recognition for their work, but after all, they have to be indie......10/10

    Overall: 9.5/10
    Host: 9/10
    MG: 10/10

    Next Week: Enjoy the pain and misery that is the Jake Gyllenhaal/Shins epidemic, which sadly, is on my birthday.

    In Three Weeks: SNL almuni Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes back to host, most likely to save it, with yet another indie-alternative-rock group Snow Patrol.