Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 14

Rainn Wilson/Arcade Fire

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Ugh, this Iraq stuff is soooooooooo boring! More Anna! ANNA! ANNA! ANNA! ANNA!

    Rainn Wilson finally gets to host! Rainn's character, Dwight, is probably one of my favorite from The Office, and I know he'll exceed as one of the best hosts of the season. Musical guest tonight is Arcade Fire, which is one of my favorite bands. At the time, Arcade Fire was a few weeks away from releasing their new album, "Neon Bible".

    The Situation Room: Interesting to see Darrell take over Wolf, after Chris left last summer. This was a great cold opening. The Anna Nicole Smith part was great. Perhaps the Rainn as the reporter thing could have been trimmed down, but it was an all-around great opener for the show.

    Monologue: This is definitely one of the best monologues SNL has done in recent years. Kristen and Jason were spot on as Pam and Jim, while the Rashida cameo was great, and Kenan's Stanley had me rolling on the floor laughing. But, it went even farther, with Amy as Angela, and Lorne as a spin-off as Michael. If Rashida hadn't been there, Maya would have been great at Karen, and I really thought they should have done Seth as Ryan. But, still, a GREAT monologue.

    Song Memories: This was great. All of the twists were hilarious. The only complaint is how Rainn said "the other guy's pee came out of my nose!", when you know it wasn't pee, but indeed, it was another bodily fluid.

    Digital Short: Business Meeting: This was hilarious! All of the diverse characters were great in this. Arcade Fire appearance was great, too.

    Nunis: Egh. This one joke group of characters got old after their first appearance. I got a chuckle out of the privacy glasses.

    Peeper: This sketch was pretty funny. Jason singing was great. You could tell he sang again in dress, with Rainn flubbing a line: "make him sing again!" The woman on woman thing at the end was kind of pointless, though. I mean, nice, but pointless.

    Musical Performance: Arcade Fire performs "Intervention" which is an awesome song with the organ itself. But, everything else in this song was perfect also. The only complaint was the almost-forced look of Win smashing his guitar at the end.

    Weekend Update: Jokes were great tonight! The Lerry Seidlin judge or whoever, was a really slow commentary, though. As for Aunt Linda, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. The Prince Harry commentary was kind of funny, but the throw-up ending was a little stupid.

    First Day At Work: The Inoverts are hilarious characters. It was good not to see them at a bar, again. I always love the twist they turn into at the end of the sketch.

    White Possum Scream: This was a really screwed up sketch, but it made me laugh a lot when I saw Rainn come out with Kenan leading him.

    River Bliss: A little bit of a one joke sketch, but it's basically the 5 to one sketch. The hate between them was hilarious. Maya always makes great facial expressions.

    Musical Performance: Arcade Fire performs their best song in their new album, "Keep The Car Running". Great, great, great song.

    Awesome show tonight. Rainn was an awesome host, while Arcade Fire was an amazing musical guest. Their live act is what they are. It's a shame how the majority of the American audience who watched this episode probably thought they were crappy, and annoying. But, once again, they're one of my favorite bands, and I'm not being biased. They really did rock the studio down.