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    I would like to see Cheech and Chong do the news and host your show
  • Huh, so this:

    "Woody Harrelson. 2014


    By norinedegraaghowes, Jan 04, 2015

    Was just watching it and found it in very poor taste when they spoke of green house effects to the earth. Then had a polar bear standing on a small piece of ice and then yell out sooner. The whole show made me gringe nothing like the old Saturday night live"

    is more offensive than the word association between Chevy Chase and guest Richard Pryor in the Job Interview:


    Chevy: "Negro?"

    Rich: "Whitey"

    Chevy: "Tar baby"

    Rich: "Ol Fay"

    Chevy: "Colored?"

    Rich: "Red Neck!"

    Chevy: "Jungle Bunny"

    Rich: "PECKERWOOD"

    Chevy: "Burr Head!"

    Rich: "CRACKUH!"

    Chevy: "Spear Chucker"

    Rich: "White Trash!"

    Chevy: "JUNGLE BUNNY!"

    Rich: "Honky!"

    Chevy: "SPADE!"

    Rich: "Honky-honky!"

    Chevy: "NIGER"

    Rich: "DEAD Honky!"

    the skit rails off from there

    SO which is more offensive to you? Something from the good Ol days of SNL or a little Global Warming piss?

    And, way off the mark here: "Michael Che's smug, angry black-man demeanor " smug? angry? Not once does he portray these traits, wow.
  • creatively bankrupt

    The fact that they have (SNL) gone into the pool of dumpster juice at the bottom of the dumpster for humor by using ISSI as a back drop is by definition vulgar to say the least. What do you think all those effected by ISSI are feeling. Humor at others expense specially when that expense is the horrible loss of a loved one is not humor, it's cruel. SNL you have lost your way and for the length of time a large number of persons have been waiting for the return of real entertainment without realization, My opinion is you will never get it back.
  • Woody Harrelson. 2014

    Was just watching it and found it in very poor taste when they spoke of green house effects to the earth. Then had a polar bear standing on a small piece of ice and then yell out sooner. The whole show made me gringe nothing like the old Saturday night live
  • Really????? What's Up Wit Dat?

    I remember when the show was actually funny. I now cringe as the guests try to make a Boy Scout camp skit funny. Trouble is Boy Scouts are funnier. Maybe they could have TIna Fey come in a do a continuing ed program for the writers.

    My wife said don't just complain----write something yourself. I did, and its funny, but it could never get to Lorne. Maybe he thinks the show is still funny.
  • They're leaving the funny out of funny...

    While this show still manages to pull me in to watch it's usually a day or two later now on Hulu. Still a few "okay" spots here and there, but for the most part the show has gone beyond flat! Just one example is Weekend Round Up? Michael Che's smug, angry black-man demeanor and Colin Jost's constantly on verge of laughing out laugh approach is transparent, outdated and insulting. Dump Che (from Weekend Round Up) now and give Jost three more episodes to stop doing Seth Meyers' "I will not laugh out loud, I will not laugh out loud, I will not laugh out loud, giggle fit character".
  • Time For REAL reboot

    A few moments such as "Help Fund" and Kristen's Kathy Lee deconstruction glimmered, but it's time for a big change which apparently mean finding a truly funny ensemble, maybe composed of fewer actors/actresses, but fresh and truly gifted comedically. I'm thinking everything from the set to the format, which hasn't changed in, well, hasn't ever changed. Maybe it should be a weekend review of things that speak to many of us. That could be lampooning current events as well as sports, culture, business, and music. Time for a big change, front to back, top to bottom.
  • Hold me Thrill me Kiss me This just killed me

    Saturday Night Live we have a Problem and not even NASA can save them. Who the hell are the writers I say we get Queen of Hearts and say Off with their heads. Thumbs are whatever they use to type this with. This is bogus journey see bill and ted minus excellent adventure. To enjoy this show you would have the . mayo left in the sun for 5 days that has hair on it.
  • Seriously????

    What happened to SNL???? I think they forgot how to be funny. All the writers should be fired and they should start from scratch. They used to push the best comedians in the industry but all they do know is make the comedians fail. Get new writers and become funny again
  • Where did the brilliant writers go to?

    Can't remember a worse episode than last Saturday's S40E01. The writers (probably new ones) are mistaking vulgarity for wit. The acting talent is there but they are being given spam for lines in trashy skits. Sasheer Zamata is clearly highly talented and is being wasted in small roles. Come on Loren... kick some ass and get the good writers back.
  • Can't view anything

    I can't get on to anything on SNL I'm sick of it...
  • Gets Repetitive

    I used to enjoy watching SNL but I just got kind of tired of it the fact that most of the sketches are unfunny. And also the fact that the second you start to finally fall in love with an actor, they get rid of them, for new crappy actors.
  • episode numbering is wrong

    episode numbering is wrong, numbered garfields episode as 20 and its the 19th
  • Horrible

    Each season gets worse than the next. I continue to watch but I don't know why. I FF through most shows without so much as a giggle. Just sad. I don't think the actors are so bad, it's the writers. No vision, no talent. Fire them all. I don't want to give a 1 but I can't choose ZERO.
  • Isn't this show supposed to be LIVE?

    I have religiously watched this show for 25 years. While I am a fan of the digital shorts and cartoons in the past, I have noticed that this season there is an increased amount of pre-taped skits or shorts. Last week they had a great host with Anna Kendrick and they chose to do multiple taped shorts. The show is supposed to be live and I feel they are taking too many liberties with these STUPID shorts. They aren't even funny. Disappointed and I hope they fix this because the charm of this show is the live, unexpected and funny moments.
  • Such bad writing.

    Horrible writing with Good list of characters and actors . It could be fixed. Fire the Writers! Low brow without an attempt to go political lacking any sophistication to pull it off. It seems written by a bunch of 20 year old kids.
  • request fo pardoy

    Please, please, please do parody on the man that did fake sign language at Mandela's funeral!!
  • Slapstick trying to be cool.

    Miley Cyrus, why? Why not Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) or for that matter any less plastic career crisis nightmare. The writers are now terrible as well, really - slapstick jokes with slap in "cool" words like "cray"... whats going on here? This was once a brilliant show but seriously watching the original DVDs from 20+ years back is way funnier.

    Congratulations SNL on turning what was one of the funniest best live shows on TV to something I now see people not even laugh once in the full hour it is on. Did you really think an hour of the cast twerking would be funny? Time for me to move on, sad.
  • Oh No! My Favorite Show has gone Right Into the Toilet & w/ the 1st Episode of the Season Hit Flush!

    Change is inevitable and often hard to accept... I'm open minded to new things but this was officially the worst episode of SNL I've ever seen ... such a sacrilege of those hallowed halls. A zero is the more appropriate rating but it's not available.

    No humor, offensive to women, and just a crying shame that I've lost 90 min of my life I'll never get back.

    Was Tina allowed to phone it in? She had nothing to do with the writing? Maybe for the right # of $ some of the geniuses behind The Daily Show or Colbert could be brought in to save the show from flat lining.

    Frankly, I think it's a cheap shot to ask viewers to see a former member as a host. At least any recent member. Tina's monologue was lifeless, lacking any hint of humor.

    Crack smoking e-cigarettes - hysterical - NOT,

    I can't tell the staff from a guest - a riot - NOT,

    bimbo's talking about being banged HARD - cerebral humor... NOT even bawdy humor ... just offensive, the cold open was simply cold and I'm sorry to say ...

    no one had any great lines on wkend update and Ms. Strong's over the top delivery of unfunny lines ... was simply painful to watch. What pollster has taken the audience's pulse & ever reported back favorably on drunk uncle? IT'S NOT FUNNY!

    Lorne, Lorne what have you done to my baby? Such a cherished part of my cultural sensibility ... has gone right down the toilet!
  • Final season?

    The season premiere was so bad that either this is the last season or the show is supported by brain-dead drug addicts.

    Opening sketch about Obamacare was mostly boring political stuff we read every day with little comedy.

    The live music act went on interminably and like most of the other segments had people playing or mugging for the camera.

    Used car ad was lame. "The Girls" was spoiled by canned laughter and loud background music. Or maybe those who couldn't make out the dialogue were spared having to hear it.

    Drunk Uncle is pathetic and for the newscaster to be laughing and enamored with every word shows how far SNL has slipped from the days of Chevy Chase. This part should be given to Beck Bennett

    who is great at dead-pan as in his AT&T commercials.

    Newcomers were lost in the sheer number of cast members.

    Ex-pornstar skit was basically one joke over and over. Tina Fey being carried across camera 3 times

    saying "who let the dogs out" was about as pathetic and unfunny as you can get.

    I'd give this show an "F" but I did laugh 2 or 3 time over the 90 minutes and slept better from boredom.

    So I give it "D" for dull and in recognition of the drowsiness it engendered.

    Manic Marie
  • Awesome show

    You look back, SNL is never perfect, even in the glory days, it had some pretty crappy skits. Still though, SNL has been an empire of skit shows and many tried to dethrone it, and they . For every bad skit, there's another good one. Seth Myers rocks Weekend Update, and its just hard to hate this show!
  • Mokiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mokiki is a god!!!!
  • Stupied Now!!

    Use to be good now it is just stupid. But I do enjoy the election stuff and weekend update.
  • 11-3-12 show

    The overall show was great but the best, most hilarious skit I've seen in a long time was with C.K.(?) and the gal in the bar. That was so hilarious!!!! Those two are great comedians. I don't know the actress' name but she is amazing. And C.K. is hilarious too.
  • Lincoln puke!

    Your skit on Lincoln was more than upsetting. I am not even an American (as in a Canadian, ie

    Michaels!), and was shocked to see you satire an assaninated president. Where was the humor?

    Regrefully Yours...

    Wayne Stokes

  • Script Idea

    You should do a Family Fued game show skit, the Romneys against the Obamas. Clearly the Romneys would win! Cause Obama never answers any of the questions given to him. Ha ha! And he gets mad cause he doesn't have the answers.
  • Time to stop the politics, or lose the audience.

    I think its time for Loren Michaels to retire his political slant, either that or the whole show should be taken off the air. Funny was Gilda, and Steve Martin, not impersonating politicians when the country is evenly divided and emotions are easily aroused. It has become politically inappropriate to have the show on with company over. Years ago it was easy to watch with friends but in this political climate, it causes arguments. I can no longer have SNL on. instead of being funny or insightful it has become propaganda that dives wedges between good company.
  • On Too Long!

    Funny back in the 70's,SNL has Become just plain stupid and Boring.The Comic Geniuses of Bill Murry,Chevey Chase,Gilda Radner and John Belushi are long gone and the overall quality of SNL has just gone down the sewer.Just pack it in people!
  • Great comedy sketch show ever!

    I was a fan of SNL for a long time. I like the first through the current seasons of SNL. I like the original not ready for prime time players. My favorite cast member is the late Gilda Radner. She is so funny and zany in that show from 1975-1980. I remember watching the ones with the Eddie Murphy-era. My favorite sketch is the bees sketch. My favorite characters are Emily Litella played Gilda Radner, Irwin Mainway played by Dan Aykroyd, Velvet Jones played by Eddie Murphy, Matt Foley played by Chris Farley, Mary Katherine Gallagher played by Molly Shannon, Joy Lipton played by Cheri Oteri, and Gilly played by Kristen Wiig. My favorite celebrity impression is Donatella Versace played by Maya Rudolph. I also like the commercial parodies. They also make fun of politics. I like the one where they parody the O.J. Simpson case.
  • Hit or miss with many misses

    I grew up watching this show. From the golden age of Murphy and Piscapo to the revival brought from Myers and Carvey. As I grew up I found myself unable to watch it anymore. Not because I didn't want to but because saturday night, not the show, was more interesting then staying home to watch saturday night.

    Then the phase passed and I tuned in and... well it lost its magic on me. I'm sure many love it but it faded as I watched a new cast preforming as best they can. I haven't watched it in many a year now and have no intention of watching it again even when home on a saturday night. But that wont take away from the awesome cast and skits from the past.
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