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  • SNL and Celebrity Jeopardy is the funniest thing EVER!!! 10/10

    Will Ferrel has to handle bunch of idiots who never answer his questions right. Guess who plays for charity? Sean Connery (my fav-he is da best!!!) Burt Reynolds (2nd best) Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Bjork ... They are not real, but comedians know how to make them look/sound real :) For example-Tom Cruise and his psychotic laugh!!! I don't wanna spoil anything, but if You have chance-take a look. 'Sean' is worth it ;)
  • i hate this show, i wish it would die. youve had ur run since i dont know, a long time. now get rid of it

    wtf, this show is a waste of time and it sucks soo bad. i mean they're not even funny. they mess up on their news sketch by laughing and then wen they have a decent joke, they kill it! the only time its worth watching is for maybe the celebrity guests or the guest singers. mad tv has totally killed this show. dont watch it, please,it would be better to put news in their place. i give it a rating of 1 cuz of their guest singers and celebs.
  • Complete garbage

    As everyone knows this show Was at one time funny. Now the entire cast and the writers especially have disgraced the SNL name. I will try my hardest to watch it, but it is pretty much torture ill watch a whole episode and not even crack a smile. Its painfull garbage. I would say that they need to let the show just die. But that would leave fans with a very sour taste left in their mouths.
  • By calling this a classic i am at the same time insulting thsi show and it's crappy new seasons.

    An old classic with greats such as Dana Carvey, Will Farrell, and Molly Shannon. Now the show is left without anyone to really carry it. I mean they even had Jimmy Fallon for awhile who was crappy becuz he laughed at all the bits while he was in em, but at least he carried the show a little. Plus him and Horatio Sanz played off of each other very well. Without Fallon the show truly fell apart. The last truly great sketch was the Turkish Television one. That was fu**ing hilarious. What this show needs? A well known or very talented comic with their own style to carry the show.
  • Each Saturday night a celebrity and a singer comes in to perform short skits that are usually very funny.

    The show is very funny. Even though some skits get me annoyed, i still like it. It is a 'pick me up' show and anyone who is mad or sad and sees it, unless it is not making fun of something that happened to you, will feel much better about their situation. My favorite part of the show is the performing guest and the host's introduction to the show. Very funny
  • SNL is the best sketch comedy show on tv.

    There is a reason SNL is still on the after so many years, it is still hillarious. SNL has something MadTV doesn't have, new material,(not to mention more veiwers). The only reason MadTV is on tv still is because FOX wants to have a rip-off show of SNL to compete with NBC on Saturday nights. And it's Terrible. There isn't much to say about SNL, only that it is an excellent show and will be on for generations and generations to come. New cast members keep SNL fresh and updated, unlike MadTV which keeps its members a few years too long. SNL = Good. MadTV = Bad.
  • SNL is a weekly sketch comedy show on NBC that started the careers of many brilliant comic actors, such as Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Dana Carvey, Mike Meyers, Phil Hartman, and Adam Sandler, just to name a few, with some of its sketch chara

    "Saturday Night Live" was definitely ahead of its time when it debuted 30 years ago. The show has had many ups and downs as the years have past, but has recently really taken a turn for the worst. "SNL" has always depended on great writers as well as great actors for the show to be a success, and now most of them have moved on to other ventures leaving the current cast floundering in their wake. Not to say that the current cast (which includes Tina Fey, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz, Keanan Thompson and Maya Rudolph) aren't great writers and actors--they try their hardest--but the show has simply run its course. Thirty years is an extremely good run for a sketch comedy show, but now it's probably best to close the curtain lest the show go further down its spiral into oblivion. Most of its best sketches are available on DVD as part of showcases for some of the more popular actors that have been on the show and are definitely worth checking out, as are the reruns on E!. One of the worst moves for the show was to move the reruns from Comedy Central (where they played at least 4 times a day) to E! (where they run only 1-2 times a day). "Saturday Night Live" was great while it lasted and made the careers of many talented actors in its 30-year run, but its time for the curtain to close before the good memories from past years' shows are stained with the feeble attempts from the current seasons.
  • Don't deny it. After 30 years, they'll still running strong.

    Saturday Night Live has just finished it's 30th season. And I still find it entertaining. True, they do have some flopped sketches now and then, usually with Fred Armisen, but it still is good.

    Personally, the best part is Weekend Update. Many people agree with me. It's the central part of the show, and it's the part that has stayed with us for so long.
  • When you think of comedy, you think of SNL. A comedy sketch show that created bonified superstar that has lasted over 30 years. From Dan Akroyd to Will Ferrell, this show carries nothing but the best comedians. This show has last through many competetors

    This show use to funny. The problem with the show is there aren't any stars. In the past there were Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Dan Akroyd. Now there's Tina Fey and Kenan Thompson who isn't as funny as he was when I was a 11.
  • They need to get funny people back on the show

    SNL has had slumps before like the Anthony Micheal Hall days, but even those were funnier than now. They need Comedians like John Belushi, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Adam Sandler, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy (when he was funny) Chris Rock, Chris Farley (when he was alive) a variety, not really long skits that aren't funny, you get like 3 skits so if one goes bad then the show sucks. They used to have several skits, os if one went back they could pull out of it, with another skit. The news people laugh at their jokes more than the audience. They have a few funny skits sometimes, I'm just lucky that when I'm at the bar the sound is off, and it makes it more barable to watch.
  • SNL has lost its edge and humor.

    Watching SNL these last few years, I have come to appreciate the earlier years with Sandler, Farley, Ferrell, Kattan and even Fallon with his constant laughter. I miss Opera Man, the Spartan cheerleaders, Mr. Peepers, Mango, Jeopardy, and Sandler and Fallon\'s endless number of song parodies. I watch it now and I find myself not laughing throughout the entire show. Granted Myers and Forte can provide a smile every now and then, but it\'s not worth my time just to watch one or two skits. Come on SNL, find a good host and find someone who is FUNNY!!!!
  • The worst sketch show on tv.

    SNL consists of bad actors, bad storylines, bad jokes. It used to be ok. I can watching a full episode of the reruns, but I can't bring myself to watch one of the newer ones. It annoys me so much how the actors and actress spend the whole time on stage reading from a teleprompter! They never look at each other its always staring at you. Can't they remember there lines. Its not like its on everyday, they have time to do some memorizing. They don't have any memorable characters anymore either. They used to have the cheerleaders, and the church people. Ya know reaccuring funny characters. But they have gone to far down for that.
  • it rocks

    Saturday Night Live is a great show. It rocks. There are so many good comedains and all the skits are hilarious. There has been some great comedains that have came from and gone on to do many funny things. It is very much unapprecaited by those with no sense of humor. Live From New York it's Saturday Night
  • This show was originally made in the 70's. However after a decline in the early 80's this sketch comedy show was saved by Eddie Murphy. In the 90's the show had perhaps the most talented ensamble of characters. A show once famous, this show has lost a lot

    It's so bad to watch. You expect celebrities to go on Leno, or Oprah but to go on Saturday Night Live is a total waste. It wasn't as good as it was in the 70's, nor the 80's with Eddie Murphy. It isn't as good as the 90's with Sandler, Rock, Farley, Spade, Carvey, Myers. Ever since the mid 90's the show's real breakout star was Will Ferrell. It's just not funny, and the jokes fall apart. There doing so bad they got Kenan from Kenan and Kel! Celebrities should have more sense. They should realize the only reason people watch is because of them.
  • why oh why must i eaven try.

    I love this show! I've only been watching it since about 1993, so I only saw 38% of the total show. I don't really care for the old stuff, because the recent is too funny. This show is often compared to Mad TV, which I don't think is all that great. My favorite sketches are any of the commercials. They are the best part, esp. the recent "Gap Fat" commercial ( I laughed for about a half hour ), and other memorable ones like Lemon Glow, and Oops! I Crapped My Pants. My favorite Saturday TV Funhouse cartoon ( and prob. someone else's ) the Christmas cartoon one. I can't say too much else, other than keep up the good work and I hope SNL go on for another 25 years.
  • SNL is a great sketch show. It did to TV what MAD Magazine did to magazines. It\'s underapreciated now, though.

    I am frustrated with how NBC isn\'t letting Comedy Central show SNL anymore. We are now stuck with MADtv, which doesn\'t even have any established skits or clean humor. And we have that ripoff of MADtv, Stella. And we have Chapelle\'s Show, which really isn\'t funny.

    NBC, please let Comedy Central air SNL again. I\'m missing my daily fix of the Schoolgirl, Spartan Pride, and other established skits. This one is a definate 10 out of 10.
  • The ultimate definition of hit-or-miss comedy.

    I like comedy as much as anyone else out here, but even I know that it can be hard to write something funny and memorable. The Saturday Night Live people know this, yet it sometimes seems that they can't tell the difference between what's good and bad.

    Now, there were some good things on the show, especially around its early days. Then again, they had more ideas to work with because the show was just a relatively new concept. There have been some good people to come from the show as well - John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Phil Hartman are the type of actors who are just more likable and can really perform to their liking. But there are more rotten apples than good stars - do names like Joe Piscopo, Mary Gross, Chris Kattan, Rachel Dratch and Robert Downey Jr. ring a bell?

    And while there have been some good recurring sketches - Coffee Talk, Samurai (profession), Celebrity Jeopardy - there are more bad ones than good. Like the Whiners or Mango or....whatever those sketches with those Bostonians are called, you know the ones that star Jimmy Fallon?

    Today when I record an episode of the show it takes about twenty minutes to watch - and that's usually if there's a good musicial performer! Let's face it, the people have run out of ideas and will probably never get the full glory of the early days. Let's put this show to bed.
  • WOW!

    "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!" is the way the show has started for more than 30 years now. This show is one of the most funnist shows ever made. I think more famous people got their start on Saturday Night Live than any other show ever made. The show can make anyone laugh, from old to young. I think everyone that has watched SNL just once, has had a laugh or two. They show is great because you can watch it with you mother and grand mother, and everyone would find it funny. Yes there are some episodes that are funnier than others, but most are really good.
  • Live From New York

    If I had to name shows I wouldn't mind watching in a 48 hour marathon, my only nitpick about Saturday Night Live would be that a lot of good episodes would be left out. But, that's probably common in a show that's been running for 30 years. This is a show that, through ups and downs, produced many of the current TV and movie stars. Many popular catchphrases come from the recurrring characters of Saturday Night Live. Most stars of film, TV, and sports have hosted the show, and many chart-topping artists and bands have been musical guests in the show. The show is live, unique in comedy and is very groundbreaking.
  • Wasn't always a bad show.

    It used to be a good show. But now it\'s too old to even be decent. I\'d rather watch MadTv on Saturday nights now, not that I didn\'t in the first place.

    In the words of Stewie: Damn it! I want pancakes! God! You people understand every language except English. Yo quiero pancakes. Donnez-moi pancakes. Click-click-bloody click pancakes!
  • Another classic show on life support.

    This is a very difficult show to review, due to the inherent nature of SNL. It has existed for 30 years in one form or another, and is notoriously cyclical.
    It has featured some of the finest comedic performers of the modern era: Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy, Phil Hartman, Chris Rock (who was never properly used on the show), Dennis Miller, Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, Will Ferrell, and even featured such talents as Conan O'Brien, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Larry David, in addition to so many more who passed throught he revolving door cast. The incredible, edgy original cast created a legacy, and the show was almost destroyed numerous times due to the monumental pressure that a subpar cast just could not live up to.

    This seems to be the current situation: to say the cast is "weak" is a vast understatement. They lack a star, someone the show can always get a laugh from, since Will Ferrell wisely decided to leave, and they are plagued by aging hangers-on, comedians who cannot give up the ghost and will not leave (Darrel Hammond, as much as I love him, needs to leave the show). The writing has become terrible, they lack the classic pre-filmed commercial parodies and other short segments, and their recurring characters are only slightly less painful than having a root canal without novocaine.

    However, I'm compelled to give it an 8.2 as the early shows are still some of the funniest sketches ever seen on television: Coneheads, Roseanne Rosanna Danna, the Samurai Chef, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, the TV Funhouse segments by the twisted Robert Smiegel, Matt Foley, the incredible Jeopardy parodies, there are so many amazing moments that it would require a far greater space to detail them all.

    Hopefully, the show will one day be able to reclaim its former glorious reputation, but unless the cast and writing staff are completely redone their is little hope of this.
  • used to be so great thats why i gave it a good grade

    this show used to be so great and funny and create such great characters and make the careers of actors. The 90's were when it started going downhill. After Sandler and those guys left and Chris Farleys death the show began to suck. Katan Morgan and Ferrel kept it going but after they left it went into the ground. The new episodes are really bad. I only watch when i like the host like tom brady even tho that episode really sucked i might not ecen watch next season at all. It has to be canceled or get someone. the only episode i liked last year was will ferrels because he is so great. The jeopary parody is great. Ill take Jap Anus Relations.
  • I miss the old days

    Back in the 80s/90s, SNL was funny. They had funny cast members like Adam Sandler, Crhis Rock, Tracey Morgan, Will Ferrell, Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, etc. Now, it's a sad parody of itself. Every episode is lamer than the first. I have the old DVDs from back in the day when the sketches were funny. SNL needs some new writers fast!
  • True its going down hill now but what about "Wayyyyy Back in the Day" when Steve Martin and Gilda Radner were on it

    I used to only like the 90s and up as far as Saturday Night Live was concerned. You know Mike Meyers, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Farley, Julia Sweeney, Molly Shannon, Victoria Jackson, Cheri Oteri, Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin Nealon, Will Ferrel, Darrell Hammond, Ana Gasteyer the gang you know.

    I had seen the 1985 episode on E! where Pee Wee Herman hosted and i didnt find it funny so i stuck to the episodes and sketches i loved.

    The other day however my mother bought the Best of Gilda Radner and made me watch it with her. It opened me up to embrace the earlier seasons. I mean Roseanne Rosannadanna? How could anyone not love that? I mean COME ON! Unfortunatly the only time we can now see the episodes from the 70\'s in at three o\'clock in the morning after the previous airing of Saturday Night Live. NBC should really start realeasing the season sets on DVD starting with the first season. The show saved the network, at least show it some respect.
  • Great show nuff said.

    Saturday Night Live is one of my favorite shows, it is extreemly funny and with some great jokes and culture references. My personal favorite cast members are Wll Ferrel, Mike Meyers, and Eddie Murphy and my favorite skits are Cowbell, Buckwheat, and Waynes World, none of those guys are still on but it's good still. 30 years and still in good shape (although it wasn't always good).
  • A cast of comedians act out satirical scenes concerning the world, politics, and pop culture.

    This show reached its height when Will Ferell were on the show but once they left it started going down hill. But still, it's great and to be in the now and to do it so funny is awesome and I have to give it up to them because it ain't easy. Keep up the good work.
  • SNL needs some good castmembers

    SNL used to be the best. Whenever I see an old episode with Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Or Will Ferrell I laugh my ass off. now everyone sucks. I wouod much rather see a Mad tv episode then a new SNL one. I think if SNL wants to get out of this slump it needs better cast members. I mean Kenen was on all that the most unfunniest show ever for god's sake!
  • I has it's ups and downs but it's still able to put a smile on my face. :)

    Sure, most of the sketches and jokes don't work out but we have to remember that they are doing this live... in front of an audience.. LIVE!! My question is, how are they able to pull of a show without having something seriously wrong going on. Season 30 hasn't been their best season, though hopefully one of the cast memebers will take charge and lead the way. SNL usually works best when there is a break out star and that's what they need. It already has a very talented cast but there needs to be leader. When that's done, they can all finish on top.
  • Will Ferrell kept it alive last night, otherwise.... just not that funny.

    Okay show. It's going downhill quickly. The sketches are sometimes so unoriginal and sometimes I feel like I'm watching MAD TV (which is not that funny at all) Will Ferrell kept it alive last night. Otherwise this show needs big time help. Ahem Amy Poehler?? She's just not that funny sometimes.
  • What Happend?

    This show when I was younger would make me go to be earlier so I could get up late at night just in time to watch it. Now it's taking up airtime for some other show could be use. I just what for the musical acts and sometimes they aren't up to par either. The bright spot for the show now to me is TV Funhouse. What a shame, people recgonize the show for 30 second bit than a 90 minute past it prime legend.
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