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  • What Ever Happened to Good Humor

    Saturday Night Live used to be a joy to watch. Some of the skits were so smart and Humorous I would

    laugh till my sides hurt. But now it's mean and nasty with nothing but political bashing and most of the time not even making sense. I find there's nothing creative in this bashing and although I've tried several times tuning in this season hoping for some improvement after this past week end I will not be a viewer in the future.
  • Low point skit on KellyAnn Conway tasteless as well as humorless

    Melissa McCarthy was funny with her political skit. Not mean spirited but the one on Conway was just trash. Even my college age sons found it a low point. Keep your meanness to yourself. We turned channel after that crap.

    Never anything new or entertaining. I know before I even turn on the show what the skits will be about and unfortunately they really aren't funny. Where is the creativity in new characters. Why not try for humor that isn't politically based. So lame. If you really want to do something for real Americans who are struggling then just make us laugh. Try taking the high ground for once. We all know your political views. Stroke each other's ego at your after party and try entertaining all Americans again..

  • Sick & not funny

    I used to watch SNL all the time but it has been on a steady decline. And this constant attack on Trump has gotten old. Looks like they are desperate. I won't tune in sick. I rate it a zero
  • 8.2 stars?!?

    With all these bad reviews, and of course all around bad season, the show still has 8.2? Sounds like the rating system may be opinionated and driven by the businesses that run them. Just goes to show how bad TV continues on and doesnt care what we the viewers think as long as they can meet their quotas. ESPICIALLY a democratic politically driven show that shows our youth the propoganda of biased reporting and true hate speech disguised and a masked hero attacking all evil doers and their supposed hateful speech. SNL is a plague on America and the youth they cater to, and that's the gospel truth.
  • . SNL

    I've watched and enjoyed Saturday Night Live since 1975. Loved it, even through the bad years. But Lorne has slipped. The show is no longer satirical; it's just lame and mean spirited. I don't know if it's the cast or the writersor both but, they've forgotten what it's like to be spontaneously funny. So, for the rest of this seasonI'm out. IF they come back in the fall I'll give them a look but if it's the same feces they're feeding us right .
  • Once a great show, now it's complete shit!

    Once upon a time, there was a show called SNL and it still runs to this day. During the 70s, 80s, and 90s, it was funny. However during the 2000s, it started to get less funny, then in the 2010s, it become absolute complete garbage with its political crap and is still airing, why? Just cancel SNL. Nothing is made to last forever. Not even The Simspons. For a better sketch comedy that's actually funny, watch MADtv (which was revived by the CW last year) if you want to see a funny sketch-comedy show done right.
  • Like the Show, but Why no New Shows?

    Yeah, I enjoy the show and have since the beginning. Yeah, there are quite a lot of bad skits, but when they're good, their great. My beef is that there are few new shows. Long breaks. Seriously? I am losing interest. How many new shows come out each season vs repeats? Don't get it. Don't like it.
  • SNL Sucks

    Can you get new material already. We're all over your stupid Trump skits, you don't drive our opinions. Get new writers, get new ideas or get off TV.
  • Lame, boring, repetitive, no good content

    Who invited all the Hillary supporters? Why did they replace the entire cast with a bunch of liberals? Why is this now all about politics? When the entire cast are the only ones laughing at their annoying statements(yes I didn't call them jokes) you know the show went down the drain. Who is even writing the scripts? A lab of monkeys can be funnier than these low life's. How about instead of framing people who oppose your opinions as racists, bigots, in other words people who shouldn't be part of YOUR society, how about you write things that are actually funny. Oh wait, since when did it become YOUR society. This is OUR society and every man woman and child has an equal say. Stop pushing your views onto people because that is not comedy. That's CNN and CNN is not funny. Please get back to making people laugh instead of feeling awkward, judged, feel like they don't belong.
  • Used to be good years ago.

    Remember when this show used to be funny? I hardly remember. The past 5 years of SNL have been nothing but a parade of garbage floating across television screens in every idiot's home. It's actually really sad. This show used to have clever writing and unique sketches but have you watched it within the last year? Last time I tried watching I couldn't make it through their freaking cold open. It's so horrible now.
  • Openly liberal

    This show has gone down the toilet since it came out of the closet . Normally that coming out is a happy time in someone's life and for those that love them . However when you stop making fun of the guy down by the river living in his van ,and focus on the POTUS every episode it is then that you realize how much hate and unhappiness SNL has built up . Me and my friends and family haven't laughed at an episode since mid last year . Get off the politics and get back to comedy , this is America and you can get away with allot . It dosnt mean you should continue to do so.
  • Sucks

    No laughs for me
  • SNL really has become a waste of time and no longer enjoyable.

    I have been watching SNL since its conception (1975) as a humorous late Saturday night show.

    Lorne Michaels the Producer at age 72 must have dementia thinking he is doing what the people want. The skits are second rate and the writers must be under 21 years old and breaking into the business. This will be the shows downfall.

    Maybe he wants to retire soon so he will screw up a great show and it will die.

    As others have said this show is all about Trump and Politics and its boring.

    Notice the 2nd rate hosts they have and make them do dumb political skits and nothing else.

    Lorene if you don't get back on track and t trying to make the same political statement every week you and SNL will lose.

    I have stopped watching and you watch the sponsors will make Lorene change as well as the low viewing ratings.


  • Show sucks

    Used to be a great show. Now it's just about Trump bashing and politics. show will be dead in no time. Too bad
  • Too political

    I'm a moderate Democrat. I'm also embarrassed for the way Hollywood with its endless arrogance sets out to destroy anyone that doesn't share their beliefs. I used to love this show. Over the years, however, it has evolved into an attack vehicle for the far left. Nevermind that this country is split nearly 50/50 with its political views. The hatred spewed at Donald Trump and his party by Hollywood and the media is getting very old. What these out of touch people on TV don't realize is that normal everyday Americans are tired of them. They are the reason Trump is in the White House in the first place. FOOLS! The more protests, one sided reporting, and Trump bashing they do the more likely we will have 8 years of Trump. I might even vote for him next time because I don't align myself with media bullies or insane protestors. SNL is dying, their show has become unwatchable!
  • Terrible

    SNL is now a one trick pony. They pick on Trump and his staff. That's it. That's their schtick. I was a regular watcher up until about 15 years ago. Then an odd thing happened. They weren't funny anymore. In fact they were mostly forgotten until this past year's elections when people started tuning in to watch them dump on Donald Trump. The problem is, the joke is getting old but the writers aren't original, or imaginative enough to think of anything else. People praise Alec Baldwin but just a few years ago he was being put down as just another drug addled, drunk actor who said horrible things to his daughter. However now that he can do a passable impression of Trump, he's the greatest! Or so some people think. I suspect a lot of people who think it's "hitting it out of the park" or is a "terrific show" are only watching it because they like bashing Trump. It's the thing to do now. They're too young to remember when SNL was truly funny and ground breaking. I think it's time to get some new writers or just bury this sad show and let it RIP.

    I'm Canadian watched the show for almost 3 decades. The show used to be rich in cast, and writing. The effort and natural charisma the show had impacted pop culture. Now the show is beyond terrible. It's actually been terrible for almost 10 years. Every few years the cast changes because stars are created and they move on to movies, but the writing and the cast is delivering nothing but a big pile of garbage every week and the cast has barely changed because the show SUUUUCKS. Only thing keeping SNL alive is Trump getting involved in politics, otherwise show would be on life support if not cancelled. Let's be real the weekend update host Michael Che loves to talk about "white people" and the racial division . The show was just fine and if you don't bring it up it won't snowball into more division. Make people laugh with something funny not uncomfortable laughter. I'm thankful for PVR.
  • Hitting it out of the Park!

    SNL has been terrific! It has always been best when it has been political, and now -- with Trump -- the material it has to work with is unbelievable. It has once again become "Must Watch TV" for me. The negative reviews are entirely from the Trumpers who apparently can't take a joke. Fine, Trump managed to win the Electoral College. He is doing what he said he would do (as horrifying as that is). But that has nothing to do with how good SNL has been. If you don't enjoy it because you want to close your eyes to anything negative about Trump (which means you should only watch Fox News and listen to right wing nuts on radio), then don't watch it. But for me, I can't get enough of it.
  • Bully

    If any other person was attacked, in the way you attack the Trump administration, they would be called a Bully. In case you forgot, he is OUR president and he is making good on campaign promises from the people who elected him. I no longer watch your show and neither do others in my State. SNL use to be you are MEAN! You contribute to the left side Babies who no longer can get over the election was lost!
  • SNL Jealous of Kellyanne Conway

    SNL so jealous of her. She is beauty and brains and they are a zero. She is in the White House and they ARE NOT!
  • Watching Paint Dry Would Be Funnier

    No longer funny. Try coming up with something besides Trump bashing.
  • No longer funny

    The show really has become a left wing firing squad. The comedy on the shows become very mean spirited and nasty. Things like this will continue to divide America and breed hate. I've stopped watching many shows after the election. this was just one more because of how nasty, and partisan it is. On the plus side I'm spending much more time hanging out with my friends than watching shows like SNL
  • Used to be good - had courage

    Now SNL is just a bad Trump sketch or two followed by some lame skits that seem like they were phoned in. I think they believe that they're channeling the courage they had back in the 70s with the political stuff, but there's no courage in bashing Trump when every other actor and comedian in Hollywood is doing it. True courage would be to poke some folun at these protesters as well. They can't find anything ironic about a chic chanting against "hate" and then swinging a sign post at some guy's head as he walks by? No? Can't find anything to criticize or poke fun at there? I guess I'm funnier than Lorne Michaels ...
  • Saturday Night Losing this Viewer

    I realize that politics is fodder for comedians and I don't mind it in small doses where it is eqally distributed between parties but this whole season so far is only helping in dividing the country even more. I will no longer subject myself to the one sided views and can find something better to do with my Saturday Nights, than to waste my time on this crap. The positive aspect of your show is that it has opened my eyes to the actors that are pushing their political views, Alec Baldwin for example, to which I will no longer watch anything with him on it again. Maybe it is time for the show to grow up and at least pretend to be supporting the country. It can still be funny without pushing the writers agenda. Hasta La Vista Baby, I won't be back......
  • No longer funny

    I never leave reviews, but felt the need to leave this review. SNL has been a regular part of our Saturday entertainment, but it is no longer funny. The bias political garbage has really made the show horrible.

    We no longer watch, and feel sad this part of our weekly routine has died. I would give no stars, if we are honest! The one star is for Leslie Jones.
  • Stopped watching

    Let me know when Saturday ;

    Night Liberals is off the air and they put Saturday Night Live back on.
  • If I want biased, unfunny political commentary, I'll watch CNN

    SNL has always been up and down over the years, sometimes really funny and other times unwatchable. The current focus on Trump bashing is wrecking the show. It's lost its edge and if we didn't watch it via DVR we wouldn't watch it at all. The DVR allows us to fast forward through the unfunny parts, like the paeans to Obama and the repetitive, predictable Trump bashing. I would guess the most recent episode with Aziz has about 15 minutes of watchable material altogether. Thank you DVR!!
  • President Trump has Aziz autided

    What did you do with your comedy writers? With half the nation tuning out has the budget been slashed? It sounds like you hired all the losers, Hillary, Obammy and a room full of BLM,s and the released gitmo terrorists to write jokes. Truly a sad sight to watch how you people have gone down hill. You show nothing but anti American propaganda. I'm betting it's over soon for snl..
  • Gone down hill!

    Used to be funny, now it just sucks! Don't waste your time!
  • Save your life, delete from DVR

    Can't explain why these guys can't write anything funny. I come up with better material on accident. Seems like they're to stuck on George Soros junk trying to plug away at political agenda or something... Weird, but not funny at all. Even the commercials that sponsor the show are creepy lame. Can they go back to Norm MacDonald, pump you up, dick in a box? That would be phenomenal.
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