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  • Getting old and not funny at all!!

    I wish SNL goes back to what they used to do best, being lately they became too political for me and I' m actually not interested in their ongoing trashing of president jokes are also becoming more popular with SNL and their fans so I guess some of us that are not gay, illegals,atheists,minorities will have a hard time to find a common ground but instead just forced to accept the fact that democracy among other things allows freedom of speech regardless of how tasteless, rude and insulting that might wonder what is the difference between bullying and freedom of speech as perceived by some , since the intention and the end result are the same.
  • SNL is mostly lame but trashing Trump is one bright spot.

    You Trumpkins are too much. What a bunch of crybabies. Trump is a dangerous idiot who needs to be exposed for what he is via any means necessary. Every other President since Nixon has been lampooned mercilessly on this show yet suddenly, your precious commie-loving billionaire who's selling us out to Moscow should be treated with kid gloves????


    I agree that the show has gotten kinda smarmy and PC, but there is still the occasional bright spot. Alec Baldwin's trashing of the orange clown is one of them. And I hope it not only continues, I hope they ratchet it up a few notches. I hope they crap on him every week the same way the right wing scum of America crapped on Obama from day one.

    Don't like it? Good!!! Go take a hike.

    Nobody gives a crap about whether anyone who is ignorant enough to support a clown like Slump for POTUS watches anyway.

  • Saturday Night Dead - for real this time.

    SNL has totally gone off the rails. Been watching since October of '75, but I'm tossing in the towel. The show used to make all of America laugh. Now it just keeps trying to pound America into their own New Yorky bubble of what to think. Every President has always been mocked here, but they so need to dial down the anti-Trump warpath. Really, enough already. Get a grip and find some other subject please. Last Saturday's show was some new kind of low here. Perhaps it was last weekend's open call to action to tell viewers to tamper with the electoral college results (it's only a $1000 fine), or maybe it was the S&M bondage elves using Hershey Kisses as anal butt plugs. It's simply time to remove the NYC beer goggles and replace Lorne Michaels and the whole snarky smug leftist Weekend Update staff - they've had their run. America needs a new truly fresh observational humor comedy show without bias that we can all laugh at again. Start by hiring John Mulaney as head writer.
  • After 30 years of snl I quit

    The show has been absolutely horrible the last 2 years, I kept watching, praying,hoping for it to be funny again but no. I've watched my last snl show forever. Goodbye snl you Were funny. RIP
  • Its True! Everything does come to an end!

    SNL is coming to an end. At least in my heart. I've been a fan for ever. Always understood and enjoyed the humor that was offered every Saturday Night.

    But this year, sad... especially with your political views. Ok, we get it. Your a democrat. But are you suppose to be? Are you suppose to contribute to the political rift that elections bring about? Shouldn't you be contributing to the healing process? Im sure if HC won, you'd be promoting healing. So stop being hypocritical. Quit with the POTUS - Elect bashing and help the USA become productive and fun. Get new politically independent writers.
  • Alec Baldwin time to dump your no longer funny biased Trump crap

    So many people were surprised to see Alec Baldwin actually come across as funny! Well as usual with SNL lately, the run is over but they keep it going do to lack of creativity and their desire to push agenda ahead of entertainment.

    Alec / SNL you suck!
  • Liberal depression continues

    The writers and comedians of SNL continue to be depressed about the election and are failing to capture who Donald Trump is by portraying him in ways that emit a depressing dark colorless effort. Worse is that their depressive darkness colors all of the SNL skits. If SNL can not pull themselves together perhaps they could borrow from there other successful show the Apprentice and tell everyone that they are "FIRED". That would be dark but at least that would be funny and then Loren could rebuild his team.
  • Done with SNL!

    Making a show that constantly bashes our president is so sad. The disrespect andd carelessness for our country and what we used to stand for. Ive always loved SNL. But the poor portrayals of the president and other military personnel is just pathetic to me. My entire family gave up on SNL. I kept watching to see if it got better with no view of heading in a better direction. #BYESNL #DONE
  • SNL November 26 2016

    I don't usually write reviews, but tonight I was really saddened by the portrayal of military personnel in a fox hole -- why would you portray a person in that situation as a "clueless & incapacitated" person is beyond my comprehension (and I am a multi- degreed individual). Clearly you have no sense of what impact that has on any cognizant person. You do a great disservice to all of the men and women who have served this nation with honor, who live their lives with disability, or have given their lives for those of us who remain. Humor is wonderful, but mocking valor is not in that domain, and shame on you for thinking that it is. Linda from Berlin, Md.
  • Where was the comedy?

    After weeks of hilarious skits at Trump's expense, I was curious to see what SNL would do with the election results. Apparently, they decided to sit this week out. Worst episode ever! My guess is they had an entire show written around Trump losing, and when that didn't happen, they decided to pick up their marbles and stay home. Just one more entertainment outlet that 1. overstepped their role (producing comedy program) to become political operative for Hillary and 2. way overestimated their influence in public opinion. Your job and your value is in entertaining people. They failed spectacularly last night. I have lost all respect for SNL as a comedy program.
  • Will never watch SNL again

    It has become so biased. Their actors and actresses are not funny. No talent. Not funny. Will never watch again.
  • what happened to SNL?

    The new 2016/2017 episodes of SNL are not funny.. Its turned into one horrible skit after another followed by yet another horrible full episode.. What and the hell as happened to SNL?

    Did they hire complete jerks?

    I gave it the permanent delete -- and I wont be watching anymore of SNL ever again. Its just garbage..
  • Was funny, now creepy

    I also was very disappointed in the last show (10-8-16). I have watched since the shows inception and usually hang in for the duration even though the show has been lame and even creepy in recent times, I just couldn't take the obvious political bias. The insulting, and bizarre characterization of Donald Trump was so unentertaining and not funny, it was the first time I turned the show off! It is bad enough the NBC liberal media has their agenda, half truths, and omissions to the news, but now I am being force fed slanted views on what use to be a thought provoking, innovative, entertaining show. SNL has managed to alienate half their fan base who may be supporting Trump. It is the final straw and final show for me.
  • SNL drones went too politcal over funny

    I have been a life long viewer since year one of SNL. I almost never write reviews good or bad. I have watched the peaks and valleys over the years and I stayed on board hoping it would turn around and over the years it did time and time again. Unfortunately, SNL has lost the tempered, yet anti-establishment flare that it once had and this time you lost me. Just look at yourselves- probably proud of the hack job you did to Trump when both candidates could have been hacked up for laughs equally - they are both terrible candidates, but at least Trump could change directions for a while and balance things out. Any mammal can see that. SNL is not about the laughs at all anymore, or humorous entertainment even. It is about messaging. You've become political drones for The Party. I have always seen the slant, but when did SNL totally join the bankrupt establishment? I went from laughing with SNL to laughing at SNL writers for being a bunch of scared goof ball drones that don't get it, to realizing that SNL writers no longer think for themselves They .just borrow the old remnants of a tired and broken old left wing, and conform so they can work. Watching SNL was a long habit I enjoyed, but it is now a bad habit and I am giving it up.
  • Only rated one because I couldn't rate a zero!!

    I have watched SNL religiously since I was a kid, but after (10-8-16) they allowed Baldwin to continuously say the stuff that Trump was ripped apart for, I stopped. My son was watching with me. He may be 14, but we ridicule Trump for being who he is but NEVER dehumanized Hillary for who she is. I am really disappointed. Baldwin and his type are biased and this show is too. Regardless of who you vote for, keep it clean and non-biased or don't include politics or political figures in your shows only to dehumanize them. Your ratings have sank over the years and this is one reason why. Liberal biased pieces of crap. Should've ended the show when Tina Fey and Amy Polar left. Goodbye.
  • Alec Baldwin, REALLY?!?

    This especially applies to Alec Baldwin!!

    I'm so sick of hearing Hollywood elites chiming in to help Hillary because they're all socialists and think only elitists have the answers to life. I challenge those elite Hollywood people to get out in the real world away from fairytale land and see how REAL people live. They need to get out of their shoufered cars, send their body guards home, work a real job, raise a family and pay bills off a $10-$15 dollar an hour job. Politicians don't speak for us, they don't care about us, they only USE us every 4 years to get reelected then go back to the millionaires they hob knob with that line their pockets and stroke their egos. We in the real world want change, we want a business man who has signed the front of a paycheck and seen the struggles of his employees. ITS TIME CAREER POLITICIANS GO HOME AND REAL PEOPLE TAKE OVER AND FIX THINGS. And Alec Baldwin is the worst of the Hollywood elite. SNL stopped watching you a long time ago. You're not funny.
  • Small part of the Finnish SNL version.

    Lunatics! 8617E
  • Good foTrump

    Trump was good, but SNL has really deteriorated since it began. It is not as funny. The bit when the black woman was making remarks about body parts was disgusting and vulgar.
  • We like Trump

    Please do not submit to the bullies who think it is acceptable to stifle free speech.

    We - for being republican, for expecting laws to be respected, and for speaking freely about serious political issues - are called racist by these aggressive wanna-be tyrants; and we are are sick of being stifled. We have a right to be heard. for you to let them bully you into removing Trump from your program would be nothing short of a groveling submission to tyranny. Don't do it. Keep Trump.
  • A night with the Zombies!

    In its forty-first year, SNL is really showing its age. And it is not aging well! It seems as though the really creative types have abandoned the show for less-restrictive pastures. And miring the show in predictable layers of political correctness keeps the subject matter directed into a boring, would-be-approved-by-the-Bolsheviks format. Whatever happened to the serendipitous irreverence that made SNL somewhat of a comedic legend? And a fifty minute show stretched into ninety minutes by padding the thing with forty minutes of commercials makes the experience a tiring, devoid of humor, almost annoying grind. Host, Miley Cyrus was apparently chosen for her reputation of someone unpredictable, but last night, she was rather wooden, uninspired, and lacking in entertainment value. Apparently, her fifteen minutes of fame has already passed. If last night's performance is any indication of her future, RIP her career. And while I understand that we are moving into an election period, being constantly bombarded with the message that any candidate who is not Hillary Clinton is ridiculous got tiring after multiple variations. Neither the cast, writers, or aged format give any compelling reason for the continuation of the show, which has now come full circle into fulfilling is old (but then incorrect) claim of not being ready for prime time - or now, any other time. Everything has a beginning and ending. And if it's time to go, better go with grace sooner than sticking around too long for a cancellation!
  • SNL has become a Politically Correct platform for Social Justice Warriors - Unfunny and uninspired

    Watching the April 11th show was a painful exercise in Politically Correct humor - if the humour wasn't about Feminism or LGBT issues, it was all about the race, the race with no humor. It was like a group of first year liberal arts college students took over the show at the expense of all that is funny.

    Previously complaints were lodged about the lack of black performers. Now there are 5 black cast members and the host Taraji P. Henson was also Afro American. I have no issue with this but almost every joke and skit was about being black and how white people are bad. It was unrelenting and more importantly, it just wasn't funny.

    Opening Hillary Skit: Bill Clinton mentions how he will be "bigger and blacker"

    Taraji P. Henson monologue: Describes how white people finally know who she is - performance turns into a black gospel rave up

    Depends Commercial: Making fun of old white men

    Home 2 Preview - Hip Hop/Rap Voice Actors - all black

    Game of Thrones - South Central kingdom added - all black

    Weekend Update: 5 News Items about black/white race relations

    Hollywood Game Night: Rapper "Common" talks about black struggle - "Wanda Sykes" complains about the white host.

    How 2 Dance with Janelle: Black host makes fun of how white people can't dance.

    Sesame Street: "Cookie" black woman keeps it real with characters and turns Elmo into a fur coat (this skit was pretty funny).

    Cinema Classics: Black woman attempts to join white woman baseball team.

    Connectatron: Mavis black woman with attitude takes over
  • Too Far

    I just turned off SNL for the first time in my life. Your cold-hearted, humorized account of 150 passengers on a plane being murdered by a suicidal pilot is just too much. It's just too much for me to accept that you would wish to poke fun (fun) of families who are without multiple members due to the mental illness of another. How can you make light of this? You are all callus.

    I would like to see Cheech and Chong do the news and host your show
  • Huh, so this:

    "Woody Harrelson. 2014


    By norinedegraaghowes, Jan 04, 2015

    Was just watching it and found it in very poor taste when they spoke of green house effects to the earth. Then had a polar bear standing on a small piece of ice and then yell out sooner. The whole show made me gringe nothing like the old Saturday night live"

    is more offensive than the word association between Chevy Chase and guest Richard Pryor in the Job Interview:


    Chevy: "Negro?"

    Rich: "Whitey"

    Chevy: "Tar baby"

    Rich: "Ol Fay"

    Chevy: "Colored?"

    Rich: "Red Neck!"

    Chevy: "Jungle Bunny"

    Rich: "PECKERWOOD"

    Chevy: "Burr Head!"

    Rich: "CRACKUH!"

    Chevy: "Spear Chucker"

    Rich: "White Trash!"

    Chevy: "JUNGLE BUNNY!"

    Rich: "Honky!"

    Chevy: "SPADE!"

    Rich: "Honky-honky!"

    Chevy: "NIGER"

    Rich: "DEAD Honky!"

    the skit rails off from there

    SO which is more offensive to you? Something from the good Ol days of SNL or a little Global Warming piss?

    And, way off the mark here: "Michael Che's smug, angry black-man demeanor " smug? angry? Not once does he portray these traits, wow.
  • creatively bankrupt

    The fact that they have (SNL) gone into the pool of dumpster juice at the bottom of the dumpster for humor by using ISSI as a back drop is by definition vulgar to say the least. What do you think all those effected by ISSI are feeling. Humor at others expense specially when that expense is the horrible loss of a loved one is not humor, it's cruel. SNL you have lost your way and for the length of time a large number of persons have been waiting for the return of real entertainment without realization, My opinion is you will never get it back.
  • Woody Harrelson. 2014

    Was just watching it and found it in very poor taste when they spoke of green house effects to the earth. Then had a polar bear standing on a small piece of ice and then yell out sooner. The whole show made me gringe nothing like the old Saturday night live
  • Really????? What's Up Wit Dat?

    I remember when the show was actually funny. I now cringe as the guests try to make a Boy Scout camp skit funny. Trouble is Boy Scouts are funnier. Maybe they could have TIna Fey come in a do a continuing ed program for the writers.

    My wife said don't just complain----write something yourself. I did, and its funny, but it could never get to Lorne. Maybe he thinks the show is still funny.
  • They're leaving the funny out of funny...

    While this show still manages to pull me in to watch it's usually a day or two later now on Hulu. Still a few "okay" spots here and there, but for the most part the show has gone beyond flat! Just one example is Weekend Round Up? Michael Che's smug, angry black-man demeanor and Colin Jost's constantly on verge of laughing out laugh approach is transparent, outdated and insulting. Dump Che (from Weekend Round Up) now and give Jost three more episodes to stop doing Seth Meyers' "I will not laugh out loud, I will not laugh out loud, I will not laugh out loud, giggle fit character".
  • Time For REAL reboot

    A few moments such as "Help Fund" and Kristen's Kathy Lee deconstruction glimmered, but it's time for a big change which apparently mean finding a truly funny ensemble, maybe composed of fewer actors/actresses, but fresh and truly gifted comedically. I'm thinking everything from the set to the format, which hasn't changed in, well, hasn't ever changed. Maybe it should be a weekend review of things that speak to many of us. That could be lampooning current events as well as sports, culture, business, and music. Time for a big change, front to back, top to bottom.
  • Hold me Thrill me Kiss me This just killed me

    Saturday Night Live we have a Problem and not even NASA can save them. Who the hell are the writers I say we get Queen of Hearts and say Off with their heads. Thumbs are whatever they use to type this with. This is bogus journey see bill and ted minus excellent adventure. To enjoy this show you would have the . mayo left in the sun for 5 days that has hair on it.
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