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  • SNL is a show captivating the laughter of many people on the late saturday nights. It re-invented the comedy era on television.

    Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a weekly late-night 90-minute American sketch comedy/variety show based in New York City that debuted on October 11, 1975. It features a regular cast of typically up-and-coming comic actors, joined by a guest host and musical act. The show - broadcast live (or on tape delay to the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones) from Studio 8H at the GE Building in New York's Rockefeller Center - has launched careers for many major American comedy stars of the last thirty years. It was created by Canadian Lorne Michaels who, excluding seasons 6 through season 10, has produced and written for the show and remains its executive producer. SNL is one of the longest-running network programs in American television history.
  • SNL opens season 34 with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps and musical guest Lil' Wayne Some skits were very good others weren't so good it is also was Bobby Moynihan's first episode and he did fairly well

    This is my first review and i will rate each skit from 1-10 and give my opinion on each skit (i will not rate the musical performance but i will give my opinion on it)

    Cold Opening: Having Tina Fey as Sarah Palin was good with Amy Poehler because they always make a good team and Tina did very well as Palin and as always Amy always perfects Hilary Clinton. Way to start the season off strong.

    Monologue: Well it wasn't the best monologue but having Amy Poehler as Michael's mom was very funny. But i didn't like that he talked about "Swim Cop" or about the endorcements. the priceline could have been better but it was average.

    Quiz Bowl: Our first look at new guy Bobby Moynihan and this skit was pretty good. Kristen Wigg as the Jasper's family mom was indeed very funny. 7

    Jar Glove: A good skit to waste time in a good way though it was alright not really much to say about it though.

    Swim Team Pep Talk: Alright i didn't like that they stole it from Peyton Manning's episode, but Will's dancing is always hilarious. it also had the punchline "lets get out of here" but it was okay.

    Stacia and Cousin Craig: Again stolen from another show(Seth Rogan)but i did like that they had new people in the skit. i loved the expressions the charecters showed when the kids would pop up and showed them something. they didn't kill the act. good job

    The Charles Barkley Show: I didn't like much about this one as much as i like Thompson i didn't like him in this skit. However it is a plus that he talked about his gambling problems. Not your best skit but i lived through it

    T-Mobile: This is just like Jar Glove goodway to waste time in a good way. the best part is when their son (Phelps) pops out of nowhere when his dad tells his wife whose in his 5 good job

    Space Olympics 3022: My favorite part of the show I always love digital shorts and this one is no exception. Andy Samberg always does these with so much energy. The beat was good the song was good everything about was perfect.

    Mark Payne (Uno resturant): It was good not great not bad just good. Bobby Moynihan played a great waiter and a lot of energy from this guy look for him to be a major part of next weeks episode. 9

    Michael Phelps diet: great segment and having a Jarod appearance was just brilliant 10

    Weekend Update: Very Strong way to get the season going Alaska Pete brilliant Nicholas Fehn great and Cathy was awesome jokes were good some were flat but most were good
    way to start it off right

    Musical Performance: Lil' Wayne did a great job with Got Money and Lollipop Got money: had the energy i'm use to seeing in him. Lollipop: i would haved liked to see him perform A Milli but lollipop was good too. i like that he said in the song Rest in Peace Static Major in a sign of respect
    great job lil' wayne

    Micheal Phelp's overall performance: you could tell he was nervous he mixed up the lines a few times and he coughed in the diet act but overall good job

    The total grade: 96 points out of 120 possible points 80% overall a C+ grade not bad but i liked this episode but i would give this episode a B but my points tell me otherwise way to start the season off strong SNL

    Next week Pinapple Express's James Franco with musical guest Kings of Leon i hope this will be good i've never heard of the musical guest but i hope their good

    look for more of my reviews during this season.
  • On October 11th, 1975 the best sketch comedy show debut on TV.

    Saturday Night Live was born in 1975 and has continued to live through the 70's, 80's, 90's right into the new millennium. Many actors have used Saturday Night Live to launch their careers. Their are so many notable celebrities from SNL such as; John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Dan Akroid, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Jane Curtain, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Dennis Miller, John Lovitz, Chris Farley, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Norm McDonald, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Tim Meadows, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Molly Shannon, Darrell Hammond. That list pretty much shows if you are decent on SNL you will become a star!

    I loved the show in the late 70's/early 80's. Then Mid 90's/early 2000's. Since around 2004 the show has kind of not been as funny. Saturday Night Live has a history of going in waves, where they get the right cast together and it takes off again, right now in the year 2008, it's not one of those times. Sometimes the show is a 9 out of 10, but as of today August 8th, 2008 the show gets a 7.5 out of 10!
  • Sometimes funny, sometimes questionable, sometimes just grose!...

    t's funny, but there are downsides. There are alot of grose stuff talking GROSE! Example Rainn Wilson said that another guys substance made from his kidneys came out his nose (Grose huh?). And by questionable I mean like TV Funhouse Dora the Explorer Spoof and she saying, "Can you help me decide if Robert Blake was innocent?" Huh? And by funny I mean Peyton Manning teaching kids how to hack into to cars. It's funny but dumb at the same time. But I haven't even got to Weekend Update. There is bad singing by Sanjaya, Dan Akroyd crying, and it is actual real news but just making fun of it like this segment about Lindsay Lohan's puppies. Seth Meyers: Lindsay Lohan told GQ magazine that she recently purchased two puppies hoping they will force her to stay home and take care of them. (pause) This just in: Lindsay Lohan's puppies are dead." There is an example of one. Here is another one, Amy Poehler: ABC announced this week that it has renewed "Lost" for a fourth season. Said the show's writers, "Oh, crap." See how funny it is? So it is what it is.
  • Saturdays Just became brighter with this show.

    Lets see where to start with this review hmmm for 1 this is one of the best and longest running sketch shows out there and im sure alot of you out there grew up watching this show. It doesent matter how bad of a day I might of had but when I watch this show I just feel happier because of all the well written and hilarious sketches. Many great actors have started their career's on this show and for that I thank SNL for giving them their first real break. This show is timeless and even the oldest sketches from the 70's are still extremely funny. I want to thank this show for making my Saturdays a little brighter and to repay them im giving them a 10/10.
  • One of the greatest trendsetters, doesn't know what to do anymore.

    Personally, I think the final nail in the coffin for SNL was when Will Ferrell left the show. He was one of the best performers in the history of that show and really held it together. Unfortunately, there has been no one to fill his shoes and the show is just not funny anymore. This show is supposed to be a trendsetter, but in recent years its lost all of its originality and class. If I could split my ratings in two I would. I would give past decades a 9.0 and the present shows a 5.0. I think it's time they pack it up.
  • classic but last decade sucks

    This was one of the best shows in it's prime. Now it is a awful show and I never watch it all. Chris Farley was the funniest man alive but the drugs took him just like Belushi. R.I.P. Phil Hartman has also passed away lately. Adam Sandler Will Ferrel there was so many now there is jimmy fallon if thats how you spell it he looks at the camera to much he is awful I haven't watched it in a while I wonder if horatio sanz is still there it would be a 10 but the new generation isn't worth watching they ruined something special.
  • Seriously just give it up

    I havent really watched the show since Tina Fey left and that other guy who was in Taxi left Jimmy something or another, but when i watched it a couple of weeks ago I came to the conclusion that this show needs to be done and over with. The great cast is gone, the humor is gone, the originality is gone, everything gone. When it was good it was great, but now its time to just hang up the hat and bid farewell while they still have a shred of dignity instead of beating a dead looking at you Simpsons
  • very good show

    while many would consider my rating of a nine a little too high, I am reviewing for all time. While this show has had its ups and downs, it always has at least a few funny cast members, and the host and musical guests are always top notch. This show is a classic and has produced many funny comedians throughout the years, and has always been somewhat funny. SNL is a classic show that has and will continue to influence pop culture for many years to come. Snl is a great show and while many would say it's bad right now, I'm sure that it will be back on track soon.
  • Where did the laughter go?

    SNL has not been very funny since about 2001, and that's me being generous. It's lost it's spark. The only reason I find to watch it now is because of Kenan Thompson. Where have the comedy, the excitement, and the talent gone? I miss the Not-Ready-For-Primetime Players. I miss Eddie Murphy. I miss the spectacular casts of the 1990's. Most of all, I miss people screaming out "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" The last person who actually was excited to yell this phrase was Barack Obama. Everyone else these days seems to make me painfully aware that I am watching TV, not a comedy show. I know it's been on for over thirty years, but can we get more enthusiasm? Can we have the old SNL back?
  • "Saturday Night Live" is not only a classic but, a memory of comedy that anybody would laugh at and enjoy.

    "Saturday Night Live" is the popular Saturday skit show that continues to air on NBC.

    "Saturday Night Live" is a weekly skit show that parodies pop culture. "SNL" is also well known for having started the movie careers of former cast members (like Jim Carrey, Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and Rob Schneider etc.). "SNL" is one of those shows where every skit is memorable. "SNL" is extremely funny and has one of the most impressive cast members I've ever seen. Even though "SNL" is not as funny as back then, its still a classic. This show was rank in the top 10 of TV Guide's controversial list of the 50 greatest shows of all time. And "SNL" deserves to be in the top 10.

    "SNL" deserves a perfect 10 out of 10.
  • Not nearly enough jokes or creativity for an hour and a half of sketches.

    One of the greatest sketch comedy series of all time is going through a really rough patch and needs a writing staff, the Lonely Island group is not the right choice for SNL. Lorne Michaels has been through worse times with this show (see: early '80s) but Saturday Night Live now lacks any creativity, it's CNN sketch after CNN sketch after host in-joke after digital short, and then some more animated shorts every once in a while. The cast isn't very talented at the moment, with the best performers being Andy Samberg and Bill Hader. Here's to the future- 6.9/10 (D+)
  • Over three decades of comedy.

    Live from New York, it's Saturday Night! It all started on October 11, 1975, way long before when I was born, but who's counting? Anyway, SNL has been on television putting on comedy for over three decades on NBC. It has been taking in nobodies as cast members on Saturday Night Live from the start to making those people be stars and be well-known, like Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Belushi, Farley, Spade, and so on. Saturday Night Live may have been on alot of changes and alot of bad times over the years, but it managed to pull through, with the help of a host every week and it's writers, and especially with Lorne Michaels (and Dick Ebersol). It'll probably go on to bad times again, but 30 years on the air for a live sketch comedy show is somewhat amazing.
  • this show has lost it...

    After watching the show for years and watching the reruns. I had really loved the show however in the past few years I feel as though the show has lost its appeall. It isn't bad but if you compair it to what it used to be with Chevy chase, steve martin, John bulushi and so many more. That was when this show really shined and made its mark. And, there really haven't been too many things other than that that I can say without being harsh, the show is good I like it at times but it really needs to stop and think how do we get better (go back to the orginial). Best of all time was "Candy gram" though a close second was "Wild and Crazy guys"
  • good show

    i started watching this around 07 and i think this series is not bad at all

    alot of these episodes are real funny and this show is a very good comedy. Before the writers strike i started watching this show. i love the new episodes it gets better and better. then i started watching re runs of this show until the writers strike was over. yesterday they showed another new episode and it was real funny. i hope they keep it up because this is one of my favorite comedies of all time

    i think this series is awsome and i give this a 9.3/10
  • Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!!!

    LOL, this show is hysterical and has been for as long as it's been on the air. Some of the best actors ever have come from this, and other great ones guest starred on it. Take Peyton Manning for example. I'm from Indiana, so naturally, I think he's the best quarterback who ever lived. And it certainly made my year to see him appear on one of my most favorite TV shows. And after watching this for a year or so, Amy Pohler has become one of my favorite actresses. She's just too funny! Even in her smaller roles, like Regina's mom on Mean Girls. I highly recommend this show; you'll be giggling for hours and hours to come!
  • SNL a favorite show of mine for many years and some of the greatest actors now; started there.

    Saturday night live favorites: Dana Carvey, Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Tim Meadows, Jimmy Fallon, David Spade, Rob Schnieder, Darrel Hammond, Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, Will Forte, Kevin Kneeland are all equally funny.

    SNL skits like "Church Lady" and "Making copies" or how about "Spartan cheerleaders." There are so many funny skits to name, especially the Jeopardy game skit. Also some of the favorite people they made fun of is:
    Ronald Regan, George Bush Sr. George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Al Gore just to name a few.

    SNL I hope stays on forever. Great show and funny ass skits.
  • It's a good show.

    Hey bestec, if you don't like SNL then don't watch it. Watch something else. pop in a video or go to bed. Some f the skits can be a little corny sometime, but it's good corn. I especially like when a former cast member or host makes a surprise visit. I also like it when a celebrity who is being lampooned shows up. Let's see it's been Judge Judy, Janet Reno, Alex Trebek, and once Steve Martin popped in when David Spade was ragging on him in one of his Hollywood minutes. so if yuo have a problem with the show don't watch it and let us who do enjoy it watch it in peace.
  • A sketch comedy show, worth a watch.

    This is ah, what many people would call a sketch show that throws porn and the word "****", right in front of your face, it's actually a pretty cool show. But sometimes the sketches go a little a-wall and the guest hosts do a crappy job of help the sketches get put togethor, but at least evey 1/3 saturday nights I Laugh my buttox off at this show, you know, i don't often go for sketch comedy unless it's british, like Little Britain or Monty Python, but this is really good, my personal favourite sketches are Weekend Update and Robert Smigel's cartoons, as well as song segments, and digital shorts. And my favourite episodes of the year are holiday themed ones, like Christmas Specials and Thanksgiving shows. This show definately has about 10 more seasons in it.
  • Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show best known for parodies of recent events.

    Saturday Night Live premiered on October 11, 1975 on NBC. It was created by Lorne Michaels. Many celebrities have been part of the cast: Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Chevy Chase, Chris Rock, David Spade, Will Ferrell, and many more. There are five deceased former cast members: John Belushi, Charles Rocket, Chris Farley, Gilda Radner, and Phil Hartman. Saturday Night Live often called SNL or Saturday Night best known for the intro: "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night". I think this show is one of the funniest sketch comedy shows. It has lasted for 32 years and 33 seasons, and I hope it can continue for many more seasons. I give Saturday Night Live an applause, laugh, and a 8.5. Keep up the wonderful work Saturday Night Live!
  • TAKE IT OFF already.

    Here's the deal with SNL. It's 90 minutes long and only 2 segments are worth watching - the opening bit and Weekend Update. The rest is just filler - lots and lots of sub-par filler.

    Lorne Michaels has been doing this show far too long and the best talent has come and gone. Only Darrell Hammond is worth watching now.

    They always put their strongest bit on first. If that opening bit is not good, the rest of the show will surely stink. Weekend Update sometimes has clever bits and quips but that's about it. The "musical" groups are usually obscure and often look wasted.

    Once upon a time this show had great talent like Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Billy Crystal, Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman but those days are long gone. It's past time that this show go bye-bye.
  • I was VERY disappointed in last night's episode with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It actually started out strong, with a very funny monologue, but it quickly fell flat. Why Darrell Hammond is not given more air time is WAY beyond my comprehension.

    I think it's sad that they made fun of the Anna Nicole Smith judge weeks after the trial was over. I understand SNL was off the air for a few weeks, but that ship sailed. Why would they mock something so out of date?

    And why is "Deep Dish" a regular skit? It's not funny. I just don't get it.

    One thing that consistently annoys me is Amy Poehler's reading the "news" during "Weekend Update." She reads the cue cards so slowly it is painful to hear. Why hasn't anyone told her to speed it up?

    Why Darrell Hammond is not given more air time is WAY beyond my comprehension.

    I am so disappointed in SNL's shows as of late. Aren't there any funny writers anymore???
  • Very critisized show. I love it.

    SNL is just getting better and better. 2005/2006 season wasn't that hott, but then the 2006/2007 season brought a better cast, and the 2007/2008 season started on a huge C-note! Many people say this show isn't the same from when Farrell left, or the early 90s cast left. But, I think this cast just brings as much pleasure. SNL is one of the best shows made. Many people say "SNL would be cancelled if it weren't for it's history!" But, i mean, really, NBC doesn't care about a show's history. It would pull the plug any ways. SNL has just started it's 33rd season, and boy is it just great! Hilarious sketches! SNL has had many eras:

    1975 - 1980: Beautiful

    1980 - 1981: Sucked really really badly

    1981 - 1986: Rebuilding

    1986 - 1990: Outrageously funny!

    1990 - 1993: Even more outrageously funny!

    1993 - 1995: Needed some help, dying.

    1995 - 2000: Really really good. Hilarious, knocks your socks off good.
    2000 - 2002: Most of the 90s cast leaves and the show is starting to get poorer with writing, but is still funny.

    2002 - 2006: One of the lower but neutral ages. Funny, but dragged on writing.
    2006 - present: Rebuilding itself once again.

    Anyways, so SNL is one of the best shows, and I dont care what other people say! You gotta love it.
  • Classic!

    This show is amazing, I love the cast so much. The old seasons were great, especially since Will Ferrell was there, playing Alex Trebek on the Celebrity Jeopardy! parody (one of my favorite skits of all time!! Omfg I miss it!)... Haha. But still it's going strong, I love Weekend Update, and I LOVE PENELOPE! She is so freakinn hilarious. Despite all this, I do admit I don't understand some of the jokes sometimes being that it's aimed toward an older audience and I'm only 14..haha...but still, I'll keep watching SNL. And I cannot wait until the season premiere! One of my favorite athletes [LBJ!] and one of the realest MCs in the game today [Kanye West] in ONE SHOW?! I cannot waittt.
  • This is the funniest show to watch when you have nothing to do on Saturday Night. and the funniest show in the world

    Saturday Night Live is the funniest show alive. This show has been going on since '75. thats awesome. Most of the skits are funny and make fun of the funniest thing. I have so many sayings and iside jokes from this show, like "i need more cowbell" and "la-de-freakin-da. I watched this show with my dad since I was little. It helps you keep in touch with whats going on and its funny. The hosts and bands are mostly awesome. I can't wait 'til the next season. I hope the Saturday Night Live trend never ends. The best show in the world.
  • SNL is a staple of Comedy TV, and I hope this will continue for a long time.

    Saturday Night Live is THE comedy show on TV. I don't there's a single person that can't recognize at least one skit from SNL. With comedy icons and rising stars it has always been and will continue to be rooted in comic genious.

    I do believe that it has past it's glory days, with Will Ferrell's departure and everyone else who left during that span. But SNL will bounce back and once again breed a generation of hillarious comics and iconic skits.

    I still record and watch every episode that airs, and have seen practically every "Best of" DVD ever released. It SNL isn't part of your weekly routine, you need to rethink your schedule!
  • This one was very hard to rate- I gave it a 9.1 purely based on the groundbreaking show that SNL once was. If I rated it solely on the generally pitiable skits the current-day show serves up, the score would be more like a 4.0. How sad.

    Satirday Night Live changed the face of popular entertainment forever. Sure, sketch comedy existed before SNL, but had never enjoyed this kind of mainstream exposure. The early casts were nothing short of brilliant, being largely composed of improv veterans whose talent reached out and grabbed the American public each week, making instant stars out of many of them. While it is easy to recognize the genius of such early luminaries as Belushi, Ackroyd, Radner, Murray, Murphy, etc., not enough credit is given to the writers, themselves a veteran Dream Team- of whom many, like Conan O'Brien, would also end up in front of the cameras. And, of course, the continuing, steadying presence of Lorne Michaels has to be recognized in any attribution of responsibility for the success of this phenomenal program.

    So, what happened to this show? Put simply, I don't know. I think a confluence of circumstances have led to the continuing deterioration of quality that has made SNL virtually unwatchable today. For one thing, the Boomers who were SNL's original audience have changed. I was 21 in 1975 (you do the math). Now I have grandchildren, a mortgage, and worries about not having to live on cat food when I retire. It takes a little effort to make me laugh these days, and the half-baked skits and unfunny premises SNL and many other post-Ironic Age comedies offer up today just don't do it for me. Another thing that bothers me about the current incarnation of SNL: so many of the cast are unremarkable and instantly forgettable. For every Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Adam Sandler, there are 20 lesser lights who abjectly fail to connect with at least this viewer. To be fair, there are still some funny bits on SNL. They are just too few and far between, and one has to slog through so much groaningly bad stuff to get to them, it's not worth the time. And none of it, not even the marginally funny skits, rises to the level of the Golden Era of SNL. That's probably SNL's biggest problem- it raised the bar so high in the first place that it has trouble measuring up to the very standard that it set back in the glory days.
  • Saturday night live used to be one of the best shows on television. What happenend?

    I used to love saturday night live. I started watching in the early 90's. But I have seen some from the first few seasons. I have all of season 1 right now and and excited to watch it. It used to be so good. It is not that the actors are bad it is the writing. It seems so stupid now. Some things are funny but it seems now all they do is make fun of people whether it is actually funny or not. I want it back to the way it was. I used to look forward to saturdays. I still watch occasionally just to see if it is good. One I was looking forward to this year was when Matthew Fox hosted, there were a few good parts but what is the point of having this guest star if you are only going to inculde him in like 3 sketches. I was highly disappointed.
  • I love it! Maya Rudolph is hilarious!

    Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler are amazing!! They are the funniest people on that show. Maya Rudolph's impersonations of Whitey Houston are classic! Her appearace on Deep House Dish as "Beginnings Chang" is priceless. Amy Poehler is great with Seth Meyers on the Weekend Update. They make such a great team, sometimes, even better than when Tina Fey was on it. Bronx Beat is also great mainly because it has both of them in it! Aside from just those two, Kristin Wiig is hilarious in the "Penelope" skits. These three make the show really funny and entertaining! Its definately worth staying up late!
  • No longer funny...trite skits and boring cast

    The show is no longer funny. There are too many "Welcome to the (fill in the blank) show!" type of skits...The show should have been killed off years ago.

    There are no real characters that have been created. The only kinda funny skit is the "Noonie" skit...other than that the show is lame with skits that just die at the end.
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