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  • Final season?

    The season premiere was so bad that either this is the last season or the show is supported by brain-dead drug addicts.

    Opening sketch about Obamacare was mostly boring political stuff we read every day with little comedy.

    The live music act went on interminably and like most of the other segments had people playing or mugging for the camera.

    Used car ad was lame. "The Girls" was spoiled by canned laughter and loud background music. Or maybe those who couldn't make out the dialogue were spared having to hear it.

    Drunk Uncle is pathetic and for the newscaster to be laughing and enamored with every word shows how far SNL has slipped from the days of Chevy Chase. This part should be given to Beck Bennett

    who is great at dead-pan as in his AT&T commercials.

    Newcomers were lost in the sheer number of cast members.

    Ex-pornstar skit was basically one joke over and over. Tina Fey being carried across camera 3 times

    saying "who let the dogs out" was about as pathetic and unfunny as you can get.

    I'd give this show an "F" but I did laugh 2 or 3 time over the 90 minutes and slept better from boredom.

    So I give it "D" for dull and in recognition of the drowsiness it engendered.

    Manic Marie
  • Awesome show

    You look back, SNL is never perfect, even in the glory days, it had some pretty crappy skits. Still though, SNL has been an empire of skit shows and many tried to dethrone it, and they . For every bad skit, there's another good one. Seth Myers rocks Weekend Update, and its just hard to hate this show!
  • Mokiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mokiki is a god!!!!
  • Stupied Now!!

    Use to be good now it is just stupid. But I do enjoy the election stuff and weekend update.
  • 11-3-12 show

    The overall show was great but the best, most hilarious skit I've seen in a long time was with C.K.(?) and the gal in the bar. That was so hilarious!!!! Those two are great comedians. I don't know the actress' name but she is amazing. And C.K. is hilarious too.
  • Lincoln puke!

    Your skit on Lincoln was more than upsetting. I am not even an American (as in a Canadian, ie

    Michaels!), and was shocked to see you satire an assaninated president. Where was the humor?

    Regrefully Yours...

    Wayne Stokes

  • Script Idea

    You should do a Family Fued game show skit, the Romneys against the Obamas. Clearly the Romneys would win! Cause Obama never answers any of the questions given to him. Ha ha! And he gets mad cause he doesn't have the answers.
  • Time to stop the politics, or lose the audience.

    I think its time for Loren Michaels to retire his political slant, either that or the whole show should be taken off the air. Funny was Gilda, and Steve Martin, not impersonating politicians when the country is evenly divided and emotions are easily aroused. It has become politically inappropriate to have the show on with company over. Years ago it was easy to watch with friends but in this political climate, it causes arguments. I can no longer have SNL on. instead of being funny or insightful it has become propaganda that dives wedges between good company.
  • On Too Long!

    Funny back in the 70's,SNL has Become just plain stupid and Boring.The Comic Geniuses of Bill Murry,Chevey Chase,Gilda Radner and John Belushi are long gone and the overall quality of SNL has just gone down the sewer.Just pack it in people!
  • Great comedy sketch show ever!

    I was a fan of SNL for a long time. I like the first through the current seasons of SNL. I like the original not ready for prime time players. My favorite cast member is the late Gilda Radner. She is so funny and zany in that show from 1975-1980. I remember watching the ones with the Eddie Murphy-era. My favorite sketch is the bees sketch. My favorite characters are Emily Litella played Gilda Radner, Irwin Mainway played by Dan Aykroyd, Velvet Jones played by Eddie Murphy, Matt Foley played by Chris Farley, Mary Katherine Gallagher played by Molly Shannon, Joy Lipton played by Cheri Oteri, and Gilly played by Kristen Wiig. My favorite celebrity impression is Donatella Versace played by Maya Rudolph. I also like the commercial parodies. They also make fun of politics. I like the one where they parody the O.J. Simpson case.
  • Hit or miss with many misses

    I grew up watching this show. From the golden age of Murphy and Piscapo to the revival brought from Myers and Carvey. As I grew up I found myself unable to watch it anymore. Not because I didn't want to but because saturday night, not the show, was more interesting then staying home to watch saturday night.

    Then the phase passed and I tuned in and... well it lost its magic on me. I'm sure many love it but it faded as I watched a new cast preforming as best they can. I haven't watched it in many a year now and have no intention of watching it again even when home on a saturday night. But that wont take away from the awesome cast and skits from the past.
  • Really Random, but not safe for youth!

    This show was considered a little graphic and too harshly verbose for children at the time. I took a few sneak peeks... and found the makeup and actors to be really, really extreme role players. I think that's the only reason why I took those sneak peaks... because they were really extreme for 90's television at the time. But it was really good role playing and horror makeup. The jokes were intense. I liked the intensity of the scenes, the little asian lady made me laugh the most. The performers were pretty good as the stage lighting was pretty on point. These were two things that stood out to me: intensity, and music performances.
  • I like it not Love it

    Its AIGHTT
  • SNL has been tuned-on and charming viewers' hearts for over 30 years.

    When you think about that fact (that SNL has been running since 1975) you really understsand that this show is something bigger than weekly airings. It's a legacy of top-quality humor. Do you love Animal House? You have SNL to thank because the show gave John Belushi his start. Do you love Austin Powers? Mike Meyers too got his start at SNL. When you think of all the famous actors who have influenced comedy - Dan Aykroyd, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey - they all came from SNL. While the show may be slowing down, the history of SNL is mind-blowing. For me, SNL is connected with my family. Watching the shows together with my family every Saturday night are some of my best memories. The characters have stayed with me. I've literally made friends with people just by screaming "That birds a liar! He's gonna ruin my credit!" And "I got a FEVER! And the only prescription is more COWBELL!" is probably one of the most iconic statements of my generation. It sounds ridiculous, but I'm totally serious. Haha, basically what I'm getting at, is that SNL enbales an entire generation to connect on a level that surpasses social, racial, religious, cultural differences. Next time you feel awkward in a social situation, try referencing SNL. Odds are, if the people have any sense of humor, they will respond positively.
  • the 'Smartz Kidz' skit/remake from 1972 was in VERY BAD TASTE AND VERY BAD TIMING ...10/2/2010

    why is sexuality a joke and the writers responsible for this skit should be fired
    the US is mourning the suicide/death of the gay Rutgers student who was bullied by fellow students, who live streamed him on the internet in the bedrooom with another male ... the college did nothing to help him .. also this skit portrayed inappropriate relationship of an adult male with male and female children, kissing and hugging ... are pedophiles funny ... I think not ... get some funny writers as this entire episode was a flop except the music
    I will think again before viewing Saturday Night Live
  • What happened to the old SNL?

    For those of you who don't know,I love sketch shows. In Living Color and All That are my favorites. However,SNL was a great sketch show at first,but after 2006,the greatness of SNL started to fade away. I actually like the original Saturday Night Live. They were WAYYY funnier than the new SNL. I have to admit,my favorite sketches were A Night at The Roxbury and Celebrity Jeopardy. However,most of the actors started to leave the show. That sucks,because Will Ferrell was their best member. Then they got new members,and while some are funny at times,the rest are not. And even a lot of the good ones left the show. Seriously,Amy Pohler left the show to work on that stupid Mighty B. Are you kidding me? Also,half of the sketches are not funny. I mean,I'm a bit bored of the new sketches. Not to mention who are they letting host. Seriously,Zac Efron? Taylor Lautner? Taylor Swift? And even worse,Miley Cyrus?! Who is letting these untalented and not funny people host? I mean,why are people calling Miley cyrus funny. She sucks so hard. That would be like having Justin Bieber on Jackass. Not to mention they are doing the same thing with people performing. Seriously,Jonas Brothers and Justin bieber? These people are idiots. Overall,Saturday Night Live was once a good sketch show,not it just sucks. Watch the original episodes,not the new ones.
  • Saturday Night Live was once a brilliant show, and though its not what it used to be, it's still great.


    I watched Saturday Night Live as a child in the 80s. It's hard to believe that show is still around. Once in awhile, a sketch falls flat, but most of the sketches are decent, and plenty of the sketches are incredibly funny.

    My all time favorite sketches include Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers,Tim Meadows, Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan and Molly Shannon. They are some of my favorites but there are so many talented people who have come and gone. I'll never get sick of The Ambiguously Gay duo either. SNL is almost guaranteed to make anyone laugh.

    One of the things I love about SNL is that they take musicians or athletes, or even politicians, and have themhost and get a comedic gem out of it. For example, Al Gore or Derek Jeter and The Rock. Those episodes are classics. Also, of course, traditional actors host and you get to see a new side of them. A serious actor will be wonderful in something outrageous, or a funny comedian reaches a new height of ridiculousness. I just love the show and I am surprised, but happy, to see that it's lasted this long.

  • Makes me glad I have better things to do on Saturday night.

    I would rather watch an entire night of desperate housewives and reruns of sex in the city-both of which make me want to gag-before I'd watch a full saturday night live. I remember the much better days I guess. I watched this show for 15 years and loved it then all of the better comedians started leaving because well they got better offers. This show is all about comedians starting out...and showing everyone what they've got. Every time I attempt to give SNL another chance at making me happy it just makes me change the channel. The last good skits I saw involved justin timberlake and I don't even like him. What's that all about?! I can't put my finger on whether its the comedians, or the writing that has gone down the tubes, but something is definitely different and it's really disappointing. Oh well. I guess I'll stick to the SNL reruns.
  • can be funny

    i don't watch the show a lot but when i do i generally laugh a lot. there are some skits that don't make me laugh but for the most part i laugh and thoroughly enjoy. some skits only make me laugh once or so if that, others i do not laugh at all during, usually because i dislike the actors in it, or i just do not find them funny. although i do not watch this show a lot i am trying to watch it more. my overall grade for this show is a B- or so, me thinks is fair
  • Coming to you live from New York It's Saturday Night!

    SNL is a comedy made up of various skits to do with anything between politics and celebrities, every episode there is a different host and musical guest. See I had never heard of SNL until I was channel surfing one night about last Sep. and then I saw Week End Update. It was so funny I would recomend this to a friend, the skits are always different, nothing is repetitive. It's an original, It's a classic. SNL has been going for 34 years. Keep on rolling SNL. If you have a comment on my review send me an email at
  • Topically still funny; Under-utilizing a good host weakens the show

    I did not start watching SNL until about 1998, and even then for my age it was a fairly mature show. I genuinely enjoyed it. This was my first real exposure to sketch comedy, an art of making the audience get to know a character in one minute and try to keep them laughing for the next five. I still make a point to watch the show regularly – in fact it's one of the few shows I watch in its original and convenient timeslot. SNL is fun, silly, and a half decent way to kill 90 minutes of a Saturday night at home. The biggest criticism I hear about the show from parents of friends is that 'it was funnier in the first decade.' Yes, it was funnier to them. That was when they were young and needed a scathing satirical look at the politics that rocked their worlds. It's an inherent condition of sketch comedy – material is always topical and evolves with the generations. Watching the Weekend Update sections from the old seasons is a little blast from the past – it might have been funny then, sure, but I didn't grow up with Jane Curtin and Bill Murray, and the political discussion from those seasons is completely lost in translation with me. I grew up on the tail end of Colin Quinn, before the desk changed hands to Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. News was topical to me and thus became punch-line laughs. These days I find the most consistently funny part of the show tends to be Weekend Update, purely for that topical nature.
    There have been plenty of good episodes, and certainly there have been weaker ones. I tend to break these things down analytically, and I figure there are four types of hosts – a celebrity you didn't expect to be funny and (a) was, or (b) wasn't, and then there's the celebrity you expect to bring strong humor to the show and either (c) brought it in spades, or (d) only showed up in two sketches all night. B always seems to happen when they bring in athletes to host. I think these days they're trying to draw on the star power and it's generating a lot of D's. But the A's are what make it worth watching, those occasional gems where you realize there's a celebrity out there who is comfortable in a sketch comedy setting. Guys like Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. Before their first appearances, I bet nobody expected they had such comedic energy. And both have returned on multiple occasions – why? Because they were genuinely funny. Lots of hosts seem to go through the motions and read off the cue cards all night. But these guys put effort into it. These are the guys who know how to entertain a live audience, and they make it happen. The writers needs to explore these options for their hosts, instead of creating reactionary characters so that the core cast can keep rehashing a stock persona with a nuance that can only grow more tiresome each time around. For the current generation, I think Andy Samberg is a tremendous asset to the show. The Digital Shorts are the golden moments, and paired up with a strong host, they can make an episode memorable. But like I said, the strongest material is topical, and the demographic topical material plays to is the demographic with the strongest opinion on it – the 18 to 30 year-olds. And if you're too young to care, or older and have stopped caring, the topical material is just not going to entertain you. SNL is a show for the high-school and college generation, and as tastes evolve, the show will hopefully be able to adapt in stride. I know I'll keep watching.
  • Saturday Night live is whitty in parts and makes fun of some of the idiots who run our country

    If you are the kind of guy or girl that likes political humor. racey yet funny humor cheap jokes in parts, and fall off the floor funny then saturday night live is the show for you.

    Saturday night live is one of my favorite shows when ever i get the chance i will watch it. Saturday night live is one of the longest running shows it first appeared in the 80's. And it never got old, and to this day it is still one of the most hilarious shows on telivision. Every now and then there will be a seen that will just make me want to record it and watch it over and over again. Every week tons and tons of writers and other people work really hard, to make you entertained every saturday night. Great show................
  • Saturday night live is an original and very entertaining show.

    The comcept of saturday night live is what makes it a sucess, a sketch comedy show live, with a different guest celebrity every week, is entirely its own concept. As far as the quality of the acting goes, I can say thatthey are top notch, with mostly the guest starts breaking character to laugh in the middle of a scene. The jokes are hit and miss, but the hit portion of this show is increasingly funny. It also seems that some of the sketches are recycled to a point that they just are no longer funny, or are getting old fast. They also seem to be using the same celebrities too often, which pretty much brings along the previous problem. Overyall I think that SNL is a good show to watch.
  • Weekend update did a spoof regarding Governor Patterson and did a poor job of protraying him as a capable person.

    As a vision teacher who works with individuals who are partially or totally blind, I was VERY offended by the protrayal of Governor Patterson of New York during the Weekend Update segment. It not only made fun of someone who is visually impaired, it also made them look like they act like that all of the time and are not capable of functioning as a normal human being. Needless to say, after the first minute or so, I changed the channel and did not go back to the rest of the show during the evening. I was enjoying Steve Martin as host and looked forward to seeing other segments, but was so turned off by the Patterson bit that I could not. My husband and I do look forward every Sat. to watch SNL and do enjoy the political parodies, but to make fun and do a spoof on a disability is despicable and I am thinking twice of watching SNL from now on. I also understand that Gov. Patterson himself had a grievance against this and I say more power to him! I am very proud that he is a governor and is out there doing his job despite having a handicap. I would say Obams also would agree with this!

    Think next time before doing a bit when it deals with disabilities, writers!!!
  • Still quite entertaining.

    This is a funny show. Not as funny as year's past, but it still is very entertaining. I find it funny with the weekend updates and the sketches of old. It has some good laughs left and some funny bits, but I don't like it as much as I used to. Ever since Tina Fey left, the show has lost some creative spin. I was very much a fan of the line-up of Fey, Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, and etc. I am referring to the years of 2002-2006. Overall, this still is a good source of late night comedy. Thank you.
  • Another Saturday, another SNL. Neil Patrick Harris hosts with musical guest Taylor Swift. Taylor performs stunningly. Hilarious skits including "Curtains for Broadway?" and returning favorite Penelope in "Penelope in Group Therapy".

    What can I say. I guess I can start with saying it's not the same without Amy, but the newcomers just add to the hilarity levels. I loved the Curtains for Broadway skit. Just amazing. I loved how they incorporated Taylor into it as Annie. "Don't mess with me, I've had a hard knock life you know". and "what was that???" "It was the Fiddler on the Roof, he JUMPED!!!!" lol. love it. plus, the return of Penelope, who we saw last season in Penelope in Traffic School (Amy Adams was the host). Taylor Swift sang great despite the obvious showing of her nerves. great episode. glad to see new women on the show. Although, the weekend update isn't as good without Amy. Seth can't quite do the news by himself. :( Otherwise, flawless.
  • This show isn't what it used to be... but it's still hilarious!

    We all know that the current cast has nothing on Belushi, Murray, and the gang. Or Hartman. Or Murphy. Or Sandler. Or Farley. Or Rock. Or even Ferrell. But what makes the show worth watching the amount of underrated talent in the cast. Samberg's digital shorts are some of the most hilarious, creative, if ridiculous, pieces of comedy that I've seen in a while on SNL. Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey (I know she's not on anymore except when playing Palin) are two of the best female performers ever on the show. Hader and Hammond's impressions are spot-on and neither of those two are on the show as much as they deserve to be. The show does come out with some terrible episodes (The one with the guy from house ZZZZZ), but if you stick with it, there are even more great ones (Hathaway, Rudd, Malkovich). Or you could just watch the digital shorts on that works too.
  • comedy skits parodies coolios

    live from mongolia its sunday night! me likiee this show. me watch it every sunday in the morning on tivo. omg! i lobve guest stars! my favorite characters are mike meyers, amy poehler, maya rudloph, and kristin wig. i love kristin wig! happy thanks giving every body! woo hoo i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i like it! but some skits arent funny and go on way too long. also i dont like the political skits, as i am only 12. they give me love lockdown, love lockdown... i loke that song!hey wizza yo!
  • A mixed bag; it's hard to summarize a late night variety show.

    Very hard to summarize in one review, the cast members in the series since it premiered probably number in the hundreds. The golden ages of SNL were the late seventies and the nineties. Best cast members were Chris Farley, Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Will Farrel, Dana Carvey, Tina Fey, Darrel Hammond, Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler, Al Franken, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Nealon, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Eddie Murphy, John Lovitz, and many more. The show changes so much from week to week and year to year that it's hard to summarize like this. I guess notable skits include Mr. Bill, Down By The River, Weekend Update, Church Chat, etc etc
  • Saturday Night Live when it premiered in 1975 was a groundbreaking sketch comedy series that set new standards in satire, counter culture humor and irreverance.

    That was then, this is now. Once upon a time SNL was a cutting edge, hip show that gave people a real excuse for staying home on Saturday nights. Really good satire on American TV is very much a rare animal. Your Show of Shows, Sgt. Bilko, That was the Week that was, Get Smart, The Smothers Brothers comedy hour, Laugh-In were the best attempts at satire before SNL. But none of those shows, not The Smothers, who had to battle CBS, and finally lost, not Laugh-In, which was hip for its time, but never really pushed the envelope. But SNL, with its young cast and producer pushed the envelope as far as it could be pushed in 1975. The live element added that much more danger to it, especially when Richard Pryor hosted. Chevy Chase was the breakout star almost from the beginning with his wacky news update anchor(Im Chevy Chase and youre not!), the sneaky shark(pizza delivery man) and his pratfalling Gerald Ford. After winning a bunch of Emmys its first year, it seemed to lose a little of its edge, then Chase left and was replaced by Bill Murray, which actually seemed to infuse the show with a new energy. Murray, John Belushi and Dan Akroyd emerged as the stars through seasons 2, 3 and 4, which represents one of the high points of the series history. After Belush and Akroyd left, Murray pretty much carried the show. After the others left in season 6, there was much maligned cast changes, though interestingly enough several of the members of that cast have had long careers as character actors and stand up comcs. Then there was a reworking of the show which saw Laurie Metcalfe join the cast for the last 3 shows. Then season 7 saw a new energy with holdovers Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo leading a cast including Chicago comics Tim Kazurinsky, Mary Gross, Brad Hall, Gary Kroeger and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Season 8 saw veteran comic stars Billy Crystal and Martin Short join for another high point in the series run. After 2 years, this cast turned over and we saw a new group including non comics Anthony Michael Hall and Randy Quaid joining a cast that included some unknowns, but also decent comics like Joan Cusack, Damon Wayans, Terry Sweeney and Jon Lovitz. But again this year was also maligned, so back to the drawing board again for year 11. This time, along with holdover Lovitz, added were Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson. Again the show had a rebirth. Though some of the new additions would give the shows humor a cruder tone, like Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Spade, Mike Myers and Rob Schneider. The rebirth lasted while some of the more cerebral humor remained, though when Lovitz left, it began to lose something and more when Hartman and Carvey departed. In 1992 saw the release of Waynes World, based on a series of sketches about a small time cable show. That success seemed to change everything, because it seemed every new sketch became possible fodder for a new film. As new perfomers joined the cast in the med 90s, like Will Farrell, it suddenly began to feel that SNL has become a training ground for movie stars. Will Ferrell is probaly the most atypical of these. Not neccessarily the most talented member of the cast, nevertheless has become the biggest movie star. He is fairly good looking, decent physical actor, anemable to just about anything. In other words, Ferrell is the poster boy with whats wrong with SNL and the quality of their comedy. With Tina Fey, now SNL is training sitcom stars as well. I just think the series has gotten away from what made it great. It is now just an assembly line for comedy. Lorne Michaels, you have NO shame!
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