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  • It's a good show.

    Hey bestec, if you don't like SNL then don't watch it. Watch something else. pop in a video or go to bed. Some f the skits can be a little corny sometime, but it's good corn. I especially like when a former cast member or host makes a surprise visit. I also like it when a celebrity who is being lampooned shows up. Let's see it's been Judge Judy, Janet Reno, Alex Trebek, and once Steve Martin popped in when David Spade was ragging on him in one of his Hollywood minutes. so if yuo have a problem with the show don't watch it and let us who do enjoy it watch it in peace.
  • A sketch comedy show, worth a watch.

    This is ah, what many people would call a sketch show that throws porn and the word "****", right in front of your face, it's actually a pretty cool show. But sometimes the sketches go a little a-wall and the guest hosts do a crappy job of help the sketches get put togethor, but at least evey 1/3 saturday nights I Laugh my buttox off at this show, you know, i don't often go for sketch comedy unless it's british, like Little Britain or Monty Python, but this is really good, my personal favourite sketches are Weekend Update and Robert Smigel's cartoons, as well as song segments, and digital shorts. And my favourite episodes of the year are holiday themed ones, like Christmas Specials and Thanksgiving shows. This show definately has about 10 more seasons in it.
  • Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show best known for parodies of recent events.

    Saturday Night Live premiered on October 11, 1975 on NBC. It was created by Lorne Michaels. Many celebrities have been part of the cast: Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Chevy Chase, Chris Rock, David Spade, Will Ferrell, and many more. There are five deceased former cast members: John Belushi, Charles Rocket, Chris Farley, Gilda Radner, and Phil Hartman. Saturday Night Live often called SNL or Saturday Night best known for the intro: "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night". I think this show is one of the funniest sketch comedy shows. It has lasted for 32 years and 33 seasons, and I hope it can continue for many more seasons. I give Saturday Night Live an applause, laugh, and a 8.5. Keep up the wonderful work Saturday Night Live!
  • TAKE IT OFF already.

    Here's the deal with SNL. It's 90 minutes long and only 2 segments are worth watching - the opening bit and Weekend Update. The rest is just filler - lots and lots of sub-par filler.

    Lorne Michaels has been doing this show far too long and the best talent has come and gone. Only Darrell Hammond is worth watching now.

    They always put their strongest bit on first. If that opening bit is not good, the rest of the show will surely stink. Weekend Update sometimes has clever bits and quips but that's about it. The "musical" groups are usually obscure and often look wasted.

    Once upon a time this show had great talent like Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Billy Crystal, Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman but those days are long gone. It's past time that this show go bye-bye.
  • I was VERY disappointed in last night's episode with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It actually started out strong, with a very funny monologue, but it quickly fell flat. Why Darrell Hammond is not given more air time is WAY beyond my comprehension.

    I think it's sad that they made fun of the Anna Nicole Smith judge weeks after the trial was over. I understand SNL was off the air for a few weeks, but that ship sailed. Why would they mock something so out of date?

    And why is "Deep Dish" a regular skit? It's not funny. I just don't get it.

    One thing that consistently annoys me is Amy Poehler's reading the "news" during "Weekend Update." She reads the cue cards so slowly it is painful to hear. Why hasn't anyone told her to speed it up?

    Why Darrell Hammond is not given more air time is WAY beyond my comprehension.

    I am so disappointed in SNL's shows as of late. Aren't there any funny writers anymore???
  • Very critisized show. I love it.

    SNL is just getting better and better. 2005/2006 season wasn't that hott, but then the 2006/2007 season brought a better cast, and the 2007/2008 season started on a huge C-note! Many people say this show isn't the same from when Farrell left, or the early 90s cast left. But, I think this cast just brings as much pleasure. SNL is one of the best shows made. Many people say "SNL would be cancelled if it weren't for it's history!" But, i mean, really, NBC doesn't care about a show's history. It would pull the plug any ways. SNL has just started it's 33rd season, and boy is it just great! Hilarious sketches! SNL has had many eras:

    1975 - 1980: Beautiful

    1980 - 1981: Sucked really really badly

    1981 - 1986: Rebuilding

    1986 - 1990: Outrageously funny!

    1990 - 1993: Even more outrageously funny!

    1993 - 1995: Needed some help, dying.

    1995 - 2000: Really really good. Hilarious, knocks your socks off good.
    2000 - 2002: Most of the 90s cast leaves and the show is starting to get poorer with writing, but is still funny.

    2002 - 2006: One of the lower but neutral ages. Funny, but dragged on writing.
    2006 - present: Rebuilding itself once again.

    Anyways, so SNL is one of the best shows, and I dont care what other people say! You gotta love it.
  • Classic!

    This show is amazing, I love the cast so much. The old seasons were great, especially since Will Ferrell was there, playing Alex Trebek on the Celebrity Jeopardy! parody (one of my favorite skits of all time!! Omfg I miss it!)... Haha. But still it's going strong, I love Weekend Update, and I LOVE PENELOPE! She is so freakinn hilarious. Despite all this, I do admit I don't understand some of the jokes sometimes being that it's aimed toward an older audience and I'm only 14..haha...but still, I'll keep watching SNL. And I cannot wait until the season premiere! One of my favorite athletes [LBJ!] and one of the realest MCs in the game today [Kanye West] in ONE SHOW?! I cannot waittt.
  • This is the funniest show to watch when you have nothing to do on Saturday Night. and the funniest show in the world

    Saturday Night Live is the funniest show alive. This show has been going on since '75. thats awesome. Most of the skits are funny and make fun of the funniest thing. I have so many sayings and iside jokes from this show, like "i need more cowbell" and "la-de-freakin-da. I watched this show with my dad since I was little. It helps you keep in touch with whats going on and its funny. The hosts and bands are mostly awesome. I can't wait 'til the next season. I hope the Saturday Night Live trend never ends. The best show in the world.
  • SNL is a staple of Comedy TV, and I hope this will continue for a long time.

    Saturday Night Live is THE comedy show on TV. I don't there's a single person that can't recognize at least one skit from SNL. With comedy icons and rising stars it has always been and will continue to be rooted in comic genious.

    I do believe that it has past it's glory days, with Will Ferrell's departure and everyone else who left during that span. But SNL will bounce back and once again breed a generation of hillarious comics and iconic skits.

    I still record and watch every episode that airs, and have seen practically every "Best of" DVD ever released. It SNL isn't part of your weekly routine, you need to rethink your schedule!
  • This one was very hard to rate- I gave it a 9.1 purely based on the groundbreaking show that SNL once was. If I rated it solely on the generally pitiable skits the current-day show serves up, the score would be more like a 4.0. How sad.

    Satirday Night Live changed the face of popular entertainment forever. Sure, sketch comedy existed before SNL, but had never enjoyed this kind of mainstream exposure. The early casts were nothing short of brilliant, being largely composed of improv veterans whose talent reached out and grabbed the American public each week, making instant stars out of many of them. While it is easy to recognize the genius of such early luminaries as Belushi, Ackroyd, Radner, Murray, Murphy, etc., not enough credit is given to the writers, themselves a veteran Dream Team- of whom many, like Conan O'Brien, would also end up in front of the cameras. And, of course, the continuing, steadying presence of Lorne Michaels has to be recognized in any attribution of responsibility for the success of this phenomenal program.

    So, what happened to this show? Put simply, I don't know. I think a confluence of circumstances have led to the continuing deterioration of quality that has made SNL virtually unwatchable today. For one thing, the Boomers who were SNL's original audience have changed. I was 21 in 1975 (you do the math). Now I have grandchildren, a mortgage, and worries about not having to live on cat food when I retire. It takes a little effort to make me laugh these days, and the half-baked skits and unfunny premises SNL and many other post-Ironic Age comedies offer up today just don't do it for me. Another thing that bothers me about the current incarnation of SNL: so many of the cast are unremarkable and instantly forgettable. For every Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Adam Sandler, there are 20 lesser lights who abjectly fail to connect with at least this viewer. To be fair, there are still some funny bits on SNL. They are just too few and far between, and one has to slog through so much groaningly bad stuff to get to them, it's not worth the time. And none of it, not even the marginally funny skits, rises to the level of the Golden Era of SNL. That's probably SNL's biggest problem- it raised the bar so high in the first place that it has trouble measuring up to the very standard that it set back in the glory days.
  • Saturday night live used to be one of the best shows on television. What happenend?

    I used to love saturday night live. I started watching in the early 90's. But I have seen some from the first few seasons. I have all of season 1 right now and and excited to watch it. It used to be so good. It is not that the actors are bad it is the writing. It seems so stupid now. Some things are funny but it seems now all they do is make fun of people whether it is actually funny or not. I want it back to the way it was. I used to look forward to saturdays. I still watch occasionally just to see if it is good. One I was looking forward to this year was when Matthew Fox hosted, there were a few good parts but what is the point of having this guest star if you are only going to inculde him in like 3 sketches. I was highly disappointed.
  • I love it! Maya Rudolph is hilarious!

    Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler are amazing!! They are the funniest people on that show. Maya Rudolph's impersonations of Whitey Houston are classic! Her appearace on Deep House Dish as "Beginnings Chang" is priceless. Amy Poehler is great with Seth Meyers on the Weekend Update. They make such a great team, sometimes, even better than when Tina Fey was on it. Bronx Beat is also great mainly because it has both of them in it! Aside from just those two, Kristin Wiig is hilarious in the "Penelope" skits. These three make the show really funny and entertaining! Its definately worth staying up late!
  • No longer funny...trite skits and boring cast

    The show is no longer funny. There are too many "Welcome to the (fill in the blank) show!" type of skits...The show should have been killed off years ago.

    There are no real characters that have been created. The only kinda funny skit is the "Noonie" skit...other than that the show is lame with skits that just die at the end.
  • This is a show that focuses on trying to make people laugh. I a world were everything isn't always happy and peachy, it is important to laugh at the funny things. SNL has made it there job to poke fun at everyday situations and make people happy

    I love this show but recently... i dont know. I feel like this show is way to into politcal commentary. Not that they should not, its just atleast 75% of the show is devoted to that? What happened to the comedy for the sake of comedy. It gets to the point where I am sick and tired of another President Bush act. Come on... they have atleast 2 of those per show!! I would much rather watch old episodes from the 90s. Those were amazing! Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Spade, Mike Meyers etc. Those were the days. Skits were hilarious. I really think that they should start to foucus a bit more on the funny and less politcalness... Instead of 75% political... maybe 25 or 50
  • A 32+ year roller coaster ride

    Saturday Night Live is the longest running sketch comedy show ever. A 32+ year run is something only the Tonight show can rival.

    Is the show as good as it once was? No. Could it be better? Yes. Is it at it's lowest point ever? Hell, No. Am I talking like Robert Evens? You bet your ass I am. My point is that this is a show that ebbs and flows. If your upset that a certain cast member isn't there anymore they will be replaced by someone that sooner or later you will grow to like. I remember when Chevy Chase left and thought that Bill Murray was a lame replacement. I was wrong. There have always been cast members that weren't so great, Charles Rocket, Nora Dunn, and Chris Kattan come to my mind, and I bet someone thinks these three were great cast members.

    Saturday Night Live will surely get better. And it will get worse, but it will never be as bad as the 1980 season.
  • exactly how i classified it

    Having jettisoned some of the funnier cast members in a budget slash (goodbye, clever Chris Parnell; so long, Horatio Sanz — your stolid presence in Amy Poehler's great ''Rick! Rick! Rick!'' sketches will be missed), the 32nd season of Saturday Night Live is playing out like a MADtv parody of SNL, with blandos like Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader sucking the air out of nearly every sketch.

    The MVPs are Poehler (who did a thorough evisceration of Nancy Grace on Oct. 7, all the more impressive given the fact that not one of her lines was funny) and, more surprisingly, Fred Armisen, who'd spent last season looking wistful whenever he wasn't doing his exhausted Prince impersonation. But Poehler and Armisen were fantastic in a series of taped ''New York City Stories'' on Oct. 7, with dead-on impressions of odd couplings like Martin Scorsese (Armisen) and Rosie Perez (Poehler), and Yoko Ono (Poehler) and Fran Lebowitz (Armisen), talking to the camera about what makes Manhattan great. Too bad none of their characters could have included SNL in that category.
  • Love it!

    Ok, You've had to have seen SNL (Saturday Night Live) Before! Who hasn't? Ever since i started watching SNL comedy has a new meaning to me: Holy CRAP! (In which i mean: I Love it!) Anyway I really never saw the episodes from the 90's only through 2000-Till now. But I still love it! I Must say people are right Will Farrel did Suck on SNL (Well to me he did) SNL Will go on and change history, after episode, after episode! I would suggest this show to anyone! even my dog (LOL! Joke) But anyway I give SNL a 10 out of 10
  • haha this show is great!

    This show, is an old american tradtion that's actually funny! It's so awsome! I love watching it every saturday night, it's so funny to see it mock things that are going on currently. I love the weekend update the most, it's hilarious! haha. I dont like it when they dont have a new episode every week, I like it to much to not survive without it! I want SNL!! haha. Ok, well I luv the little skit things, and normaly, the music guest and host is great, and intersting to see. AFI was my faovirte band to preform on the show.
  • One old tradition...

    Ok name one comedy that has been on the air for more than ten years. Its a short list right? Now how about 15 years. Hmmm only one right. Better shows have come and gone but SNL is still around and probally will be around until TV is no more. I have been watching since the 8th grade. I'm 24 now and I still watch. I will admit like everyone else the current cast isnt the best, but SNL goes in cycles. Some years are better than others. We all know this. SNL also has it's weeks. Some nights you will find that rare skit that stays in your mind for the rest of the weeks and prompt you to watch it again just so you can see it.

    I will admit that the recent SNL movies have been some pure garbage, but i belive the cast members are getting their feet wet in the movie business so that when they leave the show they are familiar with the territory. Lorne Michaels is setting these people up to be bigger stars. That is probally why the movies look as if not too much work has been put into them.

    All in all SNL is an American icon along with Baseball and Apple Pie. And lets admit even if your home team is batting .123 and the pitching staff has a 6.54 ERA you will continue to watch because your a fan. So give SNL its bad season. And who know maybe Will Ferrel is the next Eddie Murphy. Then agian I hope not. But you get the point. I wish SNL another 25 years.
  • It must be making someone some money because it's still on the air!

    But that sure doesn't mean it should be. This show hasn't been funny in over 5 years. And hasn't had a really good cast in nearly 10.

    So why in the world is it still on the air? All I can think of is that NBC doesn't have anything else to put there. I mean, what could you put there that anyone would watch? So even if the show is boring, embarrassing, stupid, and not funny, it still will bring in a larger audience than anything else they would try to put in it's place.

    It's just a shame it is in such decline, it kind of tarnishes the days when the show was the funniest program on network television.

    Saturday Night Live is dead. Long live Saturday Night Live!
  • GENIUS!!!

    I am in love with Saturday Night Live. It always has the perfect skits, guests, and castings.Just a few greats who kind of made their carrers there are Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Maya Ruldolph, Horatcio Sanz, Chris Kattan, Cheri Oteri, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel, Amy Pohler, and some others. If you don't enjoy this show, there is something wrong with you. However, recently, something happended, and a lot of the greats from SNL, left and did other things. For example Tina Fey and a couple others did a spin off show, 30 ROCK!!! I'm not sure if I am in to it, but it is ok.
  • Best SNL show in a while. The show needs Peyton Manning!

    I laughed so much at all of Peyton's skits. He's truly the comedian! Carrie Underwood looked beautiful and has such a beautiful voice. Please invite Peyton Manning back soon. He made the show and has a great sense of humor and is a good sport. Peyton and his family are very classy. SNL needs Peyton!
  • The long standing scetch comedy show has fallen on some hard times.

    This show used to be a top notch show for not only great comedy but for finding the next great comedian. Comedic gods such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Bill Murrey, Steve Martin,Will Farrell, and a whole slew of B listers, gave the show star power. Whether the show needs to ditch some of the shows bedrock sins the past few years, such as horrible anchors for "Weekend Update", and laughing at their own jokes on air. Good to see somebody's laughing. The show needs talent, better writing and a whole lot of perfessionalism. The show still can be relevant but only if they address some issues.
  • funny stuff right there

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  • It's been on for how many years now...?

    This show has been on forever! Its really funny still. I admit, it has its ups and downs, some epps are better then others, but I tune in almost every Saturday for this show. I love anything that has improv in it and manages to be pretty funny. Forever SNL!
  • I think it's funny.

    Althought I havn't seen the early episodes from the 70s, I HAVE seen some early 90s episodes. I can say it was alot funnier back then than it is today, and probably WAAAY funnier back in the 70s. Regardless, when it has the right hosts (Will Ferrel, Steve Martin, Alex Baldwin etc.) it can be quite funny. Also, since Andy Samberg as joined the cast it has seen some improvements. Especially with the Digital Short segments.

    The show isn't at its peak, but I still find it to be enjoyable. Definitaly worth watching atleast once to see how you take to it.

  • Only the greatest show of all time!

    Only the greatest show of all time! wow this is the funniest show ever! really, there is no funnier show on any different station that can make me laugh as hard as SNL. This show is just so funny because they know that they (being their funny selfs) make people laugh and that is what they do for a living which they are great at by the way! This isn't just the show that is awesome, the crew and the cast are just magnificently funny and outgoing, you could never find a crew like on SNL! Their skits that they do are some of the most funniest skits ever and not one doesn't make me laugh! This is one of the best shows and it will never stop, its like the energizer bunny, keep going and going!
  • Jeremy Piven was worst of season

    Bring Sexy Back, JT rocked but Jeremy Piven - not so much. Maybe next time he should bring his mother like he did to that award show that aired last week. He's really one lucky actor that he has a career, I have to say. I don't blame the other actors or the writers or anyone else. When you've got someone who isn't taking it seriously, you're stuck and the whole week goes down the drain. I thought Jeremy was just a bad choice and didn't seem to want to be there. Which is fine with me. More Timberlake please!
  • This is my new favorite show!

    I love watching this show every weekend . It is an instant class ic . I love watching Amy poehler with the news . Always hilarious . My favorite characters are : Will Forte , Seth Meyers ( number 1 favorite ) , Amy poehler and Tina fey . I like the way there is alway s a singer or band playing . It helps show some of the new musicians and artists . My favorite sketch was where the two men drank all the water they were supposed to deliver . Like i said : instant classic. Watch this!!
  • Funny! Just plain funny!

    SNL or sturday night live is a show that is on every sat. on 11:00 and its on of the funniest shows on TV. Every week they have a new big star to host and they always make me seem to laugh!. They do skits on the stories that are happeneing at the time so you can really get into it. They do every kind of skit from Bush to Donald Trump. The will make fun oof everyone but they always seem to make you laugh! So, if you can stay up late enough you can't go wrong with this hsow, and everyone will like it!
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