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  • It's been on for how many years now...?

    This show has been on forever! Its really funny still. I admit, it has its ups and downs, some epps are better then others, but I tune in almost every Saturday for this show. I love anything that has improv in it and manages to be pretty funny. Forever SNL!
  • I think it's funny.

    Althought I havn't seen the early episodes from the 70s, I HAVE seen some early 90s episodes. I can say it was alot funnier back then than it is today, and probably WAAAY funnier back in the 70s. Regardless, when it has the right hosts (Will Ferrel, Steve Martin, Alex Baldwin etc.) it can be quite funny. Also, since Andy Samberg as joined the cast it has seen some improvements. Especially with the Digital Short segments.

    The show isn't at its peak, but I still find it to be enjoyable. Definitaly worth watching atleast once to see how you take to it.

  • Only the greatest show of all time!

    Only the greatest show of all time! wow this is the funniest show ever! really, there is no funnier show on any different station that can make me laugh as hard as SNL. This show is just so funny because they know that they (being their funny selfs) make people laugh and that is what they do for a living which they are great at by the way! This isn't just the show that is awesome, the crew and the cast are just magnificently funny and outgoing, you could never find a crew like on SNL! Their skits that they do are some of the most funniest skits ever and not one doesn't make me laugh! This is one of the best shows and it will never stop, its like the energizer bunny, keep going and going!
  • Jeremy Piven was worst of season

    Bring Sexy Back, JT rocked but Jeremy Piven - not so much. Maybe next time he should bring his mother like he did to that award show that aired last week. He's really one lucky actor that he has a career, I have to say. I don't blame the other actors or the writers or anyone else. When you've got someone who isn't taking it seriously, you're stuck and the whole week goes down the drain. I thought Jeremy was just a bad choice and didn't seem to want to be there. Which is fine with me. More Timberlake please!
  • This is my new favorite show!

    I love watching this show every weekend . It is an instant class ic . I love watching Amy poehler with the news . Always hilarious . My favorite characters are : Will Forte , Seth Meyers ( number 1 favorite ) , Amy poehler and Tina fey . I like the way there is alway s a singer or band playing . It helps show some of the new musicians and artists . My favorite sketch was where the two men drank all the water they were supposed to deliver . Like i said : instant classic. Watch this!!
  • Funny! Just plain funny!

    SNL or sturday night live is a show that is on every sat. on 11:00 and its on of the funniest shows on TV. Every week they have a new big star to host and they always make me seem to laugh!. They do skits on the stories that are happeneing at the time so you can really get into it. They do every kind of skit from Bush to Donald Trump. The will make fun oof everyone but they always seem to make you laugh! So, if you can stay up late enough you can't go wrong with this hsow, and everyone will like it!
  • A Classic, but is hindered by the crap of today.

    Okay SNL is one of the best shows ever made any show thats been on 30 years is a ###### accomplishment. But now the sketches arent as good and neither are the cast members. I rember Sandler, Ferrel, Hartman, Akroyd, Lovitz, Belushi and Murphy [I used their last names] and todays SNL isnt even close to that. I am only 15 but my dad has tapes of the old ones and I watch them a lot. The old members should come back then the rating would definitley be closer to a 10. [EDIT] I bought a lot of TBO's so the rating went up, but I still think it isnt as good as it was.

    [EDIT: After watching the episode with Gyllenhall and The Shins and I am going to announce that I am not making SNL a 6.5, but I will leave it a 10 on here as a remberance of the oldies.]
  • Comedians doing whey they do best live!

    This show has had so many ups and downs that i dont know how to describe it but for the most part has been good. My favorite SNL age was the time where the years between 1987 and 1995 when Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey my favorite comedians were on the show. The show was very funny during that time as mos tpeople would concurr. The last seasons have been horrible to me, i have hardly laughed and i have even stopped watching it regularly. I also love the set where the musical guest plays. it was a theater entrance once, then it turned into a mansions hall, and then into the insides of a clock. The idea of guest host for every show is also very nice cause you get to see great actors or the famous figure of the moment introducing the show.
  • Before I start this review, I would like to say Live from New York, it\'s Saturday night!

    Before I start this review, I would like to say Live From New York, It\'s Saturday Night! Those seven words have been said over six hundred times. This show has to the longest running show ever because this is the only one of my favorite shows I haven\'t seen all the episodes of. I have to say, before I saw this show, I had no idea how to laugh. After I watched one episode, I couldn\'t stop laughing. Thanks Saturday Night Live. I would have to say my favorite continuing skit is Weekend Update. I like watching the news, but, I lie watching the news even more with some satire. Six hundred episodes, and I hope it goes on to seven hundred.
  • Saturday Night Live not as funny as it once was.

    I have been a fan of Saturday Night Live for a while including the old and the new seasons. Even though I still tune in every saturday if its a new episode or a rerun its clear that the show has lost what made it so great. The show used to be edgy and innovative but now its just repetitive and truthfully not as funny. The show has to break free from pointless skits and bad writing because its failing to live up to the name ¨Saturday night live¨. The guest hosts should not make the show great, the show should already be great and the host just add to it. I´ll continue watching because I´ve always loved the show and certain new aspects of it(digital shorts) have started to get it out of that hole it is in.
  • Live from New York, it\'s the GREATEST SHOW IN THE WORLD!

    Saturday Night Live is one of the best shows around. The show is at it\'s funniest when comedians hoast the show. Also the five timers, and up, people are just friggin\' hilareous; like Steve Martin, John Goodman, Tom Hanks, and my personal favorite... Alec Baldwin. I am giving the show a 9.5 only because of the slumps in years \'80-\'81, \'85-\'86, and \'95-\'95, when mass amounts of cast members and writers left the show. But other than than those awkward years, the show is perfict (unlike my spelling) lol. Without SNL, we woulden\'t have alot of the great comedians that we have today. Like Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, or Mike Myers.
  • Even if I give this show a 10, i still think this show is funny. I gave it a 10 for the episodes in the past, like the 90s.

    This show needs work, and better writers. Too bad Tina Fey left. Because when she left, so did the funny. The only things that made me laugh so far this season were The Best of Darrell Hammond (not even a live episode!), Fugly Betsy, and Aunt Linda. I think the show was at its funniest in the late 90s. Perfect cast, actually dead on impressions, and the best skits ever! But the 90s can't go on forever, so I rely on reruns to make me laugh. I think they should kick Jason Sudekis and Bill Hader out!!! Seth Meyers? Head writer??? Why??? He wasn't funny to begin with! Josh Meyers (former Mad Tv cast member) is way funnier than him. He should have been on snl instead.
  • SNL needs to go back to its roots-the no name, unknowns.Thats when SNL had its best seasons!Think of all the stars born on that show.They were fresh,original and hungry to make a name,I know theres more to discover SNL! so go get em!make SNL what it was!

    Im writing this in the hopes that SNL will take notice about what the fans are saying.Let me just say im a huge fan and have loved this show forever. SNL has spit out some of the best talent we have ever had. The best of the best. However this cast, these writers, just dont measure up at all. Im not trying to compare to other writers/comedians, I like the diversity and originality of cast members that have been on through the years. We simply think this cast has no chemistry and the writing is not even accidently funny.Ive really noticed such a decline in quality all the way around.the skits are dumb and annoying and what happen to those crazy sick characters we could look forward to seeing every week? I keep tuning in hoping to see a glimmer of what used to be a bright light on a saturday night somewhere you could laugh your ass off, and wonder how do they come up w/ this stuff. Not anymore,its more like who the heck is telling them this stuff is funny? Some of the comedians are ok. Keanan Thompson is about the most annoying, unfunny person SNL has ever had,let him stick w/fat albert and copying bill cosby or send him back to nickelodean.WE dont get it with him and hes in alot.He seriosly ruins any scene hes in, is it because he had a name before he landed SNL?if so please go back to- making names,youre track record has been pretty damn good finding original no name talent and thats how this show was built. any how we hope the show starts listening to the fans and we hope we have it to watch and laugh with for a very long time to come.
  • I havent liked it since the 80's.

    Sorry but this show has been going downhill since the 90's. I just think personally that they just try way too hard to be funny most of the time. The actors they have now aren't too great either. Im surprised that Kenan isnt even funny, even though I loved his show on Nickelodeon as a child.
    They need funnier skits and actors.
  • Hugh Laurie Hosting, 11/25/06

    I admit I haven\'t watched SNL in a Very long time, and just happened to have the right station on at the right time, not paying attention, usually in bed, and Hugh Laurie is one of if not my Favorite Actor and I could NOT believe what I was seeing. I was falling off the couch laughing. It was unbelievable. The talent that guy has is just unbelievable. I LOVED the \'Bob Dylan\' or whatever section, as he plays the piano on House. He is so multi-talented, and his transvestite role could not be beat. It was SO unvelievable, even my therapist loves him and House so I\'m ordering a DVD of the show and giving it to her as a very nice surprise. Excellent!!!
  • Every Saturday night, Satuday Night Live has made me laughing my head off for a long time. The skits are well done and are just hilarious, regarding current events in the US and abroad.

    "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!" Thats the classic quote you think of when refferring to Saturday Night Live. Filled with laughter and numerous skit, Saturday Night Live is a great show to watch in my view. The "news" casting (Amy) is well done. Overall, I think this show is excellent and will last for a long time. That is why I gave it a 9.5
  • A classic sketch comedy show that has consistently produced some of the most well-known actors throughout the last three decades.

    I didn't even start watching this until two years ago. That was sophomore year, and it was pretty good. But since the end of last season and the beginning of this one, it as really been doing a nosedive. All the political ammo they have, but they choose to use little of it. when they do, it comes out ridiculous and shallow. And the borat sketch- omg. seriously! and even in the bad times the news update was good, but without tina fey it feels empty. she and amy had such a great dynamic. it's just not the same, and has lost much of its gotta-watch-it appeal.
  • I contemplated "Going downhill fast" as well, but I think it's time to let SNL go. NBC obviously doesn't have the money to devote to this show. So many great stars were fired. Terrible this season. And I used to LOVE this show. *Tear*

    *Previous review* Oh SNL, what would I do without you? Where would so many actors be without it? SNL was their big break! It's remains original in it comedic performances, and keeps the cast fresh with new and hilarious faces each year. I strongly recommend this show to add to your Saturday night watchin'.

    But now, oh poor SNL is going down the tubes very quickly! I loved Tina Fey, but of course she had to go create a sitcom which in my opinion is very funny but it doesn't have a following and will probably get cancelled. *tear once again*
  • Gosh.

    IF you don't know what SNL is about, you're from Mars. I mean seriously. Come on. Hey you. You know about SNL, right?
    OMFG!!! YOU DON'T!!!??? Fine I'll tell you... Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show that has run since the fall of 1975. Many now-famous actors and actresses such as Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Paul Shaffer, Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Martin Short, Damon Wayans, Joan Cusack, Robert Downey Jr., Dennis Miller, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Conan O'Brien, Mike Myers, Ben Stiller, David Spade, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Norm MacDonald, Will Ferrell, and Tina Fey got their start from Saturday Night Live. SNL is still unique amongst other sketch shows because of the fact that it has always been live.
  • Trying to stay a SNL Fan

    I used to be a big SNL fan, but I've drifted so far from it, and now only watch when I care about the host, and then I get depressed when I realize I missed a really good sketch. Truth be told, I recall the show douring it's heyday, with people you know were going to be big stars: Eddie Murphy, Jim and John Belushi, bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Dana Carvey, Julia Louise Dreyfuss and even Michael Myers who I can forgive for those horrible "Austin Powers" movies. Today, it seems the last really good talent from the show was the late Phil Hartman. No one measures up to him. Another thing, SNL is considered a comedy sketch series but its really a variety show. Why do they keep bringing garage bands on the show? To this day when I wach the show, I treat the music segments as a commerical break: "Is it back on yet?" "No, it's the band, you got time till it starts again." If I had my way, it'd be comedy all the way through and maybe let some of the old cast members return a bit often. Right now, I'm still favoring MadTV, but now that it's wasting time with a music segment, I'd rather switch on Court TV.
  • Saturday Night Live is still one of the funniest shows on T.V.

    This is a one and only show. Nothing will or has been like this. Many special guests, celebrities, appearences, and music artists have been on this show. And some have been one more than once. My two favorite comedians that have been on this show are Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell. Those two have had a large amount of hilarious skits. Even the dvds of them are funny. They pick out a great selection of those old, but still hilarious skits. This is a terrific and hilarious show.
  • Still the greatest.

    I can't believe that all the good people at Saturday Night Live are leaving! There are still really great people there like Seth and Amy but it won't be the same with Horatio, Tina and Rachel. I hope SNL will be the same even with some of their cast gone... Although Saturday Night Live hasn't been as funny lately, I still like it better than the really old episodes. Basically the only thing I look forward to are their fake commericials, the digital shorts, the weekend update and some of my favourite sketches. I will tune into 30 Rock because Tina and Rachel were so funny they would have to make 30 Rock just as good.
  • Once was great, now struggling

    Oh SNL, whither your quality humor?

    I wasn't even alive when the show first came out, but those classic episodes still blow away the newest amateur attempts at comedy.

    Even the Adam Sandler-Will Ferrell days were better than the current schlock they put out there.

    I'll still watch it, if not just for Weekend Update and yet another funny Alec Baldwin appearance. But for years SNL skits have been funny for the first minute or so, then drag on for WAY too long. If only they could cut their losses and realize humor in short, high-quality spurts is better than long-winded attempts at gallows humor.

    But Lorne Michaels is a stubborn old git!
  • Still the best sketch comedy show on TV

    Yes, it's gone through its ups and downs, and yes, nowadays might be one of those down times, but Saturday Night Live is still the best sketch comedy show on TV. This is probably due most in part to its unbeatable format. No other shows puts A-list stars in these situations and combines the comedy with top-notch musical performers. Plus, of course, it's "live", something rarely ssen these days. The regulars are talented although there doesn't seem to be any stand-out stars to be on these days. Then again, look where Adam Sandler has gone!
  • Only the memories are worth keeping . . .

    The days that SNL made people laugh have long been over. I'd say, it's about 25 years past its prime. Slowly but surely, this has been on a gradual descent to the murky depths that it has now sunk to. I mean- Keenan of Keenan and Kel 'fame' is a regular, come on! This from a show that employed classic comedians like Eddie Murphy, Jim Belushi, Martin Short, Dana Carvey and Adam Sandler? What is going on?
    The sketches nowadays are just odd. Besides the political humor and parodies- which SNL does like no other, there is no point of continuing to watch or keep this show on! Not even off the chain, kick *** musical guests can draw me in to watch anymore!Pack it up Lorn!
  • My favorite sketch comedy show of all time. Even though these last three seasons werent doing it for me.

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  • For over 30 years, Saturday Night Live has always make us laugh at not only current events, but ourselves due to the ever-changing cast that happens every several years.

    With SNL entering it's 32nd season, this happens to be a show that I've been watching for a very long time. I recall the Aykyord/Belushi, Murphy/Piscapo, Lovitz/Hartman, Farley/Spade, even the Ferrell/Kattan eras, and those eras will always have a place in my heart.

    Despite the so-called "weak" seasons that I've been hearing about over the years (i.e., season 20), I totally don't care what everyone thinks of them and I say that they happen to be the most wonderful season(s) in my book.

    Now with Tina and Rachel going onto their new show, 30 Rock, this Fall, I am going to miss them. To quote Green Day: "Wake Me Up When Summer Ends."
  • Saturday Night Live is a great show!

    Saturday Night Live is very live! I love it because not one of the episodes that they air is unoriginal. Saturday Night Live also have the guest stars who are famous and also funny. I definitely remember the time when Ashlee Simpson went on Sturday Night Live and LIPSYNCED! That was so incredible!
  • Saturday Night live is one of the greatest shows ever. I don\'t know why people are saying its going down hill..

    SNL is just as good now as it was in 1975 when it first started with Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner and other great comedians. The actors and writers may have changed over the years but the fact that Saturday Night Live is a hilarious show has never changed.
  • This was once a great show.

    Five years ago I would have rated this show much higher. However, in five years a lot has changed. Saturday Night Live use to be one of the funniest shows on television and now whenever I watch it there is the rare occasion that I laugh. A lot of the good comedians left this show. Don't get me wrong there are still a few good ones, but a lot of the better ones left. Also, the humor isn't as funny as it use to be. I miss the old Saturday Night Live episodes that I would actually enjoy watching and laugh. Now I rarely watch this show because I don't feel like wasting my time.
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