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  • Lost interest in less than 2 seasons.

    SNL has been on TV forever. Some say that it was best with its original cast, and other say that it peaked in the early to mid 1990's.

    Me? I say it was best with the cast of the mid to late 1990's.

    Now the show has really dropped in quality.

    The show simply isn't nearly as funny as it used to be. When the show was at its peak, there were tons of recurring sketches that were worth watching. You never knew what was comming when Rosanne Rosanadanna gave an editorial, or when Sean Connery was on Celebrity Jeopardy. Now the gags seem old, tired and predictable.

    Thre also aren't as many worthwhile sketches. The only ting that's consistantly funny is Weekend Update.

    You'll probably get a good laugh out of the first couple of episodes you see, but chances are, you'll quickly loose interest.
  • Hilarious. Especially all with Mike Myers or Dana Carvey. Waynes world a favourite of mine!

    I love saturday night live. There isn\\\'t much \\\'live\\\' stuff anymore but i buy all the dvds that come out of it. Who can\\\'t relate to it\\\'s amazingly funny humour. I mean, is there anyone who doesn\\\'t like it. All ii can say is HILARE! If you haven\\\'t seen it I recommend that you watch it, live from New York on saturday night!
  • I\'m starting to get sick of this show I mean the only real useful or funny guy is Kenan Thompson.

    I'm starting to get sick of this show I mean the only real useful or funny guy is Kenan Thompson. I remember the days of Eddie Murphy and Chris Farley who were alot funnier than anything there dishing out now. Good show, but it's getting a little bit too old for everyone who's been with the show who watched in the 70's
  • Needs some new writers.

    This show is older than me!!! Along its 35 year old path it has had some bumps and bruises. But nothing that a good pair of hands can't fix. The hosts this far have been the best. The musical guests have been so-so.

    This show was renewed till 2012!!! Not that shocking,this is only longest running LIVE show. They have some of the same skits over and over again. They need to freshen it up of make new skits.

    Weekend Update has undergone many differnt hosts but Tina is doing pretty bad. Amy seems to have something about her that makes he watchable and enjoyable.

    Viva la SNL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not as good as it used to be

    This show is as not as good as it used to be
    And is going downhill very fast
    The original cast is the original
    As well as made movie careers from Chevy Chase to Mike Myers
    Original cast was just something with Bill Murray and John Belushi
    Also with Adam Sandler and David Spade
    It was also good with the late Phil Hartman, whom I dearly still miss
    But it needs to get up to speed
    With good writing and acting!
  • I hate saturday night live. but i loved it before they got rid of Jimmy Fallon.

    I mean i thought Jimmy Fallon was funny and stuff. i just don't think it's funny any more with out him. it was also funny with the news. but i hope to see him in future movies. and i hope to see him as a guess star but who thought about getting rid of him. i just don't think it's funny any more.
  • Saturday Night Live is a popular sketch comedy show that originated in the 70's featuring a celebrity host each week and an ensemble cast of comedians.

    Ever since the Chronicles of Narnia rap aired, some of the SNL Digital Shorts have not been as funny. I'd like to review for you the latest Digital Shorts and my opinions on them.

    Young Chuck Norris- Jason Sudeikis is Doug Brogar, singing a rock n roll tribute to the young Chuck Norris(Andy Samberg). This one was okay, the lyrics were kinda funny and the actions of Andy Samberg were good, but overall it wasn't that great.

    Close Talkers- It reminded me of Seinfeld. Two guys (Steve Martin & Will Forte) carry on a conversation standing two inches away from eachother. I was dissapointed at this one it wasn't that funny.

    The Real Natalie- Now they're on to something! Natalie Portman raps about her real life smoking pot drinking and having lots of sex. I loved this seeing Natalie bust out all of those beep words was hilarious. Good one!

    Lookalikes- In this one Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg and Will Forte try to find lookalikes of eachother. Seth and Will are hit dead on but Andy is compared to a fat homeless guy (Horatio Sanz). To prove they are wrong, Andy goes to stand next to him and then Will and Seth can't tell him apart. I'm pretty sure it was a spoof of a movie ive never seen. Either way I liked it. It wasnt the best I've ever seen, but it was funny.
  • hasn't been funny, or even relevant for about a decade.

    There's nobody on the show that can hold a candle to John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Steve Martin, and the original Not Ready For Prime Time folks. The second wave (Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey, etc) were Ok too. It simply has run out of steam. The last halfway funny person they had was Norm McDonald.
  • At first it was funny now it's not.

    At first it was funny now it's not.Some episodes aren't even funny, back in the 90's it was funny. In the 80's it was funny. In the 70's it was funny. But nowit's like abouch od idoits doing stupied things. Some are funny. 87 percent are not funny, and 13 percent is funny.
  • It's a good show. It's funny.

    I enjoy it, but it's not my personal favorite, but I still put it on my favorite shows file. It's an ok show. It's not a completely amazing show. Some episodes are stupid, and sometimes they put the worst celebrities on the show. Not a bad show, but not an amazing show. It is funny. B+ in my book.
  • Used To be Great

    Saturday Night Live used to be a wonderful show that I would watch every week. Now, I haven't been watching it lately because they have been running out of ideas. On the other hand, Mad TV is now superior to Saturday Night Live. Their jokes are fresh and not old. Also, it is on at an inconvienient time. I have to remember weekly to tape it, and sometimes forget. If Saturday Night Live wants better ratings they have to impress viewers by thinking up new and creative ways for entertainment. I sadly can only rate this show a sad 7.5.
  • FUNNY!!!!!!!

    I think this show gets dumb at times but overall its funny. I think Mad TV ripped off Saturday Night Live but yet what doesnt get ripped off these days. I think they can work on the skits a little bit and maybe add some more jokes to the script.

    Last night 30 Rockefeller Plaza was the scene of the worst performance of an SNL troup in 30 years. Don't give me a 'judgement of a book by its cover' excuse by blaming Matt Dillon. At least he HAS an excuse coming off the most distracting week of his life just after the oscars. It's all he could do to keep his wheels from falling off this wagon. Dillon was showing lack of preparation but it would have helped if he actually had funny dialogue to work with! The Arctic Monkeys' second performance gave a musical equivelant to this comedic farce. I've heard "artists" say they are but only a mirror of society reflecting truth back at us. If that is the case then this performance captured why Rock music is losing its driving engine. Arctic Monkeys found nothing to say or withold in they're simplistic style. They are indicative of a society that has lost its soul with nothing to rebell against or care about. Uninspired writing, ill-prepared guest host, junior high band = SNL, March 11, 2006.
  • Bad Cast.

    Saturday Night Live was great. But not anymore. It was great in the early 90's with spade farley sandler etc. but they all left. it was relly good with ferrel hammond morgan but ferrel and morgan left. Now there's just a bunch of moderately funny castmates. Parnell and Hammond are usually pretty funny. Maya Rudolph sucks. The writing sucks. It's going downhill fast. They need someone to come on and save it. I think they should break out the big bucks and pay Dane Cook 500K an episode to be a regular on the show. When he hosted, it was the higheest rated episode of the season. Otherwise, this downward spiral wil continue and may even lead to the series' cancellation.
  • This is my grade for now and only now! I may be 13, but I can appreciate the old episodes, because those guys are featured in my favorite movies, and Harry Shearer does voices on The Simpsons!

    Where are the goofy characters? Where are the good skits? Whatever happened to good stuff? Debby Downer is my favoirte character on there nowadays, and I've only seen one of those skits! I do a lot of comedy writing, and my writing is better than that crap on SNL nowadays! I'm also funnier than those cast members, and many people truly consider me funny. The bright spots are Rachael Dratch and Kenan Thompson, they're funny. Here's what they need to do. When I'm old enough, put me on the show, and maybe I can save it. Til then, pre-record episodes.
  • carol....isnt.....funny!

  • Oh my, This Isn’t SNL!

    Oh, But it is! SNL, the once powerhouse of Saturday Night for stay at home TV Viewers has reached the bottom of the talent barrel.

    After a long hiatus from watching SNL, I recently returned to see what is new these days. I was appalled to see terrible scripting, bad performances and crapping music entertainment.

    Ah, no, this is not the SNL of 30+ years ago. But it’s not even the SNL of the 4 dead seasons during the early 90’s either. This series has run its course, and it’s over. By God, will someone please turn out the lights and close the door…and send these kids home for more talent lessons!
  • When a sketch doesn't suck, it's the greatest five minutes of the week!

    The odd bad sketch comes about once-a-show, but the other hour and twenty minutes are pure genius. Now that The Lonely Island Trio, Andy Samberg and writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, have made this 31st season the best in a while, especially with there SNL digital shorts which seem to be the highlight of every episode. The only thing wrong with SNL is the two week breaks they take between each show, they need to have more episodes, I can't get enough!
  • Last Saturday I watched one of the worst episodes of SNL of all time. This episode was ten-times worst than the Jon Heder/Ashlee Simpson episode. What were the SNL producers thinking when they asked Peter Sarsgaard to host? I mean c'mon. He sucked.

    Throughout the entire show all did was chuckle a little bit. Peter obviously didn't study his lines. He kept look directly at the cue cards in every sketch. The only times I laughed was during the pirate sketch and Drew Barrymore's sagging boobs. I sware to god if I was the executive producer I would pull the plug. The show has ran it's course, the comedy is officially gone, and I think the 31 season is enough.
  • a show that will be remembered and watched for ever.

    one of the best shows of all time. SNL is a unique and first of its kind halarious, exaderating, and willing to take it to the extreme... no other show like it can come close to touch it. with classic actors like Chris Farly and Adam Sandler and Will Farrel, it will be a hit for time to come.
  • Although I love this show I do believe it has outstayed it's welcome. Now the only funny things are Weekend Update and a couple of sketches. It just can't beat the old days.

    I love Saturdya Night Live, but it is just not what it used to be. The glory days have passed and given many great comedians awesome nig breaks. But now it should simply end or get better writing, I am sorry. I feel I am betraying a show I adore becuse I am. But the fact is that Saturday Night Live just doesn't have the old pizzazz that it once carried. I do enjoy Weekend Update and The I'M CAROL sketches along with a few others, but besides that it has gone down hill and should end sometime soon, i think.
  • Peter Sarsgaard. Brilliant!

    Tonight's Episode was amazing! I'm so proud of the writers. I enjoyed all of the sketches, especially the pirates, the hotel, shattered glass spoof, carol and young chuck norris. And the SARS Sarsgaard. just hysterical!
    Drew's (Barrymore) appearance was rather interesting...
    Peter was hilarious, and proved himself to be multi-dimensional as an actor.
    I look forward to any of his future projects.
    Way to go SNL!
  • Funny People doing funny things

    This all time classic is brillantly created and has been not as funny this season for some odd reason it might be because the writers have been not as creative and actors and actresses are very funny but the skits aren't as funny. i don't know why that is. SNL
  • Saturday night live is like the best show. It has the best people that make you laugh. Like Tina Fey, Kenan, and others. One good episode is when they make fun of america 's next top model it was so funny. Linsay Lohan hosted that episode. Cold play profo

    Saturday night live is like the best show. It has the best people that make you laugh. Like Tina Fey, Kenan, and others. One good episode is when they make fun of america 's next top model it was so funny. Linsay Lohan hosted that episode.Cold play sang ok ok.Tina Fey , Linsay lohan Kenan, other people made it very funny. But I dont like how they made fun of black men and women. They made cool cluse clan ken dolls. That was messed up. Also the episode was talking about black history month. There was only 3 blacks .
  • This show was great but as soon as Will Ferrall left the show has become boring, unintresting, and unorginal.

    Ok Saturday Night Live when it goes off the air sometime before I die, it will probably be recognized as one of the greatest sketch comedy's on television.

    However now the show has lost its luster. They keep milking the same humor over and over again, until you wonder why am I watching this? They try to tie in world events and do a Jon Stewart type of comedy, but they don't even come close to the Daily Show. Also some of the classic actors are gone like Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. What is left are actors you've probably never heard of except for Jimmy Fallon, but he is really only known for looking at the camera and laughing during the skits. Oh, and all the crappy movies he starred in. The show as also lost it edge and original skits. There are to many "homosexual" skits, and it just isn't funny at all.

    My advice to NBC cancel the show, or take a break and start from scratch, by hiring new writers and actors. Otherwise fans pop in your "Best of" DVDs.
  • Saturday Night Live is a classic show that uses comedy to portray current events that are happening during the week or recent weeks.

    Saturday Night Live is an awesome show that is famous for its opening act and opening line “Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" The comedy is good because it makes quips at current events made done by politicians, celebrities and stupidity events that occurred. The most famous acts are the opening act and Weekend Update. Many actors on Saturday Night Live have become big stars such as Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and many others. The best episodes are when the era of Farley, Rock, Sandler and Myers ruled the show. However, today, the show just seems dry, and at times, it just seems unattractive. No sure whether it is the people or the acts. Even in such boring times, it is hard not to watch because of its legndary status.
  • If only they got smart...

    This show used to be good, as many have said. The only thing SNL can do to save itself is to re-cast and re-hire writers. The only time this show was REALLY good was when they had Harvard writers (and Conan O'Brien) writing the jokes. Now, it's just a blunder. I bet the only way they can get the audience to laugh is to threaten them with electric-jolts if they don't. I will stick to watching the SNL that follows the first airing; at least they show the older and better episodes.
  • Not funny anymore...

    This show is not really funny anymore. It's like the cast has to try really hard to just get a laugh, which shouldn't have to be the case. My favorite seasons were the ones with the cast that included Will Ferrell, Jim Bruer, Norm MacDonald, Cheri Oteri. They didn't have to try to be funny, they just were. The show isn't terrible, but it's not as good as it used to be.
  • LOve weekend Update

    The only reason i still watch is for weekend update it is hillarious always makes my lungs hurt from laughing so much otherwise the show needs major surgery replace all of the skit writters they are terrible. but actors are really good. I miss Cheri oteri and Will Feral
    GO Spartins!
  • Its just not funny anymore. Its too long and probably the only sketch comedy show I can keep a straight face.

    I'm going to be brutally honest with you. This show has gone completely downhill since David Spade left the show. It just isn't that funny anymore. This show needs better comedians, and better writers. One of the new guys could not do an impression of President Bush to save his life. I hate the new shows. To put it so that others can understand: This show should be taken off the air and replaced with anything before Tina Fey became a "head writer" leaving shows or fire all of the cast and the writers, and replace them with people that can actually write a good joke or two. Its just an hour and a half of the stupidest jokes and the stupidest sketches ever seen on a sketch show.Thank you, America, for ruining one of the best sketch shows on TV today. Cancel this crap fest and replace it with the good ones.
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