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  • In the very past, I use to be a huge fan of SNL....that was then; this is now. The show has rapidly become a distant shadow of itself. The repetitivism wouldn't be so bad if it was fresh. The show seems to has lost the hunger of stretching itself.

    SNL seems to have lost its desire to be fresh, new, and innovative.It has settled to rest on its laurels and depend on past alumunis to carry it through.I realize it is suppose to be a live show,like Mad TV, but can they at least be familiar with the dialog so as not to be obliviously staring at the teleprompt thus distracting totally from any acting the scene might need..unlike Mad Tv. SNL's skit use to be seamlessly real,funny, and Mad Tv skits are now. ry naming a recent recurrent character from both SNL and Mad TV,DUH!That's what I mean!
  • whats going on as some would say .... i think the show has its moments but before the 90\'s ended its \"glory days\" were as it seemed never ending...

    i mean honestly people look at all the famous people who have been a part of snl i think ..ya im gunna make a lil list for you all ...
    chris farley
    david spade
    dana carvey
    mike myers
    john belushi
    chevy chase
    kevin nealon
    chris rock
    al franken
    steve martin
    adam sandler
    moly shannahan
    eddie murphey
    phil hartman
    tim meadows
    dan aykroyd
    chris kattan
    tracy morgan
    will ferrell
    cheri oteri
    jimmy fallon
    martin short
    bill murray
    john lovitz
    dennis miller
    Victoria Jackson
    Norm MacDonald
    Jay Mohr
    Ana Gasteyer
    Horatio Sanz
    thats not all my point for all of this is how can a show with this much popular people and funny heros be given a 5 thats a load ... at least a perfect .... the cast and its hosts are all and everyone who is at least a little bit famous shows like this one are hard to come by if at all .... snl is the show of the tv not these stupid shows like so u think you can dance or american idol ... no none of those even deserve to be compared to snl .... with its allstar casts from its very beggining .... to modern day cast which i will admit its going downhill seince chris farley died (rest his soul) but for gods sake people give it a 10.00 ... thanks for your time if u want to email me ....
  • boring please don't read this.

    This show used to be good. It used to make me laugh out loud. Now I think to myself how could anyone like this? It was good in the 90s. The writting is bad and so is acting. Bring back the old episodes and forget new ones. This show is just going downhill. I don't really care about this show its just meanlly talking and boring. Every time I see this on the guide I just skip it Like I never seen it before. I can't believe I'm still talking about this boring show so o'm just going to stop typing.

  • Are you kidding me, how does SNL have a 8.5

    Saturday Night Live is a great freaking show. I have only watched about 30 episodes, but they always manage to be hilarious. Their competitor MAD TV on comedy central, is left in the dust compared to the success and humor displayed in Saturday Night Live. I especially enjoyed the Lindsay Lohan episode, not just because lindsay Lohan is really really hot, but because the skits on their were pretty funny. Not as good as some others, but they were "ok" funny. Yeah, never mind I think the only reason I enjoyed that episode was because Lindsay is really hot. Anyway, SNL Deserves much more than a 8.5 rating, it is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen.
  • SNL is probally the worst attempt at comedy.

    This show is pretty useless and is not the greatest show. I do not recommend anyone watching the recent episodes. I would recommend watching the Eddie Murphy era for a good giggle. This show is not funny at all.. The show had its peak but is now on a destructive path.
  • It used to be good! Around the time Will Ferrell left in 2002, it went downhill FAST.

    I have never seen every episode, but there are many that I love. For example, I loved the cast of the early 90's, with Rob Schneider, David Spade, Chris Farley, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Kevin Nealon, and Adam Sandler. Some of my favorite comedians have come out of SNL, like Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. However, it seems like they're not even trying anymore. I have seen some newer episodes and while there are funny moments occasionally, it's like they don't even care. These people are like just random people they picked out from the bus station. I don't even understand how they got jobs. Overall, I'm giving this show a 7.0 ONLY because even though it wasn't always consistently funny, it used to be really good. If I were to rate the show from about 2003-now, I'd probably give it a 4.0 at most. (It would be lower, but I like Darrell Hammond and Tina Fey so the show doesn't completely suck)
  • 31 years and counting...

    Since SNL only airs in America and I live in the Land Down Under, I'd never seen the show until they released a couple of "Best of" DVDs here which I decided to try out since I was always curious as to what the show involved and while I've only seen a three or so hours whereas many fans would have seen weeks worth of episodes, I still think the show is remarkable because while a lot of sketches die quickly, a lot of talented actors started out here, more than I would have imagined, my favourite sketches coming from Chris Rock and Adam Sandler who seem to have some very good sketches.

    Overall, while I'll never see a full episode of SNL, I do know that the show has some sidesplitting sketches and some dreadful ones, but the acting will always be the best part of the show.
  • It used to be good.

    This show used to be good. It used to make me laugh out loud. Now I think to myself how could anyone like this? It was good in the 90s. The writting is bad and so is acting. Bring back the old episodes and forget new ones. This show is just going downhill.
  • Isn't really that funny.

    Okay, I've watched this show a few times and I couldn't laugh at all! It just wasn't that funny. The only thing I could do that was close was smile. Nothing further than that. Well, okay. There were actually some things in that show that were kinda funny. It just depends on who's in the sketch like David Spade and the times when they had Kids in the Hall cast members once.

    Another thing about this show is that some people talk about it too much. It's okay but it's not something I would watch when I'm having a bad day. So I'm sticking with Monty Python and Kids in the Hall.
  • I miss the OLD OLD shows--the original "Not Ready For Prime Time Players"

    I think Gilda Radner should have made it on the front of this. Her, Jane Curtain, JOHN Belushi, Chevy Chase etc etc really MADE this show. Ever since all of the originals were gone, I've been disappointed in it--I laugh but not nearly as much as I do even when I watch reruns of the original SNL.
  • satutday night live is sketch comedy show that has been airing from the early seventies to today. It has featured many of todays top comeidians, actors, and musicians.

    it has gone down in my book for the last 3 years it has not lived up to its full potential like it did years ago. It was better when will ferrel, chris farley and everybody else was on the show. I am dissapointed on what the producers have shown in the past years. I believe saturday night live does not have the spark it did in the seventies through the early thousands. I know some of you might now agree with me, but in my opinon, this show pretty much sucks today. Mad tv continues to put out a funny show every week, saturday day night live has not done that for me.
  • Random skits spoofing on current events.

    Hilarious is one word to describe Saturday Night Live. I cant remember ever seeing a part that was not funny, or the actors or actressess try too hard. The scripts are just incredible, and even the TV fun house cartoons are captivating! My favorite seasons were the one's with Jimmy Falon and Will Ferrel, but i love every seasonnow. I especially love Tina Fey.
    The hosts are great, and i dont think theyve ever picked a bad one, except maybe Lindsay Lohan, who im not particularly fond of. It's my dream to get 4 tickets to S N L, so if anyone has some.. im open :)
  • An all-time hit...

    Anyone who is anyone in Hollywood has appeared on SNL throughout it's 30 plus years on the air. Most of the well known movie stars of today were a cast member of SNL back from the early days to the 80s and 90s and todays cast is tomorrows future stars. My personal favorite period of SNL was during the late 80s and early 90s when some of the cast members were Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, David Spade, Rob Schenider, Dennis Miller doing Weekend Update and Norm MacDonald. The skits, the phrases and the variety of hosts and musical guests have made the show an all-time hit. Saturday Night Live will live on in television history as one of the best spanning over 3 decades.
  • used to be a great, funny sketch show

    Oh, I remember the good all days, kicking back on a Saturday night, watching SNL and laughing my little butt off, The cast was on top of there game, the writers ware even higher. Nailing each episode with great laughs. But now what has SNL become? A BAD SHOW. I watched a few episodes back, the one with Lindsey Lohan and I didn't laugh ONCE, not once. You would think they itleast get ONE laugh. I mean ever since Tracy Morgan and Will ferral left, the show hasn't been the same. I do like Kenon Thompson, his a funny guy, I remember watching him when he was on "All that" So he kinda makes the show better. but I don't know, I used to love this show and now, its whatever, I say, the show better get it together and fast! Because I'm starting to watch Mad TV now, and i must say, its much better then SNL at the current time
  • It used to be great.

    I used to watch it all the time, but it is missing something. It's been on the air so long that I can't help but wonder if it has reached its end. The stars are good, but there is a different vibe. Years ago, I probably would have rated it higher than in the 8's. I miss TV Funhouse, Adam Sandler, and a lot of the old stuff.
    However, I do really like Tina Fey, but I miss Jimmy Fallon. The turnover in starts is a little much lately. I used to watch it regularly, but now only if there is nothing else on.
  • 30 plus years and it is still Classic

    There are no other shows to compare it to. It has reached 31 years and it keeps on being fresh and new. Much thanks to an ever changing cast of characters and the mostly constant Lorne Michaels. Each time they loose an important cast member, like Will Farrell, I think they are going to be so much less funny, but they are not. They have great skits each and every year. All shows are not equal and some hosts have been pretty dull. The same can be said for the featured artist. But you can always count on several funny skits and the news is always dependable. Just keep it coming SNL, I will be watching.
  • It has it's highs and lows.

    Amongst my favorite SNL episodes include the one with Jennifer Lopez, though many just found that as a chance to see J Lo, including me as I must say, overall it was a pretty good show that brought about SNL's ratings higher. I'm sure plenty of viewers have their own favorites, being the most relevant celebrities of their ages likely being the target. Honorable mention goes to The Rock's SNL show, which I found him to be quite hilarious dressed in a moulon rouge dress, blonde whig, and crimson luscious ruby red lipstick adorning his completely man-like body...which, was actually not a very pretty sight, but makes quite good on terms of entertainment.
  • Live from New York, it's Saturday Night . . . a classic!

    SNL. A show that has many disagreements. Not the show, people discussing the show. The show has had its ups and down, but it has skits that make people go crazy. Some of it can make you laugh, and other things can make a person go "What the hell was that?" There aren't many shows that a person can say that about.

    This is one of those shows that has made people laugh every year, and not for reruns either. A show that has been on for this long has influenced generations past, present, and future. While some may say it is going downhill, you can't honestly say that you expect a show that's been on for 30 years to be perfect all the time. Good things don't last forever. This show has had it's ups and downs, but that can be totally expected. And when the show is on the up & up, it gives comedy just like you'll expect from it.

    I won't say that you cannot complain because I have. But the show in it's entirity is good. You can't just judge it on one season. For those of you who are getting annoyed by it, look into the past. It's been good, bad, good, bad, good, bad. That will happen.

    The show is a classic. And that's the end of it all.
  • Lost interest in less than 2 seasons.

    SNL has been on TV forever. Some say that it was best with its original cast, and other say that it peaked in the early to mid 1990's.

    Me? I say it was best with the cast of the mid to late 1990's.

    Now the show has really dropped in quality.

    The show simply isn't nearly as funny as it used to be. When the show was at its peak, there were tons of recurring sketches that were worth watching. You never knew what was comming when Rosanne Rosanadanna gave an editorial, or when Sean Connery was on Celebrity Jeopardy. Now the gags seem old, tired and predictable.

    Thre also aren't as many worthwhile sketches. The only ting that's consistantly funny is Weekend Update.

    You'll probably get a good laugh out of the first couple of episodes you see, but chances are, you'll quickly loose interest.
  • Hilarious. Especially all with Mike Myers or Dana Carvey. Waynes world a favourite of mine!

    I love saturday night live. There isn\\\'t much \\\'live\\\' stuff anymore but i buy all the dvds that come out of it. Who can\\\'t relate to it\\\'s amazingly funny humour. I mean, is there anyone who doesn\\\'t like it. All ii can say is HILARE! If you haven\\\'t seen it I recommend that you watch it, live from New York on saturday night!
  • I\'m starting to get sick of this show I mean the only real useful or funny guy is Kenan Thompson.

    I'm starting to get sick of this show I mean the only real useful or funny guy is Kenan Thompson. I remember the days of Eddie Murphy and Chris Farley who were alot funnier than anything there dishing out now. Good show, but it's getting a little bit too old for everyone who's been with the show who watched in the 70's
  • Needs some new writers.

    This show is older than me!!! Along its 35 year old path it has had some bumps and bruises. But nothing that a good pair of hands can't fix. The hosts this far have been the best. The musical guests have been so-so.

    This show was renewed till 2012!!! Not that shocking,this is only longest running LIVE show. They have some of the same skits over and over again. They need to freshen it up of make new skits.

    Weekend Update has undergone many differnt hosts but Tina is doing pretty bad. Amy seems to have something about her that makes he watchable and enjoyable.

    Viva la SNL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not as good as it used to be

    This show is as not as good as it used to be
    And is going downhill very fast
    The original cast is the original
    As well as made movie careers from Chevy Chase to Mike Myers
    Original cast was just something with Bill Murray and John Belushi
    Also with Adam Sandler and David Spade
    It was also good with the late Phil Hartman, whom I dearly still miss
    But it needs to get up to speed
    With good writing and acting!
  • I hate saturday night live. but i loved it before they got rid of Jimmy Fallon.

    I mean i thought Jimmy Fallon was funny and stuff. i just don't think it's funny any more with out him. it was also funny with the news. but i hope to see him in future movies. and i hope to see him as a guess star but who thought about getting rid of him. i just don't think it's funny any more.
  • Saturday Night Live is a popular sketch comedy show that originated in the 70's featuring a celebrity host each week and an ensemble cast of comedians.

    Ever since the Chronicles of Narnia rap aired, some of the SNL Digital Shorts have not been as funny. I'd like to review for you the latest Digital Shorts and my opinions on them.

    Young Chuck Norris- Jason Sudeikis is Doug Brogar, singing a rock n roll tribute to the young Chuck Norris(Andy Samberg). This one was okay, the lyrics were kinda funny and the actions of Andy Samberg were good, but overall it wasn't that great.

    Close Talkers- It reminded me of Seinfeld. Two guys (Steve Martin & Will Forte) carry on a conversation standing two inches away from eachother. I was dissapointed at this one it wasn't that funny.

    The Real Natalie- Now they're on to something! Natalie Portman raps about her real life smoking pot drinking and having lots of sex. I loved this seeing Natalie bust out all of those beep words was hilarious. Good one!

    Lookalikes- In this one Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg and Will Forte try to find lookalikes of eachother. Seth and Will are hit dead on but Andy is compared to a fat homeless guy (Horatio Sanz). To prove they are wrong, Andy goes to stand next to him and then Will and Seth can't tell him apart. I'm pretty sure it was a spoof of a movie ive never seen. Either way I liked it. It wasnt the best I've ever seen, but it was funny.
  • hasn't been funny, or even relevant for about a decade.

    There's nobody on the show that can hold a candle to John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Steve Martin, and the original Not Ready For Prime Time folks. The second wave (Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey, etc) were Ok too. It simply has run out of steam. The last halfway funny person they had was Norm McDonald.
  • At first it was funny now it's not.

    At first it was funny now it's not.Some episodes aren't even funny, back in the 90's it was funny. In the 80's it was funny. In the 70's it was funny. But nowit's like abouch od idoits doing stupied things. Some are funny. 87 percent are not funny, and 13 percent is funny.
  • It's a good show. It's funny.

    I enjoy it, but it's not my personal favorite, but I still put it on my favorite shows file. It's an ok show. It's not a completely amazing show. Some episodes are stupid, and sometimes they put the worst celebrities on the show. Not a bad show, but not an amazing show. It is funny. B+ in my book.
  • Used To be Great

    Saturday Night Live used to be a wonderful show that I would watch every week. Now, I haven't been watching it lately because they have been running out of ideas. On the other hand, Mad TV is now superior to Saturday Night Live. Their jokes are fresh and not old. Also, it is on at an inconvienient time. I have to remember weekly to tape it, and sometimes forget. If Saturday Night Live wants better ratings they have to impress viewers by thinking up new and creative ways for entertainment. I sadly can only rate this show a sad 7.5.
  • FUNNY!!!!!!!

    I think this show gets dumb at times but overall its funny. I think Mad TV ripped off Saturday Night Live but yet what doesnt get ripped off these days. I think they can work on the skits a little bit and maybe add some more jokes to the script.
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