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  • *Knock Knock* "Flowers for the lady of the house."

    As a child growing up, this was one of my favorite television shows. I used to beg my dad to let me stay up on saturday nights so I could watch it. And don't even get me started on the re-runs, I would watch them every time I saw them on. To say the least, it was a staple in my tv viewing.
    Over the last decade however, this show has gone completely downhill little by little. The current actors are not anything compared to the comedians of the SNL alumni. Each show seems to be more and more repetitive and unoriginal. I suppose after 30 years it becomes hard to come up with new ideas for the same show, but that\'s what these writers get paid the big bucks to do.

    Unfortunately, I must say that I think it\'s time to throw in the towel. Call it a wrap guys. Quit while you\'re not too terribly far behind. Stick a fork in it. SNL is done.
  • one of the greater live shows to air today. in the day we had a lot of great talent go on and become superstars. the parodys of shows were hilarious and you look marvelous was said by everybody i knew back in those days. too bad its in total turmoil.

    okay who remembers charlie rocket saying the f word when he was playing jr ewing and got shot. well the weird thing about it is he committed suicide earlier this year and ate his gun. a lot of superstars started out on this show and great musicians lip synced too.
  • SNL is probably one of the most famous comedies with skits since the Carol Burnett Show and the Tracy Ullman Show from a loooooooooooong time ago.

    I have only seen one episode of this show, as I have a busy schedule, but I laughed until I cried! Joan Cusack is by far one of the funniest actors/actreeses on the show. The "Patrick and Gunther Song" really made me laugh! I must see more of it! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • this show is a comedy no duh.its filled with various cast members , amazing guest stars and hilarious skits.this show will make you laugh out loud and soon it will be part of your saturday schedule.If you have has been on for years and it is just g

    ive loved tnis show forever i watch it with my dad and it is so not boring!its awesome, there is a great cast ,funny skits , great guest stars and hosts.this is the best thing to do on a saturday night.i love the old episodes with adam sandler and will ferrel.i never miss it!
  • Back in the day, SNL was great. Now it is just stupid, and unoriginal, and the writing is terrible.

    Saturday Night Live used to be good back in the day, and the classic episodes were also great.
    Even for most of the 80's and early 90's. Look at classic castmembers / characters, and most of todays skits cant even hold a candle to the classics. Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Dan Ankroyd, Jon Belushi, David Spade, Don Cheadle, (not spelled correctly, I know), Mike Meyers, Dennis Miller, Adam Sandler, and even Will Ferrel. And some Characters/skits; Mr. Robinson, James Brown (i.e. In the hot tub), the ConeHeads, Blues Brothers, Curch Lady, Opera Man, Wayne's World, The Van down by the river guy, The more cowbell skit, etc. I would be hard pressed to name any recurring characters, or even many cast members today. The show has peaked a long time ago, i say cancel it and just run the classics. Todays writing is terrible, and most cast members show no passion for their work.
  • I find practically every SNL to be completely boring, unoriginal, formulaic, and adolescent. Tina Feys writing is horrible she should be fired. Having two women as cohosts of the news is worse than boring...its at times femin

    I find practically every SNL to be completely boring, unoriginal, formulaic, and adolescent.

    Tina Feys writing is horrible she should be fired.

    Having two women as cohosts of the news is worse than boring...its at times feminist and anti-male.

    Tina Fey needs to be fired. The show used to have a strong cast of both men and women with strong political and social content.

    Now the show is filled with strong and talented women but with weak, effeminate men mostly in drag or in gay characters. Its hardly worth watching and in fact...I no longer know anyone who watches the show...which is why I took the time to write.
  • True Masterpiece

    Whether it was the careers of Eddie Murphy, Dan Akyroyd or Chevy Chase, this career has launched the career of many a comedian, particularly into the movies and it continues to do this.....Truly one of our great classics..Hope it stays on the air for many years to come....I think this show is truly influential....
  • pure crud!!

    a really ,really stupid show!!! nothing funny,,the writing is pure crap and the acting is so dumb it shold be called the saturday night "put me to sleep"show!! Why it is still running is any boadys guest!! please take it off the air,please?? it really stinks bad...thank's for leting me vent.
  • Best thing to do on a Saturday night at 11:30.

    Saturday Night Live (Aka. SNL) debut on October 11, 1975 on NBC, audiences have been tuning in around the nation to see celeberties, either make a fool of themselves on live TV, or to see them as a fan. It is one of the longest running shows of American TV History. Every Saturday night, the show is broadcast live (exception for reruns after season finale), from Studio 8H, in the GE Building in New Yorks famed Rockefeller Center. Good news for the fans of the show, NBC has renewed SNLs Contract untill 2012. SNL has lifted the careers of many of our favourite stars, includng, Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey, Adam Sandler, Tracy Morgan, David Spade, Will Farrel, Ron Schnider, and many more. Some cast members who died after SNL Include, John Belushi who died from drug abuse, Gilda Radner from ovarian cancer, Chris Farley from drug abuse, and Phil Hartman who was killed in a homicide by his wife.
    The Show has been going on for over 15 years, and on October 1, 2005, the first SNL show was aired in high-defenition.
  • I LOVE the oldies but the new episodes....

    SUCK i hate them, the most recent funny episode was the one with Will Ferrell as the host since then i havnt liked one episode, if i went to NYC and someone gave me free tickets i wouldnt want them, thats howmuch i hate this show now i wouldnt go to this show for FREE the old episodes are great, im so dissapointed with the people on this show, and i know its not their fault that they cant find funny people so i hope that soon we get some funny people on that show. Oh and the reason i gave this show a 6 is becuase i loved the oldies they deserve a 10 but the new ones should get a 1 so... ya
  • The actors on it make it funny, but love to see the guest appearances.

    I actually never heard it before until a friend mentioned it to me in school. I watched it and loved it, funny, satirical, and brings something nice to watch at the end of the day. Also love Tina Fey though, she's cool, hot and geeky. Too bad she's part writer so usually only does the weekend update now, still funny. Sometimes though, their guest actors suck like Tom Brady (football quarterback). He was a horrible actor but they only brought him on cause his team won the super bowl third time in four years. Woopdeedoo, we want stars who can act, not some famous guy who plays sports.
  • Outrageous and creative sketch comedy from the most talented comedians/actors in the business of comedy.

    The 31st season is off to a decent start. I must say that Amy Poehler is absolutely amazing and she has alot to do with the positive aspects of the show. The only thing that could make the show better would be MORE AMY. Weekend update rocks with Tina and Amy...I love the women in this cast! Tonights episode was decent, Jon Heder was not the best host, but was decent. Ashlee Simpson is ridiculous, though. I did not enjoy her performances at all. Just my personal opinion. However, anytime there is a Kaitlyn sketch from Amy, things are looking up.
  • One Of History's Best

    Sure you heard about it, and no wonder, more than half the top commedians of all time (since it started about 30 years ago) spent some time in the show.
    I won't start nameing them cause i just have 100 words and it wouldn't be enough.
    But I'm completely sure that it's one of history's best.
  • "I beleive..." Review of SNL (Saturday Night Live)

    The newer versions of SNL are hillarious and really funny, I love staing up late on Saturdays to watch it. I believe it is so funny, and I especially love the Weekend Update scenes. They have many guest stars and musical performances, which adds to the show. I love this series and i think it's great just the way it is...
  • season premiere was ok,,,,haven\'t seen the \"the 40 old virgin yet\" ,,,,,otherwise looking forward to better hosts and musical guests!! Tina Fey was pregnant and found out she gave birth 3 weeks ago.... did not know that Mia Rudolph was also expecting

    i chose to give tonights season premiere is 7,,,,,it was ok and actually found myself laughing at a few scenes but was not my favorite by far and felt they could have done alot better with the first show of the season. Ashlee Simpson will be next weeks singing guest.
  • It\\\'s sad to see SNL not as great as it was in its heyday...

    I really think SNL has lost what made it great. The guests they have on there are pretty lame, unless you are someone who follows trends a lot....The only thing that even vaguely interests me about SNL these days is the musical guests..and an example of what I said before about \\\'trendy\\\' hosts..a great example(and this is a NASCAR fan saying this)....JEFF GORDON hosting in 2002, when they should, if they were gonna have a NASCAR guy on, the 2002 Champion Tony Stewart. Having seen Tony in person,he IS hugely popular..and a lot more funnier than Jeff was!! But I thought it was sorta funny when Steve Forbes guest-hosted...The best guest host IMO was when Ron Howard did SNL in the early 80\\\'s,forget which year though...I also remember Eddie Murphy and his characters like \\\"James Brown\\\" in the hot tub skit..and as Mister Robinson..but as far as the casts over the years,the ORIGINAL cast was the best(Gilda Radner and John Belushi RIP)..
  • It is still ok but just not what it used to be.

    I liked this show when it had Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan. Now a days it's just not as funny as it used to be, much like The Simpsons in that respect. The show is good for a mild chuckle but no longer something I laugh out loud too. My thoughts are if Jimmy Falon doesn't laugh his way through the skits its just not as great as it used to be. I hope SNL gets better at another point in time but I fear after a show as long SNL has run it just can't stay funny forever. Don't get me wrong though, it still has its moment its just not what it used to be,
  • Hit rock bottom years ago

    Why won't it just end? SNL has been terrible for the past eight plus years and each year only accomplishes the seemingly impossible by being worse than the previous year.

    The show had a great twenty-year run. However, it has been sliding downhill since then, especially after the departure of some of the "modern-era" greats like Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Chris Farley, et al.
  • Saturday Night Live, it has indeed been alive for all Satuday nights I can remember...But it is still funny? I say it is.

    I haven't always lived here, near America, where we get American channels. In Holand I never saw SNL and seeing I'm pretty young I couldn't possibly get sick of it yet. To me, it's hilarious, I watch it every saturday night, but I won't die if I miss it. One of the reasons being you can see previous episodes on E! Pretty handy from time to time. Anyway, this show is hilarious, the way they act and mostly read the lines...It looks funny and especially when one of them says something that everyone finds funny and they all start laughing and can't stay serious anymore for their characters. I especially adore the fake commercials they make, like the baby thong diapers.
  • Truly Astounding, anyone who says it's bad now obviously doesn't watch it.

    This show is amazing then and it still is now, as good as ever. The talent they have is amazing, just like 30 years ago. It's all great. They are different people, but IT is STILL amazing!!!!!! It's just like when people say the Simpsons is bad now, it is NOT! They are just as good as ever.
  • Saturday Night Live...always got something good.

    Saturday Night Live is always a good show to try and catch. The guest hosts and bands are always a pleasure. They're innovative and entertaining. Not every segment is the best, but they've always got something you'll like in the show. I always like to watch it whenever I'm home on a Saturday night. Good times.
  • Once a great show, now is an embarassment to television.

    When I look back at the old episodes of SNL, I ask how? How was that show so funny back then, with great skits like Wayne's World, yet be so terrible now? Occasionally I'll watch it to try to get some entertainment out of late night TV, but it is just unbearable to watch. If I'm lucky, I'll see one decent skit that will make me smile a bit, possibly even laugh, but that's just if I'm lucky. Some shows are so terrible that I actually feel embarassed for the actors, because the jokes they're making are so unbelievably not funny that they must be humiliated. Ferrel was their last good actor and he left. I guess Jimmy Fallen was okay, but he left too!

    I'd say the funniest part of SNL nowadays is the news, but even that usually isn't very funny. If you want bawdy, witty and hilarious news reporting by someone who actually knows what he's talking about, watch the Daily Show. Don't waste your saturday night watching SNL. Even the musical performances are usually crap.
  • Still better then MadTv

    I love SNL, these people obviously dont get political humor and satire. Writing is sharp best sketch is weekend update. The Prince show is pretty funny, he does a good impersonation of him. I also like the Falconer Sketchs, anything with will forte is funny. This is a really good show, you just need to appreciate the humor involved and imagine how hard it must be to come up with new stuff everyweek?
  • Currently they are in a slump, but SNL can be pure gold.

    Saturday Night Live has been down in the dumps before, but right now is probably one of the worst casts I have ever seen. Over the past 26 years or so Saturday Night Live has had terrible casts but it has also had wonderful casts which have included Chris Farley, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphey, Phil Hartmen, Mike Myres, Dana Carvey, Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon, Tim Meadows, John Bullushi, and Cheri Oteri.

    Saturday Night Live is a series of skits that have always gone from great to bad. If you watch this show I recommend watching the first 3 or 4 skits and then go to bed. Usually the last half of the show is not that funny. Hopefully SNL can get out of their current slump soon and get back into action with some new talent. If you are a fan of comedy then you will enjoy this show.
  • The only shows meant to stay on since the 70's are news shows and entertainment shows. Its time for this show to go. Its not even funny, its a complete waste of valuable comedy time.

    Why is this show still on the air? Its time for it to go. I can't even sit through the beginning, I jsut end up turning back to MadTV. The only thing I like about SNL is Weekend Update which makes fun of people. Thats what people like today, celebs being made fun of. Not that other stuff SNL is trying to be funny with. I think they even the that Ashlee Simpson thing on purpose.
  • I still watch it every week hoping some season it will find a savior.

    I wish I was old enough to have witnessed SNL in its prime. I used to watch comedy central to get my fix of the older episodes, but now their only on every once in a while on E. The best comedian recently was Ferrell. Ferrell was the last remaining hope. Once he left there was really no stand-out performer. Fallen was probably the best of the recent performers and he's gone. Don't get me wrong, the show is not unbearable. It's still a funny show with great guests, but you just can't help but think about the good old days.
  • What happened? They ran out of ideas! They get lamer and lamer every year!

    Back in the days before now, SNL had even better ideas than this. And what happened to those old actors? I mean, they keep changing every year. Each year, they get more boring then ever. I mean, they're doing sketches of shows -- that aren't what we normally watch. Bring back all the "Hardball", and the funny "Political" intros... bring back all the popular show skits, bring back all the hottest hosts! It's nothing without them either. That's how the show gets hot. Get more good ideas!!!!! They have to get better ideas than this, or they can kiss those good ratings goodbye!
  • SNL and Celebrity Jeopardy is the funniest thing EVER!!! 10/10

    Will Ferrel has to handle bunch of idiots who never answer his questions right. Guess who plays for charity? Sean Connery (my fav-he is da best!!!) Burt Reynolds (2nd best) Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Bjork ... They are not real, but comedians know how to make them look/sound real :) For example-Tom Cruise and his psychotic laugh!!! I don't wanna spoil anything, but if You have chance-take a look. 'Sean' is worth it ;)
  • i hate this show, i wish it would die. youve had ur run since i dont know, a long time. now get rid of it

    wtf, this show is a waste of time and it sucks soo bad. i mean they're not even funny. they mess up on their news sketch by laughing and then wen they have a decent joke, they kill it! the only time its worth watching is for maybe the celebrity guests or the guest singers. mad tv has totally killed this show. dont watch it, please,it would be better to put news in their place. i give it a rating of 1 cuz of their guest singers and celebs.
  • Complete garbage

    As everyone knows this show Was at one time funny. Now the entire cast and the writers especially have disgraced the SNL name. I will try my hardest to watch it, but it is pretty much torture ill watch a whole episode and not even crack a smile. Its painfull garbage. I would say that they need to let the show just die. But that would leave fans with a very sour taste left in their mouths.
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