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  • Funny - Saturday Night Liberal

    I have enjoyed watching SNL since the first show. As most, my interest waned occasionally, but I still come back to give it a chance. Lately it seems that the only comedy they can come up with is showing disrespect for the the president or republicans.

    With them or not, the humor should be balanced. It's what made the show good. The humor wasnt very political for the BassOMatic, or for Willie, or for a number of other great skits.

    At a minimum I watched the news as it was usually balanced. There's humor on both sides of politics.

    This last week, the news was totally horrific. Strong word for a sickening display of bashing replacing humor. It has almost become like grade school - perhaps a skit about name calling would be appropriate. It's only a short distance to that line.

    I suppose after all these years, humor evolves/dissolves into slanted lack of respect.

    It's sad.

    SNL is being a child that needs to be told to grow up. Find humor outside of slanted politics. Please get out of the mud.

  • Extension of Lorne

    If anyone sees Kevin McDonald around can you please tell him I'd like to meet him someday.
  • Hitting it out of the Park!

    SNL has been terrific! It has always been best when it has been political, and now -- with Trump -- the material it has to work with is unbelievable. It has once again become "Must Watch TV" for me. The negative reviews are entirely from the Trumpers who apparently can't take a joke. Fine, Trump managed to win the Electoral College. He is doing what he said he would do (as horrifying as that is). But that has nothing to do with how good SNL has been. If you don't enjoy it because you want to close your eyes to anything negative about Trump (which means you should only watch Fox News and listen to right wing nuts on radio), then don't watch it. But for me, I can't get enough of it.
  • request fo pardoy

    Please, please, please do parody on the man that did fake sign language at Mandela's funeral!!
  • Mokiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mokiki is a god!!!!
  • 11-3-12 show

    The overall show was great but the best, most hilarious skit I've seen in a long time was with C.K.(?) and the gal in the bar. That was so hilarious!!!! Those two are great comedians. I don't know the actress' name but she is amazing. And C.K. is hilarious too.
  • Great comedy sketch show ever!

    I was a fan of SNL for a long time. I like the first through the current seasons of SNL. I like the original not ready for prime time players. My favorite cast member is the late Gilda Radner. She is so funny and zany in that show from 1975-1980. I remember watching the ones with the Eddie Murphy-era. My favorite sketch is the bees sketch. My favorite characters are Emily Litella played Gilda Radner, Irwin Mainway played by Dan Aykroyd, Velvet Jones played by Eddie Murphy, Matt Foley played by Chris Farley, Mary Katherine Gallagher played by Molly Shannon, Joy Lipton played by Cheri Oteri, and Gilly played by Kristen Wiig. My favorite celebrity impression is Donatella Versace played by Maya Rudolph. I also like the commercial parodies. They also make fun of politics. I like the one where they parody the O.J. Simpson case.
  • Coming to you live from New York It's Saturday Night!

    SNL is a comedy made up of various skits to do with anything between politics and celebrities, every episode there is a different host and musical guest. See I had never heard of SNL until I was channel surfing one night about last Sep. and then I saw Week End Update. It was so funny I would recomend this to a friend, the skits are always different, nothing is repetitive. It's an original, It's a classic. SNL has been going for 34 years. Keep on rolling SNL. If you have a comment on my review send me an email at
  • From Chevy Chase to Eddie Murphy to Chris Farley to Jimmy Fallon to Tina Fey.

    The greatest variety show of all time. Since 1975, we have laughed and thought better about every taboo issue in America from politics to religion to even sex. Rock & Roll is very similiar to the comedy of Saturday Night Live. From Weekend Update to Coneheads to Wayne's World to dead on impressions of the people in the news have been a staple in the show since the show debuted on NBC. A new freedom and energy in comedy we never saw before. The comics on this show are the funniest of all time and have never been afraid to push the envelope. The spirit NYC has been alive and well all these years and I'm glad we have a reason to stay at home on Saturday night. Live From New York.. It's Saturday Night!!!!!
  • Saturdays Just became brighter with this show.

    Lets see where to start with this review hmmm for 1 this is one of the best and longest running sketch shows out there and im sure alot of you out there grew up watching this show. It doesent matter how bad of a day I might of had but when I watch this show I just feel happier because of all the well written and hilarious sketches. Many great actors have started their career's on this show and for that I thank SNL for giving them their first real break. This show is timeless and even the oldest sketches from the 70's are still extremely funny. I want to thank this show for making my Saturdays a little brighter and to repay them im giving them a 10/10.
  • "Saturday Night Live" is not only a classic but, a memory of comedy that anybody would laugh at and enjoy.

    "Saturday Night Live" is the popular Saturday skit show that continues to air on NBC.

    "Saturday Night Live" is a weekly skit show that parodies pop culture. "SNL" is also well known for having started the movie careers of former cast members (like Jim Carrey, Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and Rob Schneider etc.). "SNL" is one of those shows where every skit is memorable. "SNL" is extremely funny and has one of the most impressive cast members I've ever seen. Even though "SNL" is not as funny as back then, its still a classic. This show was rank in the top 10 of TV Guide's controversial list of the 50 greatest shows of all time. And "SNL" deserves to be in the top 10.

    "SNL" deserves a perfect 10 out of 10.
  • Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!!!

    LOL, this show is hysterical and has been for as long as it's been on the air. Some of the best actors ever have come from this, and other great ones guest starred on it. Take Peyton Manning for example. I'm from Indiana, so naturally, I think he's the best quarterback who ever lived. And it certainly made my year to see him appear on one of my most favorite TV shows. And after watching this for a year or so, Amy Pohler has become one of my favorite actresses. She's just too funny! Even in her smaller roles, like Regina's mom on Mean Girls. I highly recommend this show; you'll be giggling for hours and hours to come!
  • SNL a favorite show of mine for many years and some of the greatest actors now; started there.

    Saturday night live favorites: Dana Carvey, Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Tim Meadows, Jimmy Fallon, David Spade, Rob Schnieder, Darrel Hammond, Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, Will Forte, Kevin Kneeland are all equally funny.

    SNL skits like "Church Lady" and "Making copies" or how about "Spartan cheerleaders." There are so many funny skits to name, especially the Jeopardy game skit. Also some of the favorite people they made fun of is:
    Ronald Regan, George Bush Sr. George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Al Gore just to name a few.

    SNL I hope stays on forever. Great show and funny ass skits.
  • Very critisized show. I love it.

    SNL is just getting better and better. 2005/2006 season wasn't that hott, but then the 2006/2007 season brought a better cast, and the 2007/2008 season started on a huge C-note! Many people say this show isn't the same from when Farrell left, or the early 90s cast left. But, I think this cast just brings as much pleasure. SNL is one of the best shows made. Many people say "SNL would be cancelled if it weren't for it's history!" But, i mean, really, NBC doesn't care about a show's history. It would pull the plug any ways. SNL has just started it's 33rd season, and boy is it just great! Hilarious sketches! SNL has had many eras:

    1975 - 1980: Beautiful

    1980 - 1981: Sucked really really badly

    1981 - 1986: Rebuilding

    1986 - 1990: Outrageously funny!

    1990 - 1993: Even more outrageously funny!

    1993 - 1995: Needed some help, dying.

    1995 - 2000: Really really good. Hilarious, knocks your socks off good.
    2000 - 2002: Most of the 90s cast leaves and the show is starting to get poorer with writing, but is still funny.

    2002 - 2006: One of the lower but neutral ages. Funny, but dragged on writing.
    2006 - present: Rebuilding itself once again.

    Anyways, so SNL is one of the best shows, and I dont care what other people say! You gotta love it.
  • This is the funniest show to watch when you have nothing to do on Saturday Night. and the funniest show in the world

    Saturday Night Live is the funniest show alive. This show has been going on since '75. thats awesome. Most of the skits are funny and make fun of the funniest thing. I have so many sayings and iside jokes from this show, like "i need more cowbell" and "la-de-freakin-da. I watched this show with my dad since I was little. It helps you keep in touch with whats going on and its funny. The hosts and bands are mostly awesome. I can't wait 'til the next season. I hope the Saturday Night Live trend never ends. The best show in the world.
  • Love it!

    Ok, You've had to have seen SNL (Saturday Night Live) Before! Who hasn't? Ever since i started watching SNL comedy has a new meaning to me: Holy CRAP! (In which i mean: I Love it!) Anyway I really never saw the episodes from the 90's only through 2000-Till now. But I still love it! I Must say people are right Will Farrel did Suck on SNL (Well to me he did) SNL Will go on and change history, after episode, after episode! I would suggest this show to anyone! even my dog (LOL! Joke) But anyway I give SNL a 10 out of 10
  • haha this show is great!

    This show, is an old american tradtion that's actually funny! It's so awsome! I love watching it every saturday night, it's so funny to see it mock things that are going on currently. I love the weekend update the most, it's hilarious! haha. I dont like it when they dont have a new episode every week, I like it to much to not survive without it! I want SNL!! haha. Ok, well I luv the little skit things, and normaly, the music guest and host is great, and intersting to see. AFI was my faovirte band to preform on the show.
  • Best SNL show in a while. The show needs Peyton Manning!

    I laughed so much at all of Peyton's skits. He's truly the comedian! Carrie Underwood looked beautiful and has such a beautiful voice. Please invite Peyton Manning back soon. He made the show and has a great sense of humor and is a good sport. Peyton and his family are very classy. SNL needs Peyton!
  • funny stuff right there

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  • This is my new favorite show!

    I love watching this show every weekend . It is an instant class ic . I love watching Amy poehler with the news . Always hilarious . My favorite characters are : Will Forte , Seth Meyers ( number 1 favorite ) , Amy poehler and Tina fey . I like the way there is alway s a singer or band playing . It helps show some of the new musicians and artists . My favorite sketch was where the two men drank all the water they were supposed to deliver . Like i said : instant classic. Watch this!!
  • A Classic, but is hindered by the crap of today.

    Okay SNL is one of the best shows ever made any show thats been on 30 years is a ###### accomplishment. But now the sketches arent as good and neither are the cast members. I rember Sandler, Ferrel, Hartman, Akroyd, Lovitz, Belushi and Murphy [I used their last names] and todays SNL isnt even close to that. I am only 15 but my dad has tapes of the old ones and I watch them a lot. The old members should come back then the rating would definitley be closer to a 10. [EDIT] I bought a lot of TBO's so the rating went up, but I still think it isnt as good as it was.

    [EDIT: After watching the episode with Gyllenhall and The Shins and I am going to announce that I am not making SNL a 6.5, but I will leave it a 10 on here as a remberance of the oldies.]
  • Even if I give this show a 10, i still think this show is funny. I gave it a 10 for the episodes in the past, like the 90s.

    This show needs work, and better writers. Too bad Tina Fey left. Because when she left, so did the funny. The only things that made me laugh so far this season were The Best of Darrell Hammond (not even a live episode!), Fugly Betsy, and Aunt Linda. I think the show was at its funniest in the late 90s. Perfect cast, actually dead on impressions, and the best skits ever! But the 90s can't go on forever, so I rely on reruns to make me laugh. I think they should kick Jason Sudekis and Bill Hader out!!! Seth Meyers? Head writer??? Why??? He wasn't funny to begin with! Josh Meyers (former Mad Tv cast member) is way funnier than him. He should have been on snl instead.
  • Still the greatest.

    I can't believe that all the good people at Saturday Night Live are leaving! There are still really great people there like Seth and Amy but it won't be the same with Horatio, Tina and Rachel. I hope SNL will be the same even with some of their cast gone... Although Saturday Night Live hasn't been as funny lately, I still like it better than the really old episodes. Basically the only thing I look forward to are their fake commericials, the digital shorts, the weekend update and some of my favourite sketches. I will tune into 30 Rock because Tina and Rachel were so funny they would have to make 30 Rock just as good.
  • Once was great, now struggling

    Oh SNL, whither your quality humor?

    I wasn't even alive when the show first came out, but those classic episodes still blow away the newest amateur attempts at comedy.

    Even the Adam Sandler-Will Ferrell days were better than the current schlock they put out there.

    I'll still watch it, if not just for Weekend Update and yet another funny Alec Baldwin appearance. But for years SNL skits have been funny for the first minute or so, then drag on for WAY too long. If only they could cut their losses and realize humor in short, high-quality spurts is better than long-winded attempts at gallows humor.

    But Lorne Michaels is a stubborn old git!
  • For over 30 years, Saturday Night Live has always make us laugh at not only current events, but ourselves due to the ever-changing cast that happens every several years.

    With SNL entering it's 32nd season, this happens to be a show that I've been watching for a very long time. I recall the Aykyord/Belushi, Murphy/Piscapo, Lovitz/Hartman, Farley/Spade, even the Ferrell/Kattan eras, and those eras will always have a place in my heart.

    Despite the so-called "weak" seasons that I've been hearing about over the years (i.e., season 20), I totally don't care what everyone thinks of them and I say that they happen to be the most wonderful season(s) in my book.

    Now with Tina and Rachel going onto their new show, 30 Rock, this Fall, I am going to miss them. To quote Green Day: "Wake Me Up When Summer Ends."
  • Saturday Night live is one of the greatest shows ever. I don\'t know why people are saying its going down hill..

    SNL is just as good now as it was in 1975 when it first started with Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner and other great comedians. The actors and writers may have changed over the years but the fact that Saturday Night Live is a hilarious show has never changed.
  • whats going on as some would say .... i think the show has its moments but before the 90\'s ended its \"glory days\" were as it seemed never ending...

    i mean honestly people look at all the famous people who have been a part of snl i think ..ya im gunna make a lil list for you all ...
    chris farley
    david spade
    dana carvey
    mike myers
    john belushi
    chevy chase
    kevin nealon
    chris rock
    al franken
    steve martin
    adam sandler
    moly shannahan
    eddie murphey
    phil hartman
    tim meadows
    dan aykroyd
    chris kattan
    tracy morgan
    will ferrell
    cheri oteri
    jimmy fallon
    martin short
    bill murray
    john lovitz
    dennis miller
    Victoria Jackson
    Norm MacDonald
    Jay Mohr
    Ana Gasteyer
    Horatio Sanz
    thats not all my point for all of this is how can a show with this much popular people and funny heros be given a 5 thats a load ... at least a perfect .... the cast and its hosts are all and everyone who is at least a little bit famous shows like this one are hard to come by if at all .... snl is the show of the tv not these stupid shows like so u think you can dance or american idol ... no none of those even deserve to be compared to snl .... with its allstar casts from its very beggining .... to modern day cast which i will admit its going downhill seince chris farley died (rest his soul) but for gods sake people give it a 10.00 ... thanks for your time if u want to email me ....
  • Are you kidding me, how does SNL have a 8.5

    Saturday Night Live is a great freaking show. I have only watched about 30 episodes, but they always manage to be hilarious. Their competitor MAD TV on comedy central, is left in the dust compared to the success and humor displayed in Saturday Night Live. I especially enjoyed the Lindsay Lohan episode, not just because lindsay Lohan is really really hot, but because the skits on their were pretty funny. Not as good as some others, but they were "ok" funny. Yeah, never mind I think the only reason I enjoyed that episode was because Lindsay is really hot. Anyway, SNL Deserves much more than a 8.5 rating, it is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen.
  • Random skits spoofing on current events.

    Hilarious is one word to describe Saturday Night Live. I cant remember ever seeing a part that was not funny, or the actors or actressess try too hard. The scripts are just incredible, and even the TV fun house cartoons are captivating! My favorite seasons were the one's with Jimmy Falon and Will Ferrel, but i love every seasonnow. I especially love Tina Fey.
    The hosts are great, and i dont think theyve ever picked a bad one, except maybe Lindsay Lohan, who im not particularly fond of. It's my dream to get 4 tickets to S N L, so if anyone has some.. im open :)
  • Hilarious. Especially all with Mike Myers or Dana Carvey. Waynes world a favourite of mine!

    I love saturday night live. There isn\\\'t much \\\'live\\\' stuff anymore but i buy all the dvds that come out of it. Who can\\\'t relate to it\\\'s amazingly funny humour. I mean, is there anyone who doesn\\\'t like it. All ii can say is HILARE! If you haven\\\'t seen it I recommend that you watch it, live from New York on saturday night!
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