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  • Hitting it out of the Park!

    SNL has been terrific! It has always been best when it has been political, and now -- with Trump -- the material it has to work with is unbelievable. It has once again become "Must Watch TV" for me. The negative reviews are entirely from the Trumpers who apparently can't take a joke. Fine, Trump managed to win the Electoral College. He is doing what he said he would do (as horrifying as that is). But that has nothing to do with how good SNL has been. If you don't enjoy it because you want to close your eyes to anything negative about Trump (which means you should only watch Fox News and listen to right wing nuts on radio), then don't watch it. But for me, I can't get enough of it.
  • Bully

    If any other person was attacked, in the way you attack the Trump administration, they would be called a Bully. In case you forgot, he is OUR president and he is making good on campaign promises from the people who elected him. I no longer watch your show and neither do others in my State. SNL use to be you are MEAN! You contribute to the left side Babies who no longer can get over the election was lost!
  • SNL Jealous of Kellyanne Conway

    SNL so jealous of her. She is beauty and brains and they are a zero. She is in the White House and they ARE NOT!
  • Low point skit on KellyAnn Conway tasteless as well as humorless

    Melissa McCarthy was funny with her political skit. Not mean spirited but the one on Conway was just trash. Even my college age sons found it a low point. Keep your meanness to yourself. We turned channel after that crap.

    Never anything new or entertaining. I know before I even turn on the show what the skits will be about and unfortunately they really aren't funny. Where is the creativity in new characters. Why not try for humor that isn't politically based. So lame. If you really want to do something for real Americans who are struggling then just make us laugh. Try taking the high ground for once. We all know your political views. Stroke each other's ego at your after party and try entertaining all Americans again..

  • Watching Paint Dry Would Be Funnier

    No longer funny. Try coming up with something besides Trump bashing.
  • No longer funny

    The show really has become a left wing firing squad. The comedy on the shows become very mean spirited and nasty. Things like this will continue to divide America and breed hate. I've stopped watching many shows after the election. this was just one more because of how nasty, and partisan it is. On the plus side I'm spending much more time hanging out with my friends than watching shows like SNL
  • Used to be good - had courage

    Now SNL is just a bad Trump sketch or two followed by some lame skits that seem like they were phoned in. I think they believe that they're channeling the courage they had back in the 70s with the political stuff, but there's no courage in bashing Trump when every other actor and comedian in Hollywood is doing it. True courage would be to poke some folun at these protesters as well. They can't find anything ironic about a chic chanting against "hate" and then swinging a sign post at some guy's head as he walks by? No? Can't find anything to criticize or poke fun at there? I guess I'm funnier than Lorne Michaels ...
  • Saturday Night Losing this Viewer

    I realize that politics is fodder for comedians and I don't mind it in small doses where it is eqally distributed between parties but this whole season so far is only helping in dividing the country even more. I will no longer subject myself to the one sided views and can find something better to do with my Saturday Nights, than to waste my time on this crap. The positive aspect of your show is that it has opened my eyes to the actors that are pushing their political views, Alec Baldwin for example, to which I will no longer watch anything with him on it again. Maybe it is time for the show to grow up and at least pretend to be supporting the country. It can still be funny without pushing the writers agenda. Hasta La Vista Baby, I won't be back......
  • No longer funny

    I never leave reviews, but felt the need to leave this review. SNL has been a regular part of our Saturday entertainment, but it is no longer funny. The bias political garbage has really made the show horrible.

    We no longer watch, and feel sad this part of our weekly routine has died. I would give no stars, if we are honest! The one star is for Leslie Jones.
  • Stopped watching

    Let me know when Saturday ;

    Night Liberals is off the air and they put Saturday Night Live back on.
  • If I want biased, unfunny political commentary, I'll watch CNN

    SNL has always been up and down over the years, sometimes really funny and other times unwatchable. The current focus on Trump bashing is wrecking the show. It's lost its edge and if we didn't watch it via DVR we wouldn't watch it at all. The DVR allows us to fast forward through the unfunny parts, like the paeans to Obama and the repetitive, predictable Trump bashing. I would guess the most recent episode with Aziz has about 15 minutes of watchable material altogether. Thank you DVR!!
  • President Trump has Aziz autided

    What did you do with your comedy writers? With half the nation tuning out has the budget been slashed? It sounds like you hired all the losers, Hillary, Obammy and a room full of BLM,s and the released gitmo terrorists to write jokes. Truly a sad sight to watch how you people have gone down hill. You show nothing but anti American propaganda. I'm betting it's over soon for snl..
  • Gone down hill!

    Used to be funny, now it just sucks! Don't waste your time!
  • Save your life, delete from DVR

    Can't explain why these guys can't write anything funny. I come up with better material on accident. Seems like they're to stuck on George Soros junk trying to plug away at political agenda or something... Weird, but not funny at all. Even the commercials that sponsor the show are creepy lame. Can they go back to Norm MacDonald, pump you up, dick in a box? That would be phenomenal.
  • Lol at the Liberal getting upset about people giving SNL 1s

    Because the liberals are doing the same thing with Morning Joe, only, Morning Joe is more balanced in that he attacks Trump more often than not. I guess objectivity isn't something that bodes well with them.

    I think the crybabies are the ones still moaning over the election, protesting, and clinging onto anything they can to hide their denial.

    I'll enjoy the "right-wing" (practically on FOX news compared to CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, scum making fun of the whiners and liberals that deal in hyperbole and expect the rest of the world to believe it otherwise they're Trump supporters. Don't like it? Grow up and start being objective. You make the rest of us Liberals and Independents look bad.
  • Getting old and not funny at all!!

    I wish SNL goes back to what they used to do best, being lately they became too political for me and I' m actually not interested in their ongoing trashing of president jokes are also becoming more popular with SNL and their fans so I guess some of us that are not gay, illegals,atheists,minorities will have a hard time to find a common ground but instead just forced to accept the fact that democracy among other things allows freedom of speech regardless of how tasteless, rude and insulting that might wonder what is the difference between bullying and freedom of speech as perceived by some , since the intention and the end result are the same.
  • SNL is mostly lame but trashing Trump is one bright spot.

    You Trumpkins are too much. What a bunch of crybabies. Trump is a dangerous idiot who needs to be exposed for what he is via any means necessary. Every other President since Nixon has been lampooned mercilessly on this show yet suddenly, your precious commie-loving billionaire who's selling us out to Moscow should be treated with kid gloves????


    I agree that the show has gotten kinda smarmy and PC, but there is still the occasional bright spot. Alec Baldwin's trashing of the orange clown is one of them. And I hope it not only continues, I hope they ratchet it up a few notches. I hope they crap on him every week the same way the right wing scum of America crapped on Obama from day one.

    Don't like it? Good!!! Go take a hike.

    Nobody gives a crap about whether anyone who is ignorant enough to support a clown like Slump for POTUS watches anyway.

  • Saturday Night Dead - for real this time.

    SNL has totally gone off the rails. Been watching since October of '75, but I'm tossing in the towel. The show used to make all of America laugh. Now it just keeps trying to pound America into their own New Yorky bubble of what to think. Every President has always been mocked here, but they so need to dial down the anti-Trump warpath. Really, enough already. Get a grip and find some other subject please. Last Saturday's show was some new kind of low here. Perhaps it was last weekend's open call to action to tell viewers to tamper with the electoral college results (it's only a $1000 fine), or maybe it was the S&M bondage elves using Hershey Kisses as anal butt plugs. It's simply time to remove the NYC beer goggles and replace Lorne Michaels and the whole snarky smug leftist Weekend Update staff - they've had their run. America needs a new truly fresh observational humor comedy show without bias that we can all laugh at again. Start by hiring John Mulaney as head writer.
  • After 30 years of snl I quit

    The show has been absolutely horrible the last 2 years, I kept watching, praying,hoping for it to be funny again but no. I've watched my last snl show forever. Goodbye snl you Were funny. RIP
  • Its True! Everything does come to an end!

    SNL is coming to an end. At least in my heart. I've been a fan for ever. Always understood and enjoyed the humor that was offered every Saturday Night.

    But this year, sad... especially with your political views. Ok, we get it. Your a democrat. But are you suppose to be? Are you suppose to contribute to the political rift that elections bring about? Shouldn't you be contributing to the healing process? Im sure if HC won, you'd be promoting healing. So stop being hypocritical. Quit with the POTUS - Elect bashing and help the USA become productive and fun. Get new politically independent writers.
  • Alec Baldwin time to dump your no longer funny biased Trump crap

    So many people were surprised to see Alec Baldwin actually come across as funny! Well as usual with SNL lately, the run is over but they keep it going do to lack of creativity and their desire to push agenda ahead of entertainment.

    Alec / SNL you suck!
  • Liberal depression continues

    The writers and comedians of SNL continue to be depressed about the election and are failing to capture who Donald Trump is by portraying him in ways that emit a depressing dark colorless effort. Worse is that their depressive darkness colors all of the SNL skits. If SNL can not pull themselves together perhaps they could borrow from there other successful show the Apprentice and tell everyone that they are "FIRED". That would be dark but at least that would be funny and then Loren could rebuild his team.
  • Done with SNL!

    Making a show that constantly bashes our president is so sad. The disrespect andd carelessness for our country and what we used to stand for. Ive always loved SNL. But the poor portrayals of the president and other military personnel is just pathetic to me. My entire family gave up on SNL. I kept watching to see if it got better with no view of heading in a better direction. #BYESNL #DONE
  • SNL November 26 2016

    I don't usually write reviews, but tonight I was really saddened by the portrayal of military personnel in a fox hole -- why would you portray a person in that situation as a "clueless & incapacitated" person is beyond my comprehension (and I am a multi- degreed individual). Clearly you have no sense of what impact that has on any cognizant person. You do a great disservice to all of the men and women who have served this nation with honor, who live their lives with disability, or have given their lives for those of us who remain. Humor is wonderful, but mocking valor is not in that domain, and shame on you for thinking that it is. Linda from Berlin, Md.
  • Where was the comedy?

    After weeks of hilarious skits at Trump's expense, I was curious to see what SNL would do with the election results. Apparently, they decided to sit this week out. Worst episode ever! My guess is they had an entire show written around Trump losing, and when that didn't happen, they decided to pick up their marbles and stay home. Just one more entertainment outlet that 1. overstepped their role (producing comedy program) to become political operative for Hillary and 2. way overestimated their influence in public opinion. Your job and your value is in entertaining people. They failed spectacularly last night. I have lost all respect for SNL as a comedy program.
  • Will never watch SNL again

    It has become so biased. Their actors and actresses are not funny. No talent. Not funny. Will never watch again.
  • what happened to SNL?

    The new 2016/2017 episodes of SNL are not funny.. Its turned into one horrible skit after another followed by yet another horrible full episode.. What and the hell as happened to SNL?

    Did they hire complete jerks?

    I gave it the permanent delete -- and I wont be watching anymore of SNL ever again. Its just garbage..
  • Was funny, now creepy

    I also was very disappointed in the last show (10-8-16). I have watched since the shows inception and usually hang in for the duration even though the show has been lame and even creepy in recent times, I just couldn't take the obvious political bias. The insulting, and bizarre characterization of Donald Trump was so unentertaining and not funny, it was the first time I turned the show off! It is bad enough the NBC liberal media has their agenda, half truths, and omissions to the news, but now I am being force fed slanted views on what use to be a thought provoking, innovative, entertaining show. SNL has managed to alienate half their fan base who may be supporting Trump. It is the final straw and final show for me.
  • SNL drones went too politcal over funny

    I have been a life long viewer since year one of SNL. I almost never write reviews good or bad. I have watched the peaks and valleys over the years and I stayed on board hoping it would turn around and over the years it did time and time again. Unfortunately, SNL has lost the tempered, yet anti-establishment flare that it once had and this time you lost me. Just look at yourselves- probably proud of the hack job you did to Trump when both candidates could have been hacked up for laughs equally - they are both terrible candidates, but at least Trump could change directions for a while and balance things out. Any mammal can see that. SNL is not about the laughs at all anymore, or humorous entertainment even. It is about messaging. You've become political drones for The Party. I have always seen the slant, but when did SNL totally join the bankrupt establishment? I went from laughing with SNL to laughing at SNL writers for being a bunch of scared goof ball drones that don't get it, to realizing that SNL writers no longer think for themselves They .just borrow the old remnants of a tired and broken old left wing, and conform so they can work. Watching SNL was a long habit I enjoyed, but it is now a bad habit and I am giving it up.
  • Only rated one because I couldn't rate a zero!!

    I have watched SNL religiously since I was a kid, but after (10-8-16) they allowed Baldwin to continuously say the stuff that Trump was ripped apart for, I stopped. My son was watching with me. He may be 14, but we ridicule Trump for being who he is but NEVER dehumanized Hillary for who she is. I am really disappointed. Baldwin and his type are biased and this show is too. Regardless of who you vote for, keep it clean and non-biased or don't include politics or political figures in your shows only to dehumanize them. Your ratings have sank over the years and this is one reason why. Liberal biased pieces of crap. Should've ended the show when Tina Fey and Amy Polar left. Goodbye.
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