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  • Saturday Night Meh

    Not sure when this show jumped the shark, but I miss the days of Eddie Murphy telling me the hot tub was too hot. Mr. Bill was screaming "Oh Nooo!". Chris Farley was making me die in tears of laughter, and Wayne's World was all "schwing" The constant Republican bashing is way expired. I get it, you're all in New York and Republican/Conservative people are dum dum doodie heads. We get enough of this in the late night talk shows. SNL used to be a show about creative writers doing creative things. I've not seen a bit of creativity in years. Now you guys are resurrecting George Bush ? Really ? There was nothing in the last eight years worthy of parody ? No witty political satire unless the person has an R tag ? This show has been over for a long time. Beating a dead horse here. Please continue your very unfunny "satire".
  • suckin big time with the political jokes

    SNL is sucking hard with all the political jokes... Especially the weekend update... they used to be funny but no more..... i tivo and skip most of the show... i should just stop wasting my time recording this not funny show. Nothing "better" than making our country look bad by making fun of the government.

  • Be brave

    Ok. Funny skits about Trump etc but why not be brave and stop ignoring all the DNC and Clinton issues. I am not a Trump fan but I am disappointed in this show for not taking pokes at obvious issues on BOTH sides. Instead you are keeping your head in the sand and pretending everything is perfect politically for the other party. BE controversial disappointied in a show that should be controversial
  • Lazy writers need to find ways to be funny

    I've watched SNL for 40 years. The fact that most of the bits are so hateful about the current administration gets old very quickly. Just not as funny as it used to be. The past writers were able to make the political bits FUNNY. Not so funny anymore, mostly mean and hateful.

    Strikes me as ironic since the current cast would probably support "safe spaces" to protect people from hateful folks... Yet its okay for them to stray from funny into mean... This is called a double standard.

    Adios SNL.

  • SNL jumped the shark

  • Three Words

  • Whelp that's it...

    I have watched and loved SNL for years. It has progressively gotten worse and this weekend's episode pushed it over the edge. Even though Trump is an idiot, every joke should not be about him. Now you openly say it's okay to disrespect the flag? That's even worse than extreme liberals tirelessly trying to convince people its not disrespectful to kneel during the National Anthem. It's simply an immature stance to take. The flag means something very important to many people. It is the one thing that can unite us more than anything else and you are using it to tear the country farther part. Anyways, its been a great ride SNL. But this is where I get off.
  • Too far

    Your show has gone too far with its venomous approach to all things Trump. The use of terms like cracker and bitch to describe the President of the United States is NOT funny. It's been a slow slide but there are two things I can commit to taking off my TV schedule: SNL and NFL. Also, your rating numbers must be calculated by the same people who said Clinton would win the election because I see nothing but low ratings but they average out to 8.2 - riiiiiight. Buh-bye.
  • the haters

    SNL is no longer funny. Too much hate and racist politics has taken over. Been a fan since day 1, I am now not going to watch. Rating should be less than zero. Also JZ was awful and wearing the footballers number jersey that started the not standing! that was even worse.
  • SNL viewer for almost 30 no more

    Of all the episodes watched, this is the one that broke the camel's back. This is not humor/satire plain trash. If the "colors" were reversed, we would have a riot today. If there was a negativerating scale, my rating would be -10
  • SNL is racist.

    I will never watch this trash again. Tired of the double standard. Just imagine if a white man called Obama a n!gger?
  • You lost me for good

    I think it is awful to call anyone a " dumb cracker", especially the president of my country. Trump is not my favorite person but I wouldn't call him a cracker, any more than I would describe any another person with a derogatory racial label.

    Total lack of creative writing.
  • Sick and Tired of hearing your bullshit SNL

  • Madtv

    They need to hire the writers of the original madtv, anything! Get rid of the cast, they suck big time

  • Trash

    This show in the first 5 minutes made fun of anyone that supports trump and then black people!!! How does this show stay on the air!!
  • Complete Garbage

    Used to be good, now it's like my 4 year old nephew wrote it. Complete and utter be posting under the worst of America!
  • SNL is a crapfest

    This show used to be worthwhile to tune into on a Saturday night when one wanted a laugh. However, the past decade has seen a steady decline in both humour and viewers. This past season was the worst, in terms of enjoyable skits. Sure, the ratings were up from the past few years, but that is only because it was an election year. Bringing Alec Baldwin in to impersonate Trump was funny at first. But that got old quick, and the idiots who call themselves writers are plum R E T A R D E D, and lack imagination. Using the show to cram the Lefts' agenda down our throats is bullshit. After Hilary lost the election, they (SNL writers and some cast members) refused to make any more jokes about her, or the Dems in general. Instead of having edgy, tongue-in-cheek style humour that made SNL great in the past, they avoid anything slightly controversial, creating a handful of skits, bashing Trump. Melissa McCarthy is not funny, the main reason she keeps getting asked back is because Kate McKinnon has a crush on her, and McKinnon uses her being gay as leverage against Lorne and NBC. At least 80% of the cast should be fired. It's pathetic that in between of the anti Trump skits, they have Weekend Update, which, in addition to re-hashing the Trump jokes, apparently Lorne told Micheal Che he can be a racist fucktard , so long as it's about whites. Colin just sits there and plays the dumb white friend to the presumably cool black guy. So, this is the message week after week. Hate Trump, hate white people, and if you don't agree with us, you're a racist. It's sad to see a show plummett so low from a time when Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman and Chris Rock ruled. They've been replaced by angry lesbians Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Sasheer Zamata, Aidy Bryant and Leslie Jones. That in itself is a major problem, one that will surely sink the show if Lorne doesn't do a major overhaul this summer. Lorne, fire the writers (all of them), and get rid of the queef Queens, or say goodbye to SNL altogether. Sorry DBHufford, you're quite outnumbered here. And to assume that just because the majority of us find the show stale, unfunny, even downright stupid, doesn't mean we support Trump. We just prefer our comedy have some intelligence and, above all else, originality. You probably wet your pants watching reruns of Diff'rent Strokes. Whatchu talkin' 'bout, DB?
  • What has happened to SNL?

    maybe I just don't get it. Im watching the one with Melissa McCarthy I had recorded on my DVR. I haven't laughed once. What in the heck was the skit about the marriage going south an him shooting Colin? Was that supposed to be funny? An then the lady's sitting around talking about what animal they are an then she is a chicken in the end an they are making weird sounds was that supposed to be like the Stepford Housewives? Well it was stupid an not funny at all. An they used to have GREAT music!!! The writers they have have a stick up their butt they don't know what funny is they just seem to be mean an not funny an their skits make no sense at all! Can't Lorne Michaels see that this isn't the same? He has to know! Maybe back when it was funny they were smoking weed who knows an he stopped an the new writers don't smoke so they don't have ANY KIND OF IMAGINATION!?!! Idk something is definitely wrong with them I tune in once in a while hoping something funny will happen the skits will get better but nope not yet! The best we're in the beginning with Chevy Chase Steve Martin John Belushi Gilda Radner laraine Newman..... those guys and the music was awesome. Then the next 80's & 90's we're still good! But when the cast from the 90's left it's gone down hill after that. Sad to see a great show go down like this. I guess all good things must come to an end. I just hope to God they get some funny writers in there before the show goes down in flames an not let these idiots take it down. It blows my mind that they think this could be funny!

    The only time I did think it was a little funny was when they were doing Trump and Hillary during the election. And Alec Baldwin did a great job doing an impersonation of him. Ok I think i wrote a book thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on this. Let's do a petition to get rid of the writers they have now an let the fans pick them! What do you think? Let's get one started! I miss the old SNL!!
  • What Ever Happened to Good Humor

    Saturday Night Live used to be a joy to watch. Some of the skits were so smart and Humorous I would

    laugh till my sides hurt. But now it's mean and nasty with nothing but political bashing and most of the time not even making sense. I find there's nothing creative in this bashing and although I've tried several times tuning in this season hoping for some improvement after this past week end I will not be a viewer in the future.
  • Low point skit on KellyAnn Conway tasteless as well as humorless

    Melissa McCarthy was funny with her political skit. Not mean spirited but the one on Conway was just trash. Even my college age sons found it a low point. Keep your meanness to yourself. We turned channel after that crap.

    Never anything new or entertaining. I know before I even turn on the show what the skits will be about and unfortunately they really aren't funny. Where is the creativity in new characters. Why not try for humor that isn't politically based. So lame. If you really want to do something for real Americans who are struggling then just make us laugh. Try taking the high ground for once. We all know your political views. Stroke each other's ego at your after party and try entertaining all Americans again..

  • Sick & not funny

    I used to watch SNL all the time but it has been on a steady decline. And this constant attack on Trump has gotten old. Looks like they are desperate. I won't tune in sick. I rate it a zero
  • 8.2 stars?!?

    With all these bad reviews, and of course all around bad season, the show still has 8.2? Sounds like the rating system may be opinionated and driven by the businesses that run them. Just goes to show how bad TV continues on and doesnt care what we the viewers think as long as they can meet their quotas. ESPICIALLY a democratic politically driven show that shows our youth the propoganda of biased reporting and true hate speech disguised and a masked hero attacking all evil doers and their supposed hateful speech. SNL is a plague on America and the youth they cater to, and that's the gospel truth.
  • . SNL

    I've watched and enjoyed Saturday Night Live since 1975. Loved it, even through the bad years. But Lorne has slipped. The show is no longer satirical; it's just lame and mean spirited. I don't know if it's the cast or the writersor both but, they've forgotten what it's like to be spontaneously funny. So, for the rest of this seasonI'm out. IF they come back in the fall I'll give them a look but if it's the same feces they're feeding us right .
  • Once a great show, now it's complete shit!

    Once upon a time, there was a show called SNL and it still runs to this day. During the 70s, 80s, and 90s, it was funny. However during the 2000s, it started to get less funny, then in the 2010s, it become absolute complete garbage with its political crap and is still airing, why? Just cancel SNL. Nothing is made to last forever. Not even The Simspons. For a better sketch comedy that's actually funny, watch MADtv (which was revived by the CW last year) if you want to see a funny sketch-comedy show done right.
  • Like the Show, but Why no New Shows?

    Yeah, I enjoy the show and have since the beginning. Yeah, there are quite a lot of bad skits, but when they're good, their great. My beef is that there are few new shows. Long breaks. Seriously? I am losing interest. How many new shows come out each season vs repeats? Don't get it. Don't like it.
  • SNL Sucks

    Can you get new material already. We're all over your stupid Trump skits, you don't drive our opinions. Get new writers, get new ideas or get off TV.
  • Lame, boring, repetitive, no good content

    Who invited all the Hillary supporters? Why did they replace the entire cast with a bunch of liberals? Why is this now all about politics? When the entire cast are the only ones laughing at their annoying statements(yes I didn't call them jokes) you know the show went down the drain. Who is even writing the scripts? A lab of monkeys can be funnier than these low life's. How about instead of framing people who oppose your opinions as racists, bigots, in other words people who shouldn't be part of YOUR society, how about you write things that are actually funny. Oh wait, since when did it become YOUR society. This is OUR society and every man woman and child has an equal say. Stop pushing your views onto people because that is not comedy. That's CNN and CNN is not funny. Please get back to making people laugh instead of feeling awkward, judged, feel like they don't belong.
  • Used to be good years ago.

    Remember when this show used to be funny? I hardly remember. The past 5 years of SNL have been nothing but a parade of garbage floating across television screens in every idiot's home. It's actually really sad. This show used to have clever writing and unique sketches but have you watched it within the last year? Last time I tried watching I couldn't make it through their freaking cold open. It's so horrible now.
  • Openly liberal

    This show has gone down the toilet since it came out of the closet . Normally that coming out is a happy time in someone's life and for those that love them . However when you stop making fun of the guy down by the river living in his van ,and focus on the POTUS every episode it is then that you realize how much hate and unhappiness SNL has built up . Me and my friends and family haven't laughed at an episode since mid last year . Get off the politics and get back to comedy , this is America and you can get away with allot . It dosnt mean you should continue to do so.
  • Sucks

    No laughs for me