Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 16

Richard Benjamin/Rickie Lee Jones

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 07, 1979 on NBC

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  • "Oh, wow! I could have had a V8"

    My absolute favorite episode of year 4. It seems the cast (minus an absent John Belushi) pulled out all the stops for this one and a series classic was made.

    Cold Open - Belushi Stand-In : Backstage, Aykroyd helps a stand-in (Marvin Goldhar) go over some of Belushi's trademark phrases. Quick, funny opening.

    Monologue - Benjamin tells his wife he found a new lover (Gilda), but Gilda relents. Pespi Syndrome - A spilled soft drink on machinery causes chaos at a nuclear power plant and a visit from President Carter (Aykroyd). Public Relations (Benjamin) tries to quell fears with a press conference and mimes (Franken and Davis). Great stuff, well-written and the Rodney Dangerfield cameo is priceless. The 14 minutes moves quickly.

    Nerds in Love - Todd's cousin (Benjamin) lets Todd use his apartment for a night of romantic activities with Lisa. The physical comedy used in between the dialogue kept the sketch going. Another great entry into the Nerds ongoing storyline; probably the best of The Nerds sketches. Weekend Update - Greats jokes as usual from Jane and Bill, part 2 of the Chico Escuela story, Bill Murray gives his predictions for the 1979 Academy Awards (he got two predictions right) and Roseanne Roseannadanna gives another sidetracked commentary with a funny poem at the end.

    Rickie Lee Jones peforms "Chuck E.'s in Love" - My introduction to Miss Jones music and a nice one as well. A fun little Funk-pop tune.

    A Bird for All Seasons (film) - Neil Wasserheim (Bill Murray), a studio exec., showcases programming featuring parakeets. Cute

    Scottish Restaurant - a couple (Benjamin, Laraine) go to a Scottish restaurant and in the process are grossed out by the menu and annoyed by the waitstaff. This was okay.

    Little Chocolate Donuts - a repeat ad from Buck Henry/Leon Redbone (11/19/77) about a triathlete (Belushi) who uses the chocolate cover pastry as an energy aid. Still great.

    Rickie Lee Jones performs "Coolsville" - A jazzy number that would make Tom Waits proud.

    A very good show. 9/10