Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 19

Richard Dreyfuss/Jimmy Buffett, Gary Tigerman

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 13, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

PARAQUAT CHASE: Paraquat contaminated marijuana is transported throughout America into the hands of one person. (Aykroyd(voice), Belushi, Murray, Radner)

MONOLOGUE: In order to prove to John Belushi that he is worthy of his Oscar, Richard Dreyfuss prepares to do Hamlet's famous soliloquy. (Dreyfuss, Belushi)

CONE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND: Roy Neary realizes that the Coneheads are aliens and gets them out of trouble. (Dreyfuss, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Murray, Newman)

"SON OF A SAILOR": (Buffett)

SEX TEST: Richard Dreyfuss introduces a sexual knowledge trivia game with doctor's inputs. (Dreyfuss, Morris, Murray, Newman, Radner)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Jane Curtin apologizes for her past explosive behavior and vows to never lose her temper with correspondents again; Bill Murray believes Richard Burton should've won the Academy Award for best actor and looks at a fake clip of "The Goodbye Girl"; Roseanne Roseannadanna's inability to comment on UFO sightings gets on patient Jane Curtin's last nerve. (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Murray, Radner(2))

NICK AT THE HONEYMOON ROOM: Nick The Lounge Singer and his new electronic organ help entertain newlyweds in the honeymoon lounge. (Dreyfuss, Aykroyd, Belushi, Murray, Newman, Radner, Anne Beatts, Mitchell Laurance, Rosie Shuster, Paul Shaffer)

PET PEEVES: A couple go in-depth on each other's pet peeves. (Dreyfuss, Newman)

THE DAVID SUSSKIND SHOW: David Susskind talks to famous personalities and their congruous mothers. (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Murray, Newman, Radner)


HOW YOU PAY FOR YOUR SINS: Hobbled Father Guido Sarducci tells viewers how they can literally pay for their sins in various ways. (Novello)

"I WANT TO BE SEDUCED": (Dreyfuss, Paul Shaffer)
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