Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 19

Richard Dreyfuss/Jimmy Buffett, Gary Tigerman

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 13, 1978 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Announcer: Yes, Paraquat does affect the quality of marijuana, but it does not affect the importation and traffic. One afternoon from this secluded valley in Sonora province, Mexico [Dissolve to North American map with a mule placed over Sonora] one-hundred tons of Paraquat-treated marijuana was transported by mule [mule moves to a plane just south of Texas] to a point 30 miles south of the United States border at York, Texas. Here, 50 tons was transferred to six converted Lockheed Hudson C-40 transport planes with flight plans for the American Midwest. [Plane on map moves north to Kansas, where a semi truck is positioned] Six hours later, the six cannabis-carrying transport planes touched down safely in the wheat field of a high-volume dealer near Pitkin, Kansas, where most of the payload was seized by federal and state law enforcement officials acting on an elderly neighbor's tip. [Plane falls off map] But before the lawmen could surround the area, ten tons were concealed in a refrigerated tractor-trailer unit hauling a load of fresh zucchini [semi drives east to a van positioned in Kentucky] Agricultural officials stopped the tractor trailer at Bowling Green, Kentucky and while making a random inspection, they discovered the marijuana in the zucchini. Of the ten tons on that truck, nine were seized by drug enforcement agency representatives [semi falls off map] who accepted a large bribe to let the only remaining ton leave the state safely in a customized van [van drives southeast to a saxophone player in Georgia]. This shipment was delivered to a professional cannabis broker in Macon, Georgia. This broker subsequently sold two pounds to a black musician, who returned to New York City. [Sax player moves northeast to New York] The musician took some paraquat-treated joints to work one night, and passed one of them to a young actor.
      [Dissolve to Bill Murray accepting a joint from SNL bass player Buddy Williams]

  • Notes

    • This episode marks Gary Tigerman's only television appearance as a musician; he is probably better known as a science fiction writer.

    • As mentioned by Dreyfuss during his introduction, Jimmy Buffett broke his leg before the appearance. Buffett performed in a cast and changed the last line of his song, "Son of a son of a sailor" to "This cast is a bore, it keeps dragging the floor/And I feel like I'm pulling a trailer!" Don Novello (as Father Guido Sarducci) also appeared in crutches as he injured his hip in the dress rehearsal for the "Hockey Players" sketch from the Michael Sarrazin episode.

  • Allusions

    • During Weekend Update, Bill Murray introduces a faux clip from the movie The Goodbye Girl; this snippet features John Belushi imitating Dreyfuss' performance in the film and Gilda Radner playing Marsha Mason's character.