Saturday Night Live

Season 15 Episode 16

Rob Lowe/The Pogues

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 17, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

SEX TAPE WORRIES: During a George Bush sketch, Rob Lowe expresses his worry to Lorne Michaels. (Lowe, Carvey, Jackson, Nealon, Joe Dicso, Lorne Michaels)

MONOLOGUE: Rob Lowe receives absolutely no reaction after coming out from the door. (Lowe, Lovitz)

IRISH DRINKING SONGS: Compilation of songs follow the infamous stereotypes of all Irish people. (Dunn, Hooks, Lovitz, Myers, Nealon, Andy Murphy, Conan O'Brien, Terry Turner)

CHURCH CHAT: Church Lady talks with Rob Lowe about his new film, and as promised, takes out her sexual frustration on him by paddling him. (Lowe, Carvey, Hartman (voice))

GOVERNOR WADE HAMMOND: When Texas governor puts many inmates to death, they stay dead. (Hartman)

SPROCKETS: Dieter introduces his own freakish version of "Dance Party." (Lowe, Carvey, Hartman (voice), Hooks, Jackson, Myers)

CLEARASIL: German commercial during Sprockets for pimple control. (Dunn, Hartman (voice), Lovitz)

HARBAUGH: Opponent of Texas governor discusses more innovative, torturous ways to kill death row prisoners. (Lovitz)

"WHITE CITY": (Pogues)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Energizer bunny falls into a vat of acid, while Energizer Annoying Man just keeps going and bothering; on The Big Picture, A. Whitney Brown talks of Lithuania's independence. (Brown, Lovitz, Miller)

THE ARSENIO BECKMAN SHOW: Mimic host of Arsenio Hall interacts with the audience more than his guest. (Lowe, Hartman (voice), Jackson, Bob Odenkirk)

MACE'S TRAINER: At first glance, Mace appears to be coming on to new preppy inmate. (Lowe, Hartman, Nealon)

RANDY X FOR GOVERNOR: Executioner says he has what everybody else running for governor don't have- experience. (Carvey)

HELMET HEAD: During the Vietnam War, a man accidentally put on a helmet many sizes smaller than his head and years later, still can't remove it. (Lowe, Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Nealon)

"BODY": (Pogues)

ALEXANDER'S FUR WORLD: Spokesperson explains that these animals deserved to become fur. (Lovitz)