Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 8

Robert DeNiro/Diddy-Dirty Money

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 04, 2010 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Bill Hader! Sketches include "WikiLeaks: TMZ," "Harlan Kane," "What Up With That? Goes Hollywood," "From The Garden with Mr. Produce," "Party at Mr. Bernard's" (Digital Short), "Keith on the Set," "Blizzard Man and Diddy," "La Rivista Della Televisione," "Bosley Hair Restoration," "Mullin's," and "American America: I, Hippie" (cartoon). Diddy-Dirty Money performed "Coming Home" and "Dance on the Floor" (feat. Swizz Beatz).moreless

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  • Fooorgettt about it!

    SNL has been on a roll lately. All of the episodes this season, thus far, have had some enjoyable aspect to them. Even the Jane Lynch episode, which I wasn't too much a fan of, had some good sketches. I worry that tonight's episode will bring this steak down, though. Robert DeNiro isn't one of the best hosts out there.... He reads off cue cards, and he just doesn't seem like wants to be there. Hopefully tonight, the writing can prevail. Musical guest is Diddy Dirty Money..... yeah... Okay, lets start the review.

    WikiLeaked: This was a great opening sketch. I was worried about what kind of quality the Obama sketch was going to be, but when it turned over to Bill, I knew it was going to be good. They had some great "leaked" footage, and the facial expressions when they'd be caught doing something were hilarious.

    Monologue: This monologue was actually pretty good. Deniro seemed a little bit more happy to be hosting this time than the last few times, so hopefully it'll actually be a good show.

    The Abacus Conundrum: This was a decent commercial parody. Deniro as the author was pretty funny.

    What Up With That: It was good seeing this sketch back. The bickering from Deniro and Williams was my favorite.

    Mr. Produce: This sketch was okay... Deniro's freak-out was pretty funny.

    Party With Mr. Bernard: I thought this was so hilarious! I loved how they noticed he was dead right off, and the contrast between the freak-out scene and the trial scene.

    Musical Performance: Diddy Dirty Money performs "Coming Home". This was actually a decent enough ensemble song.

    Weekend Update: Update was more on weak arms tonight. The Kardashian sisters were okay, while Andy took the best commentary with his Spider-man actor commentary. Meanwhile, Kristen's Judy Tran was okay.

    Little Fockers Set: This character Bobby does is actually pretty good. This appeared about 2 years ago with Bradley Cooper being a hockey guy, I think. It was a funny sketch.

    Blizzard Man: The only thing that I liked about this was Deniro's character. It looked so ridiculous that it was funny. The actual sketch was your standard Blizzard man sketch.

    La Revista Della Televisione: This followed the basic formula, but I thought it was still pretty funny. Everyone doing the Robert Deniro impression was funny. They did try changing it up with the deer thing.

    Bosley Hair Restoration: This was a decent choice for a repeat, I guess.

    Musical Performance: This was awful. First of all, P Diddy didn't do anything, and this just wasn't good. The song was "A** On The Floor".

    Bar People: This was a pretty funny 10-to-one sketch. The bizarreness of Ben Stiller coming out was funny, too.

    I, Hippie: This was kind of funny. A bit random, since it features Dana Carvey.

    Tonight's show wasn't bad by any means. But, it definitely was an off-night. Robert Deniro had a bit more energy than I thought he would, but, still... he wasn't anywhere on the top of the hosting list. Diddy Dirty Money actually had a decent first song... but then the second song came up... they're not anywhere near the top of my list neither.

    Next week Paul Rudd hosts, with a surprising guest being Paul McCartney!moreless
  • 12/4

    Robert De Niro's first hosting stint was known for being epically bad, but this show was not terrible at all. Now, Robert was still stiff as a board out there in every scene, and he stumbled numerous times while clearly reading off the cue cards, but he was willing to do whatever they asked of him, and they did ask him to participate in some embarrassing sketches. A good way for him to erase the memory of that first stint.

    Puff Daddy was not terrible in his scene either, but I still am not sold on him trying to get into acting.moreless
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    • During the "Mullin's" sketch, the superimposed sign in the exterior shots can still be seen after a taxi drives past the bar.

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    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" cold open-- at a Senate hearing, Senators John McCain (Bill Hader) and Joe Lieberman (Fred Armisen) discuss the 1993 military policy; a commercial showcases feline cuisine; Lewis & Clark impersonators tell the story of the famous explorers; Trina (Kristin Wiig) continues to scream and annoy her husband Thomas (Robert De Niro); in the midst of class, choreographer (Robert De Niro) seeks out his beef cravings; "American America: Girls on a Dodge"-- in a cartoon, two girls sit on a truck and chat; and on Weekend Update, Anthony Crispino (Bobby Moynihan) spreads more second-hand gossip.