Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 10

Robert Klein/Bonnie Raitt

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 28, 1978 on NBC

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  • "I didn't like you at first, I don't know maybe it was your pants"

    Observational stand-up comedy innovator Robert Klein hosts for his second time and blues-rock crooner/slide guitar aficionado Bonnie Raitt makes her first appearance

    Cold Open- "Charlie's Angels catches the syph will not be seen so that NBC may present the following special program." I loved these little vignette openings.

    Rock Concert- Don Kirshner (Paul Schaffer) introduces an unusual music group, The Mr. Mike and Tina Turner Revue (Michael O'Donoghue, Garrett, Gilda, Jane, Laraine) and they perform a rendition of "Proud Mary" featuring lyrics about a rabbit that was killed after its ears got caught in some factory machinery. Very funny opening, Garrett was the stand out, as was O'Donoghue's deadpan facial expressions and lyrics.

    Monologue- Robert tells some jokes about his college days (even the one about college brochures, which he also told during his first host stint) then he performs a scene from 'The Merchant of Venice', including where he was chased by Anti-Semites out of the theater. Great comedy, makes me want check more of his stand-up.

    Olympia Cafe- a diner owned by a Greek immigrant (Belushi) doesn't serve anything other than cheeseburgers and Pepsi to the agitation of customers. Debut of what would become a classic. As subsequent editions of this sketch would prove there is a story to be told.

    X-Police: Corrupt former policemen (Bill, Aykroyd) man-handle a harmless couple (Robert, Laraine) for cohabitating, kill the girl and frame the guy. I like sketches with Bill and Aykroyd together as the leads; this was no different. I also like the rant Aykroyd was going into as he pounded Laraine's head against the wall.

    Miscellaneous: From the set of the previous sketch Klein introduces the musical guest

    Bonnie Raitt- Ms. Raitt performs a slinky blues-funk rendition of Del Shannon's classic "Runaway"

    Weekend Update- Only one notable commentary on this edition- the second appearance on Update from Roseanne Roseannadanna- she discusses aneurysms. Everything else, including the al-lib from Jane while waiting for Roseanne to appear, was funny as usual. Also the first news of the radioactive lobsters is reported. Nick the Lounge Singer- Nick "Winters" entertains guests at the winter lodge on Meatloaf Mountain. Great per usual with these sketches, but the stand out is the Star Wars song.

    Frog Looks at Film- Francois Truffant's friend (Laraine) showcases movie, The Nutty Air Traffic Controller, featuring Le Moron de Stupid, Jerry Lewis (Robert) as a bumbling air traffic controller failing to impress his girlfriend's (Jane) father (Aykroyd). Well-written and Robert sold me as Jerry Lewis and Aykroyd was great in his usual serious boss/authority role. Nerd Rock- A nerdy garage band (Gilda, Bill, Robert) discuss their music with radio host (Aykroyd). Like Olympia Café earlier in the show, a sketch is classic born. Miscellaneous: Before Robert announces the musical guest's second appearance of the night, Jane informs the audience the radioactive lobsters are headed toward New York. To which, Robert says a funny ad-lib.

    Bonnie Rait (featuring Robert on harmonica) performs the delta blues of "Give Up or Let Me Go" Half way through the performance, a special alert scroll reports more news on the impending lobsters' movements.

    Barbara and Rhonda on Dope- The friends (Jane, Gilda) freak out on dope and have thought-provoking conversation- (did you just hear black man break in and still all your jewelry?); eventually, the sketch is interrupted by the loud lobster roars, Jane and Gilda break character, stage manager Bob Van Ry and Belushi (in a bee outfit) come on stage and look around in concern. This sketch was the probably the weakest of the night, but even then the last part helped it avoid being completely terrible.

    Attack of the Atomic Lobsters- The radioactive lobsters get inside the studio; Belushi and Garrett are eaten, while Robert performs a dramatic speech and the SNL band plays a la the Titanic sinking. This was definitely a big spectacular thing to put together, makes you wonder how something like this was done between rehearsals, dress, and air.

    Aftermath- Robert continues his speech before being eaten himself. Don Pardo calls out for him, but he is eaten; after the carnage, the voices of two men (Michael O'Donoghue, Bill Murray) discuss ways to have dinner with the lobsters.

    So ends the episode that is in my opinion a strong runner-up for best episode of Season 3 and in SNL history. 9.5/10