Saturday Night Live

Season 15 Episode 9

Robert Wagner/Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 09, 1989 on NBC
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Robert Wagner/Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville
Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "While Dan Quayle's Asleep," "Yard-A-Pult," "Messy Date," "Tales of the Runaway Boulder," "Attack of the Masturbating Zombies," "Rockefeller is Evil," "A Betty Ford Straight Arrow Christmas", and "In the Middle." Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville performed "Don't Know Much" and "When Something Is Wrong."moreless

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  • We should all get together and demand that NBC release this episode to DVD!

    The sketch I remember most from this episode is the

    notorious "Attack of the Masturbating Zombies". The

    story goes that this sketch cost NBC so much money

    in sponsor pull-outs that it was never aired again.

    Guess what, NBC? It's been 20 years. Let's see that

    classic and roaringly funny skit on DVD! "They were zombies... and they were masturbatin'!!!"

    Honestly, this a classic sketch featuring one of the

    greatest SNL casts EVER. It's a shame for it to still

    be withheld from from SNL fans 20 years later.

    No known clips exist on the internet. But, I guarantee

    it's on a videotape in someone's entertainment center.

    Sadly, it's not in mine... yet. Someday...

    Then again, look how long it took HBO to pull their heads out of their asses and finally put Mr. Show on


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    • Dennis Miller: And now, it's time for "Dennis Miller's Christmas Craft Corner"! ... This week, I'll be showing you how to make that special Christmas wreath project (dumps a bag's worth of Wonder Bread wrappers on the desk in front of him) out of all those old, used Wonder Bread wrappers. ... (Bobbing his head enthusiastically as if hosting a craft show) Now, what you do is, you take eight or ten Wonder Bread wrappers, like I have here... (Using his arm, Dennis suddenly sweeps the wrappers off the desk and on to the floor - bluntly) And you get rid of 'em. Ya get a credit card, you go to a store, you buy a wreath. All right? Thank you... (cheers and applause)

    • Dennis Miller: Olympic star Nadia Comaneci announced that she plans to live with her married lover, Constantine Panait, the man who helped her escape from Romania last week. Nadia, who won all those gold medals in the '76 Olympics is still in great shape, as you can see here. (photo of Nadia doing a spectacular mid-air backbend) Her boyfriend, Constantine, is now in a south Florida hospital having all the bones in his body removed. ... Except THAT one! ... [cheers and applause] But that's not really a bone, is it? ... [photo of Nadia sticking her tongue out] Just an amazingly intricate set of capillaries ... Boy, science blows me away! You know... [cheers] asked if she didn't - asked if she didn't think it was unfair to ask a married man to leave his wife and four children for her, Comaneci said, "So what? It doesn't matter." [Dennis shakes his head and adopts a singsong tone] Nad-i-a! [holds up a sign reading "4.0" and shakes his head sadly] ... [cheers and applause]

    • Dennis Miller: (Photos of White House unveiling ceremony and a portrait of Ronald Reagan posed with a hand on his desk) President Reagan's official portrait was unveiled this week at a White House ceremony. Appropriately enough, the portrait depicts the absent-minded president inadvertently pressing the button on his desk and destroying the planet...

    • Dennis Miller: You know, I'm, uh - You know, I'm trepidatious about a unified Germany in much the same way I am about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis getting back together... I haven't really enjoyed any of their previous collaborations and I'm not sure I need to see any of their new stuff...

    • Dennis Miller: (Photo of Soviet Premier Gorbachev sitting across a desk from Pope John Paul II) Mikhail Gorbachev recently was the first Soviet leader to have an audience with the Pope. He is pictured here in the Vatican library just before the pontiff pushed the button on the trap door chair. Afterwards - afterwards, no one laughed harder than the Kremlin chief.

    • Dennis Miller: The embattled East German Communist Party is debating a name change. They've whittled it down to two choices, either the "Social Democratic Workers Party" or the "Wolverines" and ... in either case, though, the mascot will be a wolverine.

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