Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 13

Rosario Dawson/Fleet Foxes

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • A very weak episode. Rosario is kind of a third-stringer in Hollywood and turned out be very unimpressive as a host. She did nothing to help her career tonight.

    Cheney Interview – A very lifeless cold open. Having Cheney respond the same way to an increasingly series of irrelevant questions did not become more funny. In fact, it just grew wearisome. The only spark was Cheney's reaction after being asked if he regretted shooting his friend in the face. Bye Cheney (Hammond). Grade: D

    Rosario Monologue – This started out very badly, but Fred's long absent Ferricito saved the day with a series of funny and mildly offensive Latino jokes. Grade: B-

    Northern American Savings – So the funny part is supposed to be the reactions to getting rejected? Well, it didn't really work out too well. These "ironic" commercials like this one and Jar Glove are usually not too funny and are boring more often than not. Grade: D

    Da Learnin' Train – Another show for kids. Certainly not Jingleheimer Junction quality, but there were a few good moments like presenting the mathe problems and not solving them and then having Forte the K lead the group in a series of misspellings. Other than that, this was pretty flat. Grade: D

    Gitmo Closeout Sale – Some of the items for sale were kind of amusing like Polaroid cameras and film, water and boards. A fairly good parody of those local furniture store closing commercials. Grade: B-

    Aladdin's Tenth Anniversary – A nicely written piece that reminded me of those great relationship sketches that Marilyn Suzanne Miller used to write so many years ago. The conflict between the two was mostly realistic and, consequently, poignant. I would gladly welcome more sketches that hold the mirror to our own shortcomings as people. Grade: A

    Friends Digital Short – The digital shorts have really gone down hill this year. Last week's with NPH was an exception. This one was a lame meeting between Andy and Fred in Fred's dressing room with song narration provided by Will. It was a just a long windup to a poor payoff: Will's butt cheeks. Grade: D

    Gilley – Wow, Kristen's new character is a complete disaster! She has gotten into playing these weird characters and this one has nothing to offer than a mentally challenged take on Annie. The sketch was very poorly written with far too much repetition and absolutely no surprises or funny payoffs. This 4 ½ minute sketch seemed more like 10 minutes of pure torture. This kind of crap is the reason people love to rip on the show. Gilley should be buried post haste and we'll all pretend it never happened. Grade: F-

    Weekend Update – A really good series of opening jokes, especially the digital photo. Fred's Bernie Madoff slowed the pace a bit, but Seth recovered with a string a of decent jokes. Judy Grimes did the same thing as usual and still managed to impress with the fastest and longest string of nonsense I have ever heard. Larry the Goose was a real letdown. I was expecting a lot more, from Larry but it turned out to be a poor ending to an otherwise fine WU. Grade: A-

    La Policia Mexicana – Anyone who has ever taken a Spanish class in school understands where this sketch is coming from. The limited vocabulary of the students who wrote the episode made for a few amusing moments, but this just didn't have any payoff and the SNL writers forgot to give this an ending. It's pretty sad when the opening credits of the sketch get more laughs than anything else in the sketch. Grade: C-

    The View – I'm not sure why they keep bringing this back. Is there really such a huge overlap in the viewership demographic of The View and SNL? I have no idea who Fred and Kristen are supposed to be. Kenan and Kristen had the exact same exchange last time about not believing everything on the Internet. Rosario made a poor Selma with the only thing in common being the chest. I enjoyed Michaela as Barbara Walters and Sudeikis as Gervais was a delight with the girlish giggle that he always does. Grade: C-

    Good Excuse! - A timefiller and a sad excuse for a sketch. It was very repetitive and boring. Why have each guest repeat the excuses back to hosts? It just gets very old. The audience full of cats was about the only good part. Grade: D
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