Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 13

Rosario Dawson/Fleet Foxes

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • LOL funny! I thought the cast was tighter and hit their stride on this episode!

    Not sure why everyone hates this episode....!?
    It was a great episode, where I found myself surprised to be cracking up more frequently than any other this season. I agree it may not have been the most memorable, but the memorable ones usually have only one or two moments where I laugh. Almost all the skits in this one had a few fantastic lol moments!

    And who cares is Rosario Dawson isn't "A" list at the moment, I never thought she was anything great until I got to see her range on this show, now I'd give her some props. Also thought the SNL Band did a good job being featured on this one. MAN, they needed that lead guitar back in front, guy was shredding, I liked it, more please!

    Now I'm gonna do something I haven't done with SNL for years, I'm gonna watch it again!!