Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 13

Rosario Dawson/Fleet Foxes

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • Do you regret watching this episode?

    As I state in my blog, I have a very big feeling tonight's episode will be mediocre. No, not because of any guests, but just because last week's episode was such a delight, that I just know SNL will go for the easy joke. But, you know what? I may be wrong. Maybe we could have two delightful episodes of SNL in a row.

    May I mention right now that I don't base SNL on a political schedule. I don't say this is "the inauguration episode" or "the election episode" or the "post-election episode". In my eyes, this is just a mid-season episode.

    Rosario Dawson is hosting. I wonder if she'll either be a stiff serious actress, or a funny versatile one. Fleet Foxes is a nice indie rock band whose musical guest tonight. We'll see how it goes.

    Dick Cheney's Final Interview: Wow. Talk about setting the tone for the night. In a bad one-joke premise, Dick says he does not regret anything. This sketch was a terrible way to start of the evening.

    Monologue: Basically the whole monologue is Rosario trying to say how Hispanics will overcome all their stereos, while a certain character we haven't seen in a whle tries to stick to all the stereo types.

    North American Savings: Just watching the characters cry was a little entertaining. The whole idea was pretty clever, but the delivery was just dull and drawn out.

    Learnin' Train: Right when it began, I knew the sketch was going to be a bad lead off. Everyone in this sketch was very funny, but the writing was way, once again, too drawn out. Couldn't we have gotten a more kid-kind of star other than Harry Connick Jr.? That was really random for a celebrity impersonation.

    Going out of Business: It was a pretty good spoof on all these crappy local commercials. I really didn't get the bleep out of the name. I guess I'm just dumb.

    Aladdin: This was actually a really funny sketch. It actually went by really smoothly.

    Homies: Until Forte came on, I was asking "what the hell is this?" but , right when that script came on about the drugs, I started laughing a lot.

    Gilly: Wow. Kristen keeps on getting these wicked bad characters. What is wrong with this? Shana, the sexy girl was actually a really funny [one time] character. I did get a chuckle at a few parts, but the sketch in and of itself was not funny at all.

    Musical Performance: Fleet Foxes did an awesome job singing Mykonos.

    Weekend Update: Slow jokes tonight, and, 2 out of 3 slow commentaries. The Madoff commentary was actually really funny. But, really, Judy Grimes is not working. She needs to stop. Kristen is really good at talking fast, but we need to mix the character up a little. Meanwhile the Canadian Goose commentary was kind of alright, but it was just slow.

    La Policia Mexicana: While the idea was pretty funny, it was just a really really bad execution. I mean, I got laughs at the way I would have written this, if I had to do it in Spanish, but, it was just a slow paced kind of sketch, like "okay, here we go... we're going to do this first... then this..."

    The View: Not as good as the first shot around. Partially because it was the same story line with Hasselback. She's a crazy right-wing radical, we get it! And Rosario's Selma Hayek was funny, but did not help the sketch at all. Jason's Gervais was really funny, especially with the giggles, and the sketch moved a long nicely. But, still, no cigar. But, I'm glad SNL realized it wasn't as funny as the first time, there by putting it at the 12:45 spot, instead of the post-monologue spot.

    And, we could tell that Lorne was about a minute and a half off or so, with the 40 second band intermission, and all the other band segue-ways.

    Musical Performance: Fleet Foxes pull out "Blue Ridge Mountain". Another great song.

    Good Excuse: Man, thank goodness this was a 12:55 sketch. It was so not funny. The only part I actually laughed at was the cats screaming "GOOD! EX! CUSE!"

    That's the show. Wow, what a disorganized show. We had a few (very few) bright spots, but nothing really stuck out as a sketch I'll look back at. I kind of expected a fall-out show, especially after last week's pure bliss show. Notice how I said disorganized. Yes, it was a disappointing show, but not too much. Musical guest was great, and you could tell there was SOME effort in the show. But, for once, I see that the cast really didn't put in their full effort this week. But, it was just really disorganized. The time of the show was underestimated by 2 minutes (which is really big for television), so, instead of plugging in another taped segment, we showed a bunch of band segueways.

    Rosario was actually a really versitale host, and helped the show a lot. Fleet Foxes was really good, and will definetely be one of the better musical guests of the season. As for the show, who knows? Maybe they're saving their energy for the next show... which brings me to...

    In 2 weeks, Steve Martin comes for his 15th hosting gig!!! Jason Mraz will acompany by performing "I'm Yours" and probably some crappy album cut. There has been some speculation that maybe he'll play "Remedy", but I'm not putting money in on it. So, hopefully the writers and cast will... well try.

    Next week is a repeat of the nice John Malkovich/T.I. broadcast.