Saturday Night Live

Season 20 Episode 7

Roseanne/Green Day

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 03, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

JESSE HELMS' PRESS CONFERENCE: Jesse Helms continues to threaten the president, as well as his White House staff and family. (Cleghorne, Franken (VO), McKean, Myers, Nealon)

MONOLOGUE: Roseanne bitches about her life being in the public eye and badmouths Tom Arnold. (Roseanne)

HHT: (Garofalo, McKean, Nealon)

USAIR: President and employees of USAir explain in great detail how their airlines are safer now. (Roseanne, Elliott, Farley, Nealon)

A WOMAN EXPLOITED: THE MADONNA & TOM ARNOLD STORY: TV movie parallels Roseanne's real life. (Roseanne, Cleghorne, Farley, Garofalo, McKean(1 and VO), Meadows, Nealon, Spade)

RESCUE 911: A moody 911 operator yells at callers who are in need of aid. (Roseanne, Cleghorne (VO), Elliott, Farley, Garofalo, McKean, Meadows, Mohr (VO))


WEEKEND UPDATE: David Spade complains about baseball and hockey players striking because they can't do anything other than their sport; ACLU representative is adamant that prisoners and convicted criminals deserve better; Adam Sandler performs "The Hannukah Song" which talks about several Jewish celebrities. (Garofalo, MacDonald, Sandler, Spade)

SKIMPY'S FROZEN YOGURT: Women visit a yogurt shop that is made up entirely of chemicals. (Roseanne, Cleghorne, Kightlinger, McKean)

CIVIL WAR MEMORIES: High school dropouts get their history mixed up about the Civil War. (Cleghorne, Farley, McKean(VO), Meadows, Mohr, Myers, Nealon, Sandler)

MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES: Psychologist is upset that Roseanne won't bring back the whore personality. (Roseanne, MacDonald)


FUNNY STRANGE: Man's novelty shop is filled with objects that are "funny strange" and not "funny ha-ha." (Elliott (2), Farley, Garofalo, Nealon, Wolf)

LOCK-UP: Female prison talk show has nifty gadgets and interesting carvings into knives. (Roseanne, Rip Taylor, Cleghorne, Garofalo, Kightlinger, McKean (VO), Meadows)