Saturday Night Live

Season 22 Episode 9

Rosie O'Donnell/Whitney Houston

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 14, 1996 on NBC

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  • You're playing for Jesus Christ, not Judus Priest!

    The 22nd season of SNL was definitely a celebration year. After the rough and often poor 20th season, a whole new cast was hired on for the 21st season. As it took some time for them to gel, they had everything together by the end of the season. So, by the time the 22nd season started, it was just sweet rides of former cast member hosts, and great episodes.

    I review the Christmas episode tonight with host Rosie O'Donnell who was seen always in a positive light back in the 90's, unlike the ironic turn now-a-days. Special guest tonight was Penny Marshall, who was promoting her movie, The Preacher's Wife. Musical guest was Whitney Houston.

    Dole's Gift From Clinton: In an interruption of Michael Jackson's Christmas special, Clinton makes up with Bob Dole. It was a funny opening, and the random segueway back to the Michael Jackson special was very silly and made me laugh.

    Monologue: After telling us about how much SHE loves television, Rosie starts singing "I Got You Babe" when Penny Marshall comes out to start singing with her. Eventually Whitney Houston comes out to join in. This was a very cute monologue, and they got that song stuck in my head.

    Darnette Disposable Toilets: A very funny commercial parody, about avoiding germs and installing a new toilet after every use.

    Spartans: While Craig and Arianna are playing at the Hickory Farms store in the mall, their old cheerleading mate, Eileen, who always made fun of them, comes crying to them because she was ousted. A very funny Spartans sketch. They sure did know how to overrun this sketch, plugging into almost every other episode, but this was definitely a good one.

    Mary Katherine Gallagher: This was probably one of the best Mary Katherine Gallagher sketches in it's run. All host, musical guest, and special guest were in this sketch, and they all were great! Will never failed to make me laugh at his terrible nervous singing.

    The Delicious Dish: Everyone remembers this sketch for the Alec Baldwin version which had sexual inuendos about his balls. But, other than that one, this sketch was always kind of the same "we're awkward" sketch. I laughed at plenty of parts, just because of the antics of Rosie, Ana, and Molly, but other than that, this sketch wasn't anything close to the best sketch of the night.

    The Ambiguously Gay Duo: These cartoons always make me laugh because of how well it always works.

    Goat Boy Sings: Nothing really too special. I laughed at the silliness, but other than that...

    Weekend Update: Norm's Weekend Update never failed. Never. After Bevis and Butthead shamelessly promote their movie, and try to find the true meaning of Christmas, Norm goes through a bunch of gaffes towards the end of the Update, but makes them all funny. I also loved his homage to his earlier joke back in '95, "Happy Birthday Jesus! Hope you like crap!"

    Musical Performance: Whitney performs "I Believe In You & Me" which is this slow, yet kind of groovy song.

    Rita: After a bunch of funny recurring characters, Rita comes out. Rita makes me laugh every once and a while, but otherwise, I wasn't feeling it tonight.

    Russell & Tates: Another forgettable recurring character sketch. But, the thing was, it was still entertaining.

    The Local News: This sketch, even though not necessarily knock-out funny, was still worth watching. The thing about it though was that it totally died with the audience.

    Musical Performance: Whitney brings out "I Go To The Rock" which is an inspiring, and feel-good song. The huge chorus made it great, also.

    And, that would be our show. Christmas shows always show slight burn-out, and this was no different. Every sketch, aside from the monologue and commercial parody, included a recurring character. While most of the characters before Update worked, after Update, most of them were just not going. It makes me wonder, what was in dress?

    It was still a good show, though. Rosie was a sweetheart back than who was fun, and easy-going. Penny brought her energy to the sketches she was in, and Whitney was actually an enjoyable musical guest. But, man, was that rehashing strong.