Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 15

Russell Brand/Chris Brown

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • Russell Brand hosts

    Cold Opening: Jason Sudeikis debuts his O'Reilly impression. He got a few little mannerisms right, but as a whole this was not spectacular. Definitely a middle of the show segment, not a cold opening deserving sketch.

    Monologue: They let Russell Brand do stand-up pretty much. Big mistake.

    Frank Gublin Attorney at Law: Fred Armisen will get you tickets to Spiderman if you are injured during the show. As stupid as it sounds, it was not all that unfunny.

    Travel Channel Prize: Kristen Wiig's overzealous character returns as she tries to get someone excited about winning a cruise, but they prove to more excited by a Pottery Barn catalogue. Don't make this a recurring sketch.

    British Movie: A parody of British action movies. Not my cup of tea.

    Royal Taste Tester: A mildly clever segment about a king being oblivious that his chef was trying to poison him and a taste tester trying to avoid the job.

    Weekend Update: A few good lines from Seth, funny Lil Wayne and Eminem impressions from Jay Pharaoh and Taran Killiam. Armisen gets me anytime he plays a foreigner too.

    Living Single: I don't know, the usual random SNL show with Vanessa Bayer hosting this time. Not a laugh here.

    A Spot of Tea: A "parody" of British women talking about tea. Horrible.

    Time Travel: In a sketch that could have been found on an episode of The Amanda Show, three politicians brought back George Washington (Brand) through a time machine, but he ended up going crazy and beating them up. Stupidity.