Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 15

Russell Brand/Chris Brown

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • Russell Brand hosts and Chris Brown sings

    I was definitely expecting this host to be much funnier. Some people don't like him, but I've seen a lot of his stand-up and quite a few of his movies, and he's definitely an entertaining man with a crazy past. But the show has a hard time playing to the host's strengths.

    Cold Open: The cold open was pretty lame, especially compared to last week's. I particularly liked the way Sudeikis got more and more insane as the interview went on, and I liked Armisen's reactions to the O'Reilly questions. He never responded too over the top.. instead he remained relatively deadpan. However, I just get really annoyed by political cold opens. They need to do something new.

    Monologue: This definitely reminded me of that Zach Galifinakis sketch from awhile ago; not in content, but in the way they let Brand write his own monologue. It's annoying when hosts have to read off lame monologues written by other people.. I would expect the writers to understand that a host can be represent themselves by coming up with their own jokes. I thought Brand was great here.

    Commercial (Spiderman): Pretty repetitive, but this is a pretty big news item, and I thought they did a pretty good job making fun of that ridiculous play that I'm sure is going to lose way more money than it makes.

    Vacation Giveaway: If it weren't for Kristen Wiig and her incredible amount of energy, I'd call this skit a complete fail. I remember thinking it was stupid when Emma Stone did it, and I think it's equally dumb, if not more so, here. Once again, I'll say that if Wiig weren't acting crazy here, I would've just changed the channel.

    British Movie: Definitely the best sketch of the night up until this point. Bill Hader, Armisen and Russel Brand were hilarious as British actors in a British film that speak unintelligible English. The critic reviews were pretty great, and for me, it was an example of the type of skit that SNL does best when it tries. Sometimes, they crash and burn, but this time, the sketch was good.

    The Poisoned King: Much too short, but I always like it when actors can make other actors laugh. There were some painfully terrible parts here (Taram Killam's a good actor in the show, and in other shows I've seen, but he was pretty pointless here). However, Brand and Hader going nose to nose and yelling at each other was funny.

    Weekend Update: Very good update here. I'm not sure what people expect in their updates.. people say they are sub-par and unfunny, but I usually laugh a lot during it, especially when Stefon is around. Also Taram Killam did an AMAZING Eminem impression. I'm sure they'll bring it back, but hopefully they don't do it so much that it gets boring.

    Livin' Single: I must say, this sketch was one where the idea of it was way dumber than the actual people on the show. I thought Taram Killam did a great job here as the depressed DJ (it's becoming a bit of a recurring quote.. is it obvious that Killam was the star of this show?). Brand and Bayer were okay, and I liked that the sketch sort of pushed the limit of what's acceptable on TV (some of Brand's mannerisms were downright filthy!) but the idea itself was just stupid.

    A Spot of Tea: So stupid. Brand, Samburg and Hader talk like old women and spill tea on themselves. I repeat, so stupid.

    George Washington: Another very stupid skit that had promise. If it were about two or three minutes longer with more build-up, it could've had potential. Instead, it's yet another short skit shoehorned in there.

    Overall, an okay episode that may be better than I originally rated it. However, there are still skits that the writers choose to include that are just stupid as heck. Oh, and Chris Brown is a way better dancer than singer. Just sayin'.