Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 2

Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 03, 2009 on NBC

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  • he's biting my arm

    The future Hal Jordan hosts, and electronica/techno maven Lady GaGa peforms some songs.

    Cold Open- After his failure at landing Chicago the Summer Olympics in 2016, President Obama (Fred) does a checklist of his accomplishments and finds nothing has gotten done. Well-written and a well-aimed satirical jab the president's first nine months.

    Monologue- Ryan talks about the subtle differences between the superhero movie and the romantic comedy. I really liked this, my favorite would be difference of the climatic finish of the two.

    Mostly Garbage Dog Food- Spokesman (Jason) hawks dog food made with nothing but garbage. A funny commercial spoof that was cut after last week's dress rehearsal.

    Celebrity Family Feud- On the Game Show Network, a 1970s episode of Celebrity Family Feud features the Osmonds competing against the Philips, featuring John (Bill) and MacKenzie (Kristin) who have something to hide when the questions hit too close to home. I think this is the best way to handle that topical story. Clever in my opinion and it ended before it became really blunt.

    On the Ground (Digital Short)- A man (Andy) becomes annoyed in various situations and throws thing to the ground, then is tazered by Elijah Wood (real) and Ryan all while being punctuated by contemporary R&B rhythms. Andy, Jorma, and Akiva have run out of ideas.

    Porcelain Fountain- The man who previously sold chandeliers and marble columns (Fred) returns with porcelain fountains, along with help of his daughter (Scarlett Johansson) in her in deadpan style and confused son (Ryan). I'm glad they brought this back. Scarlett steals the scene as the daughter showcasing the merchandise.

    Deep House Dish - Dynasty Handbag (Kenan) and T-Shane (Andy) showcases more techno artists (Kristin, Ryan) and a fight between Madonna (real) and Lady GaGa. I'm assuming if Lady GaGa wasn't musical guest, this would have never seen the light of day. Well, at least Kenan got a kiss out of the deal.

    Lady GaGa performs the dramatic "Paparazzi". I saw her perform this on the MTV Video Music Awards, it was more dramatic than this, but this was still good. I'm impressed.

    Weekend Update- Good opening joke from Seth. Governor Schwartzneggar (Darrell) speaks on the Roman Polanski case; Charles Barkley (Kenan) talks about the 60th anniversary of Red China mixing his poker habit into the story; Mrs. Ahmadinejad (Nasim) discusses her time in New York with her husband Mahmoud (Fred) and insults him a little as well. Solid Update

    So You Committed a Crime... and Think You Can Dance - Portly Kevin Federline (Andy) hosts a dance competition where convicted criminals (Will, Fred, Kenan) are paired with dancers (Kristin, Nasim, Jenny) and a choreographer (Ryan) shows them dance moves and judges Nancy Grace (Abby), Nathan Lane (Bobby) and Phil Spector (Bill) judge the proceedings. Sketch of the night; the zany idea worked all around, especially Kenan's character biting the choreographer and Fred's character continuously trying to escape.

    International Masterworks- Host (Bill) of a Masterpiece Theater-like PBS show showcases a Norwegian movie featuring actors portraying an American police drama, but the actors all have bad American accents. Yes it was one-note but it worked for me. For some reason, in the set up, I imagined this to be an update on Bad Conceptual Theater.

    Lady GaGa, while wearing what appears to be several metal hula hoops, performs a medley of "Lovegame" and "Pokerface" solo on piano. I'm impressed again.

    While backstage, Lady GaGa and Andy run into while wearing the same bizarre outfit. Lorne (wearing a tie made of same material as the bizarre outfit) decides on a change for the after party. Just a quick nice sketch to end the show.

    Big improvement over last week and after the last week's incident, Jenny didn't having much to say this week. Nasim sort of broke through with the Mrs. Ahmadinejad role on Update. Also, considering how well Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta did in her two sketches, maybe she should've been host as Ryan Reynolds was, IMO, forgettable.

  • This morning he ate cat poop. Right out of the litter box.

    Somewhere between five and 30 years ago, a website called TVTome existed that, using an extremely rudimentary gray background, presented all the details that does about every episode of every TV series that ever existed. it also featured reviews, but they weren't user-created. For Saturday Night Live, those reviews were handled by a dude called HeyStu, and most Sundays I looked forward to his take on the previous night's episode of Saturday Night Live. When I read last week that his current incarnation, HelloStuart, was hanging up his fuzzy dice (I imagine reviewership represented by a pair of fuzzy dashboard dice) I decided that, having enjoyed his reviews for so long, I would like to take up that mantle. And since that outdated site became the multimedia marvel you now read, where any fool can add a review, I have decided, at least once, to be that fool. Among various others.

    Tonight's host is Ryan Reynolds, who managed over the past decade to go from obscure sitcom star to obscure superhero sidekick to high profile antihero/villain/romantic lead. He's poised to be the American Hugh Jackman. On the musical side, he is joined by Lady Gaga, whom you might be surprised to learn took her name from a Queen song nobody but me remembers.

    COLD OPEN: By way of defending himself against charges that he is turning America into Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, Obama (Fred) swears he is in fact doing nothing. It's taken a very eventful yet counterproductive summer for the SNL writers to find their comedic angle with this one (no obvious "Wouldn't be prudent" or "Don't mess with Texas") but they hit the right bittersweet note here as Barry O listed off every agenda item he has neglected so far. The key to the entire sketch was the little slouch he did at the end. Fred's impression is slowly developing into one of those iconic turns, but it isn't there yet.

    MONOLOGUE: Reynolds, playing his usual affably smarmy self, outlines the similarities and differences between his superhero and romantic comedy roles. Strangely enough I know some girls who would probably rather the Wolverine movie had been a romantic comedy... the monologues often drag, but Reynolds was born to talk, and this got by on his natural ability.

    "Mostly Garbage": In the second ad spoof of the season (which we will come to know better and better as weeks go on,) Jason Sudeikis preaches the virtues of a low-cost dog food product. Since I've seen a garbage bag or two with suspicious dog bite marks on it in my time, I can attest to the authenticity of the humour here. The best ad spoofs are the simple ones, so I don't think I'll mind if this one gets the heavy rotation.

    "Celebrity Family Feud": I was having a problem with this skit, until I hopped on Wikipedia to see if there was something about John and Mackenzie Phillips I didn't know but the rest of the audience did. Once I did know, I thought the humour was weak, but the crowd seemed to be going along with it. More accessible was the Osmond humour, but a lot more rudimentary. Uneven but a fair try.

    "Throw It On The Ground": Somewhere between a triumph like "Dick in a Box"/"MotherLovers" and nonsense like "Space Olympics" (and last week's naked Optimus Prime) is cute but forgettable fare like this. It picked up by the end, which is usually what can be said for middle-ground efforts like these.

    "Mike's Fountainry": First it was Chandeliers. A year later it was "Mawble Coalumns." Now Mike (FA) is back, urging you to class up your place with "Poawcelain Fountains," and his daughter Lexie is back too (Scarlett Johanssen.) In case you weren't aware, there's rule that says if you host Saturday Night Live and your wife is a successful actress, she's invited along too. See Baldwin-Basinger and Timberlake-Biel. Also Hall-Jagger, although she was the one hosting. Hanks-Wilson need not apply, sadly. Aaaanyway, this was a cute retread that offered at least a little bit with Reynolds' character.

    "Deep House Dish": Wha? It used to be we saw a Deep House Dish skit every week or so. I don't think there's been one since early last season, and I was happy, but I could smell it a mile away that they were looking to get the eccentrically-dressed Gaga on camera. Since everything building to it was just filler before the inevitable punchline -- the suspense being whether they would make it worthwhile (they didn't) -- it'd be pointless to point out Wiig and Reynolds offered at least one laugh apiece. Instead, we get Gaga and a completely out-of-left-field cameo from Madonna, who was kept at such a distance from the camera I thought it was a feeble impression from Jenny Slate. but no, it was Madonna doing a bad impression of herself. In a tremendously transparent attempt to get people talking, they stage a catfight between two people whose acting ability ranges between a stick and a piece of wet cardboard. The worst part is, it didn't even work -- Access Hollywood decided to glorify the David Letterman zinger instead.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: The best and worst thing about Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" is that the first time you hear it, it sounds like you've heard it a thousand times before. This isn't always a bad thing, as with past hits like Gnarls Barkley's Crazy and OutKast's Hey Ya, but in this case it's just... whatever. It seemed like her enthusiasm for her own performance was waning by the end of it, as she was notably outdone by her own backing track. I've always felt that, if you can't at least fake it, dance music isn't ideal for SNL. It's all well and good to record "Papa-Papa-razzi" once and loop it over for five minutes on the CD, it's another when you have to sing every verse live on TV. This was remedied in the next performance...

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Seth strung together some good one-liners, but the real attractions here are the commentaries. Hammond's Schwarzenegger's riff about wishing to export fire to other states was delightfully absurd, and Kenan's Charles Barkley impression can make me forgive everything he's ever done to offend me, including the Deep House Dish sketch from ten minutes earlier, and Good Burger. But the best part was Nasim Pedrad, making a big splash in her first notable appearance as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's wife. "Why are you smiling all the time? Nobody likes you!" They need to make a Honeymooners-style skit out of this pairing.

    "So You Committed a Crime ... and You Think you Can Dance?": Basically exactly what it says on the tin. I could see where the joke was supposed to be coming from, but it didn't land, and the judges didn't do anything, which is a shame because I really thought for a second Abby Elliot was going to do something as Nancy Grace. "International Masterworks": Oh but God help me I love accent humour. I may be the only person who liked this skit, but I liked it enough for ten.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: I guess that when you own a gyroscope dress, you need to use every opportunity to get out in it. (/obviousjokes.) And it clearly wasn't designed for jobs where you have to sit down, like piano playing, or for that matter receptionist or social worker. (/slightlylessobvious.) The problem with this medley, as it swerved from dancepop to piano balladry (Billy Joel meets Randy Newman but female?) is that it created an appetite in me for a song I'm pretty sure Gaga didn't record, a version of her hit Pokerface that strips it down to its emotional core and underlines the complex issues embroidered in the lyrics. No, I'm kidding, but it actually did sound good and conveyed some actual singing ability. If it were at all representative of her as an artist I'd like it more, but nah, she was just being showy, and it's back to GarageBand loops for the next album.

    "Bubble Dresses Backstage": So now that we have established Gaga's rather idiosyncratic fashion sense, it's time for a skit about it, effectively snipping the host Reynolds out of the last quarter hour or so of the show for a flimsy five-to-one skit someone probably wrote on their cigarette break.

    Reynolds made a great host, but was pushed to the sidelines for a lot of the skits, where he often played support to the main cast rather than building a skit around himself (Donny Osmond, the Fountain skit, Felons dancing) so what we got was a cast-centric outing with a few cute cameos and greater-than-usual musical guest participation (Aerosmith she ain't.) I'd like to see Reynolds come back and make a mark, but tonight was not happening for him.

    As for Gaga, well. If I had to judge (and, being a reviewer, I guess it's my job,) I'd say she's cut from that Madonna cloth where she is determined to not be a fad, and to maintain her status as long as she possibly can, to the point where she may someday become an institution. That's great news, because 20 years from now we are going to need someone to make fun of the way we make fun of Madonna. I'd rather have MIA, who is socially conscious and samples the Clash rather than Boney M, but life is unfair. I'll try to come back and do more reviews on Saturday nights when I have nothing better going on. Thank you for your time, you can catch my less-wordy reviews on Twitter @sawreviews
  • MUCH better than last week.. I was actually laughing instead of chuckling.

    What an improvement over last week! There was plenty of laughs, a great Digital Short and some actual good skits with the guest, unlike Megan Fox, who was boring, stale.. and boring.

    The first twenty minutes of the show were solid. The cold open, with Obama listing everything he didn't do, the commercial about garbage for dogs and the Family Feud (as awkward as the moments are, I was laughing the entire time, especially when they X'd Fred Armisan's character without him even answering). The Digital Short was great as well.. definitely one of the weaker ones compared to Mother Lover and whatnot, but still fun to listen to. And the Weekend Update? Between Charles Barkley and Seth's news about Eeyore and A-Rod, I couldn't stop laughing.

    Then there was the weaker ones.. the MTV4? Just flat-out dumb. The International Masterworks was just alright, except for Fred's hilarious American accent.. just try not to laugh when he says "Marlboro cigarette."

    I was surprised.. normally, SNL just makes me chuckle, even at it's funniest skits. But this time, I enjoyed just about everything they did.
  • I'm an adult?

    Now that Weekend Update Thursday is over, SNL will have more focus on it's original hour and a half variety show, so I'm hoping for above average episodes appearing more frequently. Granted, last week was a premiere week on the knees, but hopefully, this week will be back on a surge. This week's WUT was more weak than the last 2 WUTs, which really proves burn-out for the Update set.

    Our host tonight is Ryan Reynolds with musical guest Lady GaGa. Ryan Reynolds is more of a left field choice than not, but, left field choices for hosts usually tend to be a in for a good show. Jon Hamm is a spectacular example of that. Who hasn't heard Lady GaGa? And, more importantly, who hasn't said in their minds "Okay. That's enough. I've heard this song plenty of times"? I'll give Ms. Stefani her credit though: She is not a one-hit wonder, and, infact, a bunch of songs from her debut album have hit the top of the charts.

    Presidential Message: This was a change of pace. It's taken 9 months, but we finally have our first anti-Obama sketch. As a supporter of Obama I'm still going to say this was a nice breeze. Complaints about SNL sucking up to Obama have been circulating too much, and this will have to seriously put an end to that. There was really no support for Obama in this sketch. Many are probably saying to this "Come on, it's been 9 months. He's doing his job", but remember, it's just SNL people.

    Opening Montage: Just a few changes: Kristen's intro to her credit changed, so she has more screen time on the credits than she did last week, and I'm glad to see that we changed up the host and musical guest intros. They looked exactly like last season's last week, so this was a nice change.

    Monologue: This was a funny real monologue by Mr. Reynolds about the differences between doing a superhero scene and doing a love scene. It was pretty good.

    Mostly Garbage: So far we're 0 for 2 on the commercial parodies this season. It wasn't bad... but it wasn't good. I'm going to assume that this season will be just as inconsistant with commercial parodies as last season.

    Family Feud: This was a very raunchy sketch about the Phillips family's new secret, but it was still a pretty well written sketch that was really funny. A few things I noticed was that Nasim didn't have one line, and did Jason's wig turn from blonde to gray in the middle of the sketch?

    SNL Digital Short: I'm An Adult: Oh boy. Another musical Andy Samberg DS. Not anywhere as bad as last year's Samberg musical DSes, though, so I'll give him credit. It was good for a chuckle, and the Elijah Wood cameo was pretty cool.

    Mike's Fountainry: Before I start this, I had no idea that Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson, so to have her come into this was completely random and puzzling to me. But, now I get it, so I'm all good. Anyways, this was a fun bring-back, because I actually enjoy these. I gotta say though, it would be pretty cool if Rachel Dratch came back to do that wife.

    Deep House Dish: Was this the most puzzling Deep House Dish ever? The first two acts were just Kristen and Ryan singing random songs, and, just like any other DHD, there was really no chuckles here. Then all of a sudden we had Madonna and Lady GaGa perform, and it was more of a confusing little appearance than something funny. They were doing a cat fight, but, it almost felt like they were out of control at times. It was weird. But, I guess it was nice seeing Madonna on. BTW, did anybody realize that Madonna was in talks with hosting/performing sometime this season for her compilation CD "Celebration"? Talks broke down (I don't know how you break down talks with hosting SNL, but that's okay), so i guess it isn't happening now, but I just found that random.

    Musical Performance: Lady GaGa performs "Paparazzi". I think some of GaGa's music is okay as long as it's not overkilled (like it usually is), but, man, I give her props for this performance. I've heard Paparazzi before and thought it was okay, but this performance was really good, and the SNL effects like the flames, smoke, and sparklers in the back were superb.

    Weekend Update: A few good jokes here and there, and then there was Darrell appearing as Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was an okay commentary. Then we had Charles Barkley on to talk about China's 60th year anniversary, which was pretty funny. But, the funniest part was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his wife's commentary. As Fred's Mahmoud didn't say anything, and just stared blank ahead, Nasim pulled off a great peppy Ahmadinejad wife.

    So You Commited A Crime & You Think You Can Dance: This was actually a really funny sketch, and almost seemed like something UCB would do, which is a good thing. It was interesting seeing Abby Elliott's Nancy Grace. When K-Fed was introducing Nancy Grace, I really thought Amy would be on as her, but, nope. Abby did good with it though. But, anyways, this was a funny sketch.

    International Masterworks: This sketch was pretty one-premise, but I still laughed at the performances at times.

    Musical Performance: In what seems to be a medly from the start with "LoveGame" playing to the base part of "Boys Boys Boys" (I only know that because of a friend), Lady GaGa performs the refrain of LoveGame and then goes into her new single "Bad Romance" which she doodles on the piano for a while, and eventually segueways into a piano ballad version of "Poker Face" and back into "Bad Romance". I gotta give her credit. She can play the piano, and even though there was that awkward moment of her trying to fit on the piano seat and stuff because of her wardrobe choice, she pulled it off well.

    Fashion: Andy and Lady GaGa realize they're wearing the same outfit (bubbles) and try making out but physically can't do it. This was pretty silly, and a good way to end the show.

    That's our show. Ryan demonstrated great versitality, and did a great job, and, even though the cameo choies were really random (Madonna?) it was still a decent show. Lady GaGa actually did a great job. She was a weird musical guest (just her outfit choice for that second song has people scratch their heads), but she was really awesome. I did find it weird, however, that Ryan just kind of disappeared into the episode. By the second half, he did a few things here and there, but disappeared for the last 15 minutes, which, by that time, Lady GaGa took up hosting the show.

    As for Jenny Slate, she was not fired, and she'll be fine. She didn't appear in WUT, but I'm sure that was just a huge coincidence. But, meanwhile, she really didn't have a speaking part tonight, but still, I'm sure it'll all work out.

    Next week: Drew Barrymore hosts with musical guest Regina Sepktor. This should be a good show.
  • Certainly an improvement over the horrid Megan Fox episode, but that's not saying much.

    Obama cold open - A feeble attempt at spoofing Obama. I would never accuse the big O of doing "nada" since taking the reins. Cash-for-clunkers, the stimulus bill, GM & Chrysler bailout, Chinese tire tariffs. Looks like he's actually done quite a bit to me. All of which involves more government spending and negative repercussions for us as taxpayers and consumers. But anyway, besides throwing kid punches, the sketch was the typical political leader address that we have come to dread from SNL. Not since Ferrell left have these actually been any good. Why not have created an opening with Blago going Copenhagen with an attempted bribe to secure the 2016 Olympics for Chicago? Now THAT would have been great! Grade: C-

    Monologue: Better than average, but nothing spectacular. Reynolds is likable enough which lifted the sketch above the rather mundane premise of romantic comedies vs. action films. Grade: B-

    Mostly Garbage Dog Food - OK commercial. but sad to me even as a parody. Still, Jason did great. Grade: C

    Celebrity Family Feud - And the survey says: Yet another SNL game show that doesn't quite click. The Osmonds were enjoyable and John Phillips was certainly despicable, but one gets the feeling that this was cobbled together in a real hurry to capitalize on the Mackenzie Phillips' revelations which are bound to be forgotten by next Saturday. OK, but could have been much better. Grade: C

    I'm An Adult Digital Short - Maybe it's just me, but the digital shorts have become some of the consistently weakest segments in my opinion. Yet another of the "Andy raps" shorts, this one is supposed tickle our funny bones because Andy is a jerk who throws everything on the ground that is offered to him. Maybe a sketch would have been funnier than the rap video, but this just flamed out. Grade: D

    Mike's Fountainry - Dis one or dat one. Mike and Lexi are back yet again, this time hawking porcelain fountains. These are funny characters for sure, but the sketch is almost note-for-note the same as the chandeliers and columns sketches. Bring Mike and Lexi back but give them so new lines and something else to do. Grade: C+

    Deep House Dish - One of my least favorite sketches of all time returns. I won't dwell on it, but to say that it was better than usual because of the Lady Gaga/Madonna pairing. The scene on the couch was perhaps the only funny moment I can recall on DHD. Grade: C-

    Weekend Update - Last Thursday's WU was a complete mess with weak jokes and horrible commentaries. Tonight's was much better. Some decent jokes and a great appearance by Hammond as the Governator hoping that earthquakes will devour California's fires. Kenan's Charles Barkely was surprisingly entertaining, but the Ahmadinejad couple was bland and somewhat boring. A good WU overall. Grade: B

    So You Committed A Crime and You Think You Can Dance - Wow, truly great! The combination of the filmed bits and the live action meshed very well together and reminded me in some ways of the great films that Christopher Guest used to make for SNL. All three criminals were outstanding, but favorite has to be Forte's stalker. It's nice to see a silly and original concept that actually works out once in while. Grade: A

    International Masterwords - Fred's Nooni accent is back in a weak sketch highlighting American cop/criminal stereotypes as perceived by Norwegians. Of course, everybody is neat and clean and super polite which is supposed to be funny when compared to the images that we see on TV so often. Just like the Mexican cop show on the Rosario Dawson show, this sketch fell completely flat. Perhaps this concept should never be tried again? Grade: D

    Backstage - Lady Gaga and Andy amazingly have the same outfit which leads to embarrassment and infatuation. Barely amusing. One of the weakest of the "backstage" sketches ever done on SNL. Grade: C-

    Overall - There was a one great sketch, so so-so sketches a few real stinkers. More consistency is needed to get the show back to a level where it is not embarrassing to admit being a fan. Grade: C
  • No Pizza Shop?

    Saturday Night Live,
    Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga, - After last weeks disappointment of Megan Fox/U2, SNL gets Ryan Reynolds to host. The comedy/action something star who is promoting his films on DVD. The musical guest is Lady Gage, the weird music star that came out of no where to scare us. Cold Opening: My local broadcast went dark for a few seconds, i was felt to wonder if my tv has been infected by Gaga. After which, the night opens to see Fred as Obama giving his checklist. Fred, i thought, was getting better at this impression but tonight it seems he is just being himself. That's what Obama wants you to think. SNl's first real take at Obama, finds that since he took office he has done nothing he said he was going to do. And with his ratings going down i'll see you in 2012. Overall not bad, it was funny and sure worth a watch.

    Monologue: Reynolds comes out and takes back step to find the truth behind his action movies and romantic comedies. And telling us how to scare Sandra Bulluck. Never my favorite part of the night, but this was all right. Garbage Dog Food: To those people who eat cat food, beware. The commerical that was cut from last week reappears. Jason carries this one with a dull back hand that he actually really does not care about his dog and doesnt care what he eats. There is always getting rid of your dog, it's cheaper than getting him garbage. I have a feeling we'll see this again this season.

    Celebrity Family Feud: GSN presents a classic of sorts as the Osmonds go up against the Phillips. This sketch went right after the topic Mackenzie Phillips brought up, in her dire attempt to be back in the spotlights fades in on her, again. The sketchs goes around the "father daughter relation" while the Osmonds are made off to be crazy people. (That part true :?) Not bad for a sketch, it's worth a watch now while the "Phillips" are still in the spotlight.

    SNL Digital Short: I'm An Adult: This shorts has Andy going up against the system. Throwing objects to the ground as they fall with style. With a dad as a phone and cake never been so funny on the ground. This one is worth a watch, even though it wont compare well to some of their other shorts.

    Mikes Fountainry: Mike is back (Still no wife, poor Dratch) this time around he is selling fountains with his daughter. With sorta of surprise Scarlett Johansson, who happens to be married to Reynolds. Overall this sketch has been done three times now and this is the weakess.

    Deep House Dish: My second least favorite sketch(first is the terrible Appalachian Emergency Room sketchs) on the show. Nothing is changed, Handbag still beats down on T'Shane. Although this time T' has some ways at getting back at his "friend". This sketch was the biggest surprise of the night as Lady Gaga and Madonna are on stage together. This once was actually sorta funny, worth a watch but dont over due its welcome. Musical Performance: Gaga performs her song Paparazzi. I was planning on this being being weird, but other than a red mask it wasnt. Wait for her second performance though.

    Weekend Update: After thursday's let down Seth returns and actually makes this very funny. The eeyore joke is what got the audience going. Kenan shows up as Charles Barkley. Fred and Nasim appear as the "happy" Ahmadinejads. Another surprise? Not really as Hammond returns again to the show. Not a bad update way better than the past ones.

    So You Committed A Crime and You Think You Can Dance: The name says it all. Andy as Federline is the host of yet another dance show. Nathan Lane, Nancy Grace (Not Amy, it's Abby) and Phil Spector as the judges. This is, and the only time, where Ryan is actually funny as the dancer. Overall not a bad sketch but i'd pass on watching it.

    International Masterwords: Last season there was a sketch likes this with young spanish students. More or less the same step up. One word: pass.

    Musical Performance: Gaga performs something, i could really tell it was more or less love game than not love game then poker face but not poker face. Gaga's spinning dress that kept hitting her in the face distracted her and everybody else from what she was actually doing. She gives up wid way through a song and attemps to sit down and play the piano. This is where she, some how, connects with the audience as they cheer her on and and she cheers them on. Go team!

    Backstage: It's always nice to get one of these sketchs. Andy and Gaga are wearing the same thing, bubble thing..., they then get married then divorced and yet cant reach each other. While Wiig and Lorne cant wear it to the after party.

    And that's night, this episode was way better than last weeks show and thursday show. Although they had some unfunny bits the show came on top and finished well. Ryan Reynolds really didnt command any sketch and play the background character while the cast took the glory. Even Gaga and the guests took it away. Overall it's worth watching when in repeats so dont go to bed early. Next week we have Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
  • Ryan Reynolds hosts.

    Cold Opening: Finally! Finally this show actually takes a legitimate shot at Barack Obama. Not necessarily funny, but truthful. Fred Armisen needs to work on his Obama though as he didn't even sound close to him tonight.

    Monologue: Okay, but I really think the monologues are the weakest part of the night usually. I think the writers realize this too as these are starting to get shorter and shorter by the week.

    Family Feud - Kind of funny concept, but I have to wonder if people these days even know these two families. Enjoyable, but a bit awkward at times.

    Digital Short - While not **** in my Pants" another hit from Andy Samberg and company. "Happy Birthday to the ground!"

    Porcelain Fountains - Not as good as the past times they've done this kind of sketch, but still good for a few laughs.

    Deep House Dish - Why did they bring this back? DJ's mocking of T'Shane is always entertaining and Samberg is great in anything, but it is time to entertaining.

    Weekend Update - Not too many good lines from Seth, but Charles Barkley, Ahmadinejad and his wife and The Arnold were enough to save it.

    So You Committed A Crime And You Think You Can Dance - Best segment of the night thus far. Some many quotable lines including "and he straight up ate a prison guard". This is proof that the show has talent and can be good when they want to be.

    PBS Norwegians - Okay concept and idea, but just executed poorly.

    Bubble Dress - Nice little idea to end the show. Harmless, mildly funny, good to close on a medium-level note.