Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 6

Scarlett Johansson/Arcade Fire

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • Saturday Night is Truly DEAD! This was the worst show of the season, even the studio audience could't maintain fake laughter. From the opening to the final sketch, the show was short on laughgs, but huge on groans.

    Could this show get any worse? Seriously? I thought that this episode was the worst of the season, which is saying something when SNL is still early in its 36th season. When will Lorne get the hint that Fred Armisen is just not funny as Obama?? Opening with yet another Obama sketch (and one that was an exact replica of one from a year ago) set a bad tone for what would be a truly bad show. Yet, many shows have had bad openings and recovered. This one couldn't.

    ScarJo seemed game, but she couldn't deliver. Her enthusiasm was there, but she seemed to be chewing the scenery in every sketch from her opening monologue to the final sketch. Plus, although she's pretty, her hairdo was distratcing.

    MTV reality parodies gimmicky, one-note and lame. Millionaire Matchmaker was stupid. I've seen the real show, but what was the humor in this? "The Manuel Ortiz" show is soo OVER, too bad Armisen, Loren and the rest of the crew just don't get it. It's one-note and that note is sounding pretty sour by now.

    Unstoppable movie trailer was kind of funny, however, I just saw the real movie earlier. It seems the show based the sketch on the trailer without seeing the movie and the real trailer was not really an accurate depiction of the movie.

    "Hollywood Dish" with Wiig and Hader. YAWN!

    Arcade Fire. Not a fan. I usually give musical acts a try, but 30 seconds in I FF'd past their performances.

    Weekend Update. Absolute Crickets! Even the studio audience wasn't laughing.

    St. Katherine's starring Kenan "Unfunny" Thompson. GROAN!!

    Digital Short. It's so obvious Samberg doesn't even try anymore. Just make a lame song or weird faces and pass it off as cutting edge or funny. Paula Deen. Kind of funny thanks to Wiig.

    TLC Child Actor sketches. I actually liked Bayer in this sketch, altho ScarJo was terrible.

    Final sketch: Busts. LAME!! A re-tread of a familiar sketch that wasn't funny the first few times they tried it.
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