Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 18

Scarlett Johansson/Björk

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 21, 2007 on NBC

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  • Earth, you're a wonderful, wonderful planet!

    Saturday Night Live is now close than farther to the next season (Unless SAG has different things to say). So, these reviews are going to be more spaced out. But, here we go.

    Scarlett Johansson, the model gone actress hosted for her second time, with the... out-there, Bjork as musical guest.

    George on C-Span: George W. Bush takes questions about Alberto Gonzales. This went way too long to begin with. You can't make a whole sketch about Bush avoiding the questions about Gonzales. And the random filmed cameo at the end, just gave you an impression that the writers said "we tried...?"

    Monologue: Sanjaya singing with Johansson made me laugh. Kristen's ressurection of Ashely Ferl was a hilarious add-on. I also liked the changing hair dues.

    Live with Regis and Kelly: Of course, Darrell's Regis is spot on, and Amy's Kelly is almost there. Scarlett's Ivanka Trump was also very good. I thought most of this was good writing.

    Prom Dress Shopping: This edition of Virginica wasn't as good as Justin Timberlake's episode. The reason why most SNL characters die sooner than later is because they stick to the same formula.

    Roy Rules!: Andy has a creepy crush on his brother-in-law, Roy. This seemed like more of a MadTV sketch, than SNL, because of the sketch revolving around how Andy wanted to bang Roy.

    Marble Collumns: I liked the chandeliers, and this was also a good one. Scarlett was good at pointing every direction, also.

    Bi-Curious: The bi-curious news-caster is back. Kristen once again, made the sketch funny, while Scarlett played a good creeped out woman.

    Weekend Update: Jokes seemed to have a more fast, dry sense of humor this time around, which was a nice change in? the wind. Will Forte's song was also a song to remember.

    Kuatos: Oh god. The fact that this sketch wasn't intended to become a recurring sketch in the first place, and bombed when it aired wasn't enough to never bring it back again?! Of course, this didn't improve. The only good news was that Darrell's Arnold monologue only went on for 5 seconds opposed to a year.

    Newsmakers: This sketch somewhat had a grip. It really did point out how ridiculous some of the things that go on Youtube are. But, the energy never got climatic.

    Torboto: Ahh, the cartoons during season 32 were mostly a mess. The only ones I liked from 32 were the political ads from "Hugh Laurie/Beck" and Maraka from "Peyton Manning/Carrie Underwood". This was just a dudder.

    The episode started low, then got high, but by Update, it started to fly down, and by the first sketch after Update, it was shot. Of course some sketches were acceptable, but post-Update just fell apart.

    Scarlett was once again, an acceptable host. She was willing to do what she had to do.

    Bjork's music was out-there, and even as I like some out-there music, Bjork music is not for me. Unfortunately, after the two exception March musical guests, the April musical guests had you suffer, while the May musical guests brought you back.

    Some time or another I'll be writing a review on "The 25th Anniversery special", but my next official review will be Molly Shannon/Linkin Park. Yes, I already have a review up there, but ignore it. I'm making a new one.