Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 18

Scarlett Johansson/Björk

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 21, 2007 on NBC

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  • This episode could have been so much stronger than it was. They front-loaded the episode with so much crap that it didn't really show any life until the digital short.

    Bush cold open - I have typed the words Bush cold open far too many times this season. Actually, it would have been a pleasure during the Ferrell years as I loved his take on W. This was just another overly long and unfunny sketch. I've seen enough of these openings to last me a lifetime. Grade: D

    Monologue - The native New Yorker jokes have been done before. The Sanjaya part was pretty lame and not much different from the brief WU bit that was done earlier. Grade: D

    Regis & Kelly - We haven't seen this one in a long time and, frankly, I didn't miss it. Hammond just needs to go. I love all of the great stuff he's done for the show, but he's just a boat anchor at this point. Grade: D

    Dress Shop - Ah crap, more of Kenan's Big Momma impression. Hader was amusing as the irritated salesman, but that's about it. Grade: D

    Roy Rules! digital short - A hilarious digital short and a nice comeback after the "controversial" one last week. I love the line about Andy dreaming his dong is the pirate's peg leg. Nice! Grade: A

    Marble Columns - As David Spade would say, I enjoyed it much better the first time when it had the chandeliers. This was almost a word-for-word replay of the chandeliers sketch that was done the last time Scarlett hosted. I enjoyed it but not as much as I did the first time. Grade: B-

    Local News Reporter - I didn't really care for this character during the Jamie Pressley episode and I still didn't find it very funny. It's not bad, but just doesn't tickle my funny bone. Maybe if Kristen was even more obnoxious and "hands on" with the guests then it would work. But as it stands, I could do without it. Grade: C

    Weekend Update - Really! is back and it is really one of the best things to happen to WU in a long time. I'm so glad that they didn't roll out Armisen or Hammond to do a Gonzalez guest spot. Most of the other jokes were kind of lame tonight, but they pulled it out in the end with Forte's great Earth Day song. One of the funniest songs on WU since the days of Sandler. Without the horrible guest spots, this was one of the stronger WUs of the season. Grade: A-

    2 Kuatos - I really liked Andy's Kuato the first time he did it and it is still funny, but he didn't do anything to expand on the original jokes. The only twist this time was that Maya had her own Kuato played very well by Scarlett. The interplay between the two Kuatos was enough to elevate the sketch above the original. The vomiting was a bit over the top, but what the hey. Grade: A-

    News Makers - Kristen was great as Jane Pauley. The guests could have been better especially with all of the weird crap out there. The best parts for me were the horrible script that Kristen was stuck with and the brief appearance of the Star Wars Kid at the end. This sketch does hold promise as a recurring sketch though. Grade: B-

    TV Funhouse - Not one of the better Funhouses, but not too bad. The Abu Ghraib thing is really old news now. Still, I liked the robot's Cheney impersonation. Grade: B